August 21

There’s somebody I was friendly with. He knows about KD. He’s got this mentality where once he’s betrayed or feels like he’s been betrayed, or once the standards he has set for somebody falls short, he cuts them out of his life. That’s a pretty suck-ish way to live, in my opinion; holding on to hurt like that. But I thought he was a pretty cool person, even though I knew there was a timer on our friendship.

It started to go south when he requested for a picture of a KDian. I’m not innocent when it comes to gossiping about KDians with my friends who read, and we love to see the faces behind the pseudonyms. In fact, I am guilty of showing someone’s picture to a friend. I admitted it to the owner of the identity when he enquired, and he asked me not to try it again. And when I started to find out some people I didn’t know knew the face behind JustJames, and I realized how much that sucked, I made up my mind to not divulge anybody’s identity furthermore.

So this friend asked me for a particular famous KDian’s picture. I didn’t have it anymore and I told him so. Not like I’d have shown him. Then he asked again for another person’s. I made up excuses. For some reason, I didn’t want to be on his bad side (beats me why, now that I think about it) but after a while I told him I did not have permission to show him the said person’s picture, and he got angry and deleted me from BBM. I let him go for a while.

A few weeks back, I was going through my contact list on whatsapp and I saw his name, and since I kind of missed talking to him, I decided to see if he was still stewing in his anger. He still was and he had taken my refusal to show him a picture as a betrayal of his trust. When I pointed out that my behaviour simply showed that if it came down to it, I wouldn’t expose him or whatever, he said he was expecting us to have an ‘us against the world’ friendship.


He told me I had picked sides. He said I should go and have fun with my Lipstick Gang.

Say what now!

What really irked me about this whole thing is that you know a certain behaviour is less than ideal especially since it affects your relationship with people (in this case, his unwillingness to forgive) but you wear it proudly on your sleeve and say that’s who you are and that you cannot change. It’d be a different thing if you believed it was something good, but you know it’s not. And you don’t even try to change.

Not everybody is perfect and perfection can be an illusion when it comes to human behaviour, but at least try. Don’t wallow in what you call a bad habit and say, “Well, nobody is perfect.”

There’s a coping mechanism though, when people decide their bad habit isn’t a bad habit. That’s where things get complicated. Well, I say to you, just make sure your habit isn’t becoming a hazard to other people or yourself.


There’s someone I met online. These past few weeks, he has been an awesome person, quite smart with good advice. Then there’s this picture of him with long curly hair that gives me life. I can’t wait for it to grow back. You know who you are. Thanks for cheering me up.

It just sucks that many amazing human beings I meet are so far from my little big town. Or when they do appear, it’s kind of too late because they are leaving for America to study or something. Lol.

That was a random thought, and I was not referring to anybody. *cough cough*


So I watched Sam Smith feature John Legend in his track, Lay Me Down. Beautiful song. The video was supposed to be sad fest. Or was it? What I could see were kids smiling and shii, and even though there were scenes of desolate hospitals and all of that, it still left me feeling warm inside.

Beside me was my younger brother’s friend who commented on how people are suffering in this world. I almost agreed with him. But something in my brain clicked and I realised everyone suffers; just that they suffer more differently than the other.

These people we see on advertisements for charity, the one in the ‘country’ called Africa, do they know they are suffering? I mean the ones in the village, miles away from technological advancement. I’d like to imagine that for them life is normal. I’d like to believe that they are content. Poor in money, yes, but not spirit. They might not get three square meals a day, but to them, that’s okay because they don’t think it’s abnormal to miss out a meal or two or to earn less than a dollar or for their child to die. It hurts when some things happen, but I’d like to think that they wouldn’t let that stop them from moving on with life.

We, who are on the other side, are the ones who look at them and feel pity. Because we’ve had a taste of the “good life”, we wonder how people that live below our standards of living can do that. How can a person walk miles to a river for water when it’s right there in our homes, or eat less than three meals or earn less than a dollar.

I’m pretty sure the ones who are discontent with their conditions are those who know that there is better out there and have had a chance to taste better. The “greed” sets in and you find people like me wanting to leave where they are for perceived greener pastures in the land of the white. Is this wrong or right? I don’t know.

