Danny Pintauro Says He Contracted HIV Through Oral Sex

Danny Pintauro Says He Contracted HIV Through Oral Sex

Former Who’s The Boss star, Danny Pintauro, made headlines last week when he sat down with Oprah to talk about his addiction to crystal meth and being HIV positive for 12 years. Now, in an interview with Us Weekly, he’s explains how he believes he contracted the virus.

“Believe it or not, with this guy I was actually safe,” Pintauro tells the publication. “We did use condoms. I got it another way, which was through oral sex.”

He continued: “When you put all of these nasty things together, like a compromised immune system, having been up for a long time, drugs, rough sex, all of that combined with lesions in your mouth, bodily fluids, it’s that easy.”

Many remain skeptical of oral HIV transmission, and there have been very few documented cases. However, according to the CDC‘s website, it is possible: “the risk of HIV transmission through oral sex is much less than that from anal or vaginal sex—but it is not zero.”

According to SFAF.org, “HIV still can enter through open cuts and sores, or possibly by infecting the lining of the mouth. … Once the semen gets past the mouth, stomach acid and enzymes in the esophagus kill the virus.”

Pintauro went on to say that he’s been unable to locate the man he believes he contracted the virus from, though he has been trying for many years.

“I have searched. I searched the obituaries because I had a fear that I’d find him there, and I can’t find him. So we’re going to keep doing it,” Pintauro says. “Mostly I just want to find out if he’s okay. The lifestyle he was leading was really irresponsible and I just want to see if he survived.”

unnamed-360x360The 39-year-old actor-turned-activist has embarked on what’s referred to as the “Beacon of Light” tour, during which he will go from event-to-event across the country to spread awareness of the virus and the dark spiral of crystal meth use. In addition to his magazine interviews and talk show appearances, Pintauro met with the team of U.S.-based non-profit organization World Health Clinicians for a conversation and posed for their anti-stigma social media campaign, HIV Equal.


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  1. Danish
    October 08, 06:23 Reply

    I hear some people go as far as using condoms for oral sex. However I think it takes the fun out of the spontaneity that it depicts

  2. Ringlana
    October 08, 06:36 Reply

    Is he Trying to tell us that after Oral xxx he had Bareback? #sarcastic

      • Mandy
        October 08, 07:17 Reply

        LOL! Exactly. I mean, how hard can it be to simply write ‘SEX’? Oris KD now PG13?

      • Pink Panther
        October 08, 07:18 Reply

        Heheheee… I know someone who when he writes ‘gay’ to me, he writes it as ‘Gxx’ lol

        • Ace
          October 08, 07:54 Reply

          I know someone who does that too. His is g*y. Lol

  3. ken
    October 08, 07:03 Reply

    Few things in this life are scarier than doing HIV test. I still remember my first time (*shudders*)….i salute danny for being brave to even talk about it and for his honesty. At least now we know life doesnt end wen u HIV positive

  4. Max
    October 08, 07:06 Reply

    Deal breaker for me. I love my bj please

    • Brian Collins
      October 08, 07:21 Reply

      Tell them o. You is gots to be a good kisser and an even better head giver.

  5. Sinnex
    October 08, 08:41 Reply

    Another reason to worry.

    What about those who swallow? I read somewhere that it was better to swallow cum during oral sex than to let it stay in your mouth.

      • Brian Collins
        October 08, 14:55 Reply

        Hehehehe, Sinnex’ worrying can give my grandma’s worries hypertension.
        Hi Oluwadamilare.

    • Peak
      October 08, 15:11 Reply

      Well it was mentioned in the article as “Once the semen gets past the mouth, stomach acid and enzymes in the esophagus kill the virus.” but it would be nice if the experts on the subject matter can explain further. @Keredim, @Simber @Francis and doctor you know urself, pls answers

  6. law
    October 08, 12:40 Reply

    Biko…. Wat about rimming? Asking for pp’s sake

    • Teflondon
      October 08, 14:06 Reply

      You mean she loves those massive junk (cakes) rimmed?
      You don’t say.

      Who would have thought.

  7. Teflondon
    October 08, 14:02 Reply

    My fav Sex activity and most potent weapon for converting is under threat? Mbanu! This won’t fly in my household. Idc Idc idc!!

  8. Delle
    October 08, 14:56 Reply

    Oh my God!!! *right now I’m crying hysterically*.
    Ok I’m over it! You know when I first saw him on tv talking about this, I was like WTF! Y would a handsome, young guy like you let such happen? Durrgh! Oral sex my spongy ass! I really didn’t expect you to come out 2 the world and say you engaged in some kinky, bareback sex…like criosly, I really didn’t.
    Anyway, its a pirry…I pirry u shaa…its not going to be easy 4 both you and your hubby (how on earth is that guy managing, 12yrs! Nd still not positive? Dnt tell me he’s just fingering you…aww *crying again*)
    Well thats to all the suckers that say there aint no love in ‘gayism’…there you have it!

    P.S: Oral sex with condom is so going 2 be a bomb! At least, put some cloth over johnny before ‘he’ rudely spits in2 my mouth!

    • Brian Collins
      October 08, 15:41 Reply

      And i retched all over this comment, anybody care to explain the ‘stupid’ that was this comment. After ‘Ok, i’m over it’ which made me smile, it was nauseating till the very end.

      • Delle
        October 09, 00:29 Reply

        Who’s fault is it that u skipped your med 2day?

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