Reincarnation And Pete Edochie’s Thoughts On Homosexuality

Reincarnation And Pete Edochie’s Thoughts On Homosexuality

This is not a story, but rather, my thoughts on Pete Edochie’s theory on the origin of homosexuality.

I’m sure everyone who’s not been living under a rock has since seen (or heard of) the viral video where veteran actor, Pete Edochie, shocked everyone and their grandmother when he posed his understanding of how homosexuality came to be.

If you haven’t already seen this video, here it is:

This may come off as unpopular, but I decided to weigh in on this.

Personally, based on my faith, I (used to) strongly oppose the reincarnation hypothesis.

But these days, I think I’m getting torn between religion and reality. Why is that, you ask.

Well, I am the fifth of six children, and the fourth son. My parents have just one daughter, who happens to be my direct older sister.

As a kid, I used to be super effeminate; I still am sometimes but I control it most times.

I also look very much like my second older brother and act almost like him, though I’m trying very hard not to be like him because I don’t like his overly fastidious nature.

The thing is, this brother of mine was born a twin. His twin was a girl. And she died in her second month or so. They were born in July.

I was born in July, too, six days before this brother’s birthday.

Now, I’m wondering: could his twin sister have reincarnated into me? Could that be why I like men (and girls to an extent)?

Can we talk about this or will someone simply tell me that I am overthinking things?

Written by Bini Boy

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  1. Does it matter?
    March 16, 06:36 Reply

    My mum once told me that her mum and siblings believe that I am a reincarnation of her younger sister who died few months before I was born. And here I am, gay and confused?

  2. Fred
    March 16, 06:48 Reply

    I thought about Pete Edochie’s theory after watching The Wachowskis (trans sisters’) CLOUD ATLAS but it still made no sense to me. Every individual is unique and there’s no proof (scientific or otherwise) that humans – with their unique attributes – do reincarnate.
    But don’t take my word for it. If his theory were so grand, how come homosexuality is a taboo in Igboland where our beloved Pete Edochie hails from?

    • Pink Panther
      March 16, 07:50 Reply

      Exactly this. Ogbanje is a recognised culture in Igboland… And yet, homosexuality is a taboo?
      Pete Edochie should just stop talking please.

  3. Sage Philip
    March 16, 07:20 Reply

    The man has been trying do hard to tell us that age is no more on his side.
    It is just one of the stupidity associated with grey hair.

  4. Mitch
    March 16, 08:30 Reply

    All this one you people are saying here is long talk. I have claimed my identity as postulated by Nnaanyi Pete “Odezuligbo” Edochie.

    Ayam a what?
    A Changeling!

  5. Higwe
    March 16, 08:36 Reply

    I’ve seen traditionalists do stuffs that defy logic and science.
    I’ve literally seen one native doctor prevent rain from falling using a big stone.
    They call it “iji mmiri” .
    The bailiwicks are contacted during festivities that happen during rainy seasons , so that rain will not disrupt the events.
    In the same vein we have the mischievous ones ndi “iya mmiri”, they do the opposite by sending rain to disrupt events.
    Just like ogbanje ( spirit child ) that keeps dying and coming back , iyi uwa(spiritual convenant ) the promise they made in their previous lives ,ilo uwa (reincarnation) etc

    Over the years scientists have tried to demystify these things ..
    Ogbanje has been relegated to sickle cell anemia .
    Ilo uwa to genetics …

    Butiiiii …. evidences keep promulgating that these things can’t be simplified by science.

    So I most definitely agree that reincarnation happens …

    However , I don’t think reincarnation makes anyone gay.
    I haven’t studied about reincarnation in depth , but from the little I know, there is a high likelihood that a reincarnated person will have the same gender the person he/she allegedly reincarnated from had .

    Of course there can always be special cases like yours for example ( if truly you are reincarnated ) , that could explain your effeminacy but what about the very masculine men that are still homosexuals ?

    Were they reincarnated from a masculine woman? ??‍♂️

    Homosexuality has existed since time immemorial .
    Alexander great the king of Macedonia was allegedly bisexual .
    Shakespeare was thought to be homosexual .
    Hercules was another famed bisexual .
    Leonardo da Vinci was another person thought to be homosexual …
    I know how much we all hate that part of the Bible , but what about the sodomites ?

    Were all these men reincarnated – even the ones who were thought to be direct descendants of a god ( Zeus)?

    Conclusion –

    I believe in reincarnation…
    Some scientific findings also support this …but of course, to each his belief.

    I also believe being gay just like many human attributes is completely natural…. again , to each his belief.

    I really wish Pete Edochie will go back to being the legend most of us grew up loving and respecting .
    I fear the internet children without respect will soon decapitate him ???‍♂️
    He’s been spinning the wheel a lot lately.

    The most whimsical thing is that if the persistent rumours are true , then he’s really sending out a search party to find a black goat resting gemütlichly at his backyard .?

