Guys Reveal How They Feel About Open Relationships

Guys Reveal How They Feel About Open Relationships

Where do you come down on open relationships?

To some guys, they seem like an excuse to bail on commitment. For others, it’s the only way they can feel free to achieve emotional and physical fulfillment.

One thing becomes clear: There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to partnering up.

Whisper dug up the confessions of guys concerning the subject, and now, we’d like to hear what guys have to say about the topic. But first of all, here’s what Whisper found:whisper1whisper2whisper3whisper4whisper5whisper6whisper7whisper8whisper9whisper10whisper11whisper12whisper13whisper14whisper15whisper16whisper17whisper18whisper19whisper20

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  1. Max
    July 28, 05:59 Reply

    Open relationship is no relationship at all. In fact, I don’t know why its even listed among the types of relationship. Its no secret why gay people are promiscuous. But we’re not the only ones. Straight ppl are wayward as hell too, but for them, the reward doesn’t come easy. Wooing ladies and all can be time consuming and a tad frustrating. But for gay ppl, sex is just a click away.
    If you think your partner doesn’t have the same sexual appetite as you, maybe you shouldn’t be in a relationship after all. Its not a do or die affair. Don’t be in one called “open” just so you could prove a point. Most men who agree to open relationships just do it because they think they can’t do better in terms of partner choice. Statistically, most people would rather do a monogamous relationship.
    I don’t have to stress about the hoe issue again, but its the most damaging thing ever in the gayborhood. Some ppl have found a way to justify being hoes by calling it ‘healthy sex life”. I say that’s absolute total rubbish.. I think those people are lonely and damaged/paranoid and scared of being heartbroken, so they spiral out of control and sleep with whatever and Whoever, both goat, sheep, cow etc.

    Come to think of it, why would I wanna be in an open relationship? Sleeping with an entire community of people. Its a shameful thing. Its exhausting too. Having a lot of people who has passed through you.
    Whenever you go on IG or fb and see someone with more than 50 likes, that person is probably a hoe.
    I see people receive 2million calls while hanging out, or keep replying several msgs at the same time #hoe. You don’t need to look far to see them.

    They break hearts
    They’re highly risky to be with(health wise)
    And they have no conscience whatsoever.

    • Pink Panther
      July 28, 06:14 Reply

      Hahahahahahahahaa!!! I KNEW as I put this post up that Max would get riled. The ‘Kill All The Hoes’ ministry is thriving, I see. 🙂

    • Mandy
      July 28, 06:17 Reply

      ‘Whenever you go on IG or fb and see someone with more than fifty likes, that person is probbaly a hoe.’

      LMAO!!!! Max, you are priceless. Gawd!

    • #Chestnut
      July 28, 07:11 Reply

      Hahaha! Max oooo! Go get ’em, boi!
      Honestly,I’ll never understand d logic of an “open relationship”. To me, u guys are just (veeery close) friends with (very intimate) benefits. I mean, what’s the difference btwn an “open relationship” and having a fuck-buddy whom is also (sort of) my friend and whom I don’t mind spending time with?
      I personally don’t want to share, especially if I’m in a committed relationship (or is an open relationship not regarded as a committed one?). I might be wrong,but I just think that anyone who wants an open(committed) relationship just wants to sleep around,but still doesn’t wanna lose whatever he’s gaining from u (money, gifts, fun,affection,attention, emotional comfort,validation,intellectual gratification…whatever). I still ask myself why it’s so important to put a label on it if u know u can’t stick to having sex with only one person; can’t u guys remain veeeeery good friends with benefits,without professing undying love and committment to each other? How do ppl even knowingly enter or stay in an open relationship?(Well,I guess if they’re both…em, “hoes”, then it’d be perfect for them) *shrug*

    • Sinnex
      July 28, 07:34 Reply

      Reading this gave me migraine.

      It became worse after seeing it came from the one and only sanctimonious biish around the block.

      Abeg, PP I think you need to consider having a 120 word count. People should learn how to summarize.

