Finishing lineIt’s the end of 2014 and, in keeping with tradition, we cannot fail to be thankful for an eventful year on Kito Diaries. It has been quite a journey, fraught with laughter, misgivings and, of course, drama.

In the past nine months, we’ve had serious fun here, drooled over studs, begged them to do dirty things to us. We have read erotic stories that left us glued to our seats in class or in the office, until the tension in our pants abated.

We have argued about everything from religion to family to sex. We’ve played in the comments section, teased each other and laughed, shared ideas, celebrated birthdays, made new friends, and just done our own thing, away from the hassles of an ignorant world that refuses to accept us. Because we are queer. And this is KD, our channel. Nobody gets to come here and disturb us. Or they get torn to pieces.

It’s not been a perfect year, however.

Tempers have, sometimes, risen and we have fought, hated one another’s guts and said the cruelest things to each other. We have learnt from our conflicts and misconceptions and we have grown.

We have also cried over the most heartrending stories of assault, heartbreak and coping.

But, in everything, we have realised how united we are on the journey to a better life as non-heterosexual persons; that our stories of sex, kito, HIV, boyfriend drama, coming out, marriage, sexuality confusions and religious faith are so connected. Therefore, none of us is alone anymore.

The New Year begins tomorrow. It calls for celebration. In just nine months, we have achieved so much and are set to do even bigger things with this forum. Everyone has been wonderful – thank you so much for a fabulous time out this year! So get out there, enjoy the fireworks, get drunk, pamper yourself, take a man home…and, maybe in 2015, we could actually have that great, big, slutty KD Party!

Happy New Year…

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  1. A-non
    December 31, 04:47 Reply

    I’ll toast to this…

    Very well said!


  2. Dennis Macauley
    December 31, 04:52 Reply

    “Big sutty partyL

    ***tears paent***

    In hindsight really PP thankyou for running with this idea, thankyou for creating this forum. I read several blogs a day before I get up from the bed, but KD is the first one and almost the only one that I bother to drop a comment.

    I have learnt so much from KD; the biggest thing being that it has inspired so much confidence in me that I no longer see the need to stifle my views/ life choices. I have stopped seeking validation in people, because I have found out that I am not the only one who doesn’t want what the rest of the world wants.

    Pink Panther is also a very wonderful friend who constantly has my back and more than a few times we have depended on each other through dark and difficult times. I love you so much, thankyou for all you have been.

    Let me also thank

    Khaleesi; whom I never want to be up against in court

    Absalom; who always manages to give me a brain orgasm

    Max; who I nursed a secret crush on (am so dead for this)

    Rapuum; Who reminds me that you can have your life all figured out at 19. Whom I still have a huge crush on

    Xpressive JBoy; whom I absolutely love and only he knows why *winks*

    Iluvmua; For those silly goofy conversations

    Sensei; I don’t know if shrinks are allowed to look as good as you, isn’t that distracting to patients? One day I will visit you for a consult; ONE DAY

    King and Gad; for having the best grade of opium, which I will never buy ofcourse

    Brian Collins, for camaraderie

    How can I forget colossus? For sipping vodka with me.

    Chestnut; for private jokes, for public obscenities and all things in between. I love you

    The list is long; justjames, Deola, A-non. KingBey, Ace….

    Sorry if I skipped your name:

    Here is to a very fabulous new year! May all our dreams come true.

    Btw Lord, I am not going to church tonight. I will open a bottle of something expensive at midnight and sip it while writing my bucketlist for the new year!


    • Colossus
      December 31, 08:08 Reply

      Did you just call me a drunk? Oh Hell no!!!!

    • Max
      December 31, 08:59 Reply

      Awwww @Dennis, I’m flattered… When I first visited this blog, your comments was what kept me interested. After that day I couldn’t stop coming back for more. By second week, I already knew your avatar so I’ll keep scrolling through the comments till I see yours..
      You helped make this blog what it is today.
      Thanks a lot for your contribution.. 1224 comments, that’s a lot of words..

    • s_sensei
      January 03, 00:18 Reply

      DM!!!!! How do you know what i look like??????????????

  3. xpressivejboy
    December 31, 05:07 Reply

    HapptNewYear to Y’all…Love Everyone In Here…*GroupKiss&Hugz*

  4. Samurai
    December 31, 05:20 Reply

    Happy New Year, y’all.

