Now That Muhammadu Buhari Has Won The Presidency…

Now That Muhammadu Buhari Has Won The Presidency…

IMG_20150331_235411Dare we hope that the next four years will constitute a Better Tomorrow for Nigerian LGBT?

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  1. QueerMike
    April 01, 04:41 Reply

    Don’t see that happening. Let’s just hope

  2. Pete
    April 01, 04:57 Reply

    So, Pinky can post something about the elections?

      • Pete
        April 01, 05:21 Reply

        You deleted my comment because I asked for a thread to discuss the elections. You post threads on movies/ celebrities that do not cross paths with LGBT.

      • Pete
        April 01, 05:35 Reply

        I don’t want to too, just pointing out what happened

        • pinkpanthertb
          April 01, 05:39 Reply

          An absolutely unnecessary pointer. but by all means, carry on grieving.

      • Teflondon
        April 01, 08:34 Reply

        Pinky your response to people who try to undermine your authority on this blog tho*

        Just change your monicker to “Evil witch” already… Lol

  3. Lemuel
    April 01, 05:21 Reply

    He may not even remember that part…

  4. Dennis Macaulay
    April 01, 05:30 Reply

    I will be celebrating this victory. This is not about Buhari, its about making a statement that truly the power belongs with the people and if you dont perform you will be thrown out.


    • Pete
      April 01, 05:36 Reply

      Is the house party still on the cards?

    • xpressivejboy
      April 01, 06:05 Reply

      Dennis Darl., it haf do…you will break your ankle. Take it easy with the shoki…the bed is set for the real Shoki.


      • Dennis Macaulay
        April 01, 07:06 Reply

        I dont get your points. Did any of you send an article about the elections or politics in Nigeria to PP and he replied saying he will not run it?

        I need clarifications please

      • Pete
        April 01, 09:12 Reply

        I asked him to open a thread for us to discuss the elections. He deleted my comment

      • Brian Collins
        April 02, 23:28 Reply

        Dennis Macaulay, lemme just tell you now that I know other parts of your body that have breakable bones and you will most def find out if a KD parrie happens especially in PH & I don’t get an invite.

  5. kendigin
    April 01, 06:07 Reply

    Its funny that kenny would write that bcos a few days to the election he openly said he would not vote and didnt care abt the contestants.
    Also @pinkpanther I didnt see anything on election through out the whole process. Recall that months ago I tried to campaign for buhari here.
    My point is that change wont drop from the sky. If u say u dont care about election then dont expect miracles to suddenly happen. I promise you if we had mobilized ourselves, by now we would have a stake and would be listened to wen agitating for change.

    This is my piece sha.

    • Mandy
      April 01, 06:18 Reply

      How does what Kenny wrote about his disinterest in the election take away from this update? #AskingForMyPeaceOfMind

      • kendigin
        April 01, 06:21 Reply

        Bcos u cannot be “disinterested” and then turn around to demand for change. I love kenny but I was disappointed with his position

    • Pete
      April 01, 06:27 Reply

      My point exactly. Pinky wasn’t interested in the elections. Why lap the spoils now?

    • MacArdry
      April 01, 06:49 Reply

      How do you agitate for political rights for a certain group without a platform to so do?.LGBT is more than fashion,thirst,et al.No true change in status will come our way till we become actively involved in the process.As it is now,we’re far from seriousness.

  6. McGray
    April 01, 06:22 Reply

    All Hail Queen Karma! Sai Queen Karma!d Sai Mama! Abeg wia GEJ and Smart??

  7. Mitch
    April 01, 06:23 Reply

    Call me a prophet of doom or anything you want, but mark my words. Buhari may have won the election but he will not rule Nigeria!

    • Gad
      April 01, 06:59 Reply

      Big lie. God is set to begin a new era in this nation. No one can stop it. It won’t be easy for the Vulcan General but Nigeria will surely win under God.

    • trystham
      April 01, 17:54 Reply

      Wotcha gonna b calling ur church now?

  8. McGray
    April 01, 06:24 Reply

    Buhahahahahhaha :D:D ahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahaha. U need to see d face of GEJ

  9. McGray
    April 01, 06:26 Reply

    Mitch i totally agree with u there. Buhari is not smelling Aso Butt. He might hv emerged as d winner but tsk tsk tsk he aint rulling.

