A Nigerian Straight Man Has a Question He Needs An Urgent Answer To

A Nigerian Straight Man Has a Question He Needs An Urgent Answer To

So a presumably straight man who goes on Facebook with the name Anyanwu Oluwa-Pelumi Emmanuel is in a conundrum. He apparently is catnip for gay men. Yes. Gay men just looooooove to throw themselves at him.

And he can’t understand why.

“What is it about me that is attracting another man to me?” he wonders out loud on his Facebook timeline.

And because we over here on Kito Diaries are such good people, we have brought his problem here for us to help him with answers. You can check out his Facebook profile here if you feel you need to see his pictures to be able to come up with a good solution for him.

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  1. Black Dynasty
    June 17, 07:36 Reply

    ?? just amusing, he clearly needs some attention and thinks this is the best way to go about it.

    Someone give him a hug and tell him it will get better.

  2. Bussy
    June 17, 07:53 Reply

    I went through his profile and I wouldn’t lie he’s fine ( I swear i was expecting some ugly mufu cos such post are usually from them) ?
    Now back to his post ,i think he’s lying . the part he said a man was staring at his groin and asking about the size and all sort of , is a fat lie, I mean u never can tell if someone is homophobic and the last thing any gay man would do especially now people cant wait to blackmail , share screenshot of chats or get called out .
    the staring of the groin, he might but saying those sort of things about a total stranger’s dick, nope not true .
    But nowadays y’all know what brings traffic to blogger’s blog , Facebook pages, IG, etc , ANYTHING GAY, Nigerians do like such, something I’ve come to notice. ????
    Nonsense and gay men being attracted to you ?.

    las las my advise to him is that, if a gay man finds him attractive, he should let the person know he’s straight and not interested, that a gay man being attracted to him, is the same way as him being attracted a straight woman if put in the gay man’s shoes ?,only that it is his duty to make his preference know wen such happens again .

    • Francis
      June 17, 07:59 Reply

      You’d be shocked at how utterly reckless and over bold some gay people can be.

      • Bussy
        June 17, 10:37 Reply

        That’s bad, very bad, they never can tell who’s who. sometime last year,i went with my dad to go deliver goods to someone late in the night around 11pm ,they were perishable goods and wouldn’t have last lemme say 2 more hours in the van supposed we wanted waiting until morning before delivery. So we drove out anywhere not minding the time, until we got to a checking point.
        there the army guys ordered us to stop our vehicle for a search ,nothing illegal found but yet we all our security pipo always hungry and looking for something to pin you down, so you’d give them that light change,so something about his driving license being expired was tabled ??, I knew he was pleading so i decided to come down and go plead too, before even got there, one of soldiers flashed his torch ,and asked who i was, without letting me answer came close to me and asked why my trouser was unzipped and the belt unbuckled, then let out the word if i was HOMO( just imagine o ? cos of unzipped trouser with belt unbuckled ?) gave me a punch on the shoulder, that’s wen my dad noticed i had come down from the car and asked why the soldier had punched me, the soldier didn’t answer but asked if he knew me and dad told him i was his son,he should let me go ( this time his hand was on my head, I’m tall but the idiot was a giant in camouflage) and told me to return back into the car, but i refused cos i was damn mad, and ready to deal with that soldier even though it meant death i didn’t give a fuck, my dad knowingly gave me the “pls behave yourself eye” that’s how i gave the idiot the “thank your God” stare and went back inside the car, he settled their oga, the blockade was pushed aside and we went our way but deep down i was shocked but angry ,wen my dad noticed my mood ,he asked the meaning of Homo, but told him it twas anothr word for gangster ( dont look at me ? mbok, my parents have no idea who a gay/lesbian is except my siblings).
        so my point there is that, if the supposed reckless and bold gay men should feel its okay to approach anyone without being sure of anyone’s sexuality, then imagine approaching the calibre of that soldier guy outside his uniform and duty post, that’s serious kito,bad one ?
        they should be all cautious biko, but i just believe the enlightened ones aren’t that reckless ,rather the tbs with no manners ??.

    • trystham
      June 17, 08:06 Reply

      He is fine???? The guy is fine??? We have different markers o. Thank heavens I have hope…or maybe he turns out terrible in photos

  3. Delle
    June 17, 08:11 Reply

    First, he should go and plop his large ass down on four empty seats in a dilapidated stadium with his self-absorption and silly delusion.

