A Stormy Night

A Stormy Night

It had rained heavily throughout that day and we knew it would continue into the night! Thunder and lightning hammering and crackling ‎as though Poseidon and Thor were at war. Yeah, it was the season, and the water kept pouring from the skies in reckless abandon. My restless mind couldn’t be thankful enough that I and Onyeka were home alone. My sister had travelled with her husband and the kids the previous day leaving the two of us at home.

Now, Onyeka – he’s the younger brother to my sister’s husband. 6.2 ft tall, well built, great dimpled smile, and he always appears to have this look in his eyes that always says, “I’m here, rip me apart!” He had just finished his Youth Service at Okene and had come to Lagos in search of a job. That night when he arrived at the house – Gawd, I no fit forget! He had come out of the room to join us in the sitting room with only his boxers hanging from his thin, streamlined waist. I couldn’t resist drinking in the sight of him, making out every curve and bulge on that gorgeous body of his. And there was nothing disappointing on that body. As he approached the seat where I was, I noticed the bulge behind his boxers dangle from left to right. I swallowed hard at the sight. In my mind, I screamed, “Wow!”

So back to my story.

We had been home all morning and afternoon, gisting and laughing while the rains hammered on the roof. We talked about everything there was to talk about – girls, boys, dating, sex, family, making money, you name it. Sometime during our conversation, feeling naughty, I jabbed him with the “What if a guy offers you 1 million naira to have sex with you” question.

At this, he laughed out loud, revealing his startlingly white dentition and the sexy dimples on his face, then he replied, “Omo, as e be now ehn, I no go mind o! After all how many minutes pleasure abi na pain sef? But that one no go possible jaré, I never try that kain tin before, and I no sure say I go wan try am sef!”

We laughed over his response, and I said, “Guy, no worry, when you reach that bridge, you go cross am.”

The heavy downpour made away with the electricity, so the room was getting dark by the hour. One talk led to the other, and before we knew it, we dropped off into sleep. The sound of an especially loud thunder woke me a few hours later, and I saw Onyeka was still asleep beside me. We’d never slept in the same room since he came to the house, because I shared a room with my sister’s little boys, while he slept in the guestroom. As I looked at his gorgeous figure lying on the bed in the darkness, I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to get down with him. It’d been six months since my last sex (since Tosin and Tomiwa, the twins who lived opposite our house moved to a new neighbourhood). I had been doing several bathroom wanking sessions and had grown tired of it.

I tapped Onyeka lightly to wake him up, but he muttered “Huh”, still barely conscious. Then I whispered into his ears, “Hold me”, as I lay close to him, resting my head on his chest. Still quite asleep, he wrapped his hand around me and continued his soft snoring.

Now I could feel my dick getting hard and erect as I gently caressed his body, trailing my fingers from his chest to his belly button. I noticed a nudge from his boxers, one that called to me. It was inevitable. I simply had to go down there. And when I did –


His manhood had swelled to an unbelievable size. I’d bumped into him three times in the bathroom having a bath, and had seen his flagpole dangling from his waist, but I had never had the pleasure of touching it. Now I could.

I stroked it a bit. Then, I buried it inside my mouth, and sucked on it passionately. It wasn’t long before his snoring turned into a soft moaning. He dug his fingers into my afro and stroked it as he continued moaning in apparent pleasure. This went on for a few minutes, and then he grunted for me to stop. “It’s wrong,” he said.

I replied with a smile, “The only thing that would be wrong is if we don’t finish up what we started. Onyi, just lay still and let me give you real pleasure.”

He heaved a sigh and started saying, “No, no, no, no…” Before he could say more, I had buried his instrument in my mouth again. This time, I sucked and wanked him with all I had. The tempo of his moaning increased, and he started groaning words like “Aaargghh” “Shit” “Yeah” “Fuuuuuck” “Oh yeah”. His hands kept running through my hair as I licked and sucked his manhood. And then, he was panting my name and gasping, “I’m coming . . . Aaahhh . . . Yeah . . . I’m coming . . . Oh fuck . . . Shit!”

I increased the speed of my ministrations to his dick, moving my hand fast up and down his joystick, and a few instants later, splashes of thick cum shot out of his dick, spattering my face – mouth, eyes, everywhere! His body jerked, and he convulsed on the bed as he ejaculated. He was sweating profusely and breathing heavily.