    • kendigin
      April 01, 06:34 Reply

      Its funny how pdp continues desperately to cling to the last straws of illusion.
      Sorry y’all but my BU is here to stay. You either get in line or swallow acid

  10. McGray
    April 01, 06:28 Reply

    This thing just happened to show Nigerians that there is still atleast a TRUE MAN of God who gives no damn abt brown envelopes. I salute u Mbaka. God is with u

    • Gad
      April 01, 07:06 Reply

      Mbaka wasn’t alone but I salute his courage. What has happened in the country is an eye opener for people to see the hypocrisy and lies of merchants who parade as men of God especially those in the “pentecostal” block.

  11. McGray
    April 01, 06:35 Reply

    Pinky u actually need some spanking for not giving us a platform for this election here. M really a great lover of politics and i dnt fink u deserve a medal for what you did. Or should we just pound sorry from you?

  12. McGray
    April 01, 06:37 Reply

    Some ppl are actually ready to lick BU butt. Would like to see hw they will commit suicide should the tide turns. Ahahahahahahahahahhahahaahahahahahahahahhahahhahahah ahohohohohohohoohohohohohohoh

  13. MacArdry
    April 01, 06:49 Reply

    How do you agitate for political rights for a certain group without a platform to so do?.LGBT is more than fashion,thirst,et al.No true change in status will come our way till we become actively involved in the process.As it is now,we’re far from seriousness.

    • McGray
      April 01, 06:52 Reply

      Yes Fellow Pounders It’s Time To Pound Sorry From Pinky.

  14. Dennis Macaulay
    April 01, 07:44 Reply

    Again I ask, did any of you send an article to PP about the elections and politics in Nigeria and he replied saying that he will not run it?

    The content of this blog is mostly generated by the users as PP himself writes less than 5% of what is posted here.

    So I need clarifications, did you do a piece on this matter and PP expressly indicated that he does not want it on the blog?

    • McGray
      April 01, 08:16 Reply

      Dennis if i get u eh…. Dnt spoil my show for me oo. Dnt u knw it’s natural and ‘Nigerial’ to blame the leader(s) even if they are wrong? M merely being natural. *sips Dennis…sorry, coffee*

    • kendigin
      April 01, 09:30 Reply

      U shld direct that question to pinkpanther. We dont know the answer to that.
      But more seriously, I thank pinkpanther for this blog. This isnt something he did wrong, rather a call to all of us to be more involved in our own politics.
      Notice I said ALL of us. Hiding in a cocoon wont help us. We can write blogs from now till kingdom come and very little will change. If the head of witches can come out openly to support goodluck, I think the very least we can do is to find subtle means to give voice to our concerns.

      • pinkpanthertb
        April 01, 09:55 Reply

        Let he who sent me a political piece to publish and I said no speak up.

    • Jeova Sanctus Unus
      April 01, 17:55 Reply

      There’s always a “Let’s Discuss…” platform on this blog – I’m ignorant of what transpired after the said comment (but I did see it) – Moderator could have created such.

      We’ve always discussed in the ‘Comments’ section, not as/in a post.

  15. wazzosgrotto
    April 01, 07:51 Reply

    Time to get to work gentleman. If you want LGBT rights then like the Nigerian people who decided in this election we must galvanize ourselves and form a platform. If APC is to run its petrol dollar depleted government then they are going to need quite a bit of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) which means Nigeria is going to have to improve on their civil liberties record for the next 8 years. The road will be tough but if there is a platform for supporters of equal rights for LGBT people to come together and interact with the government then some progress can be made.

    Obama ain’t going to give us gay rights. We must claim it.

  16. Teflondon
    April 01, 08:48 Reply

    I am a fanatic of Buhari and I am Glad he won.
    That said..
    I remember someone asking PP to run a thread or Platform where by we could discuss about the ongoing elections.. PP clearly ignored this plea and further went (so I heard) to delete the persons plea..
    What we don’t understand as a community that we are (LGBT) is that we supposed to bothered about the politics going on in the country because it directly affects us.
    I am first of Baffled by South South and South East gay people that have decided to still stick with GEJ. Someone that tried to criminalize our sexuality. I think yall should be ashamed (well everyone is free to chose) but I think any right thinking Gay man will see everything wrong in GEJ administration (Gay-Related or not).
    Buhari is by no means a saint but I should expect him to reverse that bill or whatnot.
    PP and Kenny Badmus are quick to envisage reaping “good things” from the new Nigeria but were not willing or ready to support the movement before the change came.
    Hypocrisy much? Anyone?

