When I woke up on that Monday morning, a week after the Sunday fiasco at Yinka’s place, I could hear Bryson in the shower. I remained lying in bed without moving, deliciously tired and content. There was a warm, wonderful glow inside me, and I didn’t want to move in case it went away.

I could see from the luminous dial of the clock perched on the nightstand that it was some minutes to 6am. And the glom of the dawn cloaked the inside of the room, not entirely hiding its unfamiliarity from me. In the two weeks since I began officially dating Bryson, last week was when I first visited him at his place, and subsequently began spending the night frequently with him, leaving for work from his bed. It was longer, more tedious commute, from Festac to Yaba, but the prospect of the passion expended on his sheets at night and the contentment that came from waking to his morning musk far outweighed the inconvenience of striving through the hectic traffic of the morning.

“You’re just in the honeymoon phase,” Yinka said when we talked on the phone on Thursday night, the third night I spent at Bryson’s place. “Everything with and about him seems so easy now, so blissful. It gives you the fortitude to simply breeze through everything else. Your parents could disown you now, and you wouldn’t mind. After all, you’ve got another daddy giving you what you truly need.”

I could imagine the impish expression on his face as he said that, and I roared with laughter at the imagination and his words.

It was now 6am. I had to get ready for work. I sat up in bed, and reached for the switch beside the bed to turn on the light. The brightness of from the fluorescent bulb spilled everywhere, throwing the cluttered lavishness of Bryson’s room into sharp relief. He lives in the Boys’ Quarters of his parents’ Festac home – one out of the two self-contained rooms. His older brother occupies the other one. The bed was queen-sized, and its beddings were plush. The floor was carpeted and the drapes were rich. There was a plasma TV hanging on the wall above a sound system, and the soft hum of the air conditioner filled the room. Then there were clothes everywhere – those hanging inside and bursting through the doors of the burnished wardrobe, those spilling out from a hamper in the corner and some others strewn here and there. Bryson boasted the ownership of too many clothes – cotton T-shirts, designer jeans, silken fabrics, worsted suits, sleek corduroys, most of them giveaways he took home from fashion shows. The ironed attire I intended to wear to work lay spread out on my overnight case in a corner, looking like the miserable, distant relative, tucked away where it was in the midst of the chaotic mess.

Just then, the shower water stopped running and I listened to the noises Bryson made in the bathroom. When he emerged, clean-shaven and dewed with a fine sheen of fresh moistness, he looked vitally handsome and strong. I sighed inwardly, as I marveled for what would be the umpteenth time at the incredible sexiness of my boyfriend.

“Good morning, boyfriend,” I greeted.

He chuckled as he made his way to the vanity table. “Good morning, you. When are you going to start calling me my name again?”

“When I’ve become used to the idea of us as a couple,” I replied with a smile.

He chuckled again. “Straight guy dating gay guy that uncommon in the – what’s that you call it, gaybourhood?”

“Make that hot straight guy, then you’ve got yourself a once-in-a-blue-moon phenomenon.”

“Well, you’re not so bad yourself.”

“I know, right.”

He laughed before saying, “Oya, go and take your bath. You have work, and I have a flight to catch.”

Stretching catlike, I climbed out of bed and padded to the bathroