URGENT! Another Reason To Be Careful

URGENT! Another Reason To Be Careful

A good friend of mine and fellow KDian was kind enough to share the information below that awoke a mix of emotions inside me. Apparently, our police force has decided to channel its investigative skills into apprehending – no, not armed robbers, kidnappers and terrorists, nuh-uh! – GAY PEOPLE. Yes, we’re the criminals who should urgently be gotten off the streets. And day after day, they come up with ingenious new ways to nab members of the Nigerian gay community.

Check out the chats below.Screenshot_2015-01-20-14-03-27

Screenshot_2015-01-20-14-03-37Screenshot_2015-01-20-14-03-45Guys, let us all beware, be warned and be safe.

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  1. Gad
    January 21, 04:08 Reply

    Pinky, thanks for this info. Yea we should be careful the way we meet people especially those of us that feels that we must meet everyone that simply said they are gay. On a more serious note, I think we should channel our times and resources into one guy or a few guys who we have known over time. Again, let’s set standards and drop the craze to meet people in a hurry without some askings and verifyings

  2. Gad
    January 21, 04:22 Reply

    Guys, Arabian Princess said to inform you that he is fine and back to school. He has reconnected with his family. Thanks

    • enigmous
      January 21, 04:36 Reply

      Oh wow, Gad, that’s so sweet to hear. I don’t know what you did, but, whatever it is, thanks anyway.

      At least, you are not like a lot of others who would rather do nothing.

      Am very happy he’s fine now.

    • Pete
      January 21, 05:11 Reply

      Thank you Gad for the role you played. I have always admired your maturity.

  3. enigmous
    January 21, 04:42 Reply

    I think the need to be very careful cannot be overpriced. The Nigerian gay clime is becoming more dangerous.

    And to think that this person who tried to set him up may also be gay just irks me.

    When will we learn that “each other” is all we’ve got when the environment has turned against us?

  4. Pete
    January 21, 05:01 Reply

    I don’t want to appear judgemental but I don’t get the idea of meeting people online for the sole aim of making out. If you must,please take extra precautions

    • kendigin
      January 21, 10:36 Reply

      so why do u meet people? For night vigil or intensive prayer sessions??
      Lets not be self righteous. If you meet on grindr, what else would you have in mind?

  5. Ace
    January 21, 05:30 Reply

    Na wa o! This shit is still playing? Guys be careful. Our cops are quick to engage in activities that reek with misdirected priorities. And dem go carry this issue for head like say tomorrow no dey. Dumb folks!

  6. chestnut
    January 21, 05:49 Reply

    Lol…I don’t think this is just a random police hunt sha(I.e, policemen opening grindr accounts in order to catch gay pips)… Someone must have set him up…or, maybe the white pick-up truck belonged to drug-dealers/armed-robbers/kidnappers/fraudsters in a totally unrelated matter that the police were coincidentally investigating at d same time? Lol #OkBye

      • chestnut
        January 21, 07:20 Reply

        @Obatala: calm down,lol…I don’t really know the situation nah. Like I said,someone might hav set him up “specifically”, as opposed to a random routine-grindr-police-gay-man-hunt. Policemen don’t even want to use their fuel to chase robbers, I wonder how willing they’ll be to use megabytes to stalk gay-sites for weeks. If that was actually a gay-raid, then it was a SPECIFIC set-up…(Or maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part, hoping that policemen don’t surf gay sites randomly to catch us? Lol)

      • obatala
        January 21, 09:25 Reply

        @pinky lol. @chestnut …but they do. and I’m sure they don’t consider the measly amount to buy megabytes. and they don’t have to stalk any thing for weeks. weeks? hahhhaahaha. many horny dudes are ready for a good shag within an hours notice. they stand to gain over a hundred thousand per head in ransom. so?

  7. Pearle
    January 21, 05:52 Reply

    My God, this is some really scary development. The truth is how careful can you be? It just takes a trusted friend of yours to become a victim and you could be next, as social portals like BBM or Whatsapp could easily be used to track you down based on the chat history you’d had. The sad story is that it’s the monsters among us that are arming them with the necessary tools needed to chase us into oblivion. Anyway, let’s just be super careful these days, it’s cruel out there for the gays. Bless you @GAD, thanks a lot for looking out for Arabian Princess, his new found connection with his family are however with conditions, of which I see him having better bargaining power in the deal anyway.

  8. Dennis Macauley
    January 21, 05:59 Reply

    Hian* I thought grindr was safe? A group like that exists on badoo in portharcourt, they usually tell you to meet them somewhere on ada-george road which is a stone throw from the police station. They pick you up from there! They held my friend, then took his blackberry (and on BBM he had a group for gay men) and they started pinging his friends. It was really messed up!

  9. Mercury
    January 21, 06:04 Reply

    Yeah…..this is why its important to stick to d few fuck buddies one has, some really dubious shit be happening in Nigeria……Just about everyone is messing up priorities….The police especially.

    • Dennis Macauley
      January 21, 06:30 Reply

      Mercury but we like different fruits for their respective flavors na! How do we stick to just say pineapple?


      • chestnut
        January 21, 07:26 Reply

        Some people like fruit salad…for the different flavors…all in one bowl…but I don’t judge; I never do. *slips back into the shadows*

      • Mercury
        January 21, 23:01 Reply

        Yeah, fruit salad with tried and trusted fruits no dey purge oooo.

    • Samurai
      January 21, 09:19 Reply

      Chestnut, ain’t u a darling!
      And I saw what you did with the “in one bowl” phrase.
      But kontinuu oo.

      But DM, why are u so concerned about Absalom’s peace of mind?
      When did Absalom’s mind become tempestuous, mischief-maker like you?!!

  10. trystham
    January 21, 06:28 Reply

    I still found space amidst my fear n irritation to laugh sha. Poor dude in the white pick up.

  11. Essence of a Royale
    January 21, 07:19 Reply

    wow!! and to think same guy chatted me up and cos I havent been in abuja dats why I havent met up wiv him…holy mother of jah!!

    • chestnut
      January 21, 07:30 Reply

      Lol. It’s probably not the same guy. This is only one case we’ve heard of in abuja (right?)

  12. Max
    January 21, 07:38 Reply

    Hian… They won’t find me..
    I hope no one us enters their trap.. My advice: stick to old friends.. And ummmm, use your hands wisely..

  13. Chizzie
    January 21, 08:22 Reply

    someone hits you up on Grindr and tells you to start coming to a place..and you hop in ur car immediately and speed up to go meet the person ? Dude…or rather girl? This has nothing to do with being careful and everything about being wise.

  14. JArch
    January 21, 08:26 Reply

    This is the second happening am learning about in less than a week. The first happened to a close friend who met a guy online and the guy said he’s a Dr and works in a clinic. but their meeting point turned out to be a police station. Quick thinking by my friend’s driver he told him this is no clinic and they turned and left

  15. Lanre Swagg
    January 21, 08:41 Reply

    Thank you Pinky . May your ministry be listed in Forbes. May your enemies drink only gari. One dude hit me up yesterday and claimed I gave him my numba since “last year”. He insisted we meet sharply. I checked his DP. Police face. I checked his names. Multiple aliases. I checked his Twitter. Open yansh. I deleted him sharply. Is not me they will use for front page Saturday Sun in 2015.

    • obatala
      January 21, 09:41 Reply

      hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahaaaaaaa. #Laffs like a maniac

    • KingBey
      January 21, 09:55 Reply

      Hahahahaahhahaahhaaha……they will not see us in Vanguard Ooooooo…..amen !

