I was checking my messages on Facebook and there was a message from this guy – Temi. Temi had been consistently sending me messages every day and no matter how much I ignored him, he never stopped. There was really nothing I fancied about him. He seemed like your typical born again type of man, judging from his uploaded photos on Facebook – you know, long sleeved shirt tucked into well ironed plain trousers, and surrounded by fellow ‘Christian’ brothers and well-covered, nun-looking sisters, all smiling happily in the Lord.

I couldn’t deal with his interest in me because we had no mutual friends and didn’t seem like we had anything in common.

One day however, I decided to help him stop the chase by being supremely annoying.

“What is your role?” I asked, in response to his greeting message.

“I don’t understand…Please expanciate,” he replied.

I was already out of patience. “Why are you always sending me messages? What do you want?”

“I want us to be friends, sir.”

“You know I’m gay, right?”

“No, I don’t, sir. Please don’t be angry.”

“I just find your many greetings quite confusing.”

“I mean no harm, sir. But can I have your number? I will explain.”

Reluctantly, I gave him my phone number and in a matter of seconds, his call came in.

He explained that a couple of years ago in school, while he was using a cyber cafe to browse, he noticed that the guy sitting next to him was chatting with someone on Yahoo Messenger, and that the person’s photo (which happened to be me) caught his attention. He tried inquiring about me from the guy next to him but the guy shut him down rudely.

According to him, he was ecstatic when Facebook recommended me as a friend to him a couple of years later. He had instantly recognised me and sent me a message. He went further to tell me he’d never been with a guy before and the most he’d come close to one was when his roommate’s brother came to spend the night in school with them. This roommate’s brother had touched him while he pretended to be asleep. He let the guy work on him because he found himself enjoying it. He never said a word to anyone.

What surprised me was that he said he was disvirgined at the age of 28 and had had sex only twice in his entire life with the same girl who disvirgined him. When I asked him if he enjoyed it, he said it had felt odd for him. He also confessed that he likes looking at men urinating since he was a little boy.

There was an apparent nervousness in his voice that made his narrations ring very true and sincere. And that got to me, causing my iciness toward him to thaw. I apologised for my rude behaviour, and from that day, we began communicating effectively.

About two weeks later, he informed me he would be travelling to school (Minna) from Lagos and would be stopping at Abuja to take another transportation to Minna. Because he would be coming into Abuja late, he asked if he could stay the night with me and continue his journey the next day. Though I saw nothing wrong with this, I had to remind him that I was a gay man just to clear the air.

“Keep that one aside. We are friends,” he responded.

A few days later, I was on my way to pick him from the motor park. When we saw, I noticed he was much better looking in person than in his photos on Facebook. When we greeted, he playfully knocked my head, calling me a silly boy for making him so nervous online.

On our way home, I handed him my phone and earpiece with gay porn playing. I did that because some time ago, we’d had an argument about gay sex. I sat in the front with the driver while he sat alone at the backseat.

Suddenly, he began exclaiming, out loud. He’d been watching the videos and was clearly getting blown away. He was so engrossed that he stayed glued to the phone until we got home.

Once settled inside, I made us dinner. We ate and then showered (separately), and then he resumed watching the porn. He was positioned in such a way that I couldn’t see his dick to know if he’d developed a hard-on or not. So to find out, I casually asked him if he was hard. He laughed self consciously and said he was completely speechless over the videos.

“Let me see,” I requested.

He looked as if he would faint. He was so shy. I pretended to be upset and he began to plead. Upon seeing how little his pleading was doing to assuage me, he sighed while muttering “Dear Lord” to himself. Reluctantly, he brought out his penis from his boxers. It was a decent-sized dick, curved to the left, and it was very turgid.

As I made an attempt to touch it, he flinched.

“Calm down, bro,” I said.

His dick was throbbing violently in my palm as I held it. This dude was proper thirsty. I made an attempt to kiss him but he was not responsive as much. So then, I went for his nipples, and began sucking, teasing and licking them. He moaned softly, and then slowly, I made my way down to his dick. As I took him in my mouth, he slowly tilted his head to the left and then to the right in enjoyment of the fellatio. When I parted his legs and went for his asshole, he jerked his head backwards so violently that he bumped it on the wall.

