Not much is known about him other than he goes by the name Jefferson on Badoo.

He resides in Aba. And his phone number 08063037608.

The last KDian who escaped him didn’t even suspect him when he put off going to see him at Port Harcourt Road. He was simply too busy to go for the hookup. However, this Jefferson must have snapped at the repeated postponements, because that was when he decided to reveal his true colours.

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  1. Lopez
    July 16, 06:40 Reply

    whenever kito alert comes up here my heart sinks to the lowest. someone should tell me we can do something about these guys please, we can’t keep living like this.

  2. Leo
    July 16, 07:47 Reply

    So, what happened? What did he do? This is not specific. What exactly happened? What should one look out for?

    • Mandy
      July 16, 08:02 Reply

      You’re looking for details to tell you how to stay out of trouble? His pictures are not enough? His location is not enough? You want tatafo join. lol. OK nah. Be waiting for someone to spoonfeed you the simple basics of how to say no when you encounter him online.

      • Jaya Anand
        July 16, 08:35 Reply

        My dear thank you ooooo, these are the ones that will still go, because somehow their village people have mangaged to convince them that they’re special and their case is different, then later come here to cry.
        Y’all better not be naive, there will always be shitty people in the world better use your brain and trust your instincts. For those who don’t have either I’m sorry for you.

      • Karlae
        July 16, 08:50 Reply

        ?????? Mandy maybe he was expecting more details

      • Leo
        July 16, 09:52 Reply

        No, his picture and location are not enough. The past Kito alerts contain sufficient information of the alleged Kito doers, their MO, how it happened and what to look out for. This doesn’t contain sufficient information. He snapped and brought out his true colors, how? What did he do? I’m not looking to be spoon fed but a report like this must be detailed and well balanced, that’s the least one can expect. What is a first time reader to the blog supposed to take from it? Someone with a picture and a location will set you up? Just like that? I’m not sure you would understand anyway. So please, piss off.

        • Mandy
          July 16, 18:39 Reply

          You’re really funny. How is a picture and location not enough? How is the back story going to help you decide to say no if you come across the guy on Badoo and he asks you to visit him? Are you even listening to yourself? So as you’ve seen him as Kito now, you mean to tell me if you encounter him online, you will go and meet him because there’s no back story attached to the Kito alert?
          Lol. Oga, use your brain appropriately please.

          Just say you want the gist for your listening pleasure, not because it will make a difference regarding you getting set up by him.

          • Higwe
            July 16, 21:33 Reply

            Must you people be so rude and condescending with your replies ?

            With Mitch I can’t possibly expect anything better …we all know he’s depressed , bitter and full of vile but you Mandy , you’re gradually becoming a bitch .

            You can pass your points across without insulting or degrading people.
            What do you mean by ” he should use his brain appropriately ”

            The way some of you talk because you’re protected by the internet.
            This could be someone you can’t even look eye ball to eye ball if you saw him on the street but just look at the way you’re talking to him because he asked a question .

            You do know you could always choose to ignore if you feel a question is beneath your “infinite wisdom” .
            That’s the classy and adult thing to do .
            The last time I checked , no one appointed you as KD’s respondent .

            One Mitch is bad enough already ,now two -that’s implosion .?

            • Mandy
              July 17, 05:22 Reply

              I’m sorry, Higwe, but don’t you have a BBNaija episode to focus on? Or are you starting to miss an opportunity to be KD’s favorite defender of the universe full of your dictionary-worthy English words? LOL! Oga, please do yourself a favour and let me condescend as I wish. I believe that’s my prerogative. Unlike you, I’m not here on this blog to be liked and to acquire sycophantic admirers.

              • Higwe
                July 17, 08:57 Reply

                Lol Mandy darling ???

                Are we in high school all over again ?

                You remind me of those mean girls in high schools that think everyone is after the hot boys they couldn’t have .

                You’ve been on KD for like what ?
                Ten years ?
                Twenty years ?
                You’ve basically commented on every post submitted here …
                You’ve never missed a single opportunity to give out your long , tedious , hackneyed and ennui advices … yet ,
                I’m the one who is desperately seeking for admiration .?

                Oh well , I take that .
                The last time I checked, admiration never hurt anyone .
                You know what hurts people though? – Churlishness , boorish disposition and unnecessary rudeness .

                As a right thinking adult , I’m getting ahead of myself to presume you are …I would expect you should know when to take the high road .
                And even if you must reply … please and please , do so like a person with even the minutest bit of self training .
                You can make a solid point without having to resort to cheap words and insults.
                Try it , it’s actually easy .
                And for some reason I like the tag of ” KD’s number one defender ” than the tag of ” bitter, geriatric hag ” ???
                I don’t know about you , but mine kind of sounds a lot more pleasing to the ear , don’t you think ?

                As for the reason why I’m watching BBN …a live show that streams 24 hours everyday and still make out a few minutes to comment on one of my favorite blogs …let’s just say , I’m multitasking ???.

                Now if you’ll excuse me …I need to go back to Twitter to keep campaigning for Mike and Tacha .
                I would have wished you the best of luck seeing as you’ve unleashed a LION ? but you said you are enjoying it …I don’t know a single sane person that enjoys being insulted but who am I to separate a man from his fetish .
                So on that note I wish you a very joyous insulting day .
                I hope Leo keeps them coming …the more the merrier ????.

                Hugs and kisses ?

                • Mandy
                  July 17, 11:02 Reply

                  You and your epistles. One look at the length of this comment and I zoned out. My bad if there’s anything worthwhile in it you might have said.
                  But it’s nice to know that I’m the reason you clock out of BBNaija to click into KD. ? So flattering.