  16. Bisi Alimi (@bisialimi)
    January 21, 09:11 Reply

    This is of great concern and KD is there a way this person can reach the organisations in Nigeria who are documenting this abuses. The problem we have been having is when we confront Nigerian Police, they said it is a lie that such thing is not happening and hence we have decided to start documenting so we have prove. Also when we raise this issues at international level, it is very hard for the west to believe us. They think we are just making them up, though they know there is a possibility. Also for those Nigerian LGBT here seeking asylum, I think such information will help their case as it shows that most times, the abuse we face as a community are mostly committed by faceless hungry people.

  17. Samurai
    January 21, 09:34 Reply

    More than 2000 people were killed in Baga recently. There are robbers everywhere. Rapists abound in all nooks and crannies of the country. Pedophilia is all but fully legalised in the country. And the police are chasing gays.

    But I’ve read that stupid act several times and I don’t see where it outrightly condemns being gay. It only condemns “homosexual activities and activism”. And moreover, unless our friend above is the one who was pestering the guy for a meet, he cannot be charged with solicitation. The chat histories are always good evidence to present in courts.

    I’m no lawyer. But I really think the police is doing all these because they think they can get away with it & because they see all of us as timid sissies who can do nothing to fight for their rights.

    • Absalom
      January 21, 09:53 Reply

      Let’s not try to console ourselves here. The law criminalises being gay. How do you engage in “homosexual activities” if you’re not homosexual or bi?

      Nigeria has a problem with non-heterosexual people. Period.

  18. KingBey
    January 21, 09:50 Reply

    Wow ! *rushes off to grindr to check on bigdck222* so they have now graduated kitoing to involve policemen? Ooochim !

  19. Khaleesi
    January 21, 11:44 Reply

    To anyone who has any doubts about the extent and depth of homophobic hatred in Nigeria, i hope this erases all your doubts completely. It is beyond belief that a country awash and virtually overwhelmed by both petty and violent crime will instead devote scarce time and resources to fighting gays. Its as incredible as its sad!!
    The criminal code contains the offences of “indecent practices between males” as well as “unnatural offences” in its Chapter 21 (offences against morality).
    The Same Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act, 2013, Prohibits Same Sex Marriages and Civil Unions, The registration of gay clubs, Societies, Public display of same sex amorous relationships etc.
    Technically, if a gay man is arrested at the venue of a hook up, the Police have no evidence per se, they only capitalise on the fact that most (if not all) Nigerian gays are deeply afraid of any iota of publicity towards their sexuality, and are willing to pay outrageous sums of money to keep their secrets safe and secure.
    Note the following cleverly crafted portion of the anti same sex marriage law
    “…public displays of same sex amorous relationships directly or INDIRECTLY…”
    A smart homophobe prosecuting lawyer can find very clever ways to twist the word “indirectly” in favour of his case. This obnoxious piece of legislation was cleverly crafted in deliberately vague and ambigous terms to make the task of victimising gays easier and more effective.
    Please be very careful, never allow your dick/ass perform the functions of your brain! If you don’t shag that hot dude today, you wont die ….

  20. Lord II
    January 21, 15:13 Reply

    And of all places abuja…hian! I gats to pack this schlong jo! No more trysts 4 me this year!

  21. Oluwadamilare Okoro
    January 21, 15:58 Reply

    Ah. I tried so hard to stay away from chaos caused by all these thirsty men chasing and lusting after Max…. until even anonymous people dey crush! *sigh*

    Bia @Pinky, we need a picture of max on this blog…. for the peace piss n piece of mind of all KDians 🙂

    • Anonymous
      January 21, 16:29 Reply

      Excuse me!!!
      Since no one has laid claim to max… I’d like to believe he is public property.

  22. Mercury
    January 21, 23:08 Reply

    Hey Buddy, still thirsting after Max I see!!!

  23. Mr Kassy
    January 22, 06:54 Reply

    Hmmmmmmm!!! *in kizito’s voice*God please don’t let dick and ass land me into police net.Amen.*singing#jehovah is the kings of kings;Jehovah is the Lord oflords.

  24. Lothario
    January 22, 10:12 Reply

    Jesus…. it’s official! Grindr is off limits

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