    **My daily rambling.. Yea I know! Whatever**

    • keredim69
      April 01, 09:09 Reply

      “Buhari is by no means a saint but I should expect him to reverse that bill or whatnot.”

      @Teflondon, what makes you think the new administration would reverse the anti-gay law?

      • McGray
        April 01, 09:24 Reply

        He is T.B Joshua nah. Mtheewww. Anyhoo, Buhari is a Muslim. And u guys know Islamic religion love same sex marriage a lot abi? Well, lets continue looking with odu anya mode.

      • kendigin
        April 01, 09:34 Reply

        Is that a joke? Buhari cant touch that bill, that job is for national assembly.
        The best he can do is to grant anybody convicted presidential pardon.

        And no, muslims do not “love” same sex relations. I think the punishment under islamic law is being stoned to death or something. Which is far worse than imprisonment.

        • keredim69
          April 01, 09:36 Reply

          @Kendigin, I believe @McGray was being sarcastic

      • Teflondon
        April 01, 10:44 Reply

        This not about religion.. All those waving the *religious card* this is about minority rights, human rights if you will… Buhari a man of integrity I beleive.. Should be able to do the right thing and reverse that bill. However, this is big ‘Might’ he might or might not reverse it.. We definitely don’t know yet but I heard rumors (he had some sort of agreement with the US) key word *rumors* we definitely don’t know anything at this moment but we can atleast HOPE.
        Unlike GEJ we already knew were he stood as regards to the Gay Bill.

    • wazzosgrotto
      April 01, 09:50 Reply

      *standing ovation*

      Exactly. You want LGBT rights but you won’t vote or show interest in the politics of the very nation you are in? Laughable.

      If you want to be eating those man cakes legally in the comfort of your home you better get political folks.

    • Sinnex
      April 01, 12:13 Reply

      If you seriously believe that GMB would repeal the same sex prohibition act, then you must be living in fool’s paradise.

      You sound as if APC came out of no where to win the election. You forget that APC has a large number of Senators and House of Rep members. Did any of them speak against it? Or did any of the governors under the platform of APC kick against it.

      See, don’t be decieved. Nigerians would not accept, at least not just yet.

      Nigeria has a lot of problems and I don’t think LGBT issues is a priority. Did GMB even mention it as a campaign promise.

      I really don’t have anything to say about the SS/SE gay issue you mentioned. I am sure DM is from the East and many more here. I am from the South East, gay and supported GMB.

    • McGray
      April 01, 12:27 Reply

      There’s sumtin u guys dnt get. MAJORITY of Nigerians do not approve ‘Homo’. GMB faith is strictly against it nd muslims always keep their faith to d core. He wouldnt wanna disappoint Nigerians. I guess u all knw dat. Still odu anya mode ooo. I kinda like dat man sef. Those gap teeth is killing me. The slim frame…. Ah! *runs off*

  17. Legalkoboko
    April 01, 10:35 Reply

    If Buhari could dare to contest for the fourth time after 3 terrible losses under his belt, why can’t we dare to sampling the waters of this change to our favour? Why not? warum nicht?

    The great GMB is a Muslim. Granted. His vp is a pastor. Yes. But this victory is a product of an aggressive marketing, shrewd planning,serious coalitions and concessions. This is PRECISELY what the Nigerian LGBT needs at this moment.
    The key lesson from the General is this: if you can dream of it and work relentlessly towards it, then you will have it.

    • keredim69
      April 01, 10:59 Reply

      @Legalkoboko, that is a rallying call if i ever heard one. Sooooo who is going to start the movement from within? So is out to their family? Who has the support of their family to front this campaign? Who is using their real name on this blog? Who is going to bell the cat?

  18. Legalkoboko
    April 01, 10:46 Reply

    May I also use this opportunity to point out what I think is the bane of the Nigerian LGBT community: childish tantrums and bickering.

