Let’s Discuss…About Blood Oaths And Superstition

Let’s Discuss…About Blood Oaths And Superstition

So recently, in a Facebook LGBT group I belong to, where conversations are frequently sparked by hot button issues and opinions fly around as diverse as any it can get here on Kito Diaries, someone posted an update about blood oaths. Growing up, I’d sometimes heard about gay men in relationships going into blood covenants as an attempt to reassure themselves of the strength of their relationships. And when I heard such stories, I laughed at the desperation and lack of a sense of security the act implies. And secondly, that a couple would resort to introducing the fear of the diabolical as a way of keeping their relationship intact just doesn’t seem to me as something two people secure with their love would do.

But hey, before I get carried away, here’s the update and some of the comments that trailed it (names of the commenters are not real). And then sound off in the comments.


Don: Okay! So this Nigerian guy that just got in here last week told me how he took a blood oath with his boyfriend a night before he departed. Unto say they will never leave each other come what may. They intend to eventually marry, even though at the moment, they can fool around with other people. They just won’t leave each other. This is a bit too extreme and weird to me. But whatever sails their boat.

Kennedy: Blood oath…is that even a thing? They can eventually separate and nothing will happen biko.

Gabriel: Hmmm, blood oath…that shit is very powerful o!

Ikenna: Kennedy, blood oaths binds even after death o. I can’t try it even if a man goes to the sun for me. I can promise never to leave you, mana nke blood ahu, Chukwu aju!

Emeka: Blood oaths are some messy shit. It’s powerful and difficult to undo. People die because of it.

Bello: Nollywood rubbish!

Kennedy: Exactly! The effects of Nollywood on you people though!

Gabriel: I’m telling you, even MFM prayer warriors sweat profusely to undo it. It’s no Nollywood shit. This is reality.

Bello: Please name two people you know who did it and died within days abi hours of leaving each other. All this is superstition. You grew up with it being told to you it happens over and over again. Hearsay and stories upon stories!

Gabriel: I don’t need to know two people that did it and died. Blood covenant is certainly not something to joke with. There are lots of mysteries behind that shit. I really don’t wanna go all bible and churchy because it would be a waste of time.

Bello: By all means bring out your bible and mysteries. I’m waiting lol

Gabriel: What is the point in trying to argue that with you? As if it will in any way change what you already believe.

Bello: Bring me evidence. The drugs you take were not made by a researcher saying, ‘I just FEEL this is the compound that will work.’ We all have brains. Let’s use logic more in our lives.

Emeka: Bello and Kennedy, biko you two should go do it and we’ll know if it’s true or not.

Uche: You that is hailing it as true, what’s your basis for believing if not for them say-them say.

Emeka: Not them say-them say. Considering where I’m coming from, I’ve been opportune to see a case firsthand. The prayer session that night wasn’t funny. The guy was at the point of death

Kennedy: Point of death because he did a blood ritual or because he was sick?

Emeka: He left the girl he did it with because he didn’t like her anymore. Dude fell ill, went for many tests, nothing could be found. And then he confessed, hence the prayers. Funny enough, after the prayers, he became well like he had never been sick. Although you could see the toll the sickness took on him. Blood oaths are not trivial matters to be joked with or entered lightly.

Bello: Carry am go better hospital, them go find the cause of the illness. It’s only in Nigeria people have ‘unexplainable illnesses’.

Anthony: Actually, that’s not true, Bello. There are such situations over here too. The lady I live with fell sick one time and was wasting away. Nothing was found to be her problem. Prayers were said for her, lots of praying and fasting. And then, after a prayer session with her pastor, he told her to go and that they would find out her issue. And she revisited the hospital, and indeed the problem was located. And this was after eight months since when she first fell sick.

Bello: Your mystery illness can be due to a growth or tumor that wasn’t resolved (seen) by the scans that are currently available to science (science keeps improving). After eight months, it can grow to where it can be solidly detected.