  6. trystham
    March 16, 10:09 Reply

    I believe in reincarnation. Sometimes, in one corner of my head, I like to believe that I am living my 7th (don’t ask me about why it is so specific)

    Again, I’d love to ask him this –
    If in my first life as an ogbanje, I had been born male, in the second life, I am born female and should take on my male proclivities from my first life, if I am born female in my third life, which would I be inclined to? The male from my original first life, or the female in my second life???
    If I do take on the female from my second life, how does it explain my mannerisms considering I am not supposed to even think of being female as I was never female except in body?

    I just think some things do not require that you dissemble because u want to make sense of it. That one is human should be all there is to anything

  7. Black Dynasty
    March 16, 11:26 Reply

    I believe in reincarnation and the human spirit experiencing a few life times till it’s purpose is achieved or it fails woefully at achieving it.

    However the human spirit is sexless, we have male and female bodies with respective organs primarily for the purpose of reproduction. The experience of attraction and love is beyond the physical body.

    Thus the gentleman’s theory to me, is wrong…

    • Black Dynasty
      March 16, 11:28 Reply

      My youngest brother is my maternal grandfather reincarnated. Looks, mannerisms, birthmark too

  8. Mikey?
    March 16, 11:53 Reply

    I think I am a reincarnation of my two elder sisters that died before I was born. First was born after two years she died after two year another was born after two years she died then I was born at 2yrs I experience same sickness as them but I survived now I’m here feeling like a girl trapped in a boys body?

  9. Bennet
    March 16, 11:59 Reply

    Lol. Try not to forget that coincidences happen. Unusual things will happen everyday, everywhere and to everyone — because a gazillion things happen everyday, everywhere, and to everyone. It’s probability. And as much as this isn’t a conclusion on your possible reincarnation, it is still something you shouldn’t overlook while seeking answers.

  10. J
    March 16, 13:07 Reply

    LOL I like this logic, he’s being logical here, no homophobic tone or whatever… He’s empathetic towards gay people ?

    My people, we’re obviously Ogbanjes. Let Nigerians see us in that light. Let them fear us (most gay people are terrible and mean anyways,hence the Ogbanje spirit) ???

    • Pink Panther
      March 16, 13:30 Reply

      Homophobia doesn’t have to be harsh for it to be homophobia. Remember that. Someone can be homophobic while speaking perfectly “logical” remarks to support his point of view.
      Homophobia is simply denying queer people’s existence in the same way you as a straight person exists.

      • J
        March 16, 20:00 Reply

        Yes that’s true, you have a point ❤

    • Bini Boy
      March 17, 00:21 Reply

      If I say I understand wetin you talk, na im mean say I dey lie.
      Could you make your point clearer?
      Thank you in anticipation of a favorable response ?

  11. Saucebutton
    March 16, 19:55 Reply

    Freshwater by Akwaeke Emezi talk of reincarnation in a new pleasing limelight.

  12. Astar
    March 17, 09:16 Reply

    I have read NDE stories of gay people. Some of recounted having been told gay people were those that reincarnated into opposite sex of the gender of their past life. But I don’t think it’s through for everyone.

    In my dreams I keep traveling back to this village, The setting shouldn’t be anything less than fifty years, to meet a man lover. He’s young, not older than 35 and yet have two wives. Each time I travel there, and this is always through a life threatening situation. Like falling of from a cliff, or running from a dangerous animal, or being pursued by enemies, I would meet him and we’ll keep hiding, he wouldn’t let us demonstrate our love in public and wouldn’t let me go. And always wake up whenever it seems that someone’s becoming aware that we are lovers. I reckon that it was my past life, and something must have happened to me because of this man. I was obviously gay in my past life if my hunch is correct.

  13. Tea
    March 17, 18:46 Reply

    Energy vibration and currency or in other words the key to universe are simple concepts which we have complicated. When Nicola Tesla was referring to the keys of the universe or in other words 369 he was talking about energy vibration and frequency. When I tell you what exactly these 3 terms truly mean you might just be blown away by the clarity this information can bring to you. The sequence number 3, 6, & 9 are the only number sequence which repeat infinitely . for example if you keep adding 3 to itself then you get 6, 9, 12=3, 15=6,18=9, 21=3, and so on. The energy signature 3 represents energy. 3 can create 6 (vibration) and 9 (frequency) but 6 & 9 couldn’t create 3. Yet 3 is in both 6 & 9. It takes energy for vibration to happen and then within that vibration frequency is created. When we truly understand what energy, vibration, and frequency truly is, then we get a overview of what is actually taking place on this earth realm and all other realms. 369 is the back bone and energy sequence which allows for us to experience this reality. 3 is energy and 6 is the vibration of that energy which creates 9 or frequency which is also known as the end or final product.
    Energy never dies out and its found in our DNA

    • slender
      March 17, 20:50 Reply

      This one hit diff,
      anyway, i heard my mum lost a pregnancy before i was born. lol

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