    • Dominic Obioha
      July 28, 15:34 Reply

      “Persons with 50 or more likes on fb and IG are hoes” #thingsiLearnFromKD

  2. Raj
    July 28, 06:33 Reply

    I’m open minded and as such would rather view issues without bias. Yes,max,statistically,no one would wanna share(or wanna know they share) ,however,if you 2 “hoes” decide they would want variety every now and then,why not?

    They are persons engaged in polyamory and they ride along just fine. We should know better to understand that just because we can’t do it doesn’t mean no one should.

    I respect open relationships more than the “closed” (but fuck others behind closed doors). Persons scream monogamy,but when the relationship turns sour(as expected) instead of putting it back on track,they have another party and still scream monongamy.

    I believe an open romantic relationship can work. That’s the idea of consensual regaysionship .. If thats what you want,got for it. If that’s not what you want,then don’t. But make no mistake. It is more honorable to have an open relationship than a closed(but open) one which is mostly the case

    • #Chestnut
      July 28, 07:43 Reply

      @Raj: how does polyamory even work? Honestly I’m confused: is it,like,”3 or 4 of us are in a committed relationship with one another,but we’re not allowed to sleep with anyone else outside the 3 or 4 of us,cos that would be cheating/unfaithfulness”?
      And I get what u mean when u say it’s better to be in a labelled open-relationship, than to deceive each other (or one party) into thinking u’re exclusive,while fucking everyone else secretly, but my point is, why do u have to put that label of “committed relationship” on it?(I guess d labelling is my biggest problem,lol). If u both like each other a lot and u realise u want to remain very close, while still having sex with each other,and with other ppl, why can’t u just settle for “good,dear,close friends with benefits”? I have some friends/acquaintances-with-benefits that I’ve known for years now; obviously,we don’t exactly despise each other’s companies, and d sex can’t be that bad,if we’re still into it after several years. But if I were to hear,that they slept with someone else, or vice versa, it truly wouldn’t make me (or them) feel any type of way,cos there’s no written or spoken committment. But once u put that label on it,it changes EVERYTHING for me.
      Pls,if u think there’s a difference btwn “open relationship” and “good friends with benefits”, let me know; honestly,I’m curious,cos they’re both one and d same to me(except that u could eventually get hurt,in one of them)

  3. pete
    July 28, 06:34 Reply

    Open relationship is the way forward. It’s for evolved folks who do not conform to societal dictates.

    • Francis
      July 28, 06:42 Reply

      There’s no way forward abeg. Do what works for you.

    • Pink Panther
      July 28, 06:43 Reply

      And by so saying, those who desire monogamy are not evolved? I disagree with your assessment, Pete. And monogamy is not a societal dictate. It’s an individual preference. Wanting to be with one person is not a bandwagon decision.

    • Max
      July 28, 06:43 Reply

      You know what you should do on the day of your “wedding”? Declare open relationship with your wife in front of everyone.. Oh and, did I just say ” wedding”? I thought you hate being a conformist?

      • Francis
        July 28, 06:45 Reply

        Lmao. This Max sha. Ngwa Pete what say you about sharing your future wife’s vajayjay with the entire estate as par una dey evolved pass some of us?

      • pete
        July 28, 15:20 Reply

        Relationships are private. Why should I do what you just suggested?

    • #Chestnut
      July 28, 07:25 Reply

      @Pete: really? I will NEVER understand this,I swear. One of those “whisper” pics up there says he had more sex-partners in d the two years that he’s been married, than he had n his ENTIRE single life. How does this make any type of sense bikonu?! What’s the point of the “marriage” then? To bring out the “slut” in u? Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around?(If at all u dabble into other sexcounters after u’re married).
      Pete,honestly,u would really want that? U wouldn’t mind if ur committed bf tells u he’s had more sex-partners during ur committed relationship,than he had when he was single? Or is it a “don’t ask,don’t tell” policy?(“Let’s promise to be loyal to each other forever,but we can fuck anybody/everybody we want outside o,as long as it’s just “mere” sex,but let’s just not tell each other about it”) #MissMe!