    Everyone wants to appear fashionable. This diva wants to outdo the next diva in his “divaness “. You love trendy things. Popularity gives us such a kick .
    So we waste previous time and opportunity bickering and fighting. PP puts up a simple post, you go to the comment section, and the whole blog is on fire over none issues. That was PDPs undoing.
    We will continue receiving the Kano and Kaduna kind of tsunami against our community if we continue like this.
    Enough of my ranting this morning.
    Sai Baba!

    • keredim69
      April 01, 11:02 Reply

      @LegalKoboko, i hear you on that one and I am totally behind you. But all you have just said is not just a “gay” thing…..It is a Nigerian thing 🙂 Our default position is to show off. Well said though.

    • Dubem
      April 01, 11:08 Reply

      Exactly my point, Legal. Here’s finally a post on the politics of the country, and instead of diving into the issue, the political ones are first resting their laurels on tackling Pink Panther. Odiegwu really.

  19. Dubem
    April 01, 11:02 Reply

    This is going to be a long one, but it has to be said.

    The antics of some of this blog’s readership amuses me, really, and not in a good way. Pink Panther is the most visible person on this blog, and I guess that’s why it is easy to nail him to the stake.

    But here’s the thing: all you political animals who are clamouring for blood over the fact that he did not create a forum on KD for us to discuss the just concluded elections are much like the Nigerians who believe the change Buhari has promised will come entirely from the Aso Villa, and have nothing to do with them. They will sit back and go on with their lives, not changing a thing, all the while expecting the miracle of change to happen from one man – the president.
    That is exactly what you’re portraying here.

    Dennis was right to ask if there’s anyone here who sent in a political piece to PP for publication and he said no. Because if you didn’t, and you’re here bitching about how there was no forum provided for you to rant, then you’re a hypocrite. I have heard it said somewhere that Chimamanda Adichie said that if you want to see something on print, then you write what you want to read. Pete who started this whole nonsense has often talked about his intention to write about MGMs. So I believe that means he can write. Teflondon, who was quick to pick up on the crusade against PP, has often moaned about a piece that has being held captive in PP’s email. So of course, that tells me he can write. But did any of these two send any political write-ups to PP? I believe the answer to that is No. Because if they did, they’d have said so.

    If you want to talk politics, and you have not seen it published on the blog, then you write about it and create the forum yourself. Look at Gad, for instance. I may not care much for the guy sometimes, but at least he has an integrity that I sometimes admire. When it was observed here that PP was not publishing anything about Islam and Homosexuality, and PP himself admitted to not knowing anything about the subject enough to write on it, what did Gad do? He wanted the issue discussed and he researched and wrote on it himself. TWICE! And that gave birth to the discourse on the subject here.

    But some people are angling for a political discussion, and clamouring for PP to create the forum. HOW? FROM WHERE? What if he’s not political? What then do you want him to talk about? Who says he’s not anxious to be educated by you and what you have to say? Look at Pete, bitching about a deleted comment. A DELETED COMMENT! Funny, and here I was thinking his concern was for the political community of Nigeria. And the deleted comment was even the second time you were bringing up the issue. you had already dropped that comment once before on a different post, and PP ignored it. When you felt he wasn’t serving your interest, do you not know the way to his email address, where you can better talk about why you want this so much? Oh, I forgot. You already did that. On BBM. And yet, even after you two hashed it out, you came here again on the blog to whine about creating a forum. What then did you expect he’d do? Delete your comment, of course. You want it so badly, WRITE ABOUT IT!

    Must everyone be the one expecting to be spoon-fed? Is it not people who take time out of their lives to write the stuff you read here? The Pink Panther you are quick to target runs two blogs and has a life. And yet manages to hold it together here. And simply because he did not satiate a particular need, you feel it’s not right for him to (what was it Pete called it?) lap the spoils? LOL! What is this, an Israelite battle against the Philistines? Even Teflondon himself is throwing the word ‘hypocrisy’ around. Rich, coming from someone who wears the coat quite well. Someone once said here that you have it in for PP, and I am beginning to believe it. No matter how you want to deny it and cover it with that hackneyed term of it being your personal opinion, you never fail to pick up the contrary mantle of maligning him. You’re blasting at Kenny Badmus for what he said; did he tell you he didn’t eventually vote?

    Nawa for una o.

    When you want something done, and no one is doing it, get it done yourselves. If you want a topic discussed here, and no one is bringing it up, write it for us to read and appreciate. Don’t just sit there and spread your poison everywhere, expecting others to do it for you. If that’s the life you’re about, then you really shouldn’t have an opinion on Buhari’s administration.

    • Teflondon
      April 01, 13:58 Reply

      Wow! All this long thesis.. Just to dress my issues. Anyways I am in a good mood today and I don’t want to draw issues with anyone.
      One thing I’ll say tho..
      That I have something against PP because of my comments here is just out right Nonsense.. Bogus if you like. I say things as I see fit and I spit it out. (It’s your mind tho and you are free to think what you want)
      You ranted without actually addressing the issue here
      A comment about politics was deleted.. Why? (I am definitely not expecting an answer)
      I questioned PP’s inaction about politics on here prior to the presidential results? I don’t think I have done wrong for that.. But I guess yall will come up with all sorts of conspiracy theory about how I have something against PP and I am a man on a mission. It’s just sad. Only Sinnex understands where I am coming from most times with my views and opinions and I know Sinnex has been on this blog long before me.. So Sinnex too is on a mission right?
      All this rants is very very uncessary, if you ask me!

    • Jeova Sanctus Unus
      April 01, 18:07 Reply

      A post isn’t a forum sir. Thanks.

      I didn’t ask for a forum to discuss politics/election but I believe it’s aim was for people to discuss the main contestants, their politics and motivate the apolitical (KD readership) to vote.

  20. pinkpanthertb
    April 01, 11:05 Reply

    Really, Ace? What was so vicious about that comment? Really? You think that was me baring my claws? I suppose you don’t know me very much then.

  21. Khaleesi
    April 01, 11:24 Reply

    #StrikeThatStupidLaw … sadly, we all know that homophobia is part of Nigerians’ DNA, however we can work hard to hold this govt accountable for human rights abuses. We can insist that they uphold human rights (which include gay rights), a call for an end to police illegality/brutality will undoubtedly benefit all including the LGBT community ….

  22. Max
    April 01, 11:27 Reply

    Why all the bickering bikonu? Do you know how long it takes to read a post here?
    Do you know how much time/effort it takes to even write a readable piece??
    I always plan on writing stuff here, but I hadn’t the time to. Cut the admin some slack, stop feeling entitled and making demands. Before you make a demand, put an effort in writing it down, instead of sitting and expecting someone else to do it. It takes 2 hours to write about 3 pages worth of reading on Microsoft word(font size 16), and the admin of this blog has a day job and a life just like most of us.
    Everyone is pointing fingers and saying all sorts of things. Its perfectly normal to support a particular candidate before election and to jump ship if the odds didn’t go in your Favour. You can’t keep supporting your “loser” candidate because they’ve lost and there’s nothing you can do about it. You just have to go with the majority and live with it, so all these talks of hypocrisy should stop.
    Jonathan signed the anti-gay law to win Favour from people and to further his ambition for this years election, but its clear to everyone that people don’t really care about gay people. Homosexuality has never and will never be our problem and Thats why no one remembered it during voting. It wasn’t even used for campaign, because it was highly unnecessary. Its unfortunate we are the ones behind the fence of the shooting range…
    Buhari will not change the law, I’ve made peace with the fact and the harsh reality that this law is here to stay. I suggest everyone else should do the same. Expectations lead to heartbreak and disappointment, so let’s stop expecting anything from him. Unlike Jonathan, he can’t be easily swayed, unless he’s gay himself.
    I don’t know what plans he has for Nigeria yet, but it’s better to rock the boat and start afresh than to keep moving in an endless and fruitless direction.
    As for the person who mentioned eastern gays, remember gays are still +-10% of the entire population… And Igbo’s are about a third of the entire Nigeria, so do the math. Even if all the Eastern gay people voted for Buhari, it won’t make much difference.. In fact even if all the gays in Nigeria voted for him, the impact won’t be much.
    If you really really want to live a happy life before you die, then Nigeria(for now) isn’t the place for you. You’re going get emotionally tortured till you cave in and fall in line.
    Let’s stop pointing accusing fingers..
    Blogs are hard to maintain
    PP is a meta-human for being able to run it for this long without breaking
    Help him with articles you’d like to be published
    Or better, write your own.

    • pinkpanthertb
      April 01, 11:45 Reply

      There’s a certain sadness to the reality you just pointed out, Max. The thing is, its exactly that – reality. The reality of LGBT in this country. Maybe it will change in the future. Honestly I pray it will. I can’t not have hope that one day, my countrymen will give a fuck about the rights of the likes of me.

      • Max
        April 01, 11:59 Reply

        Me too.. But that hope is fading.. Real fast..

      • McGray
        April 01, 12:54 Reply

        This is y i love Pinky. Pete said sumtin without calling Pinky names, Pinky replied without calling him names too, although a heavy response. But Pro Pinkys came out tearing, wounding and killing every ‘anti-Pinky’. This is y many ppl fall victims. Deleting sum1’s post aint gud, unless Chizzie’s. Lol. Pinky is very diplomatic being able to tell sum1 go to hell in such a way d person looks foward to d ticket.
        Pinky abeg wats d name of ur oda blog, wouldnt wanna miss any of ur nice body….sorry, ur nice post.

  23. JArch
    April 01, 11:43 Reply

    Dubem mbok where can I kiss you, I just love it whenever you come and tell it as it is. I have always asked pinky in private when he has time for himself, running two blogs and guest blogging for others and writing a novel and working at a very demanding job… There’s only 24hrs in a day yet he still manages to keep it together.

    He’s only one person and doing all these, and he’s always been asking for people to send in their piece.

    Pete I know you meant well, and weren’t hoping for this to escalate, but really let’s be considerate, not everyone is well versed in politics or loves to talk about it. I have noticed on this blog, that each day there are always silent readers who break their silence because they identify with a topic and they comment, that how this blog thrives – a combined effort of you and I with pinky at the helm of affairs

    Bearing that in mind, if you want to talk politics (and pinky isn’t coming forth) just send in a piece no matter the length (cos the election is still fresh and open to more discussions about the future). I am sure there are tons of people who would break their silence to join the discourse

  24. Legalkoboko
    April 01, 14:41 Reply

    Keredim I get your point.
    But my approach to the issue is much simpler.
    I think that living in 9ja & coming out to ur parents and family is not the most urgent strategy now.
    I think we should pitch our battle tents one small things.
    Things like getting a boyfriend and working hard to make the relationship work.
    Things like a stubborn refusal to get married, even when one is “ripe for marriage “.
    Things like insisting on antagonizing any homophobic argument that comes ur way.

    I think we are not ready for such heroics like coming out yet. But we can start small.

  25. Chris
    April 01, 18:31 Reply

    I dont see same sex relationship thriving and encouraged by any ruling government in Nigeria, not at least in the next 15yrs. No political party would have the guts or balls (excused the pun) to include Lgbt issues on their manifesto. Nigerian community is to a large extent a very homophobic one. Not to be married at 37 or 38yrs in Nigeria would automatiacally be classiffied as TB (especially now that mainstream society now understand what TB meant).

    A lot of lgbt people have not even accepted themselves and dealt with their sexuality. Some only feel free , alive and breathing when they are commenting on KD. I believe there will be a change someday, one day.

  26. BLAzer
    April 02, 09:23 Reply

    First of all,I don’t think GMB will help much with the LGBT rights. That guy’s a religious fanatic who’s managed to disguise himself in order to win our votes. I do hope the ‘CHANGE’ he’s been professing will be a change from bad to good and better not from bad to worse.As for the LGBT rights, I’m gay and it hurts me that the majority of the country is predominantly homophobic. Let’s pray GMB can do something about that. That said, I’m a first time commenter here though I’ve been following the blog for a while. PP this is really lovely.keep it up

  27. Khal
    April 03, 07:01 Reply

    Anyone in authority willing to oppose that law would most likely lose his/her ticket for a rerun… And we live in a hypocritical moral society so I don’t expect anything soon.

    Although I’m of the opinion that if the bill was raised during OBJ’s tenure it wouldn’t have been passed into law… As against GEJ who’s looking to gain emotional accreditation from people.

  28. wondabuoy
    April 07, 09:49 Reply

    Reversal of the bill is not the issue. Sincerely analysing the bill in the first place, you’ll see that we are never even friends with ourselves. Gays fight themselves a lot. There’s so much hate within the “minor” community.

    That law was a political stuff.

    Let’s think about it a little: Were we gonna get married and walk the streets hands-in-hands?
    Gay relationships have been in place since.

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