After The Kito Story Is Another Story

After The Kito Story Is Another Story

The aftermath is never really the story.

After the kito story is the end. Nobody ever wonders about what happens next.

It is only a few times on this blog that I have read stories of kito experiences that ventured into what happened with the victims after they got kitoed. I remember reading the story someone told here where he detailed the struggle he had to go through with settling down in his family after they’d been so violently exposed to the secret of his homosexuality.

There is trauma.

There is sadness.

There is the fervent hope that the pain of what has happened should pass.

Then there is the never-ending hell I’m having to go through since I made the mistake of stopping on the roadside to chat with Eric, the guy whose acquaintance I made on Grindr a year ago. The lowlife scum who I met on my way home from my boss’s place with his money. Money that amounted up to 150 grand which he and his cohorts took from me when they made me the replacement kito, after the guy they’d initially planned relied on his sense of danger enough to flee from them when he saw them from afar.

I was victimized and ever since that fateful day in February, I haven’t stopped paying the price.

The aftermath has been an unending nightmare. It is as though the Fates have conspired against me to make sure I do not forget in a hurry the mistake I made that day.

My boss (former boss, as the case may be), not believing that I was robbed, has had me locked up in the police cell more than once for his money. And physically assaulted me. Just because I’ve been unable to pay him back.

I have been running up debts here and there, borrowing money everywhere I can just to offset the urgency of the threat owing my former boss has become.

My mental – and physical – health has suffered for all this, as my tears and my depression have been weighing me down in those moments when I’m alone contemplating the unfairness of what I am going through.

It is quite funny how things change overnight, how in a flash, you lose your peace of mind and find yourself embracing darkness and turbulence.

It is ironic how the decision you make to say hello becomes the precursor for an avalanche of terrible things that start to rain down on you.

After the kito story is not the end. Because there follows a story of pain and regrets and what feels like cosmic punishment for the mistake you made when you trusted the universe not to lead you astray.

Written by Saint


FINAL NOTE: Hello guys, this is Pink Panther and in thanking this community for being an unexpected support system for people with pain in the past, I would like to kindly ask for anyone with the heart to help, whether through his services or financial assistance, to please offer what he can to help get a brother out of the hell he is currently going through. Those who know me personally can reach out to me privately so that I will connect them to Saint, or you can buzz me via email at or so I can place you in contact with Saint.

Thank you.

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  1. Rex
    May 08, 08:10 Reply

    Oh no!!!! I have been there and I know how nerve wrecking it can be, but this would eventually show you how strong you are and how much of a fighter you are. This too will pass.

  2. Alfred
    May 08, 08:43 Reply

    Again I did comment on the post about ur kito experience. Again u where not kitoed, you where robbed by some group of assholes. Pls get creative too. Find the motherfuckers who robbed you and make them pay! Shey he chatted u on grindr? He put up false stories to make u comfortable. Beat him at his own game! If u need help with soldiers and I will of course follow if I have to when u finally nail him!. You could have been set up if u had meet him before that day. Shit happened u meet him and he still did his evil intentions. Well get evil too! Even the bible says suffer no witch to live! And in this context his the witch.

    • Baddest
      May 08, 17:59 Reply

      You are right.. One boy i met years ago when he was working in a night club, he kept distrubing me but I didn’t really like him cuz something was off about him, he later gave me head in my car and later his number stopped going thru.

      Years later he called me and said he got my number from his google back up and that he was Now schooling in Enugu, so recently i visited Enugu and after few days in enugu, i called him and told him to bring one fine boy so we can chill lol, when the day came , I told him to wait for me in one hotel car park and when i drove in, I didnt see him, i looked outside and saw 3 of them out there, I was triggered why he should bring 2 boys instead of 1, i asked who they are, he said one was his roommates and other was his friend, his roommate was my spec sha, I almost discharged oh but i didnt want to be a bad person, i was suspicious of the fact that he came with 2 guys and one of them had all those small bags that olamide and co dey wear for chest. I asked my guy why his friend is carrying a bag and whats inside of the bag and they said its just fashion…

      On a normal day i would told him to tell the other guy to leave but since I am trying to be nice, i allowed him to stay after he pleaded that while i chill with his roomate that he will be with the other one.

      We tried to get a hotel for that night and it was all booked out, an event was happening in Enugu that night and i wanted to attend the event and the boys said they wanted to come through but need to go and change, they wanted me to take them to their student lodge area which is a notorious area and I said no lol i told my guy and 3rd guy to go brinf their stuffs while his roommate chills with me but the room mate declined to stay back, he said he will go with them so he can freshen up too, that was strange unlike other boys i normally meet, immediately i felt he wasn’t down to do stuffs and when they got home i called my guy to tell him that if his roomate wont do stuff with me then no need for him to come back with him. When they came Back to link me up in the event, his roommate was not with them , I was pissed as fuck, the main reason i was pissed is cuz i felt that my guy exposed me to someone who doesnt have know me and might even be a straight guy sef. I was madly pissed cuz i liked his roomate sha but then the night gotta continue so i tried to move on to the 3rd guy and he removed my hands and i was shocked so i called my guy and started asking him what was going on.He started saying that the guy is bisexual and has a boyfriend blah blah, loads of bullshit,if the guy eas fresher and finer than me i would have thought he was rejecting me.Ahh I forgot the part When i was trying to pay for one hotel room through bank transfer and my guy was trying to peep to see my password and i kept shifting. I never really trusted my guy oh but I didn’t really see him trying to harm me but Boy they had plans, i guess the other guy pulled out when he got home cuz he realised it will be trouble if they fuck with me. Anyways I told my guy that the 3rd guy have to go since he is not ready to play ball. We dropped off at the entrance of a club and went to another club.