  4. Francis
    July 28, 06:39 Reply

    WTF! MAX oh, chill small biko. Lmao. Haba its not dat serious. I had a conversation with someone about this one day and I left that conversation with an understanding.

    Some peeps are very good at separating sex from feelings (max’s hoes) while some aren’t (team monogamous).

    Sincerely speaking if I didn’t have inferiority complex issues abi na body confidence issues, I’d most likely be a hoe too. Lmao. Then again maybe it’s because I have the tendency to catch feelings so I stay on my lane.

    • Max
      July 28, 06:49 Reply

      Francis, lemme enlighten you on what I’ve discovered.
      Most hoes have been in love @ least once…
      And you know how they got heart broken? You guessed right>> by hoes. So the circle of hoeism goes round. They don’t really separate feelings from sex, its a Lil more complicated than that. They shut themselves out because they’re so terrified of getting hurt, so it seems as if they got their emotions under check.
      I’m not an emotional person, I can murder someone and attend my own wedding 5 minutes later… But I’m monogamous.

      • Francis
        July 28, 06:56 Reply

        @Max hmmm, that’s an interesting way to look at it. Come to think it most hoes I’ve seen in gay themed movies were born via breakups with hoes.

        I don’t think I can keep my emotions locked up. Makes me mega depressed.

        • Max
          July 28, 07:15 Reply

          Lol. If you’ve been damaged as much as I’ve been, you’ll learn to.

  5. Masked Man
    July 28, 07:13 Reply

    Max sha…
    Lemme ask,
    Are you in a relationship?

    • Max
      July 28, 07:17 Reply

      No I’m not.. And I’m not searching. But I’m open to try if anything comes along.. However, I won’t just jump into anything just so I could be in a relationship. I’m not lonely.

      • Masked Man
        July 28, 07:32 Reply

        I thought so.
        Anyway, I buy your points. But you have to understand that there are some people that relationships don’t work for. They have tried, but it still wouldn’t work for them. And no, they don’t jump from bed to bed. So they just stick to their selves, and live life as it comes. It’s not a bad resolution either.

        Yes relationships can be awesome, regular soulful ducks amidst other things, lol. But sometimes, it is a bit overrated. I’ve seen peeps in relationships and still be boring, Lonely, mentally abused and all that shit.

        Max, life is too short notice to be happy. If my happiness excludes relationships, then by God, fuck it.

        Don’t shove your idea of love and relationship down our throat.

        • #Chestnut
          July 28, 08:05 Reply

          @MaskedMan: I don’t really know ur definition of “relationships don’t work for…” In dis context, but I think we can all agree that at some point in our lives, relationships “didn’t work for” us (I mean,who here has been with the same bf for the past 10 years?anyone?). That is not to say that a relationship might not eventually work for us…anyway,my pont is, for those guys who haven’t had any relationship “work” for them (yet), I don’t think one can imply that they’re hoes or sluts if they take random hook-ups when the feeling is right. I mean,they’re not in any relationship,so they owe no one any loyalty or faithfulness. I don’t think those are the ppl whom Max (and me,hehe…)is crying out against; he’s lashing out at the people who ARE in a committed relationship,but still have more random sex hook-ups than a lot of single guys.

          • Masked Man
            July 28, 08:17 Reply

            Exactly my point.
            If I’m not in a relationship, and I hookup randomly, how am I a hoe?

            If you are in a relationship, seal it up. Cheating is cheating. I quite agree with you on that.

        • Keredim
          July 28, 08:41 Reply

          @MM, I think the question should have been “Max have you EVER been in a relationship?”

          • Pink Panther
            July 28, 08:53 Reply

            He has, keredim. And he was deeply hurt by it. Why do you think he’s so vexed by issues that has to do with cheating and hoes?

          • Absalom
            July 28, 10:57 Reply

            Oh, I see.

            He was hurt, so that makes him prone to jumble issues: open relationships become synonymous with infidelity. Toss in a little bit of sex-shaming and, aww, it’s bon appetit! 🙂

  6. JustJames
    July 28, 07:35 Reply

    I have a friend whose relationship is open due to distance. They seem to be working quite well and the only times a breakup reared it’s ugly head was not due to the fact of it being open.