    Dear Anyanwu,
    Gay men are attracted to ALL MEN! On behalf of gay men out there, I’m sorry my homosexual brothers find you, A MAN, attractive but I’ll like to also let you know that while it’s cute you think you’re the IT of gay men, the same guy who was ‘cutting eye’ at you at that Beach had probably done same to 4,345 other guys, same goes for the rest so take yourself out of that Magic Mirror and understand you’re not all that. And NOT every gay man finds you attractive. I mean, I won’t catch myself doing that to YOU (spec and all, you know ?). Besides, in a space of 3 years, you’ve been hit on by less that four gay men and you want to wear the tiara of Most Crushed On Straight Man on earth? Please, come to the DM of gay men and see how many girls practically fling themselves at us.

    You might also want to get your homosexuality dar checked again, something about your heterosexuality does not tick (all that glorying and basking in the attention of gay men? Sistah please!).

    Once again, go and plop your narcissistic behind on four empty seats as I had earlier advised. Your sense of self oozes and I do not particularly like the smell.

    • demi
      June 17, 10:57 Reply

      what a fabulous answer delle… straight men and their stupidity sometimes.. so aggravating

  4. Kobe
    June 17, 08:28 Reply

    The guy is fine though no doubt.
    I’d have loved to say that he was making all that up but SOME are probably true going by the audacity of some of our brothers out there.

  5. Posh
    June 17, 08:36 Reply

    Y’all are saying he is fine abi cute, Please what is fine there? Next please!

  6. Nobility
    June 17, 09:38 Reply

    He is indeed easy on the eyes. But something about his story reminds me of the dramatic natare of the late Elizabeth Taylor. It’s sensational and over the top. Have a great day ?

  7. Kenny
    June 17, 11:43 Reply

    Mutual friends with 5 KDians?? Interesting tea ? ??

    • Cedar
      June 18, 00:06 Reply

      was just waiting for this

  8. Jay
    June 17, 12:16 Reply

    This guy is obviously a fucking liar. He’s obviously gay because i just viewed this profile and we have 16mutial friends All GAYS ? what a coincidence!

    • mike
      June 17, 12:43 Reply

      Over 3 thousand friends, only 16 mutual friends are gay, oga that’s not even a fair odd. Gay people are people too, na this same earth dem dey.
      Fair odd would be say half of that number of friends are gay, or atleast 10% is enough to get a conviction.
      Not 16 out of 3 thousand, that’s f9 raised to the powere of 10 *10. Joke

  9. mike
    June 17, 12:31 Reply

    Did I click a different fb link or it is the same link.
    Firstly, he is my type. But when you say a guy is fine, I was expecting something, hmm, drop dead gorgeous quarter past midnight type of fine, or a man with a very heavy sex appeal.
    Not the normal type of fine which is usually defined by fair here in Africa. Or the type you’d find like 10 of him, if you walk from uncle emeka shop to aunty Emma’s shop.

    The problem is he is giving off that gay tendency, look closely, the first picture I saw especially the one with him crossing his hands under his chin, I said gay, it’s in his eyes. If I were at the same place with him, I would have approached him , I think I can predict how he walks.

    It is not a case of fine, it is a case of gay tendencies, his is right there. And he looks like he enjoys it.
    Biko, any well person should try him out, you will get him in time, you just need to give him a suitable reason why.

  10. Mitch
    June 17, 12:32 Reply

    This his performance of Heterosexuality must be exhausting as it is.

  11. Tristan
    June 17, 13:47 Reply

    I’m sorry but I was disappointed. I thought he looked like the guy displayed on this post. Not close to being cute. Obviously an attention seeker.

    Thank you, next.

  12. ken
    June 17, 15:53 Reply

    90% of what this moron is saying only exists in his delusions of grandeur

  13. Rex
    June 17, 23:43 Reply

    Thank you Delle, I was about to serve him some cold truth but you did a good job.
    That nigga is fucking gay. I straight man won’t even realize a guy “cutting eye” for him, it takes one to know one.

  14. J
    June 18, 13:10 Reply

    The answer is because most gay men are whores and are only after sex. You obviously have the kind of straight acting and coded body they want.

    • David A.
      June 23, 04:29 Reply

      Nah… not so… don’t comman bare your frustration here na… we are talking about a diff subject brah

  15. Astar
    June 19, 01:39 Reply

    He’s stupid if he doesn’t know that he just have to be a man to be attracted to gay men unless there’s something undesirable about him.

  16. David A.
    June 23, 04:28 Reply

    I think Delle addressed him well.. he ain’t all that. Plus it’s a guy thing… we look and he isn’t the only one we looked at so the tiara isn’t his to keep… nonsense!

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