I mean, self improvement is nice. But we – I – need to learn to be content, happy with where we are, but with a healthy dose of thirst for improvement. It’s keeping it in balance that can be the issue.

And to be honest, everyone suffers. Advancement in whatever only changes the type of suffering. People are dying of malaria in Africa? Well cancer is a big problem in the developed countries. How about the car crashes and plane crashes and the earthquakes and floods? Suffering never stops. We can get rid of one but another would take its place because that’s the way the world works.

It kind of makes things look futile in my eyes.

Our lives are different. Developed countries are well-fed but with food that more often than not kills them. Their children are often diagnosed with ADHD when really it’s just a child being a child. We are taught to be sedated, our creativity stifled and our imaginations snuffed out as we are force-fed things till we think it’s normal.

Things just suck and they get suckier.


Things get suckier because of people who are having a hard time accepting themselves too; so many awesome guys who are scared witless. A little fear is good but too much of anything is bad (except wanking. Nothing wrong with too much wanking. Just kidding. Don’t wank too much. Your dick would hurt, trust me).

Lately I’ve been conversing with a lot of down-low men, and I have to ask them what they are afraid and ashamed of. It’s alright to not want to be publicly acknowledged as gay, but to deny it to even to yourself just seems wrong. It’s a game… I’ll get married and it’d be over… It’s just a phase… Yet you keep looking for ways to dive into that ass.

Not sure why this is disturbing me though. I just know that it does.

Being kind of out to my family isn’t a bed of roses. But it’s brought a sort of peace. One of the worst things that could happen has happened, and look at me, I think I’m better for it actually. It’s made me think and question things.

Would I go back into the closet fully if given the chance? I’d like to think not. I’ve never been one to pretend to be who I’m not. It leaves me depressed. I remember the day in secondary school where I was incessantly teased for being cartoony. I was a real life, walking, animated character, who laughed hysterically and lived his life in cartoon motion. I could mould my voice anyhow I wanted and walk like a penguin or whatever. And because of that, I was teased. People would ask when I’d grow up (what’s the hurry anyway? I’m kinda grown up and it sucks), and I started to think something was wrong with me.

So I tried to bottle it up inside. I was in JSS2. Those were the darkest hours of my life. I could see the skies grow dark and life lose its vibrant colour. I will never forget that day. It was then I realised trying to be who I’m not has more disastrous consequences on my psyche than me being who I am and accepting it.

I went through my secondary school and even got the nickname ‘Cartoon!!!’ (You have to say it with the exclamation marks). There were times I wished I was “normal” but I found out I was happier being that way.

I have finally calmed down to a certain degree, with mild outbursts of freakish behaviour from time to time when I am very happy. And I’m glad I let myself grow at my own pace and I miss being that way because my imagination was at its peak. Now I feel the way people who need glasses feel anytime I try to get the imagination overdrive that used to come so easy to me. Even the world I created called Emendril, I can only see through a foggy lens and I miss writing about there. (I can’t believe I’ve got some tears in my eyes now sha).

This is pathetic.

What was I talking about?

Yes, accepting oneself.

So, if you’re reading this and you’re having a battle with yourself, just know that it’s okay to have that battle, but what is not okay is deciding to not make peace with yourself and let go of your fears. Worry never solved anything! Fear is the enemy! Abolish fear and love will set in!

I’m not saying I’ve got everything figured out. But I’ve wrestled my demons and some I’ve killed, some I’ve tamed and some I’ve become friends with.

You’re gay… You’re bi… What would your parents say… What would Lagbaja say… If you got outed, the world would surely come crashing down…

These thoughts can be crippling. So why don’t you just be Elsa and let them go? No matter how much you try to hide, if you’re going to be found out, you will be. Is it not the night my mum decided to go through my phone that the app locker on my Nokia E71 crashed and she had access to all she wanted? And if you do get found out, remember that you’re human and one thing humans can do is survive. It will not be over until you say it’s over. If being outed makes your life come crashing down, feel free to cry and lick your wounds. But don’t sit there and feel sorry for yourself for too long. Get the fuck up and try to rebuild the pieces.

