Chapter 1: The Beginning

“Kwadobe nu. Unu na-aga boarding house,” my father said to me and my old brother as he stepped into the house that day after work.

He had just announced that we’d be going to the boarding school. I received the news with some apprehension, because I hadn’t expected it. The concept of boarding house wasn’t really strange to me because my older siblings all went to boarding schools and I always looked forward to the interesting stories they brought back home with them during the holidays. In my own case, I had already started JSS1 as a day student and I was already enjoying myself that way. To have that routine so abruptly turned around was unsettling for me. I went to bed that night full of thoughts and a heavy uncertainty about how to feel about this change.

The next morning, I got ready for school with many questions I had for the boarders in my class concerning life in the hostel.

During break-time, I went over to Sanni’s seat to bombard him with the questions on my mind.

“Them go tear your nyash if you enter here o,” was the first thing he said the moment I told him I’d soon be a boarder.

I thought he was just being mischievous as usual, until Ahmed, his seat partner joined our conversation and confirmed what Sanni earlier said. The two of them began bombarding me with lots of gist on how the seniors loved to pick on effeminate boys like me.

“If you fuck up with them, they will rape you till you bleed,” Ahmed said with relish.

They were unrelenting, carrying on with story after grisly story of boys who had supposedly been raped in the boarding house. I almost pissed my pants as I listened to them, and it seemed that Ahmed and Sanni were enjoying my obvious terror. So, they intensified the scare factor by going from tales about abusive seniors to horror stories about Bush Baby, Madam koi-koi, Baba Olode and Bunk Shakers, punctuating each narration with ribald laughter.

I left school that day full of worries. My panic went up a notch when I learned that my father had already arranged a meeting with the senior boarding house master regarding the boarding house admission of my brother and I. I protested, tried to talk him out of the idea, but my father explained to me that we’d be moving soon to a new place which was a considerable distance from my school, which would make it difficult to commute. It became very clear that there was no going back. However, I had one last hope of survival, and that was my brother. I comforted myself with the knowledge that my older brother would protect me from the evil seniors.

Weeks went by and everything was going on well. In fact, enough time went by to make me start thinking that perhaps, the move to boarding house was now a forgotten idea. And then, one day, my father informed us that he’d be meeting with the boarding house master. My anxiety returned, and when he returned home from the meeting, I was all over him with questions about how it went. He told us that the house master had recommended we start boarding school in the new session.

This was very distressing news for me. Almost in tears, I was brought face to face with the shredding of the hope I’d been comforting myself with over my brother’s protection. You see, in my school, SS2s and SS3s were located in another campus on a different side of town. This meant that in the campus where I was, the most senior students there were SS1s. And my brother was in SS1. With the commencement of the new session, he would relocate to the other campus. So I would be starting life as a boarder without any protection.

I felt very miserable at the thought of that.

With time, I had to suck it up and accept my fate. The school session closed, and we went on holiday. As the holidays wound to an end, the terror and anxiety I felt intensified. My dad had already made final arrangements with the boarding house master. We were already placed in houses and our fees were already taken care of. I would be resuming into JSS2. What little time we had before the resumption of school was spent shopping, which lightened my mood a little.

The day for resumption was on a Friday. On the following Sunday, in the hot afternoon after church service, my dad asked us to get dressed. He’d be dropping us off. I was going to be the first to get settled. After the stressful process of checking in, my dad handed me over to Mr. Akinyemi to be my guardian. But I wasn’t ready to be left on my own just yet. I asked my dad to accompany me to my hostel. He acquiesced. In the hostel, I selected a good bunk space, and then my dad prayed with me, before leaving to take my brother to the other campus.

I sat there on my bed, on my own, for almost an hour, staring blankly ahead of me, not knowing what next to do. Then I shrugged out of my melancholy and managed to unpack and set my things up. After which I went downstairs to the field to mingle with my mates. The first person I saw was Deji from my class. I immediately stuck to him like glue, and stayed by his side throughout the day. After evening meal, we took a stroll around the school, and before long, we were joined by other boys from our class. We kept on walking about the school, gisting about our holidays and getting orientation tips from the experienced boarders. Turned out, I wasn’t the only new boarder. In time, I’d forgotten all about my worries and I was feeling quite confident in my new reality.

Nighttime came and we returned to the hostel. I was moving toward my dorm, pleasantly tired and ready to retire for the night, when I came upon a group of boys. They were my set-mates but in different classes from me. Among them was Kelvin, who was absolutely hunky for a JSS2 boy. You see, Kelvin looked a lot older than the rest of us, and he had this thug appeal, with his muscles and manliness in all the right places. Right from JSS1, I’d always had a distant crush on him, but it was a fleeting feeling for me, not something I took seriously, mainly because we weren’t in the same class and he mostly hung out with the gangsters in our set.

“Hey, Bunny,” he hailed when he saw me. “Welcome to boarding school.” He had broken away from his group and was coming toward me.

