WARNING!!! Stay Off Grindr!

WARNING!!! Stay Off Grindr!

This is a message of caution brought to you by The Initiative of Equal Rights (TIERs).

Let us keep endeavouring to stay safe.

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  1. Delle
    July 27, 08:14 Reply

    Do we not know this to some extent already? Grindr has always been the ‘be-careful-with-me’ app.
    What’s so different this time?

      • Delle
        July 27, 22:32 Reply

        How on earth would I get a Mr Right when I’m thinking everything potential is a Kito-ridden straight cum homosexual??

  2. Kenny
    July 27, 09:13 Reply

    How far now? We left 2go and Badoo because of them, they chased us away from manjam and now they’re on grindr? *looks wistfully at the grindr app while contemplating uninstalling it*

    • Pink Panther
      July 27, 14:50 Reply

      My dear, it’s almost like cancer, the way they’re invading all our online safe spaces. ?

  3. Omiete
    July 27, 12:05 Reply

    Why these trolic homophobes won’t allow us to be great, I don’t know.

  4. Francis
    July 27, 14:03 Reply

    Looks like dem don tire to dey spend resources rescuing people. O. Y. O loading

    • trystham
      July 27, 15:28 Reply

      LOOOOOL or because of repeat offenders, those he-goats that wee not hear word

      • Francis
        July 28, 17:58 Reply

        Lol. Those that have decided to allow Konji to run their lives for them. SMH

  5. shuga chocolata
    July 28, 09:22 Reply

    Well, I’m on the App for the fun if it.
    Don’t get me wrong, but the craziness of not releasing information about me, drives them nuts.

    Welcome back pinky.
    missed my Francis here. ?

    • Francis
      July 28, 17:57 Reply

      Hey, ????

      How your program dey go?

  6. Gad
    August 27, 05:36 Reply

    I still can’t comprehend why a straight guy will be on a gay/bi app. I’m yet to be convinced that those criminals who blackmail are not gay. I recently met a guy who I know in Lagos as a serial blackmailer and thief some years back. He has been disturbing me for another meeting in his hotel room and I kept wondering why it was difficult for him to identify the man who rescued a guy from him and handed him over to the police about 6yrs ago

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