Anthony: I know this. But it was not a tumor. And I’m sure Cambridge and Norwich hospitals have whatever they need to diagnose illnesses.

Bello: I didn’t say it was a tumor. I was giving a scenario. Modern medicine is not perfect. I also said that in the ‘science’ part of my response.

Bello: I mean, really, what next will we hear? Witches flying at night to torment the cheating boyfriend? Someone ‘stealing’ the guy’s manhood in public by touching? Do you know there are people who believe homosexual intercourse is a ‘blood covenant’ that will cause your life to be stagnated one way or the other? Going by what you’re saying, isn’t that plausible? Though I guess you will feel that’s bull crap because you have sex with men.

Gabriel: Bello, by all means go ahead with it o! If you’re able to live through it, then I’ll have blood covenants with as many men I can lay my hands on as possible lol.

Bello: Just answer my question. It’s very simple. Is this my own theory also not true? Abi are you uncomfortable?

Gabriel: Well it’s true though, not just the gay sex. Premarital sex in general, but it’s different, because in the case of blood covenant, an oath is taken. Promises are made to be kept.

Kennedy: Nothing will happen, guys. If you were a bad boy in school, you would remember that school cults do blood oaths to initiate their members who will eventually decide to quit and run away. Nothing happens to them. Or will you tell me that the ones for relationships are stronger?

Bello: Love own is stronger oh, haven’t you heard?

Don: My childhood friend’s sister is a nutcase today because she betrayed a guy she had a blood oath with. No prayer house or hospital could get her right again.

Bello: My dear, if they carry am go proper mental health facility, them go trace the cause. Schizophrenia has many causes, none are blood oaths.

Don: If you say so, doc.

Kennedy: Don, what is wrong with her? She ran mad? Or became sick? What exactly?

Don: She has been misbehaving since then. Not totally mad as to be on the streets, but she’s not totally normal. Eventually, she couldn’t get married again.

Bello: Let me use facts and illustrate. Throughout human history, people have employed this “god of the gaps” type of reasoning: whenever we come across something we do not understand, attribute it to a supernatural force. Even if strange things always occurred with blood oaths (and that’s not remotely true), I am content because every entity that has been on that list has ultimately been shown to have a thoroughly naturalistic origin and explanation. Night and day, the nature of the moon and stars, the cycles of the seasons, the cause of diseases, the motions of the planets, the weather, the source of disasters such as earthquakes – we now know that ALL these things and many more are natural phenomena, with no gap-dwelling gods needed to explain them.

Kennedy: Except homophobia, we still don’t know where that one came from. Oh wait, we do! From religion! *sigh*

Bello: Lol! Yeye!

Junior: See superstition here sha. The crazy things people believe are shocking.

Bello: Let them come out and say it. They should just reply my previous question about homosexual intercourse, that’s my own, so that we can all agree that we are doing demonic covenants every day.

Junior: That the brightness of our destinies reduces every time we lust over a passing bloke.

Brian: Do they really have to do blood oath (Eww, by d way) to stay committed in relationships? Because in the end, when you want to leave, you won’t, instead you’ll stay because of the fear of what will happen if you leave. And that to me is nonsense!

Don: Yes, that’s the shitty part of it. You feel unnecessarily obligated even when you don’t want to.

Phil: Personally, I can go the extra mile of doing a blood oath for a guy if we’ve dated for about five years and there have been no buts in the relationship. Sadly, the possibility of me dating that sort of guy is zero.

James: That’s just no point for having a blood oath.

Phil: If he fucking loves me, why won’t I go the extra mile? But as I said, such kinds of people only exist in films.

Uche: You’re going by the definition then that blood oaths are the ultimate acts of commitment, eh?

Phil: As a guy with weird Benin roots, yes.

Uche: smh. Okay.

James: Superstition flying upandan*sips blood*

Don: The point of this post was not about it being superstition or not. I don’t know why everyone is trying to point that out.

Bello: You gave a ‘testimony’ of someone your friend knows who went mad because of a blood oath.

