My kito story happened last month. I always thought of myself as a very cautious person who could avoid getting victimized by being careful.

Then my worst nightmare happened.

I stay at Ojo (Yeah, good people stay here too), and due to the reputation of my area, I’m not always enthusiastic to hook up with anyone.

I flirted with a guy named Eric on Grindr a year ago. At the time, we exchanged pictures and all that, interacted via chats and got quite close. Despite the fact that he stayed close by, I was never comfortable or assured of my safety whenever the issue of us meeting came up. So, I always looked for excuses to turn him down.

As Fate would have it, I changed phones and lost contact with him as I stopped using Grindr. I totally forgot about him until the 11th of February this year. On that fateful day, upon leaving my boss’s house around Iba New Site, I passed someone on the road that I thought looked familiar. Perhaps, the way I looked at him made him remember or something, because he called my name.

It was Eric. If only I’d had an inkling what was to come, I would have ignored him and kept on going where I was going to.

Instead, I stopped and we approached each other. Shook hands. Exchanged pleasantries. He confirmed that I was the one he chatted with on Grindr months ago, because according to him, he “doesn’t forget faces.” He even showed me my pictures which were on his phone. The same ones I sent to him last year when I was chatting him. He was with three guys, although the guys stood further down the road, away from us.

It was a very lonely road, and it got even lonelier by evening. While conversing with him (I talk too much), I totally lost track of time, and before I knew it, the shadows of the evening had fallen around us. This provided the perfect cover for what was to happen, as the other guys suddenly converged on us and began roughing me up, showing me knives and hustling me over to an uncompleted building.

While beating and mocking me, Eric gleefully told me that they were supposed to kito someone else, but it seemed as though the person developed a sixth sense of danger when he saw Eric from afar, and fled. I turned out to be the replacement kito.

I was stripped naked, but thankfully not videoed. I was relieved of the 150 grand I had with me, the money I was supposed to pay into my boss’s account for him the next day. My phone was collected as well, and after much pleading, I got my clothes back. And then, I was let go.

When I got home, I lied to my parents that I was robbed – which technically, I was. My boss however wasn’t as benevolent as my family. He initially had me locked me up because of the loss of his money, but I was eventually released. I’m currently still paying him back.

I borrowed a phone from my cousin and tried to track Eric down through WhatsApp, but I did not back up my data previously.

And so, I lost him. I do not even have pictures, number or contact to alert the community with.

However, I know it has been often said here, but let me reiterate. Please, be careful, guys. Be mindful of who you chat and share yourself with online, especially in this Ojo area.

And to you, Pink Panther, keep up the good work. May the Rainbow gods ? keep blessing you.

Written by Saint

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  1. Mitch
    March 14, 08:39 Reply


    It’s official.
    Some people need to be fed to a pack of rabid dogs, Eric topping that list.

    I’m so sorry about what happened to you, Saint.

    I hope you pick up the pieces and keep moving ahead.

  2. Queen Blue Fox
    March 14, 08:45 Reply

    This is plain walking on your own and wahala will come looking for you, my goodness!

  3. RichieMichie
    March 14, 09:10 Reply

    Anytime I’m tempted to download that grindr app, i tell myself it is filled with kito scums, up to 90%?. I’m more scared of kito than contracting a disease like HIV and hepatitis.
    The fear of kito is all I need to remain on celibacy

    • Omiete
      March 14, 11:32 Reply

      My dear!!! That is why I keep my friend with benefit close to me even when he annoys me. Meeting someone new is risky and dangerous. Sorry saint about what happened to you. God help us all.

