Good day, guys.

My name is Kingsley and I am based in the South. I just recently got a job in Lagos, in Ikeja, around Allen Avenue. And I am hoping to get linked with someone who’d be willing to shelter me for at least two months.

Things to consider:

I have a health challenge. I’m battling cancer. But I am not a liability. I can still go about my daily activities, so I won’t make my host uncomfortable.

I can afford to feed myself but can’t afford rent, hence this request for accommodation. But this is just for the moment.

Importantly, I cannot offer sex for rent. As I stated before, I am battling a terminal disease. I badly need a change of environment and finances coming in. I have been holed up at home for some time without income, because of my health. I feel like it’s time I stepped out and took charge of my life beyond this ailment.

Anybody with enough compassion to help me out can reach me via email at alfredkingsley3@gmail.com or via Facebook at Kingsley Alfred.

Thank you in advance for your consideration. I look forward to any positive response I can get, most preferably soonest because I am scheduled to resume work shortly.

Thank you.

Submitted by Kingsley

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  1. Christian Maurice
    April 05, 09:25 Reply

    Hello Kingsley,

    You said two months? I can make that happen at Ipaja near Ikeja. You’d be staying alone though. Its a 3 bedroom bungalow that I am not using for now and I would like to have the house returned to me in one piece in 2 months.

    • Pink Panther
      April 05, 10:47 Reply

      You could drop your contact details for him to reach out to you or you could email him on his.

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