I said “Thank you”. He came to a stop before me and started some small talk. We talked for a while about boarding school stuff, laughing each time either of us said something funny.

Then, we must have suddenly run out of things to say, because a sudden awkward silence descended on us, and Kelvin drew even closer to me. I felt my heart take on an instant faster beat as he leaned close to me and said in a low tone, “Now that you have entered boarding house, I bet you’re going to be my girlfriend.”

Yes, girlfriend.

That’s the thing about my all-boys secondary school. the effeminate boys were automatically made to assume the roles of girls.

When I heard this, my heart skipped a beat and I felt an outbreak of butterflies in my stomach. Kelvin was staring straight into my eyes as he carried on telling me how he’d had a crush on me since our first year and all that jazz. At this point, I could feel my face burning up with abashment. I couldn’t believe he was telling me these things, and I wasn’t able to look him in the eyes.

He held my hand and drew even closer to me, so close that I could feel the heat of his body. even though it was dark, I was afraid that someone would see us, and so, I drew back. Feeling flustered, I told him “Thank you” for his professions, pulled my hand from his grasp and fled upstairs to my dorm. When I got to the door, I looked back to see him still standing there, staring after me. I smiled at him and went inside my dorm.

That night, I was just in bed smiling as I thought about the day I’d had. I could barely retain any other thing except for my encounter with Kelvin. The hunkiest boy in my set had just told me he wanted me. I felt hot all over as the words he said to me kept replaying in my head. I couldn’t believe my crush had come to me and chyked me.

As I lay there, strategizing on my next move with Kelvin, I thought to myself: Boarding school isn’t going to be that bad after all.

Written by Pleasure Bunny

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  1. Rai❤️
    April 03, 08:34 Reply

    I hope there is no other shoe waiting to be dropped, because my heart can not take it.

  2. Trystham
    April 03, 08:35 Reply

    Looool. Ya just an ashewo. I feel excited walking this journey with u

  3. Owen
    April 03, 09:01 Reply

    This is so interesting, reminds me of my experiences as a boarder in the seminary. I also have an encounter with a male teacher. We are still shagging till date self

  4. Dee
    April 03, 09:13 Reply

    How do Jss1 students know about ‘ tearing of yansh and rape til one bleeds?’ Shocking!

    • Net
      April 03, 21:29 Reply

      Likeee! I had to start thinking back to my jss1 days about what I did and did not know lol

  5. Higwe
    April 03, 09:57 Reply

    What a wawu ?…this sure seems like an interesting series.

    If you’re not watching ” the good fight ” , you’re missing .
    One of the best series on TV …not to mention -Rosa Leslie (kit Harrington’s wife) one of the key characters;is playing a gay woman.

    Notable mentions :
    The haves and have not
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    • Rai❤️
      April 03, 18:59 Reply

      I can not stand your snarky comments, it is actually doing my head in. How is a bunch of series related to the story above ? Ur just a twat and I’m at peace with it.

      • Higwe
        April 03, 23:30 Reply

        You’re just a stupid , deranged flibbertigibbet .

        You could see I’ve commented on the story …..

        The stars at the end of the first comment ( just in case you’re slow ) signified an end to that comment .

        How would I have gotten an opportunity of sharing some of the outstanding series I’ve watched ?

        Making of posts on KD are strictly restricted to the adminstrative unit ;one can only make comments on already existing posts .

        This wouldn’t the first time someone would make an unrelated comment in a random post _but then, you probably have selective amnesia or you’re just ubiquitously retarded.

        Listen here Rai or whatever you’re called ….I don’t do well with bullies …in real life I’ll snap you like a twig ….but I guess the keyboard offers protection to lily livered elements like yourself .

        But do not ever mistake my playing it cool for weakness ; I’m just as lethal verbally as I am physically .

        Get over my comment and get over yourself …many people commented on your post , why you’ve chosen to be fixated on a comment I can’t even remember is what I can’t comprehend.

        And if we’re talking about twats ….let’s start from the idiot that started financing the first good looking chap he encountered on Instagram and got played like an Easter clown .

        The nerve on you to even use that word ….???

        Clearly you’re aging but your brain functioning capacity remains redundant .

        Nitpicking on someone, is so high school !
        Grow up already and take your complex with you .. …?

        • Rai ❤️
          April 05, 14:02 Reply

          Child its quite evident that you are high on embalming fluid so i will leave you with this. I personally do not care about you, to spend my God given time bullying you. Listing up Boy I called you a twat because u are one piriodt ! You are in fact a loosed lipped, baby acting, attention seeking fool (Twat, 2019). Make no mistake hoe, i do not care for u or your comments, so don’t make it seem like i am coming for you for whatever you said or didn’t say its all irrelevant. I am way too grown to be exchanging words with a lost cause so this will be my last statement to your boke two cents mentality impaired hooking as self. U are complete trash and I’m sorry your sooo pressed about who I choose to help, well if u need a hand out all you had to do was ask boy, someone has to eat the scraps off my table so it might as well be u since u need it that bad. I’m done with this if u want to act a fool best do it away from me cause you may be lethal but bitch am fatal xoxo ???