This is where your friends come in. I don’t get people that run away from having gay friends. They don’t want to be too involved, they say.

You don’t need to have a hoard of them. But I’m pretty sure your straight friends will not be able to sympathize with you when things go wrong with your gay life. One of the reasons I was able to pull through with my life was because of my best friend, Ash. He taught me to grow tougher (though he seems to be turning into a softie now) and my mum’s guilt trips didn’t put me in a depressive mood.

So yea, make friends and build a support system so that if things do go wrong, they can be there to cushion your fall.

Personally, I believe we don’t have bad gay people or straight people or whatever. We just have bad people. Many of us here, if straight, would be just as bigoted as our straight counterparts because even being on the side of rejection hasn’t taught us acceptance or tolerance.


I think I’ve exhausted what I wanted to talk about. What did we learn today, bitches and mitches and all the uptight prudes in the house?

One: The KD struggle is real.. You could lose not so important people if you’re not careful.

Two: Contentment, people! Life may suck, but there are people out there who don’t have what you have but are content.

Three: James hasn’t had a lot of luck in the male scene because people suck. I think I’m going to go straight if this shii keeps going downhill. Lol. I just tried to make a joke. Why is nobody laughing? Tough crowd.  -__-

And here’s a picture of a smiling potato…2015-08-20-23-55-20--1811623866

Because everything is much better with a smiling potato. And ice cream. And pizza. And 5 gigabytes worth of porn which I don’t have. *insert nervous laugh here* I’m rambling. Toodles!

Written by James

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  1. Dennis Macaulay
    August 23, 08:07 Reply

    Which KDian’s picture was he asking for?


    • Max
      August 23, 09:30 Reply

      Thats the only thing you saw in this beautiful piece??

    • #Chestnut
      August 23, 10:32 Reply

      Dennis,shebi u see what ur pix has caused? Continu…
      @James: I bet that ur friend wouldn’t release pics (or pins) if d tables were turned; I noticed that “hoarders” always get offended when(they think) u’re hoarding from them. Anyways,this entry was beautiful. Your mind never ceases to delight me!

  2. Francis
    August 23, 08:08 Reply

    Some people just lack the ability to critique their actions properly and it sucks ’cause it just makes them look like the greatest of Douche bags 🙁

    Maybe there’s a gene responsible for that. I’m grateful to God I don’t have that gene though 🙂

    • Max
      August 23, 09:38 Reply

      Yeah Francis, most douchebags are unable to see past their stupidity.

  3. pete
    August 23, 08:30 Reply

    So, people are asking for KDians’ pics? Lil bit of being social media savvy & you can have all the pics you want.

    • Dennis Macaulay
      August 23, 09:02 Reply

      But ofcourse! You would know that

      **rolls eyes from awka to Addis Ababa **

      • pete
        August 23, 09:03 Reply

        You can roll your eyes to the end of the world. What I wrote up there is true.

    • Pink Panther
      August 23, 09:03 Reply

      All these social media investigators we have. *eyeing Max and Dennis*

      • Max
        August 23, 09:43 Reply

        Shii PP.I’m a recovering analyst.
        But that shit is fun to do sha. Putting the pieces together like a puzzle. These days, I’m too busy to even try. Moreover I know almost everyone I wanna know. Except for a few ppl. Hello angel Chuck

        • Kacee
          August 23, 10:00 Reply

          *cleaning tears, sniffs* Max what about me, you don’t wanna know me because i’m a girl. *runs away*

      • Tiercel de Claron
        August 23, 10:01 Reply

        Wouldn’t call it investigation,anyway.Doesn’t take much to put two and two together about a person of interest.I always tell people,the anonymity of the internet is but mere illusion

    • chuck
      August 23, 12:42 Reply

      I just hope Breaking Times or whoever doesn’t decide to publish a list of gay men Uganda style. So many are indiscreet online