    I propose a toast:

    To The Mind That Gave Birth To Kitodiaries!!!
    Cheers, Pinky!!!

  5. #TeamKizito
    December 31, 06:10 Reply


    Smiling from ear to ear.

    Happy New Year!

  6. Paul
    December 31, 06:40 Reply

    I’m a better person 4being here.
    Read ds religiously everyday and I hv gained a lot-vocabs, diction, laughter, boldness, sense of belonging, acceptance, pride in who we are n d list is endless.
    Like good wine we’d get better with age
    D good Lord bless us all.
    Bless U PP and grant U dat fufillment of ur secret dream and desire.
    A great year ahead to us all.

  7. FKA Chizzie
    December 31, 06:46 Reply

    Will try to be a nicer person in 2015.

    PP thanks for having the balls to run this blog and being consistent about it, its nice that we have a forum to truly express ourselves and step out of the closet for a little bit. I see this blog starting the revolution we really need.

    and to Dennis and everyone I have had a row with – Sorry.

    Hoping we all get along in 2015.

    • Lord II
      December 31, 12:37 Reply

      70 fold amen! Ah Gad abeg now biko let’s make it even up to 700 fold….Ameeeeeen!

      • gad
        December 31, 15:05 Reply

        Hahaha.the highest is 7 fold.lmao

  8. Handsomely Inclined
    December 31, 06:48 Reply

    Thanks to pinky and all here…….,

    Intact,the experiences has been nicer than usual..,I couldn’t have honestly ask for anything better than this….,

    I learnt alot from this blog,I was always reading the posts and comments without stopping by then I had s change of mind.,.,,,was it worth every inch of it,…,,yes,it did….,,

    And I am using this medium to celebrate my wonderful friend here(I have the leverage to do this here because of its comfort ability)Ace…..we have actually come a long way from our first year in the university till we graduated…..we are now professionals in our fields,I love you my bruv…,you have been there for me,we have had issues,soughted it out….,sold market way back school (but you come overtake me so tey you no come dey tight again *tongues out*

    My very own patner in crime,,,,,,,thanks for everything throughout this year..,,,,,mostly especially for telling me about here…,,,you are always good with all this kind of stuffs….

    I can continue talking because every where we are they always know and see our strong bond of friendship…..,,Ace,my own nwa new York..,,,,

    Don’t worry,I will soon come and join you in US,just a matter of months,then we go storm the streets with market selling……

    You know when I show things go begin happen…..
    That would only be when of course,I am no longer *virgin maria*


    • Ace
      December 31, 11:33 Reply

      Handsomely Inclined! Thanks bro! You know how we dey go now! Killing all killables anytime we show. Lol! Your head dey always dey there. And abeg, I no overtake you for anything, you still be supreme leader.

  9. McGray
    December 31, 06:49 Reply

    Now i have to be sincere. I am someone who never lets things waver me. Before i heard about this blog through a friend of mine on fb (Obinna HotNaijaBoy) i always felt i’m not moved by whatever the society thinks abt me and my kind. But the truth is that i was deceiving myself, i was breaking up inside. Long story cuts short… Pinkpanthertb i don’t know what i would have become if i havn’t still knw abt dis blog. Dear Pinky just know that u saved my life (genuine tears drop). Pinky u might think u r merely running a blog site but u dnt knw wat u hv done in the life of this McGray! M grateful and i love you. Obinna my dear friend on fb, u r d genesis of this new joy, peace and life i have found. U hv left a great footprints on the sands of my life. Thank u so much. And to u my Kitodiarisians, tnk u so much for all your comments. Dennis Mac and Chestnut i always look forward to ur comments eachday, although i dnt comment much. Have a wonderful new year guys. **DM pls i need Tea**

    • gad
      December 31, 10:17 Reply

      How dare you make tears roll down my eyes for the very first time on this blog!!! You will pay for this I swear. ** hugs*

    • Lord II
      December 31, 12:42 Reply

      Now this is what I am talking “bout…! you make it so worth it!!!! Thank you.

  10. Pearle
    December 31, 07:02 Reply

    A picture they say is worth a 1000 words, but the pictures that accompany this blog’s headlines are just on another realm far within the grasp of normal pictures. It takes dedication to keep this whole place as we know it running, thank you @Pinky. I’d like to acknowledge the contributions of everyone on this blog as I have torn enormously from the pages of knowledge, and its effects on me cannot be overemphasized. 2015 is here, and I see nothing but better things happening on this blog, Happy New Year All, cheers!