      I swear down i Don’t know what those niggas planned oh but i knew they were up to something, we were gonna sleep in the same room even though i have made plans of keeping my car keys with the reception just in case.

      See eh, you cant really trust this guys out there, even if they have sucked ur dick before, i would have hooked up with far better boys in the events if not that the bastard boy wasted my night. Guess what when we got to the club and couldn’t enter the VIP cuz it was tight, i left the club and he wanted to stay back and i told him to atay back and come back to the hotel which is very close to the club, the Mumu asked me to give him money to chill in the club lol , i told him i didnt have money, he joined me in the car and later confessed after i asked him so many questions, he said the 3rd guy is not gay but his roommate was gay and that they have a boss why they do yahoo with and before the boss pays them he must fuck them lol ,that he is surprised why the boys are acting up.. Omo i was confused, i kept asking him what they planned and he said that i have strong spirit, their plan failed and i didnt get to know what their plan was and how they wanted to execute it.

      This my guy couldnt stay back in the hotel again, he wanted to leave immediately, he couldnt stand my cross examinations lol, his belle begin dey turn am, see me that wanted to do threesome and it would have turned to kitosome but person for die sha cuz not in my own Enugu that some bastard will try that shit on me.. Please stay safe because people are hungry, greedy and evil… Anything that can involve more than 2 guys is danger.. In fact atay away from hungry gay boys or semi gay boys hungry no boys,all the people that have attempted to kito me have hunger in common.i dont want to discriminate oh but Omo thia guys are danger, they can do anything for money…Sorry for any typo , no time to cross check

      • Higwe
        May 08, 18:03 Reply

        Oshey baddest ????‍♂️

        • Sim
          May 08, 21:25 Reply

          Baddest- I don’t think ur a decent human, or maybe I read wrong

          • Baddest
            May 09, 20:23 Reply

            I am not interested in any competition to be decent, I leave the decency crown for you..Thanks

      • Vic
        May 09, 05:41 Reply

        Whao! this nah eye opener oooh! Where is this club to hang out in Enugu holla at me @ coming that way soon.

        • Baddest
          May 09, 20:25 Reply

          Lol dont be too excited oh, its a general club oh

      • J
        May 10, 00:02 Reply

        And you too should be careful. You’re hungry for sex and they are hungry for money. No one will see you as a responsible person if all you want is to have sex with them the first time you’re meeting them. You’re possibly one of those people that are messing up the heads of young gay guys because you feel you’re independent and capable, if you can’t mentor them or show them the way, don’t try to take their advantage. Treat them like your younger siblings, there and then you’ll know how it hurts.

        • Rajah
          May 19, 10:41 Reply

          Exactly my thoughts. I was just hissing through out his story that touches. He reminds of that stupid man called Linus at National Theatre. Mtchewww! ?

  3. Opal
    May 08, 15:14 Reply

    Hi Saint… sorry you had to go through that experience. Send me a note and I’ll support in my little way or you can drop your email address here.
    Mine is

  4. MagDiva
    May 08, 17:49 Reply

    Hey Pink Panther, i’ve sent you an email on this. Please do pass on to Saint to get in touch. Thanks

  5. Higwe
    May 08, 18:08 Reply

    I’m so sorry Saint .
    I’ll definitely reach out to Pink P to send you help in anyway I can .

    Don’t be embarrassed by my offer , I’m still a kid ??‍♂️?

    Stay safe brother and be more careful next time .

  6. Eddie
    May 09, 12:47 Reply

    Dear Baddest,
    This is a post about SAINT not you… Don’t make this about yourself.
    Send your story to PP and then we can read through and of course comment… okay?
    Thanks ?

    • Baddest
      May 09, 20:22 Reply

      Wasnt trying to take over his post, i was only trying to share, it wasnt easy writing those stuffs..not here for drama.. Very sorry

  7. J
    May 09, 23:17 Reply

    Hmmm some Southerners and their treachery! Sorry to say this, I’m not impressed with what is going on in the Southern and Eastern part of this country. Up North is far better and I wish everyone would emulate the lifestyle of some Northerners, well aside their religious fanatism and war mongering attitude… Anyone that tries to set me up will be sorry for themselves. I will make sure I deal with that person in a positive way.

    Most Southerners are very corrupt and dishonest, I’m not proud of your upbringing. I could blame your parents for bad parenting. No one should be that mischievous and callous. Most of you behave like you fell from the sky with no parents and guardians to raise and counsel you.

    For some of you that want to bring children into this world, I hope you teach them how to be good people instead of the terrorists we are having now.

    • Kobe
      May 10, 08:43 Reply

      Dear J,

      The generalisation, stereotyping, hypocrisy and Downright arrogance in this comment makes one believe that you think and speak from the butt.

      • J
        May 10, 09:32 Reply

        The truth is bitter. You can say whatever you want to say! Your people have a long way to go and it’s so pathetic.

        • Obiora
          May 10, 11:02 Reply

          In my humble opinion, some need to lay off the cautious tale of “next time be careful” or anything along those lines. The fact is that, RIGHT NOW, he needs HELP. After the help comes the “next time be careful”. Even the smartest can fall victim and it’s men like you that will rise and take a stand. I always say this: evil thrives when good people do nothing about it.

        • Kobe
          May 11, 08:56 Reply

          Do you even know me or where I come from?
          Bro, you and your people are Saints…. Oya take that to the bank…

          • J
            May 11, 14:25 Reply

            Where ever you come from, if you’ve not been to the South and don’t know what’s going on there, you shouldn’t have sounded like a punk. Access your own butt and start seeing the light.

            • pankar
              June 02, 11:55 Reply

              Kito stories from the west, especially Lagos is worse. We ve had a fair share from the north too so pockit your hypocrisy Jor. The north has failed woefully in more places than one

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