We both began to laugh and I reached for his lips again. His kiss was soft and warm. We fell into a naked embrace and then he rolled over me. His kisses became intense and then he went for my nipples. Temi began doing exactly what I did to him. Not only had he been paying attention, but also, he was a great learner. He went for my dick and took all of me into his mouth. He kept sucking so hard and good that I breathlessly begged him to stop. I could feel my climax rushing headlong toward me. I tried pushing his head away but he was stiff-necked. I told him I would cum if he didn’t stop, but instead of Temi listening to me, he began moaning and making slurpy sounds as he sucked me harder.

I couldn’t control myself any longer. I came hard. I ejaculated into his mouth as I spasmed and moaned. He kept on sucking me until I grew soft in his mouth. And then he slithered upward to lie on top of me, and began to kiss me. My semen dribbled down from the corners of my mouth as his lips and tongue devoured mine.

Why was I doing this? Why didn’t I stop? I had no idea.

Slowly, he went down on me again. This time, he raised my legs and went for my asshole. Temi didn’t take it easy on me. He sucked on my man pussy like a baby on feeding bottle. It wasn’t long before my flaccid dick was shooting right up.

“Fuck me… Please fuck me…” I heard myself moaning.

I had to scramble to grab the lube at the corner of the bed because Temi was holding my thighs firmly to his face as he kept eating my hole as if it would run away if he stopped.

In a few moments, he was inside me and was ploughing me without mercy. I had to bite down on the pillow to muffle my scream. To say I was battered is an understatement. Temi put the fear of the Lord in me that night. As he fucked me, I came again without even touching my dick. I could feel my body go limp with exhaustion, but Temi seemed nowhere close to stopping. His stamina was still healthy. As he persistently demolished me, I came again and again without any pause for recuperation. I lost count of how many orgasms I had that night.

I began feeling sore in my ass and his banging started to hurt like crazy. This wasn’t “fun” anymore. I was trying to shove him off me when suddenly, he began to grunt, “Yes…yes…yes…yes…!” And he was soon depositing his seed offering into my box. He collapsed on me, panting like he’d run an Olympic 700 metres marathon.

GOSH!!! This man was indeed a man of valour.

He asked me if I was hurt and I said no.

“That was wow,” he whispered in my ear.

“How does it feel compared to sex with a woman?” I asked him.

“This is mind blowing…like it’s natural…as in, it feels natural…I don’t know if you get me…”

I did. I got him absolutely.

We talked a while and then he asked me to show him my ass. I rolled over. Earlier at the motor park, we’d bought frozen Viju drink and had left it at the corner of my room for it to defrost. Presently, he fetched the drink and hunkered over my ass. He parted my ass cheeks and poured the drink into my sore hole. I could feel the particles of ice melting as they slid into my body along with the freezing cold liquid.

And before my body could even react to the sensation, Temi’s warm tongue had joined the drink to dip into my ass, and he was tongue-fucking my open, sore, yogurt-and-sperm-juice-lubricated ass. I had to grab a pillow to scream into it. The sensation was unbearable.

As I tried to recover, I felt his dick slide into me and he commenced another round. Jesus Christ! I had cum more times than I could count and I was proper exhausted, but this dude wasn’t ready to take it from me. Instead he mocked me, calling me lazy.

The next day, he left for his school and I found myself missing him. We texted and chatted all through the day and when I asked him how come he performed so well for a first timer, he told me he had been waiting for this all his life.

Temi later stopped talking to me for about a year. He was finding it extremely difficult coming to terms with his sexuality, and also I’d become so hooked on him that I desperately wanted a relationship with him. Not just because he was sexually amazing but because he had a very kind, down-to-earth and patient nature, a personality that is quite a rare find among gay menfolk.

Anyway, Temi is no longer “innocent” in his looks or ways as he was before. He is now a man of style and high taste, thanks to his job. He has come to terms with his sexuality too, fucked a good number of dudes and has a boyfriend who he’s sticking to at the moment.

And whenever I think of him, I take pride in the knowledge that I was there first.

Written by K.L.

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    The haggling and hassling was too much to bear, coupled with the distance……..
    Looks like he finally landed something.
    I do hope it isn’t pornography, even that would be too low for him.
    Pray tell pinky, where did you get this image, that should make an interesting watch.

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