Are You A Creative With Something To Say? ‘Queering Egusi’ Wants Your Voice

Are You A Creative With Something To Say? ‘Queering Egusi’ Wants Your Voice

In these weird times, Nigeria as a nation, as is the world in general, is going through significantly tumultuous times. In response, the government has increased fuel prices and electrical tariffs, while they go on to live flamboyant lives as politicians, doing everything to defend their looting, to the detriment of the larger society.

And now, we ask, how would you respond to the present situation in your own way?

As artists, creatives, poets, rebels, radicals, etc, Enekeze Arts and Advocacy Foundation (EKAAF) is asking for your responses.

Queering Egusi will be our first iteration of our engagement with creatives to reflect the times and represent this time, creating content for memories and archiving in a zine that will be published at the end of 2020.

We ask you to submit:

* Poems/Poetry

* Graphics/Graffiti

* Drawings

* Texts

* Photography

You may also send Voice Notes of your stories to our mobile. This can be transcribed for you into words.

You may also send in your submissions anonymously or using a pseudonym.

Send your entries to us through WhatsApp on +234-8032065130 or via email at on or before October 10, 2020.

Thank you.

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