  4. Dimkpa
    August 23, 09:12 Reply

    So if I get this right, children going hungry in the village is normal, parents suffering the anguish of losing their kids to preventable diseases is normal, lacking the basic necessities for life like water or having to spend half of the day going to and fro to fetch water is normal. And this is because everyone suffers. In other words someone suffering a heartbreak is as bad as going hungry or contracting ebola in a remote village and dying from it. Therefore we probably shouldn’t pity poor people in the villages or have compassion for those who are living through terrible conditions because it is normal.
    If that be the case MSF, Bill and Melinda Gates, WFP, Red Cross and the numerous charities are wasting their time on people who are content and the work they do everyday to help people in the country called Africa, which the African governments don’t do for their citizens, is futile.
    Some things you failed to note though is that more people in Africa die of their cancer in addition to the malaria and other diseases that kill us. That poor health facilities and drugs means not only that we die more from cancer but suffer more pain and debilitation from it, than in the developed world.
    If we all adopt this attitude of ‘normal’ and indifference to suffering of our fellow men then the technological advancement you speak of which has made your life easier would not have happened and the millions of lives saved by free ARVs funded by charities would have been lost.
    There is a want of feeling in that attitude and I don’t think it is an idea worth spreading.

    • keredim
      August 23, 09:32 Reply

      ..and if we follow his logic, Nigerian gays should not aspire to be like their western counterparts and be “content” with their lot and remain invisible……

      • JustJames
        August 23, 09:40 Reply

        Didn’t you see the part that mentions a healthy thirst for self improvement?

        Aspire all you want. Just don’t forget about the blessings you have here already.

        • keredim
          August 23, 09:47 Reply

          i saw the bit about “self-improvement” but it healthily contradicts your opening salvo and the premise of the the segment….

    • JustJames
      August 23, 09:37 Reply

      Yes.. What you mentioned in the first paragraph is normal.
      No.. I’m saying that if these people can manage to be content who are we to complain too much.
      I didn’t deride any charitable work done by anyone..
      I’m pretty sure you missed the point of what I was saying probably also put words in my mouth.
      If these poor people can go through all that and still be content and happy why shouldn’t we who have much more than them?

      • Dimkpa
        August 23, 09:45 Reply

        The thing is I don’t understand how you could imagine people being content with hunger. Or do you think that someone that has a meal a day goes to bed content?

    • Absalom
      August 23, 09:43 Reply

      Shared sentiments, Dimkpa.

      James, people skipping meals not because they want to but because they have nothing to eat in the first place is abnormal and is suffering no one deserves, regardless of how wide their smiles are. A person can be content with a much “simpler life” but that “simpler life” has to meet a basic requirement, devoid of deprivation. And when a person’s life can be made better then it should be made better. Why suffer unnecessarily?

      Rich entry, by the way.

  5. Max
    August 23, 09:26 Reply

    I loved everything you wrote, everything. Especially the part about bad habits. I shall write about that one day- about someone’s bad habit, not mine.
    And the part about being unlucky too; seriously I’ve been thinking of switching to pussy, I try to think about pussy and boobs at least twice a day now.. Gay men in Nigeria seriously suck..all they care about is 5 minutes of fun.. They don’t care about emotional connection, affection, monogamy, longevity of relationship MBA. Its depressing as hell. Its always been the same for me.I’ve been singing the same song for over 8 years now. The same thing happens all the time, all the time. Thats enough to turn someone into a pessimist right? But I won’t allow them to steal my light, I won’t. I’m too strong for that. If I can’t find what I’m looking for here, I’ll look beyond the shores of Nigeria. For now, over 90% of gay men in Nigeria are undatable and don’t deserve to be loved. Yes I said it.

