Ex-Model Leaon Gordon says Jesus saved him from homosexuality and thinks the Pope doesn’t follow the word of God

Ex-Model Leaon Gordon says Jesus saved him from homosexuality and thinks the Pope doesn’t follow the word of God

It is one thing when someone holds on to their Christian religion to fight their burgeoning homosexuality, and a very curious other thing when the person who has actually lived gay and accepting of themself then does an about-turn into repentance. It isn’t new. We have seen this in “repented gays” of the past.

And now, former model, Leaon Gordon has evidently become one of them.

The former pageant king, who took home the crown for Mister Global USA in 2016, recently shocked fans on social media when he suddenly began posting about being born again and no longer being gay.

Leaon Gordon as Mister Global USA 2016

He’d been in a two-year relationship with fellow model, Noah Blaise, a relationship that they were both very visible with on social media. It however came as a bit of a surprise when Gordon abruptly stopped sharing pictures that recognized his boyfriend, even going as far as deleting previous posts.

However, in a Youtube post Gordon made which is titled ‘Jesus Saved Me From Homosexuality’, a video that is supposed to be is his testimony of how he came to be saved “from the evil one and from the spirit of homosexuality”, he clarified that he’d broken up with Blaise because he (Gordon) cheated.

He admitted that he had “issues with being faithful” because he had always been “searching for love”.

Leaon Gordon and Noah Blaise at the 2018 OUT Fashion Vanguard Awards

“I had a lot of different boyfriends,” he said. “I was always in and out of relationships. Always searching, searching for love… At the end of the day, my heart was always right. I always loved so much. I look back and God has blessed me with a beautiful life. I don’t regret any of it. God wants us to learn from everything that we have done.”

However, he went on to say that “the Father has revealed to me that homosexuality is a sin and that it’s a spirit. That it’s a very, very dark spirit that is hard to identify, because it’s lust. It’s a feeling that pleases you, and it messes with your heart and it messes with your mind. Really thinking clearly and seeking the Father and understanding what His purpose is for you is hard to actually see due to the pleasure and your heart.”


He continued by saying that him being unfaithful in his relationships was how Satan got him. “After every person that I dated, here comes out of nowhere another guy. It was like I didn’t have to do anything. They just fell into my lap,” he said. “And I’m thinking that maybe they think that I look good or maybe God’s blessed me with that – but no, in actuality, Satan knew my weaknesses.”

But God opened his eyes to see how demonic many things in the world, including the modeling industry he used to be a part of, are. “The world is changing and the enemy is trying to distract us with sexual desires, the desires of our heart, the desires of the flesh, the desires of physical, materialistic things,” he said, adding that God had made him more discerning.

And apparently, one of the things he’s been able to discern is that Pope Francis is a blasphemer and not a good spokesperson for God.

Pope Francis recently made news with his more tolerant views on same-sex unions. And while the world is reacting to this significant shift from the usual Catholic Church teachings, Gordon took to social media to blast the Holy Father. In an Instagram post of the pope’s picture, Gordon captioned, “The pope is a blasphemer and doesn’t follow the word of God nor speaks in what God deems as acceptable. Homosexuality will not get you into heaven. Do not idolize him.”

This stunned most of his followers as they took to his comments section to respond.

If you care, check below for the video of Leaon Gordon’s “testimony”:

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  1. Fred
    October 22, 11:10 Reply

    If Gordon could cheat on Noah (whom he could see), he’ll definitely cheat on Jesus (whom he cannot see) by returning to his “sinful ways”.

  2. Tristan
    October 24, 08:29 Reply

    Did we just lose this fine ass man? No, no, no. He’s a joke. I need to have my own bite before he ‘repents’ for the final time.

  3. Dunder
    October 31, 01:35 Reply

    There’s a word for his type: Agbako. They come into your life like a bull in a China shop and knock everything down. After turning the place to a dump, they suddenly develop OCD and then start looking for somewhere far away to go to. After making a mess of your life and mushing up your brain, they become holier than the Pope and are dragging “son of God” with Jesus. If they were not so humble, they would usurp the throne of God himself.

    Everything becomes super religious- trousers become demonic, bananas a gateway drug and refurbished claim to virginity becomes a status symbol- But you don’t get the format. You see, Agbako is spinning the spider’s web for Chioma Jesus to die on. You are the lucky pre-victim. The real victim is the one who would reconvert him into what he thinks is a religion, widen his platform and become the effigy of the enemy he would recruit against in his coming cult of tolerance/acceptance or whatever buzzwords are buzzing in the community at a coming time. His future girlfriend/wife is the one whose lifelong therapy we should contribute towards. Ogun kill internalised homophobia that is steeped in narcissism.

  4. Tuno
    May 05, 07:09 Reply

    It took only a year and a half for him to go straight. Was he bi.

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