It’s written in all the texts we exchange every time we chat. The emojis you send. The emotions in every line. Even the way your voices diffuses into my ears when you send voice notes. It’s never hidden. Always present in all the lines, woven to form the fabric that is our communication.


And when we talk on the phone, there’s unhurriedness. The only haste is to truly express how we feel before we get lost talking to each other about different things, even when we had just spoken some hours earlier. It draws us closer to one another. And I don’t know how much closer two persons can get more than this. But each time, it feels like we are lost in each other, gradually becoming alike.


Of course, it isn’t always rosy. There are arguments and disagreements, quarrels and vexations. But there’s only so little time that we can stay mad at each other. No one cares who’s at fault. We gravitate towards each other and forget why we even got mad. And with time, the episodes of disagreements get fewer. We’ve mastered the art of making each other happy.


In our love making, it is there. The way you love my body, and adore every inch of it. The hunger, admiration and passion reflected in your eyes, are spoken of in the kisses you softly coat my body with. The turgidity of shafts and the warmth of hollow passages. The rhythm of thrusts and the consistency of strokes. The satisfaction in heightened climaxes and the gratification in sweaty cuddles. It’s there, every time.


It’s there in the ways you talk about your plans for the future. I see myself in every decision you make. No step is taken without me factored in. Career aspirations, business setups, trips, vacation, gadgets, clothes, accessories, long-term goals, short-term goals, visions… The list is endless. Every turn and twist have you holding me by the hand and whispering into my ears that you’ve got me.


It has taught me to aspire to be better. We all deserve better. Every day, I want to be in your company, and experience life together. I long to learn with you from the mistakes I make. Because with you, it’s always easier. You bring a different perspective to every situation that I never thought existed. You show me another side of life I never would have seen alone. I feel whole because I have you.


A life without you should never be lived. I never think about it. What good will the world be if that happens? The colors you’ve brought with you will vanish. And all will be, again, a blurry vision of sad monochrome images waiting to fade away. You paint each day anew with different colors, and all is vibrant and fresh. You bring the cool in the heat of the day, and the warmth when my soul is aching. You are the medicine I’ve come to survive on. The addiction that wreaks no harm.


Let me grow in it, with you. Let me flourish in it, with you. Smiles never depart from my face because I always carry you wherever I go, in my heart. And when people ask me why I have a glow to my complexion, I tell them it is because I have found me. And that’s thanks to you. You helped me found me. And I will forever be indebted to you.


It is the love you lavish on me. It is the way you care for me like a rare flower, and watch me blossom. It is the way you respect and understand how I feel, how I want to be treated, and most importantly, who I am. And you never ask for too much. Only that I should always be happy, because only then will you be truly happy.


And this I have learnt. To be truly happy, because I love myself better now, because of the ways that you love me.

Written by Masked Man

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  1. KingB
    November 13, 07:46 Reply

    This is so lovely. For people that find love in this special community of ours, u really don’t know how lucky u are. Please guard it judiously and never trade it for anything. There are so many of us out there that wanna love and be loved back but aren’t lucky. I’ve always yearned to be in love but have never met someone who wants same. I’ll be 25 next month and I wonder when it’s gonna happen

  2. Bakare
    November 13, 09:43 Reply

    Same here with me.. Am 36.. Almost came close to getting love.. But I flopped it with promiscuity.. And that applies to many in this community. Many people want open relationships.. They want eat their cake and have it..

  3. Aladdin
    November 13, 09:46 Reply

    I always thought that love never existed in the community because all I read here is either one hookup or a wonderful sex experience, making me to wonder if it’s all about the sex and pleasure

  4. JoJo
    November 13, 09:59 Reply


    who knows?
    maybe in the next hour.

  5. Francis
    November 13, 14:24 Reply

    *shudders at sweaty cuddles* Hopefully AC dey on

  6. J
    November 13, 14:31 Reply

    Love exist but shit happens. You could give your all to someone, but you don’t know the kind of evil going on in their mind. I hope everyone finds that better lover that will never take them for granted.

  7. Black Dynasty
    November 13, 21:09 Reply

    This was simply beautiful. Love like this is a rarity even with the str8 folks.

    We are unfortunately in the instant gratification generation where we are used to things on demand without the commensurate effort, patience and determination to let it grow.

    I admire folks like you guys, def hope to find this too. Until then, life continues 🙂

  8. Dickson Clement
    November 13, 22:49 Reply

    Coincidentally Love takes time by Mariah Carey was playing on my device as read this piece.
    Couldn’t have been more emotional and romantic; please I am ready now so who is ready to make me happy and love me like this? Awwww
    Lemme hang boot jare

  9. Dickson Clement
    November 13, 22:52 Reply

    Biko, they said business plans,vacations,career! Biko if you are still asking for “pay my transport fare”, can’t you see this tinini Tanana is not for you!

    • J
      November 13, 23:29 Reply

      I know this isn’t prostitution, but there’s nothing wrong in paying for a bottom’s transport especially when they aren’t working and they’re younger and in school. You can even give them money if stinginess has not beclouded your sense of reasoning.

