‘Elite’ Introduces Gorgeous New Faces To Its Cast For Season 4

‘Elite’ Introduces Gorgeous New Faces To Its Cast For Season 4

Netflix’s Elite has won plaudits for its sexually-progressive storylines and glossy mix of murder and intrigue since it debuted in 2018, and after season three wrapped a fair few lose ends and saw a few characters graduate high school, the cast is undergoing a mini-overhaul for season four.

The Spanish language high school drama has unveiled the fresh batch of faces who’ll be stalking the drama-filled corridors of Las Encinas next season following the exits of Mina El Hammani (Nadia), Danna Paola (Lucretia), Ester Expósito (Carla), Álvaro Rico (Polo), and Jorge López (Valerio).

Joining the Season Four cast will be Manu Rios, Carla Díaz, Martina Cariddi and Pol Granch – and while details of their respective characters are being kept under wraps for now, it’s fair to say that on this particular show, they’re unlikely to be the shy and retiring types.

With a fifth season already confirmed, you’ll have plenty of time to get acquainted with the new arrivals, but here’s a catch-up.

One of the new faces is Manu Rios, a 21-year-old former child star and Youtuber who has more than one million subscribers on the video sharing platform, where he shares personal vlogs and musical covers.

He also boasts over five million followers on Instagram, and we can’t imagine why.

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no more vacay

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nap time @yachtlifeapp

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Meanwhile, Pol Granch is a Spanish singer who shot to fame on Spain’s version of The X Factor in 2018. The 22-year-old went on to win the competition, and released his self-titled EP last year.

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Star shopping ✨

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Next WHORE Of BABYLON (Episode 24)

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  1. Colossus
    July 24, 08:55 Reply

    What kind of white vanilla shit is this? Where is the caramel? Where is the diversity they are known for?

    • Uzor
      July 24, 11:21 Reply

      Lmao! It’s a Spanish series! Shot in Spain! Do you see any colored character in money heist? ? colored folks in Spain (that are legal citizens ooo) are really REALLY a small minority (they weren’t big on the trans Atlantic slave trade thing) so they certainly have no obligation to include every one percent of society in their shows

      • Rudy
        July 24, 12:05 Reply

        You said all that and more of what I had wanted to say in response to Colossus.

        They are not obliged to include every race in their productions unlike the goons (US & UK) who spearheaded the slave trade movement.

      • Black Dynasty
        July 24, 16:37 Reply

        Quick point of correction…. Spain was very active in the slave trade and started in the 1440’s. Primarily to the Caribbean and South America (which saw far more slaves than North America). They were just as cruel as the British and the rest of Europe that dealt in the slave trade. Cuba was a major transit point for slaves going to North and South America

        Latin America has historical ties to Spain, there’s a reason why most of them speak Spanish as their official language and why most flights from Europe connect through Spain/Portugal. The residents of South American are a mix of the originals (e.g. the Taino), black and European (mostly spanish) seeing as they damn near wiped out most of the original residents with slavery and foreign diseases. When DNA ancestry tests of South American celebs are done, their ancestry points to this combo.

        To collusus’s point, 5 million non-European foreigners live and work in Spain (10.6%) of their population. Diversity and representation is everything. Not everyone is white and pale in Spain, there are a number of mixed people, black, Asian etc there too.

        Please be sure of what you say.

        Sources: Reading history books on Cuba, Bautisa & Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, Brazil, Argentina as well as research before i went to visit Spain in 2019.

        • Uzor
          July 24, 16:55 Reply

          Lol! Transatlantic slave trade. TRANSATLANTIC SLAVE TRADE! TRANSATLANTIC SLAVE TRADE OOOO!!! Read well before flying in with out of context responses.
          You don’t see Netflix pushing for Native American and Asian American representation aggressivel btw. Representation is a case when the demography is legally entitled to that territory (not foreigners, not immigrants) and that demography makes up A SIGNIFICANT PORTION of the populace. Shalom.

          Source: my Big head and all the articles I’ve read on the dispersion of negros around the world from my small Nigerian village

          • Black Dynasty
            July 24, 17:16 Reply

            The Atlantic is what separates North/South America on one end and Europe/Africa on the end ?.

            I’m confused on how slave trade to South America is not trans-atlantic when it’s the same ocean….Heck Africa is closer to South America than North America.

          • Black Dynasty
            July 24, 17:25 Reply

            Per your logic. The UK with 4% black people and 7% Indian sub continent should not show or feature them in movies or series made in the UK, it should be all white people… 80% plus of the UK is white. That you believed Spain is pretty much only white is exactly why diversity is necessary on their shows too.

            Feel free to correct me incase i missed your point. We can use France as an alternative example if you’d prefer

      • Black Dynasty
        July 24, 17:21 Reply

        I’d agree as well, there should be more diversity race wise to better show case the people who live there.

        • Uzor
          July 25, 00:03 Reply

          The term “transatlantic slave trade” is particular or unique to the slave shipping route involving the port nexus between Africa, America and Europe (particularly Britain) so the term engages the distribution of African slaves within those territories. Spain wasn’t big on the TST, I think they barely engaged at all. So that’s why “caramel LEGAL Spaniards” as a demography is a less than 1% demography over there. Most of them are settlers that voluntarily went there. Shows don’t have an obligation to showcase every single diverse variant out there (Netflix even leans more towards sexual orientation diversity than racial diversity). If they can pander to the OVERWHELMING majority then it’s completely fine. Again, even native Americans that technically own the land have very minimal representation because the undiluted populace is such a minority demography that shutting them out in some productions doesn’t do any significant harms.

          • Black Dynasty
            July 25, 00:40 Reply

            Sighs you nullify your point when you defined TST and then say Spain didn’t partake. When Spain and the portugese were the first from Europe to start the TST and carry a bulk of the slaves. The Americas includes South America and not just North as you seem to assume. It’s ok to say you only know of the TST with reference to Britain and not that of Spain/Portugal & South America, versus try to pass opinion as fact when a quick search will render your version of the TST moot.

            Secondly, most of the non white folks in Europe are migrants. Europe preferred to do it’s dirty business in other lands and give the a nice glossed over version of events (Applies to the UK too… windrush generation of the 60’s and 70’s as well). I.e. most of the the POC in Europe went there freely to seek a better life.

            Thirdly, diversity does not equal black people but you’re certainly entitled to your opinion on that one. Diversity is representation and you cannot say the local population does not ask for it, except of course you suddenly speak Spanish or listen to their news and read their blogs ?.

            We really should normalise adjusting view points when we we come across new, factual information but meh each to his own.

        • Uzor
          July 25, 00:09 Reply

          Lastly, money heist is way bigger than elite, money heist has actually never featured a colored character even tho elite did with that maleek boy, but you don’t see no black Spaniard group crying for representation on the popular show. Heck even the black communities in America, the UK etc don’t voice out any complaints about diversity on the show because they recognize that the black populace there is very minimal. It’s as silly as demanding black actors in a Korean drama or Russian drama or Turkish drama. Blacks exist in these societies, yes! But are they a swing demography? Hell to the no.

  2. Anoni
    July 24, 12:31 Reply

    Manu rios will hopefully replace jorge lopez(valerio) for me, omo i was crushing hard like a teenager lol

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