Kito Diaries Now Open For Adverts

Kito Diaries Now Open For Adverts

In the last three years, Kito Diaries has been run as a unifying platform for the Nigerian LGBT to share our stories and bolster forward-looking conversations about the current state and goals of LGBT advocacy in Nigeria.

In the spirit of our drive towards social progress and more practical consolidation of Kito Diaries’ work in LGBT advocacy, the admin wishes to announce the opening up of the site’s pages to advertisements from interested entrepreneurs/business owners and service providers at competitive and affordable rates.

In the three years Kito Diaries has been in operation, we have seen an increase in readership, measured by the number of hits on the site, with daily page views averaging 3000. We feel this would be a good platform for entrepreneurs to grow their business

Advert rates will be offered to prospective clients upon query at

Please note that this call for adverts is open to everyone seeking to bring more publicity to their businesses, whether they are members of the LGBT community or not.


KD Admin

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  1. Di-Navy
    October 18, 06:14 Reply

    Will the be advert of boy friends ? how you want them to look like et al? So many won’t die single I know there’s a prince charming for every one of us here .lol.

      • Di-Navy
        October 18, 06:20 Reply

        Lmao . Biko let’s see in camera Ada nne .lol.

  2. Mandy
    October 18, 06:15 Reply

    ABOUT TIME! This is way long overdue!!!

  3. Peak
    October 18, 07:43 Reply



  4. Francis
    October 18, 08:24 Reply

    About time the site runs off its own earnings

    October 18, 10:15 Reply

    Oshey! Ah ah amazim.. leh me see chance to sale my market before njoafia(bad market) go kill me…
    Nice one pinky

  6. Khaleesi
    October 18, 11:05 Reply

    Roughly 8-10% of every population group is LGBT, in Nigeria, that translates to a few million LGBT persons, and only 3000 on average view this blog daily. There’s still a huuuuge population of LGBT persons who are yet to be reached ….

    • keredim
      October 18, 11:14 Reply

      True…..But how many of them have access to the internet. Remember they are not all in the major cities..

        • Keredim
          October 18, 12:38 Reply

          Mama Shuga, which shade I beg?

          Person no fit talk again….????

      • Witch
        October 18, 14:16 Reply

        the average gay person in Nigeria have over 3,000 Facebook friends that are gay, i personally have over 3,500 of them. Khaleesi is right.

        • keredim
          October 18, 14:29 Reply

          then please share the KD link with your 3500 facebook friends

  7. Mike Daemon
    October 18, 18:07 Reply

    People come here to secretly read contents and disappear. Lets share widely, but i understand that a lot of people still do not want to be associated with anything LGBT outside this space.

  8. Whitney
    October 18, 18:16 Reply

    I can’t mention about KD or share it’s link on my fb account cause I have some straight friends though accounting only about 10% of my 5000friends. It’s somehow to allow non LGBT member have access to this site. They, as I think, should not get to read up the best of our stories.

    Again, I wish to mount my protest pertaining to the public ad. I suggest only people like us should have access to anything about this site.

    If we make it public then it is no different from other blogs.
    Let’s just do our thing.

    I called here my home and just wish it’d remain so.

    • Francis
      October 18, 18:30 Reply

      Would you be willing to donate funds towards the running and upkeep of the site?

      • Mandy
        October 18, 19:31 Reply

        Francis, ask am o. It’s easy to say ‘No let KD remain secret, I call it home like this.’ and forget that there are people working to keep the home functioning and in order. Oga Whitney, provide funds and I’m sure the admin will be fine with keeping the home just the way you want.

    • Jide
      October 18, 20:10 Reply

      Is it this same Whitney that has over 3500 GAY FRIENDS on Facebook that wrote this ” have the antidote. It perhaps works for few persons. It’s this: no gay party; no careless visits; total straight-acting once I leave my door post. Above all, I don’t keep easy-to-be-noticed kind__” yesterday? Hmm.

      • Francis
        October 18, 20:15 Reply

        Yes and No. 3500 gay friends is Witch

        • Jide
          October 18, 20:18 Reply

          Thanks for the correction.

  9. Mike Daemon
    October 18, 18:41 Reply

    The people i have spoken with prefer that KD stays hidden. I personally do not agree with this.

  10. Mandy
    October 18, 19:35 Reply

    KDians! Start referring! Any businesses looking to run ads. Any local talents looking to gain some traction. Any entrepreneurs looking to showcase their market. Gay or straight (as long as they don’t mind). Let’s get them here! 😀

  11. Whitney
    October 18, 19:39 Reply

    I used to think I was safe here. That this was jewel in the savannah. How can we be talking about sensitizing and uniting the Nigerian LGBT community and be talking about funds. If the admi needs funds. Good. Let’im tell us that. Public ad is not the best way to get money for the site. We can make donations to keep this place brilliant. Or the ad be restricted to LGBTs

    • Francis
      October 18, 19:50 Reply

      Public ad is not the best way to get money for the site.

      Says who? Tell that to the biggest sites on the web. Most netizens would rather not pay to access content thus the need for ads to compensate. Ad keeps the lights on and workers paid.

      If my own site wasn’t generating small change from ads, I would be expected to fork out N72k from my salary every year for hosting/domain fees. I never add the cost of manpower for coding, writing etc oh.

      Leave matter abeg. The koko is to make sure the ads don’t mess up the user experience as some sites can be very annoying with their ad strategy

  12. Whitney
    October 18, 21:12 Reply

    Okay. Can’t even glimpse our fate in the story that is about to unfold. Let the ad stuff go on while I watch.


    • keredim
      October 18, 22:22 Reply

      Whitney, asking that KD should remain hidden defeats the whole ethos of letting the wider population know that gay people exist in Nigeria.

      I am not saying go and out yourself to your straight friends, but at the same time don’t slow down those who are bold enough to create a platform, from which the message of LGBT visibility in Nigeria can be sent.

      Opening up KD to adverts is part of sending out that message and it also makes people aware that we are a growth market area with a high potential.

      Also times are hard economically in Nigeria, I doubt if anyone (particularly Nigerians) would turn down an oppurtunity to sell to people based on their sexuality.

      So to help spread the word without outing yourself:
      1) Group your 500 straight FB friends as “Acquaintances”. That leaves the other 4500 gay ones as “Friends”

      2) When you share the KD message, share it using the option “Friends except acquaintances”.

      That way your straight FB friends will not know you are gay.

      I hope that helps.

  13. Edo
    October 18, 23:55 Reply

    Please include ads for one night stands also abeg

  14. Chizzie
    October 19, 14:17 Reply

    So this was long overdue but as with anything, there are a couple of challenges that should be cleared out, especially as regards the issue of discreetion. How do u convince a LGBT business owner to advertise on this platform without fear of falling into a “kito” situation, blackmail, police harrassment, etc. What are the steps being put in place to ensure that doesn’t happen?

    It’s the one thing prospective ad placers would want to know

    • Pink Panther
      October 19, 16:29 Reply

      KD is not the only place entrepreneurs who do online advertizing would go to. There are, I’m assuming, all sorts of other online forums our potential customers would be patronizing. So whatever customers he/she acquires can come from anywhere.

      Secondly, that a customer put up an ad on an LGBT blog does not mean the business owner is gay.

      So bearing this in mind, the business owner who’s advertised with us should interact with his customers on a strictly business level, even if they let on that they saw the ad on KD.
      His response should be standard: “I advertise on a lot of blogs with high traffic, so whichever one you saw the ad doesn’t matter.”

      Conduct your business and keep it professional. That way he/she doesn’t leave room for any entrapment (kito). As far as e-commerce goes, apply all rules of safety and security

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