Don: She’s still there at their house. When next I’m around, you can come to Mbaise and see her and hear from the horse’s mouth. Lol. Her case is a popular one.

Bello: Good. Then answer my question that I posted up.

Don: Na JAMB?

Bello: That was so deep that I almost drowned.

James: The post is about believing that rubbing blood-stained fingers together can make your relationship last, isn’t it?

Don: And because you feel it is superstition, you feel others don’t believe in it?

James: My opinion? I think it is horse shit. *sips blood*

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  1. Masked Man
    August 12, 05:55 Reply

    Oh dear! This got here. I shall wait patiently for the comments.

    • Masked Man
      August 12, 06:01 Reply

      Shurrup! You don’t even have respect for early risers.

  2. Francis
    August 12, 05:57 Reply

    Do you know there are people who believe homosexual intercourse is a ‘blood covenant’ that will cause your life to be stagnated one way or the other?

    Basically what the ex said one night that should have had me running for the hills but mba I was too hooked to run. I wanted to help him come to terms with being gay ???

    • kennedy
      August 12, 05:59 Reply

      eya…ndo o….so did he come to with it?

      • Francis
        August 12, 06:01 Reply

        For where?! The nigga is”happily” married with his career on the right track and one beautiful baby boy

        • Pink Panther
          August 12, 06:08 Reply

          ???? @ ”happily” married with his career on the right track.
          For a moment, for just a quick moment, I thought you meant an actual career. Chai!

          • Francis
            August 12, 06:11 Reply

            Lol. I meant career for real. He go soon become the consultant he always wanted to be

    • Masked Man
      August 12, 06:04 Reply

      How do you help people come to terns biko? Sounds like too much trouble. I smell that you are still struggling, I pack my kaya and go. That shit is too much work.

      • Francis
        August 12, 06:05 Reply

        My dear now I know better. Fix ya sef on ya own time.

      • Masked Man
        August 12, 06:48 Reply

        Ain’t nobody gat time for that. If you bring nyansh come, we fit fuck and go oh. But do not bother me with your guilt.

  3. Mandy
    August 12, 06:11 Reply

    I believe blood covenants are nonsense for the reasons you quoted above, PP. You know, all that ridiculousness about wanting to confirm your commitment. And you need a blood oath for that? Insecure much?
    And I’m with the commenter Brian in this post. What then happens when the man you love doesn’t love you anymore, and it becomes apparent that he’s still with you simply because he’s too afraid to split? Or when YOU are the one in those shoes as a matter of fact? People can like to do foolish things, wallai.

  4. kennedy
    August 12, 06:14 Reply

    ok…i only date guys that i know would say “yes” should i pop the question….ps….i think we’re about to deviate from the main topic here.

  5. kennedy
    August 12, 06:48 Reply

    yes…marriage….i only play for keeps*flipping through wedding magazine*

  6. ambivalentone
    August 12, 07:15 Reply

    I couldn’t dare do it. Too dangerous. Lets not even talk about the deeply ingrained mentality of the things I grew up with. How bout my health? Biko, no.

  7. Colossus
    August 12, 07:18 Reply

    There is some high level of fuckery going in in people’s heads. You’ll do blood oath finish and dash yourselves HIV? Biko borrow yourself brain, blood oath is hocus pocus.

    • Masked Man
      August 12, 07:53 Reply

      Oh come on! The HIV shall respect the oath. The oath carries a very powerful binding disease proof insurance. HIV cannot enter.

  8. Dennis Macaulay
    August 12, 07:21 Reply

    Blood oaths are powerful? ??? You people should Leave Nollywood alone small abeg!

    I had blood transfusion a few years ago post-op, so I technically took a blood oath with a stranger no?

  9. bruno
    August 12, 07:28 Reply

    lol. still discussing the validity of blood oaths in 2016. no wonder we are regressing as a country… no wonder this is a country that has more churches than schools factories and hospitals combined… biko lemme go back to enjoying my holiday.