Still excited, I turned him over, rubbed his cum on my dick, and then proceeded to pierce his glory hole with my magic stick. He uttered a sharp cry of pain, and shoved me away. Cooing my apologies at him, I promptly applied the lubricant under my pillow on his bottom and on the condom I’d belatedly remembered to pull over my penis. And I tried again. He screamed again, this time crying, “Take it easy!” I took it easy. I went in gently. In, and then out . . . in and out . . . in and out . . . oh-so gently, until he loosened up. My thrusts became faster and faster, and he moaned in tandem with my movements, whether in pleasure or pain, me, I didn’t know o. He was so fucking tight, and his rump was so stiff, muscled and well rounded. I tapped it a few times and the pleasure it gave me triggered something in my brain that made me want to cum! Immediately I pulled out, yanked the condom off and shot my load all over his back. It was all I could do not to scream out loud as I came.

We were both so exhausted and spent from the stormy encounter. And we promptly fell asleep in each other’s arms. We slept while the storm raged on outside, in the night.

Written by Nuel Anthony

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  1. xpressivejboy
    May 29, 08:53 Reply

    So much guts. Me can’t try it as a Top…but for the fellow to mount me, that just might be possible.

  2. tikky20
    May 29, 11:47 Reply

    And the intro said it was between a gay and straight guy? I don’t see anything straight along that encounter…. He’s straight and allowed you fuck him? Hmmm

  3. lluvmua
    May 29, 11:52 Reply

    Lol bad boi!!!! Konji b don almost kill u!

  4. QueerBoi
    May 29, 12:49 Reply

    Tbh… You didn’t do justice to the title ‘A Stormy Night’. And, straight guys r rarely btms.. And finally, did u fuck the twins (tosin and tomiwa) who lived opposite ur house????

    • Gaylord
      May 30, 05:48 Reply

      For him to fuck the str8 dude meaning he has been doing Tobi n tomiwa

  5. kendigin
    May 29, 14:18 Reply

    Here we go again….
    Sexy lies #rollingeyes

    • pinkpanthertb
      May 29, 14:23 Reply

      There’s something called diplomacy and tact. The writer says that’s his story. If you believe otherwise, you exercise tact in your comment. Which one is ‘sexylies’? Seriously guys. Its galling.

  6. blue fox
    May 29, 15:29 Reply

    Hmm I have a feeling mine is coming soon

    • Gaylord
      May 30, 05:46 Reply

      Blue fox, savor every moment when it finally comes! Lol

  7. Chizzie
    May 29, 16:20 Reply

    im just wondering why you had to remove the condom to wank yourself off when you were about climaxing…? was that really necessary?

    And u hadn’t had sex for 6months? ehm ok.

    my own opinion is that. .this was written by a 15yr old.

    And PinkPanther u should allow ppl the right to express themselves regardless of whether u agree with their opinions or not, that’s why it’s called a comment section. people’s opinions are just that: an opinion. so let ppl express their perspective of things without you deciding whats “galling” or not.

  8. Gaylord
    May 30, 05:25 Reply

    Ermmm my serious thoughts on this story are that the facts are real, there must be a reason why it seemed to good to be true! I believe the admin of this blog exercise exclusive rights to edit some stories and add something to it to make them look safe! My opinion is that the writer wouldn’t even have time to wear a condom talk more of yanking it off to climax! Some peeps didn’t seem to bliv that the writer was able to penetrate the straight dude, but had forgotten the part of the story where both of them discussed about gay sex! The straight dude didn’t exhibit total rejection meaning it may have been an option or he may have been considering it, or maybe he allowed the sex being that it was the writer who was involved being that they had grown fond of each other! Let’s try to read between the lines, and admin please stop painting the stories too much as they now look like fiction not facts!

    • pinkpanthertb
      May 30, 06:04 Reply

      You’re right, Gaylord. There was nothing written about the condom in the original story. But I do not apologize for altering the story to include that part during my editing of it. This forum cannot be seen to encourage unprotected sex. I’m aware that, in the past, I have updated stories written by Kito-Diaries-ians that didn’t include sex had with condoms, and I have received the criticisms for that oversight well. However, I’m endeavoring to change that. I believe y’all when you say your stories are real life encounters, and as real life encounters go, most of the time, sex goes unprotected. But let us try to preach the message of protected sex, the need for it and the good of it to whatever audience we have on this forum.

  9. Gaylord
    May 30, 05:51 Reply

    Hey peeps FYI str8 guys aren’t gods! If a str8 guy grows fond of u, I swear, nothing he wouldn’t do just to make u happy! I’ve been there and done that trust me

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