Kito Alert: Faces of Kito Scum in Delta

Kito Alert: Faces of Kito Scum in Delta

This story which talks about the evil nature of Ibusa, Delta State, revealed the face of a kito perpetrator who lures gay men over there to be victimized, battered and robbed.

His name is Kelvin Okobi, and he goes on Facebook as Koko Banker and Koko Wall.

His base of operation may not be restricted to just Ibusa; he may also operate in Asaba and Warri. He targets gay men through Grindr and Badoo, and doesn’t use his actual pictures when getting acquainted with his potential victims.


And speaking of catfishes, there is also another identified kito scum who operates in Asaba. Nothing much is known of him except the picture he uses to target his victims and the stories of how influential he is, how he is based in Lagos but have businesses in Asaba, which he tells to entice his victims.

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  1. Quinn
    September 09, 16:49 Reply

    Pls pinky as you publish kito scum pls update us on danger zones too, i’ve blacklisted ojo from my google map, even if you are my friend and you move to ojo, oyo lo wa o, ( you are on your own) QUINN will never visit anyone in ojo, now ibusu has joined my no go areas, oh festac too bad zone

  2. Q_Mara
    September 09, 19:05 Reply

    It so happens that i have seen this Kelvin Okobi recently, not for a hookup though, rather, he and about 3 others were having late lunch at the restaurant where an unfortunate God is Good Driver took us to on my way back to Lagos from Uyo. I recognize him because of his persistent stare as i walked in and out of that awful spot almost immediately because of course, I couldn’t stand the environment. Kelvin kept looking at me with disdain, that I am certain of and he also came very close to me where I went to seat far from the dingy restaurant crunching on some cookies. He gave me so many angry stares and was moving about like he was expecting a reply from me but I was too unbothered to even care. Now that I see him here, I only just realized he must have been racking his ugly brain for the best way to rope me in. Lol.

  3. Saint
    August 09, 07:02 Reply

    Let him keep feeling like it is his God given right to determine who sleeps with who, and met out punishment for those who refuse to conform. His cup will soon be full and spill over.

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