Kito Diaries Public Announcement III

Kito Diaries Public Announcement III

FOREWORD: Here’s another ad for a roommate. Any interested parties should drop an email to me at


Hey guys, I’m looking to share my flat. It’s a still being furnished, a 3 bedroom/2 bathroom apartment (PS: I don’t have a couch though) in Yaba, recently renovated and refurbished (I moved in 6 monhs ago). The apartment is near the University of Lagos, Coldstone/Dominoes and Sabo. The rooms are really bright, clean.

The apartment’s living room is both tiled and rugged. It has a functioning borehole with two tanks, but we seem to always run out of water at 10am every morning (no idea why). Power used to be steady, but since the mess with Niger Delta Avengers started, it has dropped drastically. But the gen comes on everyday at 8pm, goes off at 11pm, and then 6 am to 7am. You’d only need to move in with a mattress and a fan. Air conditioning is available even though I can’t seem to get the idiot I paid 5 months ago to come finish the installation. Parking is available underneath the building, but it has become first come, first service. The building has an average of 2 cars per tenant for 9 parking spots.

Rent is flexible. You could either do monthly at 60k/month or yearly at 450k/year (No agreement/commission, no furnishing or buying household items), and this excludes service charges (estate security, building security, electricity (grid/fuel), cleaning). Internet is optional.

I know living with roommates can be awful. Heck, living with anyone is. We are different people. We come from different backgrounds, have different experiences and we are set in our own ways. I am introverted, I keep a FEW FRIENDS, and I like my space and my alone time alone, although I’d probably enjoy them being invaded every now and then. However, I’d expect my roommate to respect them, especially if he has a ton of friends that’d make it awkward for me to run into all the time everywhere.

PS: To find out more about housing market in Yaba, CLICK HERE

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  1. Francis
    June 08, 05:23 Reply

    Hmmm, why the advert dey blank? It was showing for email.

  2. ambivalentone
    June 08, 06:22 Reply

    Now THIS is someone I’d love to live with. A sense of humor and not some uptight grandma. How ppl get married o ju bayi lo o…lol

  3. Chizzie
    June 08, 07:08 Reply

    Roommate? As in living in the same room with someone? Or flatmate???.

    Cause I don’t know how you can be paying that much to share a room with somebody.

    Anyways Yaba is really cool. So many gay guys and places to go to hang out and eat. Plus there’s that market again. Hiaaan. I actually really love it there and I’m there very often. Plus I’m always bumping into a certain person ??

  4. Masked Man
    June 08, 07:14 Reply

    People like Pinky and Francis should not live there . Coldstone will inherit all their life savings.

    • Francis
      June 08, 07:20 Reply

      ??? Chugging ice cream everyday in the midst of plenty gay people? Talk about reducing market ??

        • Francis
          June 08, 11:42 Reply

          Brisk walking no go get effect on Coldstone calories. I wish i get Dennis stamina

            • Francis
              June 08, 15:26 Reply

              True but that doesn’t apply to everyone

  5. Lorde
    June 08, 07:17 Reply

    I like the honesty sha, people who usually advertise will tell you “steady light and water” and lie about a bunch of other things.

  6. Canis VY Majoris
    June 08, 07:18 Reply

    Ad looks very attractive. Almost too good to be true,but from the description you’ve given based on close landmarks and rent flexibility (esp. the monthly payment plan) which is rare. I hope it’s not that fine house sharing a fence with the Atan Cemetery? 0_0.

    • Handle
      June 08, 15:51 Reply

      No sir. Cementary is 0.7km away.

      • Shuga chocolata
        June 08, 20:28 Reply

        Hi Handle you’re giving out too much clues….

        Haba it’s like you really want the intrusion abi invading?

        Just asking.

  7. Timi Leo
    June 08, 07:57 Reply

    nice description but the only ish I would be having is the coldstones/dominoes ehn, I pray I go dey carry salary reach house… lol

  8. Khaleesi
    June 08, 08:04 Reply

    Now this is what an ad should look like! Not some thinly veiled homophobic line of crap! If only this apartment was close to University of Port-Harcourt rather than Univ of Lagos, i know a certain KDian who would move mountains to go live there #TwinkVille #DMTwinkLover

  9. Shuga chocolata
    June 08, 08:04 Reply

    Cold stone ice-cream and dominos pizza’s.???????????

    What were you saying again?????????

  10. Colossus
    June 08, 08:23 Reply

    So, you wouldn’t mind being invaded every now and then? How often?

    • A-non
      June 08, 09:29 Reply

      Yup Colossus, that caught my attention too…

    • Handle
      June 08, 15:51 Reply

      Lol. I wouldn’t mind doing the invasion tho. But yes, I dont mind my space being invaded

  11. Truth
    June 08, 14:50 Reply

    Are you in a relationship?

  12. chuck
    June 08, 14:54 Reply

    Isn’t there a risk of being identified and outed from description of the apartment?

    • Handle
      June 08, 15:49 Reply

      BTW Unilag, Sabo and Coldstone is a huge radar. Except you re a friend and aware of my roommate hunt. Sure. If you don’t fall in the category. No. And I’m pretty sure my building isn’t the only with an underneath parking space in Yaba.

      • Django
        June 08, 23:10 Reply

        Please clarify… Roommate or flatmate?

        • Pink Panther
          June 09, 01:20 Reply

          He said three bedrooms. I think it’s obvious he’s looking for a flatmate. 🙂

  13. shawn
    June 08, 15:46 Reply

    nice AD.. beside Unilag!!! that’s tight..

  14. RAY
    June 09, 16:30 Reply

    To be clear, this dude wants we to pay N450 or share the bill?

    Besides Yaba still quite a distance from the WORK ZONE (Marina-VI-Lekki).

    Come back with same post but a location in Surulere; where a dude can live peacefully on the DL. Don’t wanna share a space with some bro in a location where, the sheets be always warm….hehehehe

    Kinna need that kinna roommate tho…some freaky ass bro to go hunting with.

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