    I however don’t think I can be in an open relationship with someone I love. I’m the jealous type. But that’s just my preference..
    And if I ever dare suggest or agree to an open relationship you might as well not bother with me cause I don’t love you.

    I think it’s cause I feel an open relationship is saying I don’t care about you or love you that much to make the sacrifice of even trying to make you my only one. And if you can’t make that sacrifice what is the point of the whole thing? There’s also the fact that when things get tough you’ll take the easy way out cause you’d feel the grass is greener on the other side.

    And to those who think monogamy is imposed by society..y’all need to fall in love okay? Like real love.. All consuming that it leaves you feeling scared that someone else could matter to you so much. Then you’ll know that nothing is imposed by the society. It’s all down to your choice.

    Does that mean my two friends up there don’t love each other. Maybe they don’t.. Or maybe they are making the best of a suckish situation. But I know where I stand on this. I’d rather deal with heartbreak and start to heal than injure myself constantly with the issues that come with a relationship being open.

    • #Chestnut
      July 28, 07:55 Reply

      I’m sorry James,but those ur two friends up there are just deceiving themselves (or maybe they just need the “idea” of a relationship to validate them,on some level…) Especially if the distance was already there when they started the relationship. (Can u tell,that long distance relationships that aren’t marriages,and will span for several years, don’t make any sense to me?lol)

  7. ambivalentone
    July 28, 07:40 Reply

    If this percentage on whisper feels so much about monogamy, who tha hell be doing the fucking around? Oh yes. The Unserious, greedy fucks!! And then they say men.are wired to be naturally polygamous *rme

  8. Sinnex
    July 28, 07:41 Reply

    In my head, I want to be in an open relationship, but in reality I don’t think I can survive in one. At a point, everything just becomes boring and you get tired of the games. There is more to life than sex. What about friendship, companionship…romance?

  9. Dennis Macaulay
    July 28, 07:57 Reply

    There is no template for relationships guys, no “one size fits all”. Relationships rules should be set by the two people involved and not by societal expectations.

    If I decide with my partner to have an open relationship and we are both happy with it, I don’t see what the big deal is. If you don’t like it and would never do it this great, but if I want it and would do it its my kettle of fish.

    To each his own, this will always be my Gospel. Do not denigrate something because it doesn’t make sense to you, isn’t this what homophobes do to us?

    • #Chestnut
      July 28, 08:17 Reply

      Dennis biko u don’t always have to sound so advanced and politically-correct and progressive! What do YOU personally think of open relationships? Would u apply it in ur own life TODAY? Hian!

      • Dennis Macaulay
        July 28, 08:30 Reply

        Nwoke Oma this is not about political correctness and being progressive. Open relationships are something I would consider given certain circumstances.

        If it works for my bf and I? Why not darling?

        • Pink Panther
          July 28, 08:57 Reply

          I doubt you’d be okay with an open relationship, DM. The zeal with which you came against the issue of cheating when that topic was first introduced on KD tells me you’d rather date casually that guy who wants to sleep with other guys than be in an open relationship with him.

          Chestnut is right. There’s what one feels and then there’s political correctness.

  10. kacee
    July 28, 07:59 Reply

    Open relationships hian o *sips agbo *

  11. Dennis Macaulay
    July 28, 08:15 Reply

    But wait did Max really say that having plenty likes on Facebook and Instagram makes you a hoe?


    • PEREZ
      July 28, 09:17 Reply

      The things we read on KD.

        • wondabuoy
          July 31, 06:52 Reply

          Don’t mind them. I’ll add this: a guy with more than 500 male friends on Facebook too. I did research too.

  12. King
    July 28, 08:24 Reply

    Open relationship is borne out of insecurity,distrust, sexual incompatibility, uncertainty, the. ” being gay is all about fun” mentality, wrong perception and innate promiscuity……it is never the best and does in no way communicate true love and affection!!!