  11. ishowrite
    December 31, 07:03 Reply

    Complements to you all,I love you all
    PP you are wonderful..

  12. Colossus
    December 31, 07:04 Reply

    Oh boy, suddenly tomorrow would seem to anti climatic.
    Congratulations to you all for making it to the end of 2014, hang in there, we’ve got few hours to go.

    • pinkpanthertb
      December 31, 07:30 Reply

      Lmao. It does seem as tho everything is getting said today, yea?

      • Colossus
        December 31, 08:09 Reply

        Yes, stop the hemorrhaging. I feel my life force draining

  13. Peak
    December 31, 07:13 Reply

    Finding KD is the biggest “FIND” of my entire life YET! And one of the biggest thing to happen to me in 2014.

    Yes! KD is that big a deal . The road to self acceptance has never looked so good. The war against bitterness and depression has never been so sure of victory and I owe it to KD.
    My daily tonic. E! And entertainment weekly has got nothing on KD!

    The comments here has been nothing short of educative/informative, entertaining, funny and which has made my extistence as unique man in an intorlorable environment bearable.
    Happy new year 2 everyone.

    A special shout out to @chestnut (no special interest ooooo) just wanna say in the midst of all the craziness going on here, u ve always remained the most Hip but well grounded person here( in my mind I see u as a kelly rowland meet khloe kardashian). You come across as a GREAT lad. Don’t 4 a second doubt how good a person u are. I am not saying this cos I ve special interest, but because I feel the need to celebrate someone who seem to be more human among the diverse crowd here.

    Mother pinky!……..don’t knw where to start with u this guy! Trust me when I say u don’t know the magnitude of ur reach. U are doing life changing work bro, All I can say is God bless u!

    • Absalom
      December 31, 07:44 Reply

      OMG, Peak, you have a crush on our Chestnut. Awwwwww…!

      • Deola
        December 31, 07:45 Reply

        Peak and Chestnut sitting in a tree…

      • Deola
        December 31, 08:25 Reply

        Chestnut will soon be ‘taken’ by gad.
        Pun intended eh Dennis??

      • Absalom
        December 31, 08:26 Reply

        *bites Dennis where it matters*

    • Peak
      December 31, 08:44 Reply

      Na wa oooooo can’t a gay dude pay another gay dude a SIMPLE complement without a earning side eyes or the above comments? Chestnut seems like a Dope guy and I felt like mentioning it and celebrating him.
      I ve had a crush on other commenters ranging from pinky, Mrs M, Gad, Max, Lord II and most recently A-non, my “Crush bus” has never stopped infront of chestnut. He just comes across as a genuine individual that’s all. I’m sure that I mentioned “No special interest” to avoid having my intent misconstrued! I guess I failled *sigh*

      • gad
        December 31, 10:23 Reply

        DM why did you hate Chesty so much to want to confine him to an old bore like Gad?

      • Dennis Macauley
        December 31, 10:52 Reply

        Peak you have a crush on Mrs M? Okay! You know i have dogs right?

      • A-non
        December 31, 13:34 Reply

        Hmmm Peak, just when I was thinking my crush on you was one-sided!

        *runs off to hide under the duvet*

    • chestnut
      December 31, 10:57 Reply

      Awww Peak…these just might be the nicest words anyone has said to me dis 2014 *bear-hug* . I think u’re super-awesome urself!
      (Absalom, Deola, Dennis well done o! u ppl tried it. Lol)

    • Peak
      December 31, 11:23 Reply

      Lol@ dennis. I actually started crushing on Mrs M when pinky’s thirst 4 becky and elba won’t let up.

      A lot of her admirers like to silently observe. So u better start treating that girl like a queen cos a queue is forming low key.

      @chestnut *Bone crushing Brotherly hug*

  14. Metorsexual
    December 31, 07:38 Reply

    I remember when Pinky told me abt KD as an idea……and I wouldn’t lie, I wasn’t cool with it at first. Was scared of alotta things… But that little idea has turned out to be something big.. Thank you for not listening to my opinion…. And I’d like to say that reading KD was fun and informative…..and with everyone whose comments made KD worth the read… Thank you all.. Happy New Year.

  15. Absalom
    December 31, 07:38 Reply

    Here’s wishing everyone a fine year ahead; and wishing our blog more traffic, more commenters. I hope one day we grow into a big, slutty business that can be quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

    Some people started this incredible journey with us – people like Alpha Papi – and today they are missing but Olivia Pope & Associates is on the case.