                  • Higwe
                    July 20, 06:04 Reply

                    You didn’t read it , yet miraculously you knew what I wrote on my penultimate paragraph.
                    Aren’t you just a pathetic case .?.

                    We both know you read it all .
                    You can’t just help yourself .
                    You’re lame down to the letter – L
                    And typical of every lame person , you believe having the last word makes you the winner of an argument even when you come up with something this nonsensical .?

                    Mandy – you wouldn’t even make me turn to the left side of my bed .
                    I was surfing the blog as I always do and ran into your third bitchy comment in a week and decided to call you out on that. People like you make commenting here tedious and uncomfortable for newbies who aren’t even allowed to feel comfortable asking questions …. they know you’ll jump on them with your unsolicited and rude replies.

                    Borrow some sense from Pink P and see how he replies questions even though he’s the actual owner of the blog and could do as he pleases …..yet , he shows class .

                    So Nigga I ain’t here for you .
                    But if you need to believe that to feel like you’re actually needed and valued somewhere …then by all means have at it .?
                    I’m generous enough to grant you that wish .
                    You can’t take an L in life and also on the internet.
                    You’re picking a struggle and I greatly admire that. ????

                • J
                  July 18, 18:52 Reply

                  Higwe thanks for standing up for others. It’s true that we can all disagree with one another without resorting to insults.

          • Leo
            July 16, 22:31 Reply

            What exactly is your problem? I have a brain(do you know what is?) and I won’t just accept any piece of information without asking questions and rationalizing it. Did you see the “balanced and detailed” report part or are you as blind as you’re obtuse? The issues I raised were obvious but no, you didn’t see that. You can’t help but show how your lack of a Brain has left you bereft of reason. You’re pathetic, it’s sad. Please, get a life, asshole.

            • Mandy
              July 17, 05:27 Reply

              And Leo honey, the fact that I’m being derisive of your comments does not mean I don’t have a life, dear. I can be busy having a life and still have an opinion on the comments you make. It’s called multitasking.
              And the point I am making here is: a picture and a location IS enough to make you know to stay away from danger. You can ask for more details just satisfy your curiosity, but saying that what is already given isn’t enough… Lol. O ga ooo.

              • Leo
                July 17, 06:58 Reply

                Of course, multi task away. Being a bitter, geriatric hag must be time consuming. The point I’m making is, it’s not enough. You don’t tell me what to accept

                • Mandy
                  July 17, 07:16 Reply

                  “bitter, geriatric hag”

                  ??? I like how you think I’m bitter simply because I am disagreeing with you. It’s not that serious, my dear. In fact, nothing is giving me as much joy as it is to see you throwing such an online fit. No bitterness here, just amusement.

                  • Leo
                    July 17, 07:41 Reply

                    Oh, it gives you joy? Lol, explains a lot. Good for you hag. And no, you didn’t disagree, you resorted to insults as the brainless wonder you are. See how you keep contradicting yourself, grandma dementia?

                    • Mandy
                      July 17, 08:48

                      It says a lot about you and your insecurities that you can’t make a comment without slinging names at me. Grandma Dementia? LMAO! Impressive. Talk about being ageist. You must really have a problem against old people. You need to check yourself, honey.

                      And while you’re at it, check the proper definition of “disagreement”. You missed it when you went to the dictionary to look up the meaning of “geriatric”.

                    • Higwe
                      July 20, 05:49

                      You’re either a narcissist or you have selective amnesia .
                      You insulted him and he gave it to you right back and you’re trying to act like a victim ? ????

                      When you tell someone to use his head correctly , isn’t that equivalent to calling that person a fool ?

                      Mandy tell me if you can ever tell your father and mother to use their heads correctly .
                      If you feel that’s merely a disagreeing opinion – you wouldn’t have issues using it on them right?

                      The ageist jab has you all ruffled up …too close to home ? ?????

                    • J
                      July 18, 18:45

                      Holy Molly, I just died ???

                      Someone should hold me ooo I’m falling down ????

            • Pink Panther
              July 17, 05:52 Reply

              Leo, like Mitch pointed out in his comment, there is a reason the information is scant. You’ll just have to make do with what is already given, as they are the crucial information required for those reading to keep themselves safe.

    • Mitch
      July 16, 10:10 Reply

      The details are sketchy because it’s necessary for them to be. You won’t understand this decision but suffice to say that we know him to be a kitoer. Otherwise, his pictures would never have appeared here.

  3. Byron
    July 16, 08:51 Reply

    I’ve encountered this idiot once.
    He liked me on Badoo and started pestering me. And I never visit someone who has not been vetted by any of my close friends.

    I live in Owerri, so I told him I was coming.
    Then at night he called and was asking where I am, I told him I got in but checked into a hotel with my sis as I couldn’t get him on phone.

    He laughed and said “fear fear, you don get luck Sha, your fear don save you”

    I never completely understood until I saw this post.

  4. Keeva
    July 16, 18:45 Reply

    Again I ask,is this act of ‘Kitoing’ a full-on career path?
    Are there hidden rewards or entitlements I don’t know about?
    It’s different when it happens once or twice,I don’t understand how this same person will keep popping up on the “Kito radar”!!!

  5. Uzor
    July 17, 12:49 Reply

    At some point we need to have that conversation about “educating” people in condescending manners. We’re not exactly a community if we can’t get off our high horses and communicate as equals. This sassy-queen-diva thing was cute initially but come on! it’s 2019

  6. KingBey
    July 22, 04:36 Reply

    Who serves half tea on KD? ??
    What exactly did he do? And why is the full tea not shared?

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