Tweet of the Day: Did Azealia Banks really say this?

I know rapper Azealia Banks is a woman with such random thoughts, but this… LOL!

Well, anyway, are we feeling any of the wisdom she is imparting? About rough sex, douching and bottom sex preparation, does she have a point?

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  1. Black Dynasty
    November 18, 06:56 Reply

    Lol Azealia.
    I fully agree with the rough sex part. It’s not for everyone and I am certainly one of them. I have no interest in being pounded like yam with pestle and mortar. Now, I do not knock those who like this of course, each man to his own.

    Sex is supposed to be enjoyed mutually, lol i definitely do not care to “prove myself” by being in pain whilst you enjoy yourself…. nope that doesn’t work for me and you will be informed prior. If you cannot comply…. it is not happening.

    I partly agree with her @douching. It’s probably not the best thing to douche often as it does wash out the natural lubricants leaving the rectum more likely to be damaged during sex. It can also cause an irritation to the rectum wall lining… both of which can leave you more exposed to STI’s.

    Ideally, a high fibre diet should be good enough to clean out that area but a good rinse is needed sometimes. If you must douche, use luke warm water a good while before sex.

    • Lorde
      November 18, 08:56 Reply

      Speak for yourself…. I like pounding

    • Pink Panther
      November 18, 08:53 Reply

      I’d never heard of it until I saw this tweet though.

      • Francis
        November 18, 18:59 Reply

        The main ingredient is psyllium husk which is cheaper than the Metamucil

  2. Colossus
    November 18, 08:28 Reply

    I was expecting her to not make sense as usual but mehn, babe brought the lecture to town. I totally endorse

    • Pink Panther
      November 18, 08:54 Reply

      Don’t you see the caption? I’m fairly positive someone is playing a prank with her twitter handle. I mean, Azealia Banks can’t be this wise, can she?

  3. Keredim
    November 18, 16:27 Reply

    Just because mobile phones emit a small amount of radiation that could be harmful to us, doesn’t mean we should revert to using carrier pidgeons like our @gayancestors did.

    If you like douche, if you like don’t. For me, when it comes to casual sex, if the bottom is messy, no repeat session.

    But i will call you up, when I develop a scat fetish!!

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