    Here’s also to healthy debates, more pics of crushes, zero-scandals, more tolerance, zero-hate of MGMs…and, of course, cheers to every one of the 13 never-to-be-named people I admire on this blog.

    I can’t also forget the silent-reading homophobes and kito professionals, accomplished in their chosen careers of theft and blackmail, who have been immensely blessed and shocked to “stumble” on this blog while plugging their holes with unripe plantains… Please, 2015 is almost here; free yourself from your obsessive crush on us, before we get away with murder.

    Happy New Year, everyone! #Hugs 🙂

    • Deola
      December 31, 07:48 Reply

      Ah the days of Alpha Papi!!! That nigga could use venom to poison a snake!! *Sigh*
      Happy new year Absalom!

      • Absalom
        December 31, 07:52 Reply

        Happy New Year to you too, Deola! 🙂

      • pinkpanthertb
        December 31, 08:11 Reply

        Aswear! Lmao. The one person that even chizzie thought was too venomous. Go figure

      • Paul
        December 31, 08:29 Reply

        Pple never realy leave KD trust me on dat
        Dey jst come with anoda name.

    • Colossus
      December 31, 08:11 Reply

      13? Just 13? What kind of a gay man are you? Anyway, how do I get to peek at your list? Want some tea?

  16. Deola
    December 31, 07:57 Reply

    I don’t remember exactly how I Stumbled upon this blog, but I am glad I did. It came at a time when I was thirsty for something like this, I mean there is only so much you can have in common with foreign gay blogs before you feel lost again. Then came this with its odd sounding and looking name and I read one post and i was hooked and I already felt at home and for that I thank you dear Pinky.
    I have nothing but love for every single one of you here, in our little Fuji House of Commotion, here’s hoping we have a better 2015. Happy new year!!!!

  17. Airdeecan
    December 31, 08:24 Reply

    Glad to have spent my mornings and evenings amongst family…..yea thats what KD is to me. Thanks Pinky and everyone here for an interesting 2014…..see y’all on d other side(2015)…… And yeah I’ve decided to start writing, so I guess 2015 is gonna be fun. Luv y’all.

  18. Mr Kassy
    December 31, 08:58 Reply

    To say that no one introduced me to KD may sound untrue;but its absolutely true.I was so grieved and wanted where to feel myself atleast to convince myself that am not realy alone in this journey of acceptance.Lo! and behold I stumbled over this blog on google search.At first the name sounded too good to be true since I already know what kito was all about.But mother curiousity made me to have a peep and since that instance,I became addicted.Pinky u may not understand what this blog mean to me but I alone knw that it did realy change my whole life and brought a type of happiness incontrovertible to my life.I love you pinky.And to Dennis,FKA chizzie,khaleesi,Absalom,chestnut,Deola,Mrs M,pinky again,Max my crush*yes I said it*,king,gad and ofcourse Teamkizito*mr hmmm*,you all always bring a tingling kinda happiness to my being whenever I read your comments.I love you all brdas,happy new year u ol *kisses to max and all of you*Pinky cheers!

  19. McDuke
    December 31, 09:15 Reply

    I’ve been an active reader of KD but this is my first time commenting. I stumbled upon this blog some months back via a friend and since then, never a day has passed without me opening this blog. I always look forward to new posts each morning. Pinky, u don’t know how much you’ve affected lives (positively) mine in particular. Even though I might not agree with all the opinions here but it has opened my eyes towards self acceptance and “live and let live”.
    I’ve really learnt a lot from this blog and I appreciate all the contributors especially the commenters cos as far as I’m concerned that’s where the real deal is…I always look forward to the comments especially from max, gad, ace, cheatnut, bad and yes chizzie…lol. You guys are all awesome.
    Pinky continue with the good work and I pray your dreams come true in 2015 just as u help other young people towards discovering and actualising their dreams.
    Long Live KD!!!