  10. Viera
    August 12, 08:09 Reply

    My boyfriend made me drink his blood mixed with wine and vice versa…He’s insecure like that..I did it because I wanted something to cage me
    Few months down the line I went for a national pageant and had sex
    No I didn’t die
    No I didn’t fall sick
    No I’m not mad
    the conditions he gave me was I’ll be very sick till I confess it’s almost a year now
    I couldn’t throw away the opportunity to clinch a title for a relationship that might not last forever
    I’m not saying you should try it ooooo
    Considering I’m lazy and I made it out of UNIBEN PHARMACY
    I had unprotected sex severally in the past and never contacted anything
    maybe my mama’s prayer still dey work wella who knows…

    • Truth
      August 12, 09:18 Reply

      Oh you’re one of those models

    • Chuck
      August 12, 11:49 Reply

      HIV is singing Ayo Jay’s “Sho wa Available, Mo wa Capable” to you with a bullhorn

      • Viera
        August 12, 16:15 Reply


  11. Dimkpa
    August 12, 08:23 Reply

    O dikwa egwu. Some people have brains but just refuse to use it. They never question why these stories of miracles and diabolical events are almost always second or third hand accounts. Others will tell accounts of coincidences etc as evidence.

    Some still believe TBA Joshua who could not predict the collapse of a building in his backyard but claims to know the location of missing Malaysian airline.

    One maxim I live by is not to ascribe anything to the supernatural until every natural explanation is exhausted. As doing this would require a vast knowledge on a range of subjects that few if any human can claim to have, the logical thing to do is assume everything is natural.

    Blood oaths…smh, what will it be next?

  12. bain
    August 12, 08:39 Reply

    Who doesn’t love blood oaths?…..I drop of blood,with a sense of gore….mmmm,lovely!

  13. IBK
    August 12, 09:07 Reply

    It’s the girl with mental illness I pity. How do they know she’s not spewing nonsense about blood oath due to her mental illness and not cause she took a blood oath.

    In schleep.

    • Pink Panther
      August 12, 09:33 Reply

      We’re quicker to fall back on the mystical than on the substance in this country. That’s why prayer houses will take precedence over hospitals, and pastors do the work of doctors.
      The moment she started blathering about blood oaths was when she signed herself away from proper medical care and into spiritual warfare.

  14. Bloom
    August 12, 09:26 Reply

    I like the Bello guy, no time for nonsense.

  15. Silver Cat
    August 12, 11:26 Reply

    One of the numerous problems we have in this country is the unwillingness to perform intellectual gymnastics. Anything that we cannot explain by the limited knowledge we posses, we ascribe the mark of extraordinary or supernatural to it. It shocks me when people keep shouting miracles upandan, having no clue as to what a miracle is. Call me a sceptic, but I believe that there’s a logical non-extraordinary unsupernatural explanation to nearly everything. The ones we can’t explain, it’s just for the now. When we develop/acquire the skill sets necessary to explain it, we will. As for those Nollywood has ruined, I’m carrying out a research on how successful a brain transplant will be.
    Blood oath sikwa ha, blood oath asiro. Mtchew!
    I’m still waiting for all those I’ve donated blood for to come running and professing undying love.

  16. Mitch
    August 12, 13:08 Reply

    Nigerians and their perplexing need to always spiritualize everything! If these are the youths of this country having this discourse, then I weep for Nigeria’s future ’cause she has none.

  17. posh6666
    August 12, 16:56 Reply

    You guys sure don’t dissapoint.Every1 here is so westernized and all tush acting like spiritual and things we can’t explain actually do exist.

    Fine some of you here don’t even believe there’s a God,while some believe there is.So if you believe there is God aND Satan also exist just like pastors do cast out demons out of people in churches you attend and also bind and cast marine and terrestial spirits why wont you believe such things like blood oath are effective?

    Don’t care what anybody here says cos none of you has lived my life for me but this things do happen…If you were ever opportuned to have schooled in a boarding house in the north especially an all girls secondary school you will have experienced live jinn possesion,your friend,classmate,someone you know will transform right in front of you.Voice changes,the person becomes very powerful physically and the colour of the eyes become totally white and begin to speak several languages till ruqiyya a special prayer for jinns is done to get rid of the jinns which is always an herculean task…

    It’s not everything that can be explained for scientifically just like its not everything that is spiritual…

    Science exist so does spiritual world too…If you personally don’t believe in it no need to discredit those who do,to each is own…Just better pray the universe dont mess with you or offend the wrong person who decides to attack you spiritually till you see the other side that your doctor’s or scientist can’t explain.

    Blood oaths do exist and it’s real.If you doubt it so much,use urself as an experiment aND carry out a blood oath and break it just for the fun of it…I personally will never ever swear to commiting to one person talk more of swearing a blood oath…

    • Francis
      August 12, 17:21 Reply

      I think it’s safe to say that those who don’t believe in Blood Oaths don’t believe in God.

      Any deviation from that na just delusion

    • Dimkpa
      August 12, 18:00 Reply

      “begin to speak several languages”

      How do you know it was several languages and not gibberish? In other words how many languages can you identify when spoken in a hysterical manner like you described the jinxed people do?

      “If you personally don’t believe in it no need to discredit those who do,to each is own…”

      I also don’t agree with this statement because what people believe goes a long way in determining actions which not only affects them but others. Confusion cause in some children by strict religious parents have caused madness in some. Your house of Senate members and house of reps passed the antigay bill because they believed being gay is an abomination. So it matters what people believe and when there is no evidence for it, it should be challenged.

      What baffles me is how some of us who by virtue of being gay have been given a reason to challenge the status quo and define things for ourselves still cling unto schools of thought that would no doubt cause conflict in our psyche.

      Why is it only blood oaths? What is so special about blood which is only water and protein and cells. We might as well have urine and faeces oaths. I hear those work well for trapping fuck buddies.

      • posh666
        August 12, 18:26 Reply

        U are free to air Ur opinion but when it comes to the jinns possesion stuff please since you weren’t there and neither have you ever witnessed it don’t try to explain what you don’t know or understand to me…This is something that I have witnessed several times over the course of primary and secondary school happen over and over again and in some cases life threatening…

        Heck a step sister of mine even got possesed just becos back then she was in an all girls school and when she comes home she gives us gist of such possesions and begin to mimick some of her classmates that were possessed…Guess what?on one night that I can never ever forget when it was just me and her at home I just noticed she was staring at me fixedly and I knew something was wrong,some1 I have known all my life became a total stranger and the looks she gave me that night and how her voice changed I can never forget…

        I can’t even say how I got out of that house and found myself at our neigbours crying and scared for my life while waiting for my parents to come back….Dont even try to explain this away with some mental imbalance this is something that is very rampant in the north and any true northener is aware of and is only cured by recitation of the holy Quran…During the prayers for her the jinn was asked his reason for possessing her and he stated that she thought it was a joke and he only wanted to teach her a lesson…Male jinns possess females while Female jinns possess males and the voice totally changes

        We are made to stay away from some particular trees amongst which is bushiyar kuka,drawing water from a well in the evening or going to dump refuse anytime after 7pm becos these places are mostly their dwelling spots…You guys can read more about jinns and blood oaths on the net i’m sure there are valid explanations on why you shouldn’t engage in such things.

        At the end i’m just saying life is too sweet and we have been through a lot than for you to just waste it away on something you think is a joke which might easily be real on a man who you probably end up hating withing few months of dating. Any kind of swear/oath be it blood,using a holy book or just by words of mouth isn’t to be toyed with….Extra terrestial spirits do exist and they will say amen to what ever you say…There is power in the tongue!#EnoughSaid

        • Dimkpa
          August 12, 19:23 Reply

          So to sum it up the evidence you have for the existence of jinx that you experienced is a strange look and changed voice. Bravo! What supernatural occurrences.

          I take it you buy into the crap peddled by Helen Ukpabio who brands innocent children as witches and inflicts incredible abuse on them. More civilised countries banned her from their shores. But of course we Nigerians know more than they do.

          Life is difficult, people will have problems. It is not a bed of roses. Does the fact that people have problems now equate with the existence of the supernatural. How many of those MFM people have had their problems solved aside from a false sense of hope?
          As for being African with our spiritual world, do the spirits need visas to go abroad and how has it helped us in comparison to other countries?

          • posh666
            August 12, 20:12 Reply

            My dear carry go we all have our fathers names to bear.

  18. bain
    August 12, 18:38 Reply

    Can I get into the facebook group?

    • KingBey
      August 12, 18:50 Reply

      No, you can’t sit with us. ??????

  19. posh666
    August 12, 18:45 Reply

    In the end I really don’t know any of you here personally so why should I really care?whatever you draw upon urself you will live it for urself all in the name of i’m too cool and exposed to believe such crap…That’s what they all say before something goes wrong and they begin to frequent MFM for special delivery session.

    All those thousands of people who you see visiting MFM something went wrong somewhere that’s why they go there for help.while i’m chilling and living my life…Blood is very powerful and not just something you can explain away with some scientific jargons.We are Africans and we do have the spiritual world,we have witches,we have native doctors,people still rever and worship the Osun river godess till date and thousands of people from all over the world visit Osun state every August to worship her and demand for things.This includes hundreds of White men and women,some of your so called religious leaders,muslims,christians.

    If you have never had spiritual issues don’t make those who have look stupid.Its not everything that is spiritual and it’s not everything that is scientific…They are both parallel and each exist on its own.Search google,ask your religious leaders about blood oath and be openminded

    • KingBey
      August 12, 18:53 Reply

      Thank you again. Shit doesn’t exist until it hits you and then….O mee gi bam na anya ! LMAO

    • Mitch
      August 12, 20:11 Reply

      Seriously, some of the things you say make me wonder how effective your education was. Then again, it was Nigerian. No big surprise there!

      • posh666
        August 12, 20:16 Reply

        How does that affect my bank balance?i have my life experiences which you are not a part of neither do you have any inkling of so who the hell are you to decide or question my beliefs exactly?Anyways i’m sure you know you can’t change my opinion live your life as u wish as i’m living mine when u die you will be alone in Ur grave as will i…

      • posh666
        August 12, 20:30 Reply

        I guess Nigerian standard of education is wack right? And nothing good can come out of Nigeria?lool i’m guessing you school or schooled abroad and you think that makes u better?Honestly in the 1st place I mostly have no respect for those who school abroad cos I believe it’s mostly dullards who couldn’t pass jamb that go over there.

        In Nigeria you have to work Ur ass off right from jamb,waec to post ume when you finally gain the admission you work Ur ass off till final year.Any federal University graduate in Nigeria worked for whatever grade he/she came out with so Ur can shove Ur opinion up Ur asshole.+How does that affect my bank balance?i have my life experiences which you are not a part of neither do you have any inkling of so who the hell are you to decide or question my beliefs exactly?Anyways i’m sure you know you can’t change my opinion live your life as u wish as i’m living mine when u die you will be alone in Ur grave as will i…

  20. Pjay
    August 12, 22:38 Reply

    Plix sixta Pinkie, when are you going to do a post on that biracial gay couple that had their wedding outted on Linda Ikeji’s blog. That woman no dey tire Sha. She’ll do anything to drive traffic to her blog.

    Alhaja Posh, yankuri Dan Allah.

    • posh666
      August 12, 22:45 Reply

      Lool Nayi hakuri! A post has already been done about them na scroll to previous posts you should find it sometimes last week

      • Pjay
        August 12, 22:50 Reply

        I totally missed that post. To think I’m only just reading about that incident now. Please someone should help me with the title of the post or the date it was posted.

  21. Edo
    August 12, 23:07 Reply

    Why would anyone mix blood and drink? Madness? Don’t let stupid sex push you to do dumb things weather you belive blood covenant or not.

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