  13. KryxxX
    July 28, 09:32 Reply

    I’m a Harlequin romance white picket fence kind of guy!
    I’m an Igbo-Nigerian **Shout out to our Igbo-American Classic man**!
    And am gay! So gay, I leave rainbow footprints with my penciled eyes, glossed lips, long pointy nail, carved brows nd extra snug pants when I walk by!

    Being gay is frustrating!
    Being a Nigerian gay is frustrating enough!
    And being a Nigerian gay who is also an Igbo-nigerian from my kind of of family is a first class ticket to hell on a space shuttle!

    So with all this odds which r definitely not in my favour, u expect me to use my anya ocha, my clear eyes to decide that I want to be in an #Akwuna relationship! Open relationship is an akwuna relationship! I rather remain an old maid, all lonely and all than toe that line! That’s gonna be like punishing me bcos I cant! Mbanu!
    An open relationship is just a stupid licence for ppl in relationships to cheat nd it gets away with it! Y not remain single nd sow ur wild oats justified!

  14. Tobby
    July 28, 09:50 Reply

    I don’t think I ever want to be in an open relationship, I’d rather just be single. And if I were in a relationship and got bored of my bf or whatever, I’d just break up with him. No fuss, no open relationship bullshit.

    It’s just an excuse to be a ho…lol

    July 28, 10:30 Reply

    Max, 50 ikes or mordan make u a Hoe??? Fat lie jhoorh… On Fb all i need is to drop a post or a pix and the likes be coming.. And i am so fucking carefull that i dont have a single gay on my list… We can chat on other network but when u ask for fb ID i decline… Coz Mutual friends at times cast everything… Those likes at times are from girls who wanna have a taste of my joystick not knowing am a chick like em striving for same dick.. The only reason remains that they are the real bitches

    • Max
      July 28, 13:25 Reply

      I’ve read your previous comments, so I’m kinda confused here

  16. Absalom
    July 28, 10:30 Reply

    There isn’t a single story of what relationships should be.

    To some people, sexual exclusivity matters in a relationship. To some others it doesn’t. It doesn’t for me. Never has. Not even when I was a newbie, finding my way around the gaybourhood. But that’s who I am. It might change tomorrow, it might not. And that does not mean any relationship I get into in the future is of less value just because it doesn’t fit into someone else’s ideal of relationships.

    People in open relationships are not broken persons who are afraid of commitment. Sexual exclusivity is neither proof nor guarantee of anything. Commitment and love go way beyond being sexually exclusive – and you don’t get to determine how committed (or not) another person’s relationship is when you are not a partner in that relationship.

    The same challenges you find in closed relationships are the same you find in open ones. While placing a premium on monogamy as the ONLY valid model of relationships, some of us have become Serial Monogamists: we have a new boyfriend every two months and each time we are “in love”…and breaking up again in another month. This class of persons have prioritized sexual exclusivity and, in the process, cheapened love. Who’s fooling who then?

    Some open relationships have failed, some haven’t. Some monogamous relationships have failed, some haven’t. Some relationships have segued from open to closed and vice versa. People are different – always remember that.

    Know yourself, know what you want and find someone who wants the same things as you #ForPeaceOfMind.

    PS: Distance is not a good motive to try an open relationship.

    • Dennis Macaulay
      July 28, 11:29 Reply

      Absalom always the voice of reason!



      Have I said Thankyou?

      • Max
        July 28, 13:41 Reply

        Of course hoes will always hail their fellow hoes when a damaging post is made about them. I didn’t expect anything less.
        And you can stop refreshing the page to see if more of your type have commented..

    • Max
      July 28, 13:30 Reply

      Didn’t even have to finish reading the comment.. @Oga Absalom, you’re always on the fence about issues. Your sense of diplomacy is both commendable and despicable. And you’ve come to be the voice of hoes around here.
      You can be quite sensible sometimes, but sometimes, you suck..
      Because I value your comments most times, lemme reserve the rest of my comment.

      • Absalom
        July 28, 14:00 Reply

        Sweetheart, your valuing my comments means nothing to me – whatever gave you a contrary idea?

