K’osidim n’obi (Entry 6)

K’osidim n’obi (Entry 6)

So what can I say… With 2016 coming to an end, I guess all I can do is offer thanks to whatever force it is that rules the universe. Life’s been really full recently, what with a new job, school stress, finally being with the man I love, having to manage the returning patterns of my eating disorder (I’ve lost an extra 4kg since the last time, but I’m more in control now). With the good and bad and how downright unbearable these past few weeks have been… It hasn’t been easy at all, but it’s been worth it.

My family is becoming more tolerant of me with each passing day. Amaka is in a stable relationship finally. I finally found my Man. Marv isn’t exactly who you’d call my perfect gentleman. We’ve been friends for two years, right around the same time I met Alor. And then recently, the tension finally exploded and I said the words to him: “I want you… And not just for a day, but for as long as I live.”

I didn’t know if I meant it. I didn’t know what I was thinking. I just knew what my heart was screaming at me, what I was feeling, that I was yearning to be his. I’d always been, but I kept pushing it off in my quest for the perfect man, ignoring the one I had right in front of me.

“Let’s dance to your tune,” he replied.

And bam! We ended up together officially. I can still remember the laugh on his end, the laugh on mine, the swelling sensation somewhere deep in my heart as I imagined his eye winking behind his glasses as he smiled.

“What of sex? How do we handle it?” he asked.

We burst into a fresh round of laughter. I knew we were thinking the same thing. We both preferred to bottom.

I wiped my eyes as my laughter died slowly. “We’ll figure that out, my love,” I said with an affirming nod. “We’ll figure that out.”

“I’ve got you,” he whispered.

“And I you,” I said so low I wasn’t sure he heard. “And I you,” I repeated long after our call had ended.

I hate to think of the future. It scares the crap out of me, but I’ve taken my leap and from now on, it’s a free fucking fall! I’ll worry about the bottom the closer I get there.

Merry Christmas to you, my darling KDians.

Written by Kainene

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  1. Mandy
    December 26, 07:08 Reply

    *Ovation* Kainene, defying gay societal norms since 2016. A bottom and a bottom in a relationship… Have you been ostracised by the Nigerian Association of Bottoms yet? 😀 I hear this kind of relationship is something they find very abominable.

    • ambivalentone
      December 26, 08:45 Reply

      What is this? Lesbianism in gayism abi kini mo n ri to ko yi? What sub-species are you now? Homo sexualis bottomus L.???

    • Delle
      December 26, 09:48 Reply

      No o, Mandy. As the Founder of NAB, the development is highly welcomed.

      In fact, in effect, Ambivalentone and Mitch have both been demoted to the positions of Clerk1 and Clerk 2 respectively for doubting such could happen.
      Kainene is now the new GM. We are very excited here in NAB to have such a person who isn’t afraid to break and cross-over borders.
      *thunderous applause ensues*

  2. Mitch
    December 26, 09:16 Reply

    OMG! I’m beyond happy for you Kainene. I hope your love lasts beyond the haters and naysayers.

  3. Delle
    December 26, 09:41 Reply

    Yayyy! Wiarisdat my Top and Bottom Conundrum post biko? Mitch have you seen? Can you see, isi aki?

    Happy for you, Kainene! Don’t worry, it’s not so difficult. Spread the Yansh and banye n’ime.

    Merry Christmas dear???

    • Mitch
      December 26, 10:34 Reply


      Whore of Babylon. Spread the nyash, like you won’t puke if you are asked to do it.

      A is for Ewu!

      • Delle
        December 26, 11:35 Reply

        Yoozless rabbit! Lookatyew! I aff been diving in and out since I can’t remember. Just not the main hole shaa.

        But that one is not a problem. Not everyone is clueless as to what to do with an ass like you.

        Prostitute of Babel!

    • KryxxX
      December 26, 10:45 Reply


      Chai!!!!! KD haff mebichala Delle oh! See him speaking like one old warri with plenty lying on the back experience! Nwata buzikwa akwa rerure oh! ??????.

      Spread the nyansh kwa? Obara Gawd!!!!!

      • Delle
        December 26, 11:37 Reply

        Hian Kryxxx, haff you met me? Mouth, ass, dick, ear all virgins!

        Biko kwa, thou should not be deceived by the scribblings on a blog. ???????

  4. KryxxX
    December 26, 10:42 Reply

    Awwwwwwn! ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?!
    This is so sweet! I don’t care if it is between two partners who prefer same thing in the bedroom……….. Dildo ka di nu na-afia nau! Okwaya???? It is love baby and Love is so sweet!!!!!!!

    Love wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????.

  5. Nel
    December 27, 00:00 Reply


    Super excited for you ?

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