      Most gays are stinger abeg, you only want to fuck. You can’t come with even lubricants or condoms… You want the bottom to do everything and if they ask for transport you frown your faces. Bottoms don’t fix hair or nails and you can’t even spoil them small, all you care about is having an ejaculation.

      Please learn from your generous straight counterparts. They buy phones for their girl, give them money to fix their hair and so much more…Common transport you dey complain ?

      I’m not a prostitute, but no one will be fucking me for free. You must be man enough and considerate.

      • Black Dynasty
        November 14, 02:26 Reply

        I bottom and this is complete and utter nonsense!! When the hell did taking dick equate to not being a man and requiring handouts? No one forced you to go and collect dick abi?

        If you can’t afford to travel for a hookup, then sit your ass @ home and try to put your mind to work and make some money vs this ludicrous self entitled mentality of them chewing gum boys with the stupid self entitled mentality.

        And yes, expecting payment or compensation for sexual services rendered is prostitution. Nothing wrong with that but claim it fully if that is what you want or grow the fuck up.

        • J
          November 14, 06:59 Reply

          You go ahead with the generousity of sharing your ass. It’s not a mentality, but a necessity. Spoil you bottom good, don’t be a stingy dick that likes free chops.

          • Black Dynasty
            November 14, 07:06 Reply

            Lol and you can continue to prostitute yourself, I certainly do not need to. I make my own money and spend it as I please. I really do pity men like you.

            Bottoming is not a description, it is a bedroom sexual preference… period. You are not a woman and regardless, smart women today make their own paper. Like i said earlier, grow up and stop expecting handouts.

            • J
              November 14, 08:22 Reply

              Any man that receives dick is a woman in the actual sense. Passive and active, bolt and nut, mortar and pestle. There are two major roles, and each aspect should act as expected… I know you won’t understand, so you’re dismissed!

              • Black Dynasty
                November 14, 08:33 Reply

                Lol I will heed Mark Twain’s advice and let you bask in your ignorance.

                • J
                  November 14, 08:59 Reply

                  Yeah it’s the only way to deal with a narcissist like you, being ignorant. An independent worker that is all grown up

              • Pink Panther
                November 14, 09:02 Reply

                Any man that receives dick is a woman in the actual sense?

                SMH. There are so many things wrong with where your head is at, I’m weak by it. It is my hope that with maturity, you’ll unlearn these toxic ideas you’re filling your head up with.

                • Black Dynasty
                  November 14, 10:52 Reply

                  Lol my namesake, I was weak too. I couldn’t even respond to such ludicrous statements. It’s still amazing that folks carry around such dated notions.

              • julian_woodhouse
                November 14, 09:05 Reply

                BWAAHAAHAHHH , this is funny. sorry fem tops, sorry masc bottoms, Y’all should do better and stick to your roles. And don’t even get me started on the versatiles. How can you be both man and woman at the same time? What is this world becoming? Can’t you just stick to one of the roles that the benevolence of patriarchy assigned you? .Aargh, or those bisexual ones, that are just gay guys in denial, because apparently if you didn’t know before, once you pick a role, you must abide by all the tenets prescribed by our very knowledgeable misogynistic forefathers. Praise Satan. Lol, I’m just trolling, I get you’re trying to say tops can be too self-centric but tbvh, no one is required to pay for your tfare. It’s a nicety that you’re not entitled to, top or bottom except y’all signed some documents,trading sex for tfare, then by all means. Also, if you find it so hard to pay tfare for yourself and buy the finer things of life for yourself, then go easy on someone you expect to do these things for themselves and still have a little left over for you.

              • Kainene
                November 16, 14:53 Reply

                “Any man that receives dick is a woman in the actual sense”? Jesus H christ where do you come from?? ?

      • Keredim
        November 14, 09:24 Reply

        This is the same J, who not long ago came out strong on a high horse and decreed that gays should conduct themselves with dignity, settle down and stop whoring around, because “straight people are watching.”

        To now turn around and say that bottoms (are women) and should be paid a stipend if they are more disadvantaged than the top.

        Please J, who is your weed supplier? I too need to acquire the skills of a gymnast and be able to flip flop all over the place.

        • J
          November 14, 09:38 Reply

          I am just tired, there’s too complication in the gay community. I understand the issue of roles and gender very well, so don’t come at me… I’m just fade with the toxic masculinity and all the foul play going on in the community.

        • Black Dynasty
          November 14, 10:56 Reply

          ?? as in, the absurdity of the self entitlement is actually so amusing

      • AduResa
        November 14, 10:17 Reply

        Being independent is very beautiful. More beautiful than this your warped views. I’m not sorry to say

        • J
          November 14, 10:48 Reply

          I’m independent, I’m saying this for the lots younger ones who are less privileged. And my being independent won’t make me let any top toy around with me either. I know what I went through with so many so called tops before I became independent… There’s nothing wrong with helping a bottom that needs assistance. Nothing wrong with paying their transport, buying them clothes or giving them pocket money if you really care about them.

          I have never heard tops complaining about anal warts or anal fissure(or whatever that thing is called). They pull out when they ejaculate and life goes on for them. Bottoms suffer the most, ranging from some of all these anal diseases…and emotional abuse because most tops think there are so many bottoms out there, so they can misbehave.

