Carl’s Existentialism II

Carl’s Existentialism II

I lay on the desk, and pulled him toward me. We began to take our uniforms off while kissing each other ferociously. As one hand began to reach for his ass, and the other reached for his dick, I started to feel a sharp gust of wind. I became a little confused, not because the classroom doesn’t get drafty, but because there was suddenly too much of the draft, as though the wind was being introduced into the classroom from outside. I opened my eyes from paradise to take in my surroundings, and the next thing I saw horrified me.

We were not in the classroom. We were outside it, tucked in a shadowy corner and very nearly naked. I started to reason that it would be okay, as my lover-to-be continued caressing me, seeing as it looked as though we were the early ones for afternoon prep.

I was about to shut my eyes again and give myself away to the pleasure of lovemaking when I heard it.

“What the fuck are you faggots doing?”

I turned around to the horrified face of one of my set-mates. I didn’t have time to think as adrenaline took over my body. I darted into the classroom and locked the door behind me, making sure it was held down with a chair behind the door handle.

“It’s going to be okay,” the guy I almost had sex with said behind me.

I turned sharply around to stare at him, but I couldn’t see his face clearly. That was weird. Also, how did he get into the class so fast? I quickly pushed the thought out of my head and began looking for an escape. I found none. The windows of our classes were the ones where there were five or six panes in each space, with a net to protect it. Somehow though, one of them suddenly became open. And then, I found myself running to my hostel in my tank top and boxers as everyone moved to their respective classes for afternoon prep.

When I got to my hostel, everyone was looking at me weird, and whispering. I wondered if they knew what happened. And if they did, how did that happen? There were no phones or any other form of electronic device allowed in school. Then, I ran into my best friend and asked him to help me. He simply rolled his eyes at me, looked at me with disgust, and walked away. At this point I was bewildered, and didn’t even know what to do anymore.

“Carl! Where are you?” my beloved housefather shouted for me.

I turned around to stare at his shocked face, beside which were the principal, a Maths teacher, and a couple of police officers. All around me, everyone began closing in, some laughing, others cussing me out.

And then, I felt a ‘tap-tap-tap’ on my leg. I looked down, and saw nothing. I felt it again, and as I looked down, the floor collapsed beneath me, and I fell into darkness.


I woke up on the bed to my sister kicking me for pushing her to the edge of the bed.

The first thing that came to my mind was a grateful rush of words: “Oh Lord, thank You! You’re worthy to be praised!”

I repeated this chant a couple of times before I went to sleep again, peacefully. I don’t usually have nightmares. When I do, I don’t wake up jumping and sweating like in the movies, lol. All I do is open my eyes sharply, and stay rigid in case there’s a thief in the night trying to kill me. But with this one I just had, it wouldn’t have surprised me if I had jumped off the bed, sweating profusely. I was that scared shitless!

See, as a teen in Secondary School, I didn’t have the best of experiences (juicy or not juicy stories for other times – YES! You will all get to read these stories) with guys. Unlike some people I know, or stories I heard about some others being so sneaky they thought they were doing actor and boss and having such a swell gay life in school, I didn’t!

So when I had that nightmare, I almost had a heart attack when I woke up, because it felt so real. Being paranoid sometimes helped save me in high school. My vibes about people were also spot-on. I can always tell if I’d be good friends with someone, what their intent with me is, or if they are shifty. Sometimes, when I’m lucky, I can avert a disaster before it happens. With the evil people I had in my set, it’s a wonder I wasn’t expelled. This I thank God for, as my father was quite well known in that school, and expulsion especially based on something so scandalous would have been the onset of my disownment.

I am a survivor however. I will do almost whatever I have to, in order to survive, even if I have to kiss ass till I’m brown in the face. And this brings me to the story of Mother Fucker (MF), Sinister Bastard (SB) and me in one of my kito stories.

To be continued, y’all.

Dokusho no tame no arigatōgozaimashita.

Till next session!

Written by Carl

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  1. Philip
    May 09, 09:10 Reply

    What a philosophical title. Biko make una dey use title way match story way una wan write.

    The title is very abstract.

    • pinkpanthertb
      May 09, 09:11 Reply

      So the title is what you are focused on, ei? Not the content?

  2. Sinnex
    May 09, 09:38 Reply

    Did I just read ‘…kiss ass…’ hmmm….

    Anyway, short as usual. Even, so short to the extent of not being able to get a glimpse at what the author is driving at. The suspense is nice, but it would soon get to the point of being boring if it continues this way.

    • Mandy
      May 09, 09:43 Reply

      I’m actually with Sinnex on this. The entry is a different spin from the other entries here on KD. It has a fiction-esque feel to it, and not just humdrum narrations of what’s going on in reality. And that’s good. But the briefness of the narrations with quick introductions of cliffhangars is something I’d expect to read on Love and Sex and Those Awkward Moments.
      Carl, I love this entry, but try and make it less like a movie and more like an actual piece we can see ourselves in…

      • Gad
        May 10, 09:35 Reply

        And to think I’m always grateful for short posts. Well, thats why we are different. Though it’s unnecessary, Carl you have a fan in me. Your entries are short and relatable

  3. shuga chocolata
    May 09, 09:56 Reply

    I applaud the writer and all, but please dear try and digress a little please. Just like philips clearly wrote the story and headings are different from each other.

    I’m also with sinnex no pun intended @ carl, but it might soon become a bore and people might loose intrest inside each episodes.
    In all all the best.
    OAN: first time commenter, welcome me the KD way.

  4. Ruby
    May 09, 12:02 Reply

    Nice entry albeit Too Brief

  5. Brian Collins
    May 09, 15:22 Reply

    I am being serious here when i say this series is somewhat similar to my Electromagnetism class. I largely dont understand either of them.

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