        And no, I am not “on the fence”; I’m striving not to be narrow-minded and simplistic. My thoughts on relationship models have been clear from day one. It’s what happens when you educate yourself a little about stuff and open your mind to questions. You should try it. Also, it helps if you understand *nuance*…but – who am I kidding – I’m not sure you know what that word means. So let me reserve the rest of my comments. 🙂

        • Max
          July 28, 15:42 Reply

          So ure a hoe.. We get it.. A cheap thot.. We also get it.
          And we also know you have no shame in the world. But please do the world a Favour and sheathe your limbs on posts like this.
          The last thing the world need is people like you promoting a reckless lifestyle.
          When you’re on your whoring scheme, do us a Favour and keep it to yourself.
          Oh and “trying” to score cheap points doesn’t look good on you.

          • Absalom
            July 28, 16:03 Reply

            “Cheap points” but here you are throwing tantrums like a silly child. It’s all right. You’re butt-hurt. We get it.

            • Teflondon
              July 28, 18:59 Reply

              Lmao!! @Silly child. Yup you got that right.

              • Max
                July 28, 19:25 Reply

                Fatlondon, please go and hide.. Go deal with your issues..

            • Max
              July 28, 19:27 Reply

              You clearly don’t know your lane.. Seriously you don’t.
              It’s one of the traits of cheap hoes.

    July 28, 10:41 Reply

    Relationship don’t work for me… I have never tried it coz i see for myself through others but that dosent make me a whor… Last week a friend was like’ how do you guys do it’ and when i tried knowing what he meant he said our not having sex for months.. I dont even have answers to that sef… Sex isint just everything for me, and i believe there are loads of people like that too

  18. Chuck
    July 28, 12:24 Reply

    Many of these guys are in denial. Why aren’t you dating that chubby nice guy that you know will be loyal to you? You chase a very attractive person with options, odds are they will want to fuck a lot of people.

    You can’t find a monogamous guy because you’re not looking for one. You’re addicted to the drama of capturing people who don’t want to settle down and taming them so you can feel better about yourself.

    As for those of us that don’t look like Jabba, of course we will fuck around if we are also into using sex to boost sex esteem. You want a relationship, you need a trade off

  19. Ace
    July 28, 12:25 Reply

    Me, if the sex is great, the guy is great and the we both have thriving careers, I will be willing to stay committed. I don’t fear commitment but if it is not your thing, then gladly continue to be part of the growing statistics of gay men that love non-commitment. I don’t want to be part of that statistics and when I find a great guy, I will stay committed. Do you people, do you.

  20. Khaleesi
    July 28, 12:40 Reply

    Personally, I cant stomach an open relationship, to those who can – una doh ooo! Am either in or out of a relationship, there’s no two ways, no middle ground. In my opinion, whats the essence of being in a relationship if i still run loose and screw around? Better i stay single and uncommitted and whore my tits off or have a friend with benefits with no strings attached …

  21. yinkss
    July 28, 14:20 Reply

    I hate open relationship but it’s hard find a committed guy. It’s even hard finding any guy at all for someone like me cos I school in unilorin and it’s very hard to meet any guy. The few I met through manjam just wants sex. I can’t blame them though cos it’s not like we will ever get married, at least not in Nigeria.

    • pete
      July 28, 15:10 Reply

      You meet them via manjam & expect what?

    • Max
      July 28, 15:44 Reply

      Most straight ppl who date don’t get married. Stop using that as an excuse.

  22. Oluwadamilare Okoro
    July 28, 15:04 Reply

    I sure cannot have an open relationship … What is the point labelling it a relationship when u know it is just friends with benefits…. Our people just love labels sha!

  23. Peak
    July 28, 16:15 Reply

    Its funny how the so called progressive thinkers on this blog are the most narrow minded ppl ever. Whatever happened to respecting what happens between two consenting adults? Oh wait, I forgot that rule only applies to the homophobes.

    Knocking off something you have never tried out. The irony of it all, is that some of us are in a relationship with someone who has a GF/Wife, but since he says u are the only man in his life, then all is right and proper in world. FYI honey, u are in an open relationship. The argument should revolve around what works for you. What makes U happy, what are u most comfortable with.