    And also about people sacred of being found out? Its irrational fear people. People know already. Nigerians are becoming more and more aware of gay people and if you think you’ve not been found out, think again. You’d be shocked. Caring about those kinda things is a thing of the past.
    Love your piece .keep it coming

    • pete
      August 23, 10:00 Reply

      Max, are you among the under 10% that are dateable? #AskingForPinky

    • Tiercel de Claron
      August 23, 10:12 Reply

      You’ve been meeting the wrong set of gay men,Max.You shouldn’t use that to now conclude.
      Btw,if you’re looking for dateable men,you should also make yourself dateable.Lots of gay Nigerians are looking for Mr Right without making themselves right too.It’s a two-way street.
      Finally,some of the ideas you/people have about what Mr Right should be/look like……..lots of them are out of this world and should be chucked right out the window.Get your priorities right and other things will flow accordingly

    • Diablo
      August 23, 11:27 Reply

      First things first Max you need to change your mindset, because its really pessimistic and conclusive, and that in itself is a turn off. There are guys who want more than the usual bang, Yes, even in this foul country of ours. I have a friend who’s been with his bf for 3years. I know another that changes boyfriends every 5 mins. Just this last couple of weeks, two guys have suggested we date. And this is me in no way gloating because i don’t think of myself as drop dead gorgeous, I’m average at best.

      You need to just go with the flow of things, without really expecting anything. I met my bf on Grindr, initially it was just for the normal bang. But we became friends after that ( for over a year) before we eventually started dating. If you are looking at looks to land a man,highest you’d end up with is a shag. Instead try and develop a friendship with people you meet, a long lasting one and look at arreas in your life where you need to work on and work on those. Overall just develop a nice and cheerful disposition, because everyone likes that!

      • Tiercel de Claron
        August 23, 11:34 Reply

        Coupla weeks,say a month ago,one would have thought it unlikely us two giving Max tips on how to go about settling down.
        The Lord sure moves in mysterious ways

        • Mandy
          August 23, 12:31 Reply

          Clarion, you seem to derive an inordinate pleasure from this new cease-fire you seem to be enjoying with Max. Always speaking about it as though in wonder that it ever happened.

          • Tiercel de Claron
            August 23, 12:40 Reply

            Nah,just having an extended i-told-you-so moment.
            And you,stop forming Voltron on behalf of Max.I mean him no harm,never did.And he can well defend himself.
            You and I tho…….time we get to know each other well,don’t you think?.

        • Mandy
          August 23, 12:46 Reply

          Me… Voltron… For Max?
          Are you sure you know the meaning of what it means to voltron for someone? Or did you simply not understand the cheek behind my comment?
          My dear, I was just making an observation after a series of – what did you call it? Ah yes – I-told-you-so comments you’ve been peppering the blog with for sometime now.

          • Tiercel de Claron
            August 23, 13:33 Reply

            Oh,I know what it means and you do it so well.Wasn’t even critiquing you,just saying it never was needed where Max is concerned.
            Now,about the last part of my comment you didn’t address…………

      • Francis
        August 23, 11:51 Reply

        Correct lecture (sorry advice) lol

    • james bruno
      August 23, 11:38 Reply

      “I try to thinknabout pussy and and boobs at least twice a day now” lmao! please how does that work?

    • keredim
      August 23, 15:46 Reply

      Max, all what Diablo and TdC said.

      I think i told you (or someone else here) to get out more. Revisit your definition of hoe. Widen your gay sphere…..Free your mind……

      Advice no be curse!

  6. keredim
    August 23, 09:36 Reply

    James, just curious about how you came out to your family…..Where you “found out” or did you “step out” of the closet.

    PS if you don’t want to answer here, DM me on FB

  7. ambivalentone
    August 23, 10:45 Reply

    Wow!!! Shock at the 1st part of this entry didn’t let me continue. For the life of me, I can’t fathom the degrees of idleness that made u share the pictures and gossip of someone on this forum (or any other) with another person (OR ANY PERSON for that matter). Someone who for all intents and purposes has an ‘open minded’ limit of tolerating only you as the gay/bi person he should know. To what purpose sef? So that he sees the person on the street and calls him out to his friends who call him out to their friends… Did u share the contact details while u were at it??? Geez!!!!

    • Brian Collins
      August 23, 17:10 Reply

      I swear, i was beyond mortified, not that surprised though (as it is typical ‘TB’ business). I find it difficult telling people my pseudonym and i don’t ask either, the people i know, i know because they probably have their pseudonym as their BBM name or their manjam profile name. (what is it they say?, “because you don’t do it doesn’t mean others don’t).
      If it so happens that you meet KDians outside KD fine, don’t start looking for peoples’ pictures and room numbers from friends.
      I am just glad that Jamie has had a resolve not be that generous anymore.

