Sitting across the dimly-lit table


It wasn’t always like this…


My paramour

I was enamoured by you

Those chocolate-brown spheres

Setting my soul ablaze

Blasting me into oblivion


Your smile

I could walk a thousand miles

Just for that smile


At inception

Reciprocating your love

Was incipient


“Absence makes the heart grow fonder”

Negative, captain

Absence makes you a goner


Can we just erase bad times?

And start again, one step at a time

Me and you falling into line

Just promise me

Promise me no regrets

Promise me that I won’t fret

Our love may not be the norm

But I want to wake up in the morn’

And inhale your breath

Making me higher than meth

To feel the stubble on your chin

Not to feel like it’s a sin

Make me feel like a king

My crown awkwardly placed

But you’ll adjust it

Kiss that face

And hold me tight

Straddle that waist


Sitting across the dimly-lit table

Then I step outside

I close my eyes

And let the rain trickle down my skin

That’s where it’ll all begin

Written by Jaidyn

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  1. Mandy
    September 02, 11:03 Reply

    It’s writeups like this that make me mad when people, straight and gay alike, try to act like all gay people do is have sex, like we don’t love.

    We love. We love.

  2. Boniface
    September 02, 13:21 Reply

    lol its only in Nigeria that they think everything about gay is sex so disgusting that why If u met a guy today he will demanding sex from u that very day

    • Pink Panther
      September 03, 02:59 Reply

      Lol. What’s wrong with that? Asking for sex on the same day you meet a person, that is.

      • Pjay
        September 04, 08:28 Reply

        Gosh! I love you, Pinky. ?? I don’t know why people think asking for sex on the first day is demeaning. They flare up and fly off the handle like how dare you cheapen me!?

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