          • higwe
            April 06, 00:06 Reply

            It took you two days to come up with this weak ass clapback ?????

            You’re even more stupid than I envisaged.

            Pray tell mr Rai …
            What is your networth in dollars?

            You live overseas and work there ….so what are you worth that is making you look down on others ?

            What are your accomplishments ?

            Let’s say you cease existing today ,what will you be remembered for ?

            So what exactly have you achieved that should intimdate me ?

            Because you send down dollar crumbs to broke guys in Nigeria in a desperate effort to buy some love and affection that is severely lacking in your life ????

            You talk about age , but how have you showcased you’re more mature than I am …by using jargonized words that I’m not sure you even comprehend .

            You’re totally and absurdly irrelevant !
            If you didn’t start stalking my comments like a b**th in heat , I wouldn’t even have remembered who you are .

            You say I’m an attention seeker… clearly I got your attention .Maybe you should try that line the next time your instincts go on pedophilic overdrive and you start looking for the next underaged Instagram boy to go after .
            Who knows , they might just prefer watching movies to ripping you off your tips you gathered at the waiting table ????

            A lost cause is someone that has stopped trying …. that’s not me .I’m young , ambitious , vigorous and unrelenting .Always waiting for an opportunity .

            Unlike an old chap like you that have cushioned yourself in a distant middle . Bloviating and gascondaing on mediocrity .

            In the next twenty years when I get to your current age , believe me I’ll be ruling the world.
            I’ll much rather not be alive than be a middle aged man trying desperately to convince an anonymous on the internet ,that I’m doing well with my life .??

            You honestly should be ashamed of yourself , you embarrass me and I’m not even related to you.

            I wonder what the unfortunate people that do think ??

            Get help you honestly need it …I can smell the drugs from the write up .

          • Higwe
            April 06, 00:23 Reply

            Did you just say you’re “fatal ” ????

            Nah bro ,you’re just a pest .

            A useless , hopeless , aimless , worthless slubberdegullion.

            Trust me , you wouldn’t want to know what I do to pests ??

            Clearly you’re at the precipice of a mental breakdown ….I wouldn’t want to take all the credit of shoving you into it .

            So take your wrinkly balls and vamoose !
            Retarded bastard !

        • Kelcy
          April 05, 15:48 Reply

          Wowzers!!! That switched up really fast! ??????

    • KingBey
      April 04, 07:17 Reply

      The Haves and the Have Nots has been dragged out. They keep repeating lines. Have been following it for 6 years now but got bored.

  6. KingB
    April 03, 10:05 Reply

    You’re obviously a KCOB. Floreat bro. If there’s one thing I’d cherish eternally, it would be being a boarder in secondary school. it taught me copious things that still guide me till date. I’m also amazed about how KC boys instantly refers to feminine guys as their girlfriends, treat you like a girl and generally cater for u like heterosexual couples do. My best friend was really girlish and his cute boyfriend back then (Chike) really treasured him like a girl.

    • stimpex
      April 03, 13:10 Reply

      Floreat gang deciphered it swiftly.
      I can also give an estimate of the year around this story’s beginning ?

      • KingB
        April 04, 09:23 Reply

        Lol.He gave himself away when he stated that ss2 and ss3 boys when located in another location of the school. Immediately, I knew he was a brother from my alma mater

        • stimpex
          April 04, 09:39 Reply

          Na there e happen.

          I’m sha eager for chapter 2 to hear more?.
          I’m hoping he drops a few lil pointers that helps to visualize where stuff went down ???

      • Dot
        April 04, 14:16 Reply

        Lmao you want to know the year ?

        • Stimpex
          April 05, 05:44 Reply

          Oh, I already have a rough idea of the year.?

          Thing is that real eastate is not very vast. So, a few words carefully crafted can do wonders in painting an even more graphic picture ??

  7. Mandy
    April 03, 11:41 Reply

    Just negodu. These are the stories that frighten heterosexual people into believing that gay corruption starts in boarding schools.

  8. Black Dynasty
    April 03, 12:21 Reply

    Awesome, i look forward to the rest of the series. It’s already quite relatable, except that my eye didn’t tear finish until ss1 ?

  9. Michael
    April 03, 18:17 Reply

    The madam koi-koi part legit cracked me up. Unfortunately, I went to one of those catholic boarding schools with no swag. People there be looking for who to snitch on all the time.

  10. Dot
    April 04, 14:14 Reply

    Ha you went to KC too???!!! I find it funny when they actually do refer to effeminate boys as girls. And then all of a sudden it’s a “shock” that you’re gay. Like sorry Nelson, what did you expect?

  11. Jules
    August 08, 04:13 Reply

    I almost cried after reading this. My lil brother is going to a boarding school as a jss1 student. Should I be worried?

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