      • ambivalentone
        August 23, 18:36 Reply

        I really hope he does. Why on earth would u even keep the pictures of ppl who are not you on ur phone in d 1st place? So that when yawa ‘gas’, everybody whose pic is unfortunate to be in ur gallery becomes kobalised? Whether he/she knows u exist? Its just pathetic

  8. Diablo
    August 23, 10:58 Reply

    Some people, apparently take this blog wayyyy too seriously. Is reality that uneventful for you, that you sit around and talk about who is really who behind the nickname? Some of you need to chill and get out more often then. The blog is amazing but i for the most part just come here for the entertainment factor : the comments, the stories, the drama ( chei the good ol’Chizzie evil brawls of the past) and then that’s where it ends. I don’t come here to network or make friends cause this isn’t the ideal platform for such. That’s why its an anonymous blog isnt it, to keep our identities hidden! If you want to make friends, go to the Mall.

    And your ‘friend’ who wallows in petty bitterness, i want to smack him across to head and tell him to stop being so pathetic and grow up. Jeez

    • Pink Panther
      August 23, 12:25 Reply

      You don’t think friendships can be fostered through KD?
      How sad.

      • Kacee
        August 23, 12:31 Reply

        *gives PP earrings and heels… … i’m gonna….

      • Diablo
        August 23, 13:43 Reply

        Obviously one can, but its not something I’m personally keen on doing. Social media is an escape for me, and i don’t want to blur the lines btwn it and reality. So what happens on social media,stays on social media

  9. james bruno
    August 23, 11:01 Reply

    5gig of porn isn’t that much really. 10gig would be decent. and you should refresh your collection every few weeks too :). also, your dick would probably hurt from excessive “dry” wanking. always try and use lubrication (and no, soap is not lube).

    i’m really only curious about a commenter here but i’m patient. it’s a small world and a smaller gay world still. i’d run into you eventually.

    yea, everyone suffers but don’t get it twisted some people really do have it better and some have it worse. just watch the new. i’m not religious but i once stumbled on the title of a joyce meyer book and it sort of became the mantra in my life. “enjoying where you are on the way to where you are going”. i agree that there will always be things that suck in life and the reward for solving a problem is usually more problems so it’s a good idea to always take a while to appreciate the few things that are going right in this drudgery of a journey called life.

    the fear of being outed is not unfounded but i agree with max that in most people it’s also somewhat irrational. also the more you fear a thing, the more power you give it over you. set yourself free, be true to yourself. keep those who genuinely love you around you. and you should be alright.

    nice writeup, james. cheers.

  10. Mitch
    August 23, 11:08 Reply

    James, remind me again why I love you so much. Jeez! Your mind gives me heavy braingasms.

    And Dimkpa et al, he wasn’t being insensitive to the plight of others. He was talking about perspectives of knowledge, perception and truth. You perceive a man to be poor because he doesn’t have acess to social amenities yet he perceives himself to be better off than his neighbour who doesn’t eat 3 square meals in a day. Both experiences are real yet are perceived differently by different folks. That was the point of his statement, I presume.

  11. michael
    August 23, 11:14 Reply

    Come on guys… what did you expect. when you sit down and write all these awesome stuffs and ordinary people like me come in here and read them, surely it won’t be a bad idea to see what these amazing guys look like. Personally, I’d kill to see photos of chestnut, DM, max and all apart from PP for cracking me up with all those funny comments. Sometimes we ask for these photos for our own peace of mind. imagine I’ve been invincible friends with PP on fb without knowing.

      • Kacee
        August 23, 12:52 Reply

        DM pls I want one tooo the whole package lol (yes i admire God’s creation).

        • Francis
          August 23, 13:06 Reply

          Lol. Him go begin run from you now.

    • ambivalentone
      August 23, 11:52 Reply

      So, will seeing their picture(s) reduce the impact of their messages? I really wonder if it will make u like them more or less OR even make them notice u. The earlier ppl like u realise that truth, the better.

