This Is A Red Flag From ICARH

This Is A Red Flag From ICARH

A short while ago, the International Centre for Advocacy on Rights to Health (ICARH) recorded a case of robbery and  attempted murder on a community member living in Gishiri, Abuja. The incident occurred on 22nd May 2017 at 3am, when 6 men with weapons broke into the brother’s apartment and attacked him. Prior to this attack, they had previously visited his home. He was stabbed multiple times and most of his valuable properties were carted away. He was rushed to the National Hospital by neighbors where he had minor surgical intervention and blood transfusion. He has been discharged against medical advice, as he is unable to keep up with the medical bills. He is also expectedly scared for his life.

Based on this incidence, ICARH is raising a red flag to other community members who live in the Gishiri and its environs – as this is just one out of numerous human rights violation cases that has been reported at ICARH from the area this year alone. It will also be recalled that in Gishiri is where 14 gay men were attacked right after the passage of the SSMPA.

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  1. Sinnex
    June 06, 07:37 Reply

    Abeg, where is Gishiri located in Abuja sef? 14 guys attacked? Na so our people plenty reach for that side? I need to pay that place a visit.

    Anyway, was the guy just robbed and attacked or was it linked to his sexuality? Was he the only one attacked there? Or is it a kito case? This story is not complete. I really don’t understand. Gay guys randomly attacked? Anyway, if you stay around that area, for your safety, you need to pack. Besides, if you stay in the outskirts of Abuja or a ‘lungu’, I think you have to be very careful. It seems like attacking gay guys is the new business in town.

    • ambivalentone
      June 06, 09:22 Reply

      True this. Many unanswered qxns. I get he’d be concerned for only himself, but are the attacks specific or robbers av plagued that environment generally?

  2. Jason
    June 06, 09:55 Reply

    Gishiri Is an extension of Maitama. It is a village (of sort) and it is not the first attack on a gay man in that attack. The LGBTQ people in Gishiri seem to be very carefree with their dealing, apparently, so it is no surprise that this has happened. I feel sorry for this victim though, I pray he recovers not just his health but his finances, courage and his will to live.

  3. Francis
    June 06, 16:37 Reply

    Prior to this attack, they had previously visited his home.

    To do wetin? To issue threats or wine/dine/f**k?

    I’m all for been out and proud but bikonu safety is of the utmost importance. I hope he gets help and recovers soon.

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