‘I Am Cait’ reportedly canceled after two seasons

‘I Am Cait’ reportedly canceled after two seasons

Caitlyn Jenner’s E! reality series ‘I Am Cait’ has reportedly been canceled after two seasons due to poor viewership.

According to sources, the show which documents Jenner’s transition and her activism for the transgender community will not be renewed for a third season.

‘There just weren’t enough viewers,’ a production insider is reported to have said. ‘The show can’t compete with other programming.’

While a spokesperson for E! insisted that ‘no decision has been made,’ an insider said of the 66-year-old: ‘Caitlyn just wasn’t relatable. Trans viewers did not see her as one of them.’

Hollywood Reporter previously reported that the second season’s premiere in March attracted less than 750,000 viewers. A couple of months ago, the reality show was removed from the DStv network after complaints from Nigerian viewers.

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  1. Mike Daemon
    August 07, 07:06 Reply

    I feel for her, her efforts to stay relevant are dwindling.

    • Francis
      August 07, 07:15 Reply

      Hmmmm, ? *is this shade or not?*

      • Mandy
        August 07, 07:28 Reply

        Francis, like you don’t know of Mike Daemon’s feelings about Caitlyn Jenner. That was definitely a shady comment.

        • Francis
          August 07, 07:33 Reply

          I wanted to be sure before asking

          @Mike how are your own efforts at gaining an atom of relevance so far? Any progress? ?

          • posh6666
            August 07, 08:20 Reply

            Hahahahahaah aswer Francis I never knew you had it in you.Ladies n gents this is how you throw a shade while keeping it classy

          • Mandy
            August 07, 08:42 Reply

            LMAO!!! Francis, you’re such a bitch!

  2. ambivalentone
    August 07, 07:08 Reply

    It was substance-less na. Making it sound like even if sanctimonious Nigerians had it on viewership would make 800k. Eish!!!

    • Francis
      August 07, 07:13 Reply

      Substance-less?! I thought you were on team “I can’t be saddled with watching a show on Trans people”? When did you eventually watch the show proper to rate it substance-less?

    • Mandy
      August 07, 07:27 Reply

      Yes please, ambivalentone, when? When did you sit through more than a full episode to be able to have an opinion of the show’s substance?

    • ambivalentone
      August 07, 07:54 Reply

      Heu!!! Biko o. B4 u chop my head. This is a generic judement o. Frankly, IMO reality tv shows are as crappy as the people who feature in them *shrugs*. Even Real Husbands of Hollywood gets tedious…and its supposed to be comic. But seriously, if it had content, it eould have stood the test of time, support and viewership with loads of protests if they as much as dream of cancelling the show.

      • Francis
        August 07, 07:59 Reply

        It had loads of content but her Republican views killed it (plus those that have bad belle that she’s rich and related to the Kardashians.)

        • Mandy
          August 07, 08:46 Reply

          Lol. That rich, Kardashian angle tho. There’s no one people have a hard time taking as a saviour than the person who’s privileged and doesn’t even come across as an underdog.

        • ambivalentone
          August 07, 12:17 Reply

          Sez u. I really cannot understand why anyone wud sit thru hours on E! to watch things like…those. Useful brain cells degrade.

          • Francis
            August 07, 12:26 Reply

            Same way some of us don’t understand how some people can spend the whole day watching 22 full grown ass men chase a football for 90 minutes. So exhausting

            • Klaus
              August 07, 12:56 Reply

              someone is on fire today! lmao! just jamming people anyhow today! what happened last nigjt? was he that good? hehehe

              • Francis
                August 07, 13:04 Reply

                Hold up! You people are reading too much into my yarns today ??

            • ambivalentone
              August 07, 13:03 Reply

              Lol My dear, me and you both o. It’d av bin worth my while if their pricks kept flying as they chased the ball, but the useless boys keep tucking it behind lead-lined panties. Such uselessness.

            • posh666
              August 07, 14:31 Reply

              Yass! Read dem bitches to filth boo boo loving this side of you.I live for your classy shades yass!

  3. Mandy
    August 07, 07:31 Reply

    I believe what killed this show is Caitlyn’s contrary politics. Every time she opened her mouth to say something, it seemed to come out sounding contrary to what the LGBT stands for. All that Republicanness was just too much for the trans community to take in.

  4. Mitch
    August 07, 08:11 Reply

    And the Republican Curse done claimed another victim!

  5. Francis
    August 07, 09:21 Reply

    *googles the meaning of shade for the umpteenth time*

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