Jeffree Star In A Messy Breakup With Boyfriend Amid Claims Of Stealing

Jeffree Star In A Messy Breakup With Boyfriend Amid Claims Of Stealing

Beauty guru Jeffree Star took to social media this week to accuse who-it-now-seems-is-his-ex-boyfriend, basketball player Andre Marhold, of allegedly stealing from him and being “lowlife fucking scum.”

Star and Marhold only just went public with their relationship a month ago, but it seems they’ve already split up. Not only that, but the breakup is really messy.

Hip magazine posted a screenshot of a comment Star left on Marhold’s Instagram page, accusing him of robbery.

“Hey! Since you can’t answer the phone right now, can you give me all the stuff back you stole from my house?? What kind of lowlife fucking scum does that? Give it back!!!! If you need a return label, just ask [cry face emojis].”

Then Star posted two videos confirming he and Marhold are no longer an item. Not only that, but he claimed Marhold is a liar, a fraud, and a thief.

“About a week ago, Jeffrey Lynn discovered a lot of things,” he said. “This person secretly had no job, no money, not even a bank account, and we’re talking this person is 30-years-plus. So, all these things that I were [sic] told were all false and I was lied to. And I was like, ‘Okay, bye sweetie, it was really good meeting you, thanks.’”

Star went on to accuse Marhold of stealing several things from his closet.

“All of a sudden, there’s some LV luggage missing,” he alleged. “There’s some backpacks missing, and there’s a few sunglasses missing.”

Things got even messier when a supposed “backup account” for Marhold, @_amarxiii, threatened in an Instagram Story to expose Star unless he deleted the inflammatory videos immediately.

“Shall I tell the people?” @_amarxiii said. “You got an hour to delete them off Snapchat. It’s crazy because I’m a real genuine person and I really didn’t want it to get to this point.”

In another post, he alleged Star’s ex, Nathan Schwandt, “left because [Star] fucked his close friend.” He also shared screenshots of Instagram DMs showing Star warning him against breaking his NDA.

The account @_amarxiii also followed up by threatening to expose something he found in Star’s room. “Let’s just say, this is going to ruin you,” he warns.

Less than an hour later, Star’s original posts accusing Marhold of being a liar and a thief vanished.

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  1. Mitch
    October 02, 07:48 Reply

    Ain’t our Lord Beyoncé good?

  2. Mandy
    October 02, 08:16 Reply

    LOL. Absolutely not shocked by this. I thought they were in love. all that drama just for it end in tears like this. Tsk, tsk.

  3. Black Dynasty
    October 02, 17:14 Reply

    Messy messy messy!!! Why even bother to get involved with super messy people like this?

  4. Malik
    October 03, 06:33 Reply

    Cringe. Just a huge mess. Deal with private shit privately.

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