    The fact that a relationship has been reduced to who u are having sex with, says a lot about who we are and the state of our so called relationships. So if I’m having sex solely with ” A” but spend more time, comfortable, totally at home and rather be with ” B” than ur slow but hot ass, that doesn’t bother you? I’m mean we are exclusively involved cos of sex and I’m all ur? Don’t look at, that’s what I got going by the above comments. Let face it, all these meaningless arguments stems from the need to label, define, box and shelve everything. Not everyone who has considered or is in a open relationship is in it because of promiscuous tendencies.

    Its equally funny how the so called “I’m single and get a pass to be a “hoe” are out in their numbers today and playing chief judge, But would be in ghost mode when issue of “fuck n pass” is being battered here or when hoe apostles decide to visit their case.

    I have never been in a relationship (open or closed). I’m open to the idea of either one with a strong leaning to a closed relationship. Everything in life has its pros and cons. Take what fits ur life and current needs and quit that bandwagoning on KD cos a lot of these cats acting all fancy aren’t what they preach in their daily life.

    • sensei
      July 28, 17:04 Reply

      Finally, someone with a brain! Peak, you are amazing. Can I drink your milk? I mean your peak milk. That came out wrong. Okay i’ll stop talking now. Lol

  24. sensei
    July 28, 16:40 Reply

    There are a few things I want to point out. First, you cannot call a person a hoe just because of his opinion in an argument. A person can take an intellectual stand on an issue without necessarily living their lives based on that opinion.
    Secondly, we seem to NOT notice that there is a more important issue that is being raised here. The question is, how do you react when you come across people who have found their happiness through means that you don’t agree with, when they are causing no harm to you? That is precisely the question that we would like to ask homophobes. But that question should be asked to so many people other than homophobes.
    Thirdly, this is really an argument about morality. And I find it surprising that a gay man would not know from experience that MORALITY is a matter of perspective. Precisely why at a certain time and place it is immoral to be gay and in another time and place, it’s perfectly fine. Concerning the morality or immorality of an act we have to ask: when? Where? Who? What era? What country? Immoral to who?
    And finally, I want to tell all KDsians that in case you are not aware, it is perfectly possible to disagree with a person in an argument without insulting them.
    Una welldone.

  25. Nightwing
    July 28, 22:48 Reply

    Yicks Max seems pissed. I guess the open relationship thing is a matter of what floats your boat. Some people like the idea that they get to taste as many fruits as possible, probably cuz it’s Persived to be more enjoyable, others like sticking to one. It’s a matter of person, asking some who loves open relationships to stay monogamous is like asking a lion to eat only buffalos when it can have all the “meat” it wants.

  26. Keredim
    July 29, 00:27 Reply

    From the Point of view of a very comfortable hoe, open relationships are good for business. I therefore support it.

    Monogamy is realistic when the couple live alone on a desert island. In a regular environment, regardless of legality or not, it is difficult to find a long term gay relationship that has not got a 3rd party knowingly or unknowingly involved at some point.

    Monogamy if found, is a good thing but it is not for everyone. The same can be said for open relationships.
    I don’t believe a relationship should start off open. Maybe after a couple of years, the relationship can be opened up.

    Open relationships come in different forms – the couple can play together or play separately. Either way, they both have to be secure both as individuals and as a unit. It also takes a great level of maturity.

    I don’t think any of us should stand in judgement of other people’s relationship. We don’t know where they have come from or where they are going to. Most importantly we don’t know where we may find ourselves a few months/years down the line. We could be doing the exact same thing we are being critical of others for doing.

  27. Rapum
    July 30, 11:59 Reply

    I see people writing long lectures on something that is a non-issue. If an open relationship is what my partner and I want, what makes you feel that you are a better person than us as a result?

  28. wondabuoy
    July 31, 07:12 Reply

    From the comments, more than 60% prefer closed, committed relationships. Who are then the “hoeing” population that have 5000 Facebook friends, doesn’t believe in monogamy, …?

    Please I’m looking for Gad.

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