  20. Max
    December 31, 09:15 Reply

    The first time I came across this blog, I thought it was gonna be one of those blogs that MSM’s gather to hookup and do nasty stuff. I was attacked the day I dropped my first comment here( that shit was fun as hell). I actually thought everyone here was a slut.. Thank God I was wrong. I’ve seen some of the brightest minds we have in the country here. Rapum & Absalom’s writing..
    And Dennis, Oh dear Dennis… I’m sapio, so it should come as no surprise that I was attracted to his online persona..
    Shout out to:
    FKA Chizzie, for making me laugh till I can no longer breathe..
    To the mother of Dragons who always know how to hold his head up high while walking in Fab loubutins..
    To Gad and king for showing us that living a double life can be easy as hell if you throw in a Lil orgy once in a while and also add God in the mix…
    Peak, Sensei, The amebo Chestnut.. And also the Escravos’ occasional resident..
    And finally to the superman himself, Pink Panther.. I can’t even run half a blog and this young man runs two. Full time daily updates and still holds a full time job. I dunno how you do it mehn, but keep doing it. We re headed on the right part. I have a feeling KD will become something even greater this coming year.. Thanks to everyone who contributed positively on this blog… Happy end of yr/ New year to ya’ll…

  21. Vhar.
    December 31, 10:00 Reply

    Lotsa #Homo stuff on this blog.

    I can’t deal.

  22. gad
    December 31, 10:03 Reply

    Happy new year to all . You guys have all being wonderful including the unnecessarily abusive ones. You added spice to what we did here. I’m glad to identify with you guys after all. Pls I didn’t forget our “ladies auxiliary” You have been wonderful.

  23. Brian Collins
    December 31, 10:37 Reply

    So I can sincerely say this is the only blog I follow cos it means a lot to me. A lota people here mean a lot to me. As much as school and other stuff try to keep me away from here I find a way to come back everyday. I am pretty much addicted. Found out about KD from a friend and a lot about me has changed. Learning tons of stuff over time. I definitely learned to drink tea more, I now feel like an English lady, with Dennis having one gogo topic or the other everyday to share over tea. Bonding over things that affect us as gay people living in Nigeria. All those relatable stories and what not. Having a peek into James’ mind every week. Crying with the other people who have been affected by kito, just like me. Laughing at comments till my roommate vexes and storms out of the room.
    Everyone here has been simply great and I simply love it here. You can totally be yourself here without any worry *ask FKA chizzie*
    I feel at home here really.
    God bless you Pinkpanther

  24. Khaleesi
    December 31, 10:38 Reply

    When Pinky first pitched the idea of a blog for gay guys to me, i was a tad lukewarm about it, but every few weeks i would bug him about when he would finally get down to it and then, one fine day, here it was! Kitodiaries, what an apt name?? In those early days, i never in my wildest dreams imagined that this blog would grow to become the gaybourhood refuge that it now is, i am unashamed to say that i am an undying fan and addict of this blog. I have tried as much as i can to spread the awareness far and wide for i am sure that we have something great here, even if we achieve nothing other than to lift all or most of us collectively from the deep pits of despair, depression, self-hate, self-loathing, unjustified guilt and internalized homophobia that is the lot of the Nigerian gay man, then i believe we have achieved a major milestone …
    On this blog i have learned so much, i have been led down the road to self discovery, i have formed deep attachments with people i have never met, i have realised that truly there are people who reason like i do and that i truly am not crazy or insane for being different. I have found the warm embrace of camaraderie and wouldn’t give it up for anything. Indeed one of my biggest fears is that i may wake up someday and this blog has ceased to exist. The thought of waking up and grabbing my phone to find this blog gone breaks me out in a cold terrified sweat – Sista Pinky, pleassseee never let my worst fears come to pass, biko Nne!!
    To my fellow kitodiariesians, y’all rock – you’re amaze balls! ! Dennis and Max – my two competing crushes, i love you guys both and i pray always that you retain the strenght to remain who you are, it would be sad to see you knuckled under and forced to submit, chestnut, Absalom sensei – your brilliance bowls me over always – i feel dumb b4 you guys, Chizzie – vitriolic bitch, I suspect that behind your jar of vitriol is a sweet loving persona who’s been hurt too many times abd thus forced to lash out from behind a huge jar if vitriol, babe, let it go, life is short!
    AirDeeCan, Simba, Mrs M, Vhar, Colossus, my sweet Iluvmua, and others too numerous to mention, you guys rock! Am proud to live in the same gaybourhood as you do!
    How can i forget my favourite religidiots/religitards; Gad, Lord/King, never doubt that i love and wish you guys well in your personal journey through life, i however detest the harmful, mind numbing effects of your favourite brand of opium and shall never tire of pointing out its flaws each time i see them.
    I wish that we grow stronger and collectively strengthen each other in 2015 as we strive to put a human face to us all before the world …
    ****rushes over to Pinky with arms thrown high in the air and plants a big wet kiss on her shiny forehead***
    Ermmm*** i don’t have a man to cross over into 2015 with me, ***wink wink*** let Pinky know if u fit the bill and she’ll make it happen ****goes back to polishing bright purple stiletoes in readiness for a night of dancing and revelry****

    • simba
      January 01, 17:25 Reply

      Thanks,.. khalesi.. Woa hugs and love..