    • Kacee
      August 23, 12:50 Reply

      Omg, People like keredim, kryxxx, Tiercel de Claron, Max, Francis, james, Absalom, chestnut, DM especially MM(my sweet) and Ambivalentone I’ll love to meet u guys one day…(yes i know i havent been here long but I love making new friends even though i’m a trouble maker?) . PP lets have a Christmasget together na(yes i know its still far, but not for me)…..

      • Francis
        August 23, 13:09 Reply

        Sounds nice but I’d rather have a complete pishur before meeting anyone here. By pishur I mean, the persona on KD and the persona in real life (real social media acct).

        I no dey like surprises. Lol

        • keredim
          August 23, 15:50 Reply

          I hear you Doc. You sound like Facebook….collect all the data and sell to the highest bidder for marketing….Thank you. Let me give you my bank account details while I am at it….LOL

          • Francis
            August 23, 15:56 Reply

            LOL. Abeg oh, make people no begin dodge me. 😀

      • Tonye
        August 23, 13:33 Reply

        Kryxxx? For real? Kryxxx? Save your breathe on KryxxX for those other ppl on ur list nd better ppl too! Dude is not worth it @ all! As bad looking as can be, coupled with a bad, foul, snubbish attitude! He is not worth d stress! Do not b deceived by what you read here! Trust me, I have been there!

        • keredim
          August 23, 17:45 Reply

          A case of sour grapes perhaps, Ms T?

        • Francis
          August 23, 18:05 Reply

          And the drama begins 😀 😀 😀

        • ambivalentone
          August 23, 18:21 Reply

          And THIS here is another reason why stuff like sharing pics and gossiping about the ppl in dem is bad. I’ll bet all the trash u just spouted is hearsay. Even if it isn’t all trash, how he prolly reacted to you will be different from how he reacts to someone else. You musta bin as foul mouthed, ugly and much a snob as he was. How bout u STFU and let other ppl experience him personally????

        • MacArdry
          August 23, 20:51 Reply

          Kryxxx,bad looking and snobbish?.
          O dikwa egwu

      • keredim
        August 23, 17:48 Reply

        LOL Kacee…. Just let me know on time and I am sure I can reschedule some clients….

  12. Michael
    August 23, 12:26 Reply

    Personally, it’d make me appreciate them more and probably ask for help if need be assuming I have their contact.

  13. D-boy
    August 23, 13:25 Reply

    I like your thoughts James! ??

  14. Dennis Macaulay
    August 23, 13:58 Reply

    Lol! I however know everybody I want to know, just like our darling Pete just said, it’s not hard. It will just cost you data, we are all interlinked on social media anyways

    • pete
      August 23, 17:16 Reply

      Wait wait, DM called me darling! *blushes beet red*

  15. chuck
    August 23, 14:58 Reply

    People are here asking : why don’t the shallow boys I chase want to have a deep, meaningful relationship with me?

  16. Django
    August 23, 17:26 Reply

    Who knows me here? PP, SimonAndal, Kacee, Masonkz, DM, Mike Deamon, JustJames, and the few I know(pictures on fb actually), I think you all are really handsome gentlemen and lady

  17. Teflondon
    August 23, 22:11 Reply

    The Ass kissing is why I stopped visiting KD. What is all these am reading. “I want to meet this one” “this one is handsome” Blah blah blah.. Jeez! There is nothingness anonymous Abt this blog anymore and it sucks. When people are so jobless to the extent of investigating and going Abt digging infos abt other people. Shii is scary and stupid to say the least. And I don’t want to have anything to do with such reckless stupidity tbh.
    Diablo covered my perception of KD really…

    Nice entry by the way James.

  18. Brian Collins
    August 23, 22:33 Reply

    Ehn ehn, lemme not forget to say that i enjoyed this post, well excrpt the part about pictures being shared and stuff.
    Sha o, i definitely want to meet Ambivalentone, Vhar, Teamkizito, JSU, Dubem & ofcourse DM, Tef too(him for all the wrong reasons).

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