    • S
      March 14, 15:22 Reply

      Same tho, I still download the app but rarely meet anyone. But still one can’t remain celibate forever. More so, how then do queer guys interact? These questions I ask myself

  4. bamidele
    March 14, 09:56 Reply

    Sorrz about that, Saint. Just move on. You’ll definitely overcome in with multiple replacements of the loss. It is quite frustrating that one not only deals with a homophobic society but also has to worry about Kito

  5. Kvng1862
    March 14, 10:30 Reply

    Sorry about what happened to u saint, these guys nid to be taught a good lesson, i just wish what happened in the KGB story shud happen to them. It wud gladden my heart to know someone went on a skull cracking spree with these lunatics. This country’s anti gay law is what gives these morons the courage to act the way they act cos no one will bring them to law.
    I guess its time we form our own kito and start nabbing these guys, marking their faces, so when we see them, we will know them. If only i sabi how to fight kung fu this tin for sweet wella, mtcheeeew *looks away angrily*

  6. Law9
    March 14, 11:38 Reply

    Sorry saint move on your life wil better better vry soon.

  7. Posh
    March 14, 12:30 Reply

    I’m too scared of grindr…
    The only thing I gain there is asking for a picture (Big Black Cock) and adding them to my Dick Galleries…
    Saint boo boo, You will be fine…

    • S
      March 14, 15:27 Reply

      Not all are kito tho on Grindr. Tho one just has to be careful. I could remember one particular day. I had a hook up and he was coming with his friend to see me. I taught of it and was scared what If this hookup is a kito. I just turned off my phone. He called and called no ansa abeg I can’t shout ohh. Turned my phone 7 hours later. Got alot of messages and calls. I can’t be kitoed

  8. S
    March 14, 15:18 Reply

    Really sorry for what u had to go through in the hands of those monsters. To think he and his boys had plans to kito someone else is even devasting. What do people like this stand to gain. Only in Nigeria will u see such. For Godsake these things aren’t done overseas. Really pathetic. To any kito guy reading this. What do you stand to gain? Nonsense . To the community please be careful especially who you trust. Really sad these things give a bad image to the Queer community in Nigeria. When do we get more exposed. Really sad.

  9. Winans
    March 14, 23:02 Reply

    Sorry guy, is a lesson shaa to learn, when u notice other guys with him and considering the lonely road, u would have just discharge him fast, and two I never go with valuable to see some one, i even chang phone to a more smaller phone ,I never to with my sim link to my account

  10. Dozie
    March 14, 23:04 Reply

    Am quite sorry about what happen to you, but truthfully, 4 went in there 1 is going to come out alive and that 1 would be me. This isnt a kito story, this is a robbery. And u would have to pry my money or fone or whatever I might have on me over my dead body. Seriously you guys need to learn how to defend your selves!

    • Pink Panther
      March 15, 07:00 Reply

      This isn’t a kito story, this is a robbery.

      So true, this.
      It is often the fear of exposure that keeps us from defending ourselves against these unjustified attacks.

  11. Keeva
    March 15, 09:48 Reply

    This is tough!!! Sorry’bout such an experience Saint.
    This is just another XXX story for Ojo & it’s environs.
    And ‘S’…you prolly missed a threesome experience of a lifetime by switching off your phone, but then again it’s better safe than sorry. Lol

  12. Kristo
    March 15, 21:20 Reply

    I stay around ojo…boy!the stories I’ve heard

    Guys just steer clear of okoko..alaba…igando…abule ado( I met mine here)….

  13. K
    March 16, 06:30 Reply

    Can we help him with some cash to pay back his boss?

  14. Brown
    March 17, 19:31 Reply

    Hmmm, this Kito thing makes one crazy paranoid.
    One time I was halfway through the journey to meet up with someone and then suddenly he, who I know speaks very good English, decided to switch to pidgin(we’ve never conversed in pidgin) like the hardcore pidgin.
    I got down at the next stop and took a bus back home.
    He might have been legit, we still chat and all, I just cooked up a story.
    I don’t understand why the hatred is deep, you don’t have to buy into our sexuality, mind your business and we’ll do the sex, expending some much time, energy and intelligence into assaulting another human being is just sad.
    I don’t know how we can battle this really, cos there’s really no one to turn to.

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