  25. Harrison
    December 31, 11:39 Reply

    it has been a long journey all through….i cant go a whole day without peeping through kd….i even had to subscribe with my email in order to get notificationa each time a post is made….Happy New Year my fellow Kdians…to all the commenter that made me smile..cheers, and why do i personally want to give chizzie a shout out?… know? you all focus on the bad side of his character…i have been reading and following his comments secretly all these while and i think he is really a gifted amd awesome guy…very intelligent one at that….his choice of words in most cases are superb….thanks again chizzie for making this blog intéressant….Looking forward to a better 2015..cheers…Oh how can i forget my dearest pinky?….he is the initiator of the whole story…May God bless you more dear.

    • FKA Chizzie
      December 31, 13:02 Reply

      did cartwheels in rapid succession after reading this. thanx baby!

  26. Dom
    December 31, 12:05 Reply

    Happy New Year everyone.

  27. iamcoy
    December 31, 12:15 Reply

    Thanks panther for this platform which has been enlightening and entertaining and making me find James(I ain’t his bf).. but we totally cool. Wish u all a smooth 2015

  28. lluvmua
    December 31, 13:28 Reply

    Awwwwwwwwwww I love you all dearies!!! *bigkiss* and Dennis I swear am going to bite you any where!!!!!…. and pinkie sweerie thanks once again for this blog!!! I actually used this blog to developed my self . Thanks for giving us a safe heaven…. ***khaleesi my sweerie, absalom, andrevn ,max, kriss, dennis,chesty ,pinkie, chizzie and mrs m thanks for making this blog a success.* #didihearofaparty?????? *hurray*

  29. Lord II
    December 31, 16:19 Reply

    Yea…the parry is gonna hold at 3 locations…Lasgiddy, PH and ofcoz FCT….yes?

  30. Aproko Pikin
    December 31, 17:48 Reply

    Thank you Pinky for this platform God bless you. It is my favorite addiction (A daily reading dose keeps me going).

    Lest I forget, some guys made it even worth the while, Chestnut, Just James ( I think I love you), Dennis Macaulay, Khalessi of life (dude can express his opinion for Africa), FKA (Da vitriol queen) and everyone else. U guys rock!

    Some posts were indeed touching especially the kito stories and guys who damned the odds to reveal their HIV status.

    When I was counting my blessings for the year, KD actually was one of the good things that happened to me! Let’s do it again in 2015

    God bless you ALL..

  31. chudiebere
    December 31, 18:01 Reply

    And I love ds part ” Nobody gets to come here and disturb us. Or they get torn to pieces.” happy newyear my pple. I love u all…

  32. Andrevn
    December 31, 18:06 Reply

    Now you are talking Dame Patience…. erm i meant Mama Peace #oops! Dame Pinky …..

    My suggestion for the ’15 K’D Parrie:
    Let it be a masquerade ball…with mask and all….identities hidden until time for unveiling!!..

    Love you boo…..@Illuvmua……Duchess i am still waiting for my PH souvenir…! hw far?

    Hapi Nu year Ndi K’D!

    #How so klassic my phone decides to do a technical flip-flops just mere hours to New year’s countdown…….?

  33. Oluwadamilare Okoro
    December 31, 21:51 Reply

    I was recently referred to KD by a friend and I must say I am addicted. I love the concept and the fact that I can relate to most of the articles posted… hopefully, I will write a piece in the not too distant days…

    Happy New Year y’all.

    • pinkpanthertb
      January 01, 01:33 Reply

      Hurry. Always a pleasure to read from someone new 🙂
      Happy New Year, you.

  34. Constant
    January 02, 14:02 Reply

    TBH…..I don’t really know how I found myself on this blog, but it has been the biggest discovery of 2014. Kudos PP…….Season Greetings.

  35. s_sensei
    January 03, 00:26 Reply

    better late then never. I love you all!

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