So the guy whose number is showing below claimed the KDian whose chat this is gave him his WhatsApp contact on Grindr – something the KDian doesn’t remember doing. Further insistence for something to confirm their exchange led to a derailing of the chat as evident below.14233269_1218143881569142_6534031508887416227_n

A quick run on True teller and Facebook has revealed the contact to belonging to an Edidiong Sandy. Below are a few pictures; bear this information in mind in case you become the next person he attempts to bait.13925122_182359225515530_5991669845086123150_n13263788_112491785835608_1627424955235942058_n13900267_185238555227597_6679669706577186399_n

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He is reportedly named Goodluck, but operates several accounts of Facebook, notably Repented Ageless and Davis Alvan. His number is 07088248845. He resides in both the East (Owerri) and Lagos.


  1. Klaus
    September 04, 08:24 Reply

    this dirty osuofia too is setting people up? why would anyone wanna meet someone like him anyway? see his dirty tattoo and irritating body hair. yuck!

    • pete
      September 04, 09:34 Reply

      Tastes differs. Some people will find him attractive. Focus on the scum he is & not his physical appearance.

      • Klaus
        September 04, 09:55 Reply

        taste ni, appetite kó

    • Jaiice
      September 04, 11:00 Reply

      Exactly what I thought after seeing the first and second pictures.

  2. sinnex
    September 04, 08:39 Reply


    This is just soooo funny…yet, some people will still fall for this.

    You for show us the beginning of the chat sha…

    • Candle
      October 11, 11:23 Reply

      It’s amazing that these guys even exist! So, apparently, if you live in Lagos, the island isn’t so safe anymore (Ajah precisely). I had to pay my way out of a situation that could have degenerated into something very ugly over the weekend. Lookout for fake profiles and fuckboys on grindr. Stay the hell away from them!

  3. Mandy
    September 04, 08:48 Reply

    This one looks like the one that’ll fuck you finish and then set you up. These gay men that set their fellow gay men up eh, there’s just a special place in hell for them.

  4. Truth
    September 04, 09:16 Reply


    He looks like the pig I saw the other day @the mechanic

  5. Trey
    September 04, 09:20 Reply

    Prayer point for today Sunday service. *Any Edidiong Sandy in disguise on my phone die by fire by thunder*

  6. pete
    September 04, 09:37 Reply

    Why do I feel we are being fed one side of the story here? Something led to this outburst. Show us the full chat.

  7. posh666
    September 04, 09:42 Reply

    This one is obviously a macho Mary the kind that will ride ur cock like his life depends on it and beg you to bang him like crazy and when done he will set you up! Ugly mofo see him like pounding mortar.

  8. Lemuel
    September 04, 09:50 Reply

    I know this boy. He is in Uyo Akwa Ibom state

  9. Shuga chocolata
    September 04, 10:41 Reply

    I know this dude, my radar has caught him on grindr, he resides in Uyo and he lives at ikpa road, WAWU???. He uses the second pic more often…..

    Well now we know what his true colours looks like.

  10. bruno
    September 04, 11:17 Reply

    erm… seems like the archetypical thug you guys like so such

    • posh666
      September 04, 11:29 Reply

      Nigga pls! I love thugs and this dirty thing right here is definitely not a thug in anyway.Just a short,round,dirty boy who is trying so hard to look manly…I really wonder for those who actually see his pics and go ahead to hookup with him.

      • Chuck
        September 04, 13:36 Reply

        Posh, this guy seems like a thug to me. Do you only go for the pretty thugs ?

        • posh666
          September 04, 14:19 Reply

          Honestly I don’t discriminate BTW pretty thuggish boys and the not so good looking but neat ones…This one just really looks like a wanna be thug to me +no one likes a dwarf looking apkanish kinda wanna be thug and a cheap set up.

          • Chuck
            September 05, 16:10 Reply

            thanks for the reply, Posh.

  11. posh666
    September 04, 11:44 Reply

    See his stupid short legs.This one barely escaped dwarfism.

  12. Canis VY Majoris
    September 04, 12:19 Reply

    He looks like something you’d only find in Middle Earth, Modor to be specific.

    Say hello to Smeagol. Has he found his precious yet?.

  13. Delle
    September 04, 13:10 Reply

    Why are all these kito dudes fugly? If every guy with the intention of kitoing a gay dude is this ugly, I don’t think we have a problem.
    You’d ‘drill’ the spirit out of him? Smh! Dude is obviously gay with the infamous IH spirit!

    • Griffin
      September 05, 07:19 Reply

      Oh he is flaming gay alright, who is drilling?, Mumu that will ride any dick for 1 or 2 bottles of beer. Abegiiii

  14. paul
    September 04, 14:48 Reply

    I may have a big problem but i havent jst taken my eyes off those shoes!

    • ambivalentone
      September 04, 18:23 Reply

      BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA…You sound like you are now scarred for life at the sight.

  15. Goldline
    September 04, 16:32 Reply

    I know him. He resides in Uyo. We exchanged numbers on grindr but got pissed off when I realized he doesn’t even know how to speak English.
    I was just coming out of a relationship that ended badly and I was looking to get lots. Saw his English on whatsapp and konji left me immediately.That was even before I saw his pics.
    Mtcheeeew disgusting people all over the place. Pls let’s all be careful.

  16. wytem
    September 04, 17:37 Reply

    Again…. Let us focus on his art (if kito is one) rather than his looks. We seem more preocuppied with the latter.
    Tastes differ, ‘most’ of us may find him unattractive but please lets give some guidance to the ‘few’ who find him cute!

    • ambivalentone
      September 04, 18:28 Reply

      Sweetheart, the ironic thing about wickedness is, it makes every other ‘beautiful’ characteristics fade to nothingness. So let him be the most handsome and body wonderfully chiselled to a select few, the arsehole is allegedly EVIL. And evil is FUGLY.

  17. Fresh
    September 04, 19:50 Reply

    I wonder how this Malta Guinness bottle will set someone up.

    • Shuga chocolata
      September 04, 23:38 Reply

      Fresh nawa for you ooo, you no try at all giving him hopes, Maltina keh.

      Malta gold bottle mbok.

  18. Arinze
    September 04, 22:52 Reply

    some people dey try… no be every dick una got suck oooh..hiakwa

  19. sucrescalada
    September 05, 00:08 Reply

    Pls were is the rest of his nose???? U see this kind nose u still follow chat…. Roflmao

  20. KingBey
    September 05, 01:38 Reply

    *sighs* Anyways, it was the Queen’s birthday yesterday. The one and only Queen Bey. And on Sept 4, 35 years ago, a Legend was given to us. Y’all bow down !

  21. Griffin
    September 05, 07:15 Reply

    Oh my God, this one is still setting people up?, I thought after NYSC the mumu will gain small sense, apparently not.
    Note to the person he was threatening, this one is nobody, who is actually very popular in uyo anything happens to you or anyone you know, let me know I’ll direct you to people who help you find him.

  22. bayelsaoffspring
    September 25, 22:04 Reply

    Na wa o… This kind dirty looking thing will wanna hookup with me and ill say yes? No naw

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