The Scottish Dom

So, from my previous post, I am sure a lot of us here must think that the hookup culture in the UK is an abysmally hopeless case. However, it might interest you to know that I had some very, very worthwhile experiences – even with white dudes.

One of these fun experiences happened when I visited Glasgow. I’d heard that Glasgow is the gay capital of Scotland, and so I was excited when the opportunity to visit the city came. Unfortunately, having to stay with my hyper-masculine heterosexual cousins didn’t give me much room to explore the city as much as I would have loved to.

So after two weeks of celibacy, I met this 23-year-old IT guy who happened to live just two blocks away. We chatted a bit on Grindr and then I left the house at past 12 AM when everyone was asleep. I walked up to his apartment and I was impressed when he opened the door. He was huge and bearish; also had long full hair and beards. This guy was into hiking and all such outdoorsy stuff. He told me about the time he saw a snake in his tent while camping, and in my mind, I was like, “These oyibo people will not cease to amaze me.” I learnt a bit of Scottish culture, about how the kilts Scottish people wear are particular to the different large Scottish families. I know, right? It’s giving asoebi.

Anyway, the chatversation was engaging. We traded ideas on a few interesting topics, and after two bottles of wine and fine conversation, with some jazz music playing in the background, we started with a bit of foreplay. And boy, was he good at it. There’s something overpowering about having someone larger than you knead you in their embrace while you submit like dough in a baker’s hands.

And he did touch the right spots to make me melt more and more into his embrace; biting my neck and worshiping my nipples with his tongue and teeth. Shortly after, the tempo picked up a bit and I was downing a 7-inch uncut Scottish preeq in my mouth. He then proceeded to eat me out before sliding in. I felt like a piece of paper in his grip, while he pinned me down with this arousing energy.

I had just started settling into this fast-paced energetic sexual workout, when he stopped and asked if I was up for something fun. I was already lit up in the heat of the moment and I wanted more. So I was up for whatever he was offering. Omo, that is how brother-man took me to this other bedroom that had a swing-like equipment in a corner. My dear gaythren, I later found out that that was a sex swing.

So, it turns out that this hulk of a man was into BDSM. I had never really tried BDSM, save this one guy back in Nigeria who used to love slapping people while fucking them. And yes, my experience with said guy was quite painful and unfulfilling.

Anyway, back to my story. So, my Scottish lover and I agreed that things would be quite vanilla, nothing too intense. The safe word was “pineapple”. I put on a gag and cushiony wrist cuffs, before mounting the swing.

The sex was really good, and I am glad to tell you all that in the three months I’d already been in the UK till that night, this was the first time the dick hit the back walls and the places that really mattered.

The experience was quite intense and I was surprised at how far I was willing to go. After two rounds, I had to take a few minutes to gather the strength to stand and get dressed and walk back to my building at to 4 AM in the cold pre-dawn air. I was so glad that no one noticed that I’d stepped out of the house.

The Scottish lover and I had two more such encounters before I returned to England.

Written by Bryan Peters

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  1. Mandy
    August 30, 15:44 Reply

    The thing I just love about these first world countries is how alive and thriving life can be in the middle of the night as it is in the daytime. Imagine going for hookup by 12 AM, as casually as if it was an afternoon thing. Over here, unknown gunmen, corrupt roadside policemen and kito will not let one’s hookup destiny be great.

    • Yusuf
      August 31, 13:40 Reply

      You’re in my head 😂😂😂

    • Sayyed
      September 10, 21:56 Reply

      I remember going past 1 AM

  2. DarkQuinn
    August 30, 21:27 Reply

    Ain’t gonna let no stranger tie me up because of konji o… My paranoia will not allow me relax lol. Sounds like fun though 🤭

  3. Yusuf
    August 31, 13:44 Reply

    I like to be spanked and choked some. Nothing too painful though, just the right amount of pain to boost pleasure. But it’s also not an all the time thingy… it’s a mood thing😈

  4. Pezaro
    August 31, 18:14 Reply

    Naija BDSM¿¿¿ 😂😂😂
    I don’t want to imagine, with the way the country is biting hard, someone can just slap the bejesus out of you.
    God abeg o.

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