Actor Jeremy Renner Doesn’t Care If You Think He’s Gay

Actor Jeremy Renner Doesn’t Care If You Think He’s Gay

“As a general rule, I don’t respond to questions about my personal life. I’m not going to try to prove what I am or am not. It’s silly, right? When you google yourself and the first thing that comes up is ‘Jeremy Renner gay,’ it’s like, ‘Oh, now you’ve arrived. You’re now a giant movie star.’ So I just had a big laugh about it. I don’t care, ultimately, if that’s what people want to think, read and care about. Fucking say whatever the hell you want about me. Look at where we’re at socially—leaps and bounds ahead of where we started. That’s an amazing thing. To suggest that it’s negative, that being gay is a terrible thing, a perversion or whatever—I just don’t get it. Don’t you wish we were in a world where we’re not shaming, judging and boxing people in?”

The Avengers star, Jeremy Renner’s response when asked about the rumors about his sexual orientation in a wide-ranging interview with Playboy‘s Stephen Rebello

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  1. Iyke
    July 13, 05:14 Reply


    He couldn’t have said it any better!

    Its like if u want to hammer in Hollywood after even a yeye role, just come out of d closet(Fake or real) nd you become d next big thing! E dey vex gan! Sexuality is secondary!

  2. Absalom
    July 13, 05:21 Reply

    Oh, he cares! And he’s (likely) gay. And cannot come out right now because…*sing-song voice*…care-eeeeer! Otherwise he wouldn’t protest and deny this MUCH.

    Relax, gurl, you’re are not the only one – in Hollywood.

  3. Max
    July 13, 06:47 Reply

    Good speech..
    I wish he’s gay though ( means I might finally have a chance with him 🙂 )
    Dude is HAF.

  4. kacee
    July 13, 06:57 Reply

    Lol max, this people should leave jeremy alone o mtchewww.

  5. Ace
    July 13, 07:15 Reply

    I think it was on glee I heard the saying that to make it in Hollywood, you must be Jewish or gay. That statement seems to be true. But I wouldn’t mind hitting that though.

  6. Mitch
    July 13, 07:48 Reply

    Hehehehe! Nice swerve move, Jeremy. However, you failed to answer the question or take our minds off it. So, once again, are you gay?

  7. Queer Mike
    July 13, 16:33 Reply

    How does his sexuality change the price of garri in the market??? whose business is it???

  8. Diablo
    July 14, 10:54 Reply

    Lol but there’s nothing hot abt this man, please stay straight.

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