“Even with my pics on Kito Diaries, I still set Gays up.” A Kitoer boasts to a KDian

“Even with my pics on Kito Diaries, I still set Gays up.” A Kitoer boasts to a KDian

He has already been exposed in this KITO ALERT POST as Emmanuel Gozie Ben whose number is 09086538848.

I often tell members of the gay community that the much Kito Diaries can do is inform and enlighten the reading public to the dangers of online hookups. The rest of the work to stay safe is up to us.

A KDian sent the following chats to me of an exchange between him and the aforementioned kito specialist. He was chatting with Emmanuel Gozie Ben with the intention of a hookup in Ojo environs, but when the guy began giving responses of his identity that the KDian suddenly realized was familiar, he realized he was in fact chatting with someone who’d already been exposed here, someone whose similar responses had gotten his friend kitoed awhile ago.

Apparently (but not surprising), Emmanuel Gozie Ben is aware of Kito Diaries and his exposure. However, if his boast is to be believed, he is still thriving in his victimization of gay Lagosians. So either the information isn’t getting to as much people as there are that need it, or we are simply not being careful enough.

So please, there’s just three pieces of advice to be given here:

When you learn of a kito alert on Kito Diaries, spread the word around and as vastly as you can. Let the gay people around you know what you know. That information might save someone from being a victim.

Secondly, hookups should no longer be a private matter. If you’re getting to know someone online, always, ALWAYS seek verification from those gay people closest to you. If the hookup is fishy, someone you know may know this and save you from being a victim.

And finally, if it smells, then it’s most likely shit. If the possibility of hooking up with someone makes you feel weird, listen to that feeling and do not go through with it. Stay at home and wank. There’s no more reliable reliever of konji than your right hand.

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  1. Rehoboth
    June 02, 06:15 Reply

    They still set people up. Most gays like the general public are not internet-savy and do not get this info. Pinky, we had this discussion last week.

    • Pink Panther
      June 02, 06:26 Reply

      We need to have it again to figure out how we can widen our reach.

  2. kayc
    June 02, 08:53 Reply

    Definitely, most of his victims are not on kitodiaries or not a regular reader. No sane human after seeing their pictures exposed here, would still go and meet them. Had to read all the kito stories from day one and I got to discover most of the guys chatting me on badoo are set up guys even Emmanuel chigozie Ben.

  3. Canis VY Majoris
    June 02, 10:17 Reply

    So a few weeks ago, I was at eko hotel for some work function, went to the rest room to freshen up, guess who came in after me?…one of the generate creeps that was published on here as a kito alert. I was dead sure its him because I have a photographic memory, so I never forget a face.

    That also made me realise how creepy and desolate eko hotel restrooms are, and it was just the two of us. Couldn’t help but imagine a virtual kito situation, could possibly happen here. My love and prayers to his victims.

    A sense of relieve and safety came upon me as I left the restroom. I have KD to thank for that.

    Please keep spreading the word!.

  4. Mandy
    June 02, 11:35 Reply

    I wonder sometimes what they say when they gather round to talk about us, especially now they know that we are on to them.

  5. Naijatgal
    June 02, 15:28 Reply

    Wow guys, please be careful out there.

    These touts are so cocky and it pisses me off…when did being gay become a capital offence in Nigeria? Brain dead lunatics.

    Pinky, how about a post on twitter to run through these guys again on a special thread on twitter? Pictures, names and location of all the criminals in your archives, then tag the relevant authorities…just thinking the word could go around faster.

    • Oludayo
      June 02, 18:16 Reply

      I second NaijaTgals suggestion. It’ll help as a quick refresher

  6. KingBey
    June 04, 16:02 Reply

    Staying in or around Ojo axis is enough red flag. When will people start to understand this?

  7. Jose
    June 22, 11:52 Reply

    This is a very serious issue Oh I just spotted one who operates on my street, for real one needs to up there game Oh. We should have maybe whatsapp group specifically for this website so u can communicate more people. I use to delete the pictures but now I save them. This is disturbing. Really disturbing

    • Willy
      July 01, 21:10 Reply

      Can I get any whatsapp group or something…
      I’d prefer to be messaged via whatsapp..
      Nice suggestion

  8. urgent
    July 04, 01:24 Reply

    The real name of Emmanuel Ben is chidebere Michael opara. his new Facebook profile is ebere much fundz. his girlfriend’s name is love Anabel on Facebook, who lives in iyanu school.
    Any time any tb is robbed,please use your sister or girlfriend Facebook to add their girlfriends. Through their girlfriends u will get them arrested.
    TBS should call anti kidnapping Enugu,they have case there. They were recently bailed from there before this their recent sars Ikeja case.
    They are black axe confraternity members

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