          So many times when I was on grindr and manjam I read profile of people who say they are strictly top and they don’t roll with bottoms that demand transport fare, bottoms that wear tore boxes and tattered clothes etc. Now I say if you’re capable of assisting, why won’t you assist? And if you don’t care and think the world revolves around you, who the hell do you think you are?

          • AduResa
            November 14, 11:25 Reply

            I still think you should preach more to the younger ones and the less privileged ones as you call them, the core values of being human first, being a man, then a gay man, and then a gay man who loves to bottom. Being a bottom does not give you a sense of entitlement financially to whoever that tops you unless there’s an agreement you want to do it for pay. Your existence does not exactly revolve round your sexuality and your sex roles.

          • BRYAN PETERS
            November 14, 21:35 Reply

            I really honestly did not want to comment cos I felt it wld b pointless, going by all your previous posts. But I cldnt help it so I’d at least try. Lending a helping a hand is wonderful. However, there are also tops who need help. People can need help regardless of their role. If someone, top or bottom wants to help, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But don’t make it seem like its an entitlement or a right or some compensation for the “hazards that come with bottoming” cos its not. Consensual sex goes both ways hence the satisfaction of the climax should be enough for you. And FYI, buying clothes and giving tfare is not help. Help is advising one to get an education, offering one employment or basically helping someone attain a self sufficient status. Hand me downs don’t help anyone. And lastly, anyone who is too broke to pay for trips for hookups has way more serious problems than being horny. Its high time we got this right. Its no one’s duty to take care of your adult ass. And if u must preach generosity, then do so across board cos needing help is not a strictly bottom or top or gay thing intact.

            • J
              November 14, 22:35 Reply

              Okay sir, you have a point.

  10. julian_woodhouse
    November 14, 09:31 Reply

    ???”straight people are watchingggg” okuuuurrrrrrrrr…. time to do the mostest

  11. Delle
    November 14, 13:14 Reply

    The amount of rubbish J and Julian_woodpecker spewed is enough to bring the ratings of KD down.

    That, at this time and age, a functional being (which is in question as it is) is equating bottoms to women; ignoring, with so much certainty, the existence of versatiles; expecting to be paid for a consensual sex on the grounds of being the receptive partner (like those that top do not deserve payment?); would make Bottoming and Topping a human definition and not what it truly is – an ordinary preference in bed.

    I can’t believe this nonsense. I’m still stunned.

  12. J
    November 14, 15:42 Reply

    So many weirdos with infested opinions. Am I the only reasonable gay in Nigeria? I don’t understand some people on here, so corrupt and impossible.

  13. DBS
    November 14, 23:51 Reply

    Nah J I think your thinking is warped and am not even a gay man..

  14. Dickson Clement
    November 15, 05:36 Reply

    Kai! See how @ J’ hijacked my bf advert and spun it into this gibberish!
    I am sorry that I failed to pay you the last time we fucked! Sorry,I forgot your transport fare- it’s because you had zero skills and soiled my sheet copiously that I had to dispose it! I couldn’t even send that amount of human excreta to laundry, it will be quite unfair to the machines. (Lols! That was a joke before you start crying)

    Now, on a serious note, the topic is relationship between well established adults with careers – it would have been smart if your comment was with regards to the topic discussed!
    It’s not fuck and go thingy, it’s a relationship and you could see the dynamics between the two lovers- oburo one way traffic !
    Probably, you are one of those that believe in bringing only an ass to a relationship! I have been close to a younger guy who although I’d give him some chunk of cash from time to time, he always surprises me with little gesture- those little things that say” I love and care about you in my own little way”-
    There is absolutely nothing wrong with giving help to those that need it but when you place it first and structure it as though it is a prerequisite for sex, how can you experience this kinda love nah?

    • Keredim
      November 15, 07:25 Reply

      He is the same person who comes on here to wallow about “how he can’t find love”

      It’s apparent for him love is transactional and comes with the highest bidder.

      The reasonable gay

      • J
        November 15, 09:08 Reply

        I have decided to be a nun Keredim, I don’t need any man again!

    • J
      November 15, 09:06 Reply

      ??? I don’t know you ooo Dickson

      I have been misunderstood, but it’s okay. I have nothing to prove.

  15. Dickson Clement
    November 15, 10:09 Reply

    Winter is coming! It promises to be dead cold, we all need warm bodies,a man to get us by this game of thrones!

    Start your engines,and godspeed y’all with the man hunt! Sorry,relationship hunt(manhunt is for @J)

    • J
      November 15, 14:28 Reply

      Abegi! Who even needs a man with all these their whoring around attitude ? ???

  16. Rubee
    November 16, 06:54 Reply

    Not all men whore around…
    At least I speak for myself and my partner…
    We’ve been together for 7years and counting and I haven’t had any reason to hound him nor him me for whoring.
    We are simply each others’ Whore ???

  17. Leon
    November 16, 17:30 Reply

    This melted my soul and evoked so many feelings,I can only but wish…#Love

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