You remember Vince, right? Vince, who gave me the ‘Baby, we need to talk’ breakup… Mmhmm, him!

He gave me a phone call one afternoon – a very surprising phone call. We had lost touch and all. He was out of sight and out of mind. I was moving on; in fact I had this friendship-relationship thing I was working on, but it all crumbled after that call from Vince.

I answered: “Hello…”

Vince: Hey. It’s me.

Me: Who?

Vince: Vince. How are you?

Me: How did you get my number?

Vince: Stephen gave it to me.

Me: Oh. Okay.

I felt tense all of a sudden. What is this? I thought I was over this guy.

No, Kizzie baby, you’re not. Like play like play, we somewhat got back together after that phone call. I mean every douche deserves a second chance, no?

But what about my friendship-relationship with Sani? Oh God!

Sani is nice. Sani is cool. Sani didn’t deserve what I was about to put him through. Sigh.

But I had to let him know what was up. So when he came over to my house, I told him everything: my relationship with Vince, my (foolish) love for him, and that phone call.

Sani was astounded.

I broke up inside. I couldn’t think straight from that moment. I still wanted Sani around. I basically wanted the both of them – Sani and Vince. You’d say: selfish much? I’d say: I know.

But Sani put me in the spot. “No, Kizito. You’ll have to choose. It’s either him or me.”

“But you don’t understand,” I protested. “I’m connected to Vince in a way that I can’t explain. It’s like I’m stuck with him.”

“OK then.” He started to leave.

“No. No!” I held him back. “Don’t go please. Please!” I held him back.

“You can’t be with both of us, Kizito. Don’t you see? I’m in love with you, but there’s nothing I can do. You’ve chosen him already. I guess he’s good enough for you.”

“Don’t say this please. I love you too. It’s just that Vince…he…he…”

At this point, I was a totally confused fish.

We felt so heavy like we were two Geepee tanks overfilling with water.

Sani spoke softly, “Is it possible to love both of us exactly the same? I don’t think so. You obviously love Vince more.”

“But I do. I love you both! Oh God!” And the tears came.

Totally confused fish, this one! Kai!

And Sani was teary-eyed too. “You can’t have both of us, Kizito. You’ve made your choice. I hope you guys are happy together.”

Oh, but that was a curse. We were never happy together. In fact, we drifted apart just a week later. I mean Vince and I.

They both apparently had no place in my life. (In the twinkle of an eye, Lol)

I was a free man again. And this was good. It was for the best – because if I were still with any of them, I wouldn’t have encountered what I did later on.

Hello, Future.

Written by Kizito

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Nearly every gay man I meet these days is an atheist, or at least claims to be one (many of them still shout Jesus Christ when we have a near


  1. Masked Man
    September 09, 07:53 Reply

    Of course. That later encounter. Exactly why I love birthday parties. ?????

    • Vhar.
      September 09, 08:42 Reply

      I looooooooooooove me some birthday parties. ??

      Cake! Cakes!! Cakes!!! And more CAKES!

        • Keredim
          September 09, 09:42 Reply

          It is quite possible they are doing that thing “Too Clean” does when Duke drops a piece, that annoys Delle so much…?

  2. ikea
    September 09, 08:44 Reply

    slut. self destructive slut. this is a major problem with gay people. hope u get the help you need.

    ps. not saying it with bile, just being as frank as possible

    • Vhar.
      September 09, 09:15 Reply

      Bile or not, he’s entitled to his “sluthood”. 🙂

    • Keredim
      September 09, 09:53 Reply


      Firstly, It’s not a “gay people’s” problem. Straight people do it as well. Look around you, within “six degrees of separation” from you, is a lady stringing at least two men along. Its called “not putting one’s eggs in one basket”. In Finance its called ” Hedging”

      Secondly, in your haste to slut shame, you missed the sheer honesty in the person. He told Sani he wasn’t the only one. Something, Miss Hedge Fund above would most probably never do.

      Thirdly, you wouldn’t know Frank if he whipped out his dick and slapped you in the face with it. So please don’t say anything about being Frank.


      • Mandy
        September 09, 10:04 Reply

        ???? Keredim returned, complete with a lecturer’s cane.

      • Delle
        September 09, 10:51 Reply

        Oh God, Keredim! ICSL

      • Kenny
        September 09, 11:35 Reply

        ????? biko stay this time around o. Don’t disappear on us again.

  3. Mandy
    September 09, 09:52 Reply

    First of all, is that a cliffhangar you just dropped us on, eh? What is the matter with you people sef?
    Secondly, can you just see yourself and how greedy you are? You want Vince and Sani… Ptueh for you. Why weren’t you like The Reverend’s Kevin Achike and pick the guy who was right there at the moment, instead of the blast from your past.

  4. Delle
    September 09, 10:49 Reply

    Oh church o! Kizito biko, goan beg Sani abeg. He didn’t deserve to be left so.

    Hello Future…hahahhahaaha!

  5. Peak
    September 09, 12:03 Reply

    “Sani and Vince. You’d say: selfish much? I’d say”…HUMAN.

  6. Jo
    September 09, 13:51 Reply

    *sighs*…all the Sanis of this world

  7. Truth
    September 09, 18:55 Reply

    One word “Hoe”. Another one “slut”

  8. Brian Collins
    September 09, 21:12 Reply

    Couldn’t you just take a cue from Blake Lively and those incredible dudes from ‘Savages’? But then Sani and Vince are not best friends right?

  9. Lord Naughtiness
    September 13, 03:10 Reply

    Awwwwww… The ghost of boyfriend past…???… And u see him and stop thinking straight… U start thinking hoe thought????

    • Pink Panther
      September 13, 04:41 Reply

      Lol. There’s never any thinking’straight’ with us. 😀

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