14 Signs That Show He’s Really Into You

14 Signs That Show He’s Really Into You

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Deciphering whether or not he likes you back can be really hard to do.

We’ve all been there. You’ve been on a date (or two) and you really like him.

But does he like you back? Is he just texting back to be nice, or is he into you too?

It can make you go crazy! But, we’re here to help. Here are 14 signs he’s actually into you, and not just letting you down easy.


Sign #1: He texts you without needing a prompt.

This is a big one. If you’re always the one starting a conversation, it’s hard to tell if you’re ever really on his mind. But if he texts you first, it means he’s initiating the communication. A good sign!


Sign #2: He uses emojis in his messages.

This may seem silly, but in this day and age, emojis are part of our digital vocabulary. Some guys just aren’t emoji users, so you’ll have to get to know his style a bit, but if you’re always throwing a wink, a heart, or a kissy-face his way with not even a smiley in return, it could mean he’s just not that into you.


Sign #3: He calls, instead of texts.

A phone call? What’s that? Yes, we can actually talk on our smartphones. And if a guy foregoes the text and goes right for the phone call, that definitely means he’s down to get to know you more.


Sign #4: He makes the plans for the next date.

If you’re not into someone, you either tell them or ghost them, hoping they’ll forget about you. But if a guy is eager to spend time with you, he’ll make sure you have plans to hang out. If he’s the one setting up the next date, you can bet he’s into you.


Sign #5: He asks questions.

When you’re just being polite, you usually let the other person talk, adding in a few “uh-huhs” and “yeahs” to show them you’re (sort of) paying attention. But if your date is engaged in the conversation, asking questions and wanting to know more about you, it’s a good sign!


Sign #6: He invites you to his place.

If he’s just being polite, and doesn’t see things going further, he’s definitely not going to let you know where he lives! If you get the invite, it’s a thumbs-up for sure.


Sign #7: He invites you to stay the night.

This is part two of the previous sign. So, you’ve made it to his place. Good sign. You watch a movie, or have dinner…maybe a little more! Then, instead of calling you an uber encouraging you to start going home to beat Lagos traffic, he asks you to stay the night! Yeah, he’s into you.


Sign #8: He talks to you during the day.

If you’re only getting “Hey, you up?” messages at random times, then he might have only one thing on his mind. But, if he sends you a message during the day, saying hi, asking how your day is, telling you a funny story, all signs point to something more than a booty call!


Sign #9: He introduces you to his friends.

Bringing someone you’re dating to meet your friends is no small gesture. If he was just being polite, there’s no way he’d open up to you like that.


Sign #10: Your dates are more than just dinner and a movie.

Dinner and a movie dates are so junior high. Sitting through a movie doesn’t give you the chance to talk and get to know someone. So if it’s always a night at the movies, you may be getting the cold shoulder.


Sign #11: He reveals something embarrassing.

Maybe it’s a childhood story, or a nervous tic. Whatever it may be, letting your guard down and revealing something embarrassing is not something you’d do for just anyone. If he’s opening up, he’s probably into you.


Sign #12: He’s honest about wanting to see other people or not.

Some may call it “having the conversation.” If he’s willing to talk about the status of your relationship, that usually means he sees it continuing in some form. Maybe he’s into you, but prefers open relationships. Maybe he’s into you and doesn’t want to see other people. Either way, if he’s sharing his feelings, it means you’re important to him.


Sign #13: He buys you something.

Now, this doesn’t mean he’s showering you with expensive gifts (necessarily), or that the only way people can show affection is through material things. But, if he buys you something, or gifts you with a ticket to a show, or picks up the tab at dinner, it means he doesn’t mind spending some of his money (as well as his time) on you.


Sign #14: He invites you on a trip.

Ding, ding, ding! No sane person would invite someone they weren’t into on a trip. It means you’re together for long periods of time, sharing hotels, car rides, and adventures. If a trip is in your future, you can bet he really, really likes you!


So what do y’all think? Are these accurate signs that he is into you? Are there any more signs that aren’t in this list? Sound off in the comments section.

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  1. Shadow
    June 02, 08:26 Reply

    Or maybe he just wants to bed you and move on.
    It’s not that deep.

  2. Eddie
    June 02, 08:45 Reply

    Being invited to the crib don’t mean shit… How many times have we done that and still got ghosted/friend zoned/bottycall-ized lol… Nice points overall Sha. But, is this applicable in our own gay culture here in Nigeria… Cos ours is fucked up Sha?

  3. Dreams
    June 02, 09:20 Reply

    Well said but all those are not necessarily applicable here in Nigeria due to our homophobic tendencies and our eagerness to inflict pain on one another. On the other note I wish Nigerians really understand the needful and guard down to that.

  4. Michael
    June 02, 09:52 Reply

    This is coming just at the right time for me.

  5. Loki
    June 02, 10:08 Reply

    Sighs sadly**.
    D guy i fell in love with did about 80% of things on this list. Trust me i fell so hard it still hurts to tink about it. I later discovered he only came close to me because he wanted to date one of my female friends and wanted me to put in a good word for him. Plus, his best friend was in school so i was his rebound guy. Right now i don’t think i can trust this list. ???

  6. Delle
    June 02, 10:11 Reply

    Numbers 1 and 3…


  7. Dillish
    June 02, 10:14 Reply

    My guy rarely use emojis and I don’t care. We don’t call all the time. Infact we rarely call sef. Sms messages do the trick for us.

    So number 3 and 4 are off point. Infact a guy will do all that and won’t still be into you.

  8. Black Dynasty
    June 02, 10:59 Reply

    All of these taken individually do not always reveal a guys intentions.

    Listen to his words and watch his actions, do they match and are they consistent towards you to tell you that he’s interested in you? If yes, then there is a good chance that he is.

  9. Olly
    June 02, 14:11 Reply

    A man do all this and more, get you to fall in love and walk away the moment someone else winks at him. Men are scum. I am a man too. I am scum.

    • Jinchuriki
      June 12, 09:27 Reply

      Okay. Eau de scum! Happy scumming! I am not scum, I am man.

  10. Audrey
    June 02, 16:35 Reply

    I had an ex that did all these and more but it still ended in premium tears.
    I feel there are no templates to this things.

  11. Fred
    June 02, 20:48 Reply

    Reading this just got me smiling sheepishly at my screen seeing that everything happened SO FAST (within 7weeks).
    Funny how we celebrate our anniversary based on the day we first met rather than the day he asked we got serious (took the jump and never looked back).

  12. Peaches
    June 02, 21:19 Reply

    You know how you tick boxes and then untick them cos you can relate and it did not end well.
    I dont want to go through that again. When i am rich enough, i’ll create me a cloned partners, 7 men exactly alike, like ‘what happened to Monday’ girls. They’d play respective roles and live in the same house without neigbours and be fine.

    • Dunder
      June 03, 08:40 Reply

      ??. See what scum have caused.

  13. Nuel
    February 26, 19:13 Reply

    Really,this is so very true. His actions and words really matter. His actions more importantly.
    Though what this person said are true for some guys. “All guys are different”; what works for one doesn’t mean it will go for the other. But

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