Charlie Sheen Reveals His HIV Status, Admits To Paying Millions In Blackmail Hush Money

Charlie Sheen Reveals His HIV Status, Admits To Paying Millions In Blackmail Hush Money

After much speculation, Charlie Sheen has confirmed reports that he is, in fact, HIV positive.

The former Two and a Half Men star appeared on the Today Show to “put an end to the barrage of attacks” that he’s seen in tabloids and other media outlets.

“It’s a hard three letters to absorb,” he said, adding that his diagnosis four years ago was a “turning point” in his life.

He also told Matt Lauer that he’s paid millions of dollars over the last few years to blackmailers who’ve threatened to reveal his status, saying “that’s money they’re taking from my children.”

“I always led with condoms and honesty when it came to my condition,” he added.tweet1tweet2tweet3

Sheen has stayed largely out of the press since his FX show Anger Management was canceled last year.

His dismissal from Two and a Half Men in 2011 for repeatedly disrupting production due to drug and alcohol abuse infamously played out in the press alongside his falling-out with the show’s creator, Chuck Lorre.

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  1. Dennis Macaulay
    November 18, 06:19 Reply

    The world is a horrible place! Exploiting someone’s health condition for monetary gain!

    Humans sink to disgusting lows everytime

    • Lothario
      November 18, 06:45 Reply

      You’ve not seen anything…. People will stoop to any low to make a quick buck.

  2. Mandy
    November 18, 07:00 Reply

    Why did he even think it was in his best interests to try to keep his status a secret?

  3. Dubem
    November 18, 07:03 Reply

    So you were blackmailed. Well, serves you right.
    That he did not see the potential of using his status as a means of teaching something to his following is frankly kinda selfish to me. He found out a whole four years ago?! Which means he’s coming out now could be either to preempt someone else who’d threatened to tell or becos he was fed up of paying, and not becos of any real intention to reach out to those in his shoes. Mscheewww

  4. ken
    November 18, 08:23 Reply

    @mandy @dubem

    I feel like giving the two of you dirty slap this morning. Honestly…since when did a person’s health status become a topic for public discourse.

    My prayer for you two is that you face similar challenges so that we can “learn” from your predicament. Nonsense!

    • Dubem
      November 18, 08:26 Reply

      I AM HIV positive, remember? So I’m intimately familiar with the struggle. You can stop with your self righteous indignation. After reading your prejudicial comments on KD’s previous issues, I don’t think you’re the right person to stand on that podium.

      • ken
        November 18, 08:34 Reply

        If you are truly HIV positive, then I am surprised you are the one spewing out trash on the need to declare HIV status to the world. Knowing fully well the backlash, ignorance and discrimination that goes with public knowledge of ur status, you should be the last person promoting this.

        And btw, this is less about me and more about your selfish, unsympathetic comments towards someone who is probably just as scared as you are. Shame on you!

        • Dubem
          November 18, 08:39 Reply

          Get off your high horse please. I had a point. Celebrities, whether they like it or not, are a separate breed of human beings who have an import on the society. Angelina Jolie did not have to tell the world about her breast cancer and surgery, but she did. Do you know what it feels for a woman to admit to the world that she might be somehow less of a woman? She took whatever vulnerabilities she might have been suffering and channeled it into educating the world.
          THAT is my point.
          Charlie Sheen could have stood to do a world of good with his diagnosis. He could have turned something so horrific into something good. And he didn’t just find this out yesterday. It had been FOUR years. Four years spent paying off blackmailers. What use was it then?
          Abeg, try to chill with this your soap box and get someone’s point of view before you start spouting nonsense yourself.

          • ken
            November 18, 09:22 Reply

            Your point of view makes no sense. And I am not the one on a high horse. On the contrary, you’re the one castigating him for not declaring his status to the whole when you yourself are safely tucked in the deepest recesses of the closet!

            And no, celebrities are not “special breed of humans”. Yes they famous, yes they are rich, but the poo like everyone, hurt like everyone, get lonely, embarassed, shamed etc..just like everyone else.

            Before you call someone out for hiding the closet, be honest enough to practise what you preach. Start by calling family meeting of all your extended family and friends, then declare you HIV status to them. You can also send texts, emails and update your fb status to let everyone know you are HIV positive

      • Sinnex
        November 18, 10:55 Reply

        Mr Dubem, you cannot compare yourself to Mr Sheen. Almost everyone here doesn’t know you personally. Just because you are HIV positive here on KD doesn’t in anyway compare to revealing your status on Television. When you go on Moments with Mo to reveal your status, then you can talk.
        Mr Sheen did a very big thing and I am proud of him. He is not in anyway obligated to reveal his status to anyone.

        • Dubem
          November 18, 11:26 Reply

          How you managed to come to the conclusion that I was comparing myself to Charlie Sheen is beyond me.

  5. Chizzie
    November 18, 08:47 Reply

    I don’t think he’s paid that much money to blackmailers. I dont even think there were that many blackmailers. If someone like Adele had HIV, then thats every blackmailer’s dream come true. But Charlie has always been known for scandal and has lived a very wayward life in all honesty, so I dont think people are that surprised he has HIV or would’ve been if he announced it earlier.

    So Charlie, we get it, you have HIV…don’t play the ‘pity me’ card too

  6. Delle
    November 18, 09:06 Reply

    ‘I always led with condoms and honesty when it came to my condition’…what a brain-racker.

    Why on mother Earth would someone want to use something as serious as one’s health status to blackmail him? Do such people exist? Such a shame

  7. Gad
    November 21, 20:15 Reply

    *sigh* Honestly, most of you peoples consort here is highly repugnant. Owner of website, I know you are letting ‘everyone be opinionated’, but do I always have to see vulgarity in the comment section -all the damn time? Its bewildering -to say the least, but it is your establishment. This isn’t about “HIV”(condolences to anyone +), its about the fact that your general demeanour to most things make ‘the gay community’ seem like “insolent blasé diplomatic bitches”. Stop War. Make Love. Breathe. And Suck Dick. Or Fuck Ass. But, just stop all the vile, impetuous venom. Namaste.???

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