It seems getting a tattoo can cause homosexuality

It seems getting a tattoo can cause homosexuality

A leading spiritualist claims tattoos can influence people to become LGBT, prostitutes or alcoholics.

Mallam Ya Wadudu warned against the harmful effects of tattoos, which he says can cause ‘homosexuality and prostitution’. He made the comments as he attacked “the harmful effects of foreign cultures” on Ghanaian society, as more people within the country opt for a less conservative approach to body art and life.

The religious leader rallied against self-decoration, saying there could be “unexpected consequences” for people who choose to get tattooed.

“The snakes, lions, scorpions, frogs and other animal symbols they put on themselves all have spiritual meanings,” Wadudu told The Mirror. “Those who put the symbols on their bodies have to be delivered from the influence of the spirits in the symbols.”

Wadudu said that getting a tattoo of such symbols – which he says represent the devil – could cause a person to be possessed by evil spirits.

“If you go for spiritual power and you refused to honour your part of the process, the deities will not only vent their anger on you alone but the whole community as well which sometimes result in the accident we see,” he said.

He added that such behaviour would lead to homosexuality, alcoholism, prostitution or theft.

Earlier this year, a lecturer in Ghana prophesied that churches risk “being dominated by homosexuals” if the clergy fails to stage a “blistering crusade” against same sex marriage in Ghana. Law lecturer Moses Foh-Amoaning said the “dormant posture” of the Ghanaian clergy and the likes will see the “houses of God being ruled by evil homosexuals”.

“Why is the clergy mute?” he blasted. “I do not like the situation where our pastors are mute about gayism. If they do not take care, their big cathedrals, churches and other places of meeting will be filled with homosexuals.”

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  1. Kenny
    December 15, 07:13 Reply

    *sigh! Another ignorant prick

  2. ken
    December 15, 07:18 Reply

    Its inevitable, it may not be in our lifetime but Africa will oneday legalise everything gay! Its the inevitable future. We have already started talking about it compared with the past when sex and sexuality topics were non existent

  3. Dennis Macaulay
    December 15, 07:20 Reply

    It’s too early in the day to listen to idiots who are a waste of geographical space and oxygen!


  4. Maximus
    December 15, 07:51 Reply

    I need help!!
    I can’t seem to find my tattoo.. Maybe its invisible, Harry, Harmonie, Ron!! Anyone, please ?

    • Mandy
      December 15, 11:36 Reply

      Hahahahahahahahaa! Max, tell your bae to look for it inside your ass. That’s the only place you can’t investigate for a tattoo na

    • ambivalentone
      December 15, 14:03 Reply

      ‘Specialis Revelio’!!! See, it was on ur forehead all the time.

  5. Duke
    December 15, 07:55 Reply

    “gayism” “homosexualism” Arrrgh! These words are slowly killing me. People are really scared of the visibility of gay people and will like to attribute everything bad to being gay. Get ready folks, very soon gay people will be the cause of global warming.

  6. charloxy
    December 15, 08:13 Reply

    The fool is a total jerk #rollseyesfromLagostoPanya

  7. Terra
    December 15, 08:16 Reply

    Whenever someone uses the word “gayism”, you just know the person is of below average intelligence.

    December 15, 09:08 Reply

    The ignorance on this said preacher sure deserves a NOBEL FOOL’S PRIZE………This nonsense just spoiled my day……mtcheww!!!!

  9. Ruby
    December 15, 09:08 Reply

    *in Uti’s Voice*
    Abeg! Abeg!! Abeg!!!

  10. Delle
    December 15, 09:23 Reply

    Hahaha this guy is superstitiously funny. Really? I’d have to go and probe Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, The Game, 50 Cent and the list is endless. Who knows, they just might be gay.

  11. Nightwing
    December 15, 09:43 Reply

    Where do these people surface from anyways? ?
    Animal symbols have meanings and allow spirits posses you, Tsk. ?

  12. Khaleesi
    December 15, 10:28 Reply

    Every day you understand more and more why Africa is the way it is! A law professor who’s supposed to be learned and imparting knowledge to young minds is so deeply mired in superstition and ignorance ***sad***

  13. Mandy
    December 15, 11:38 Reply

    David Beckham, I’m coming for you. All those tats on you, you must have gay evil spirits coming out from every hole on your body. But that’s alright. I’ll wed you like that. 😀

  14. simba
    December 15, 11:40 Reply

    Now I know why am gay… thanks Mallam for the insight..the source of my gayism.. has being unraveled at last… booking appointment for next ink

  15. ambivalentone
    December 15, 14:04 Reply

    You can tell the Mallam is an MFM Deliverance School drop-out.

  16. Chizzie
    December 15, 17:02 Reply

    Well I think there’s a symbolic meaning and spiritual side to some tattoos ,as people in the occult always get some form of tattoo. Also I’m superstitious enough to believe that getting say a snake tattooed on you isn’t exactly the wisest of things seeing as most ppl consider snakes an evil omen.

    But saying that all tattoos cause stuff like homosexuality, is just ridiculous. I worry when I see stupid Muslims like this, because they end up blowing themselves up and killing others in the process

  17. Dickson Clement
    December 15, 22:40 Reply

    I don’t know about demons or possession, but I know it’s real. He is very wrong about body ink being a cause of homosexuality but He may be right about one thing… Demon possession through the inks… but then again u could be possessed by food,water, dress, ornaments and the whole lot…. So there is absolutely nothing new with what he said

  18. Sheldon Cooper
    December 17, 08:52 Reply

    How ridiculous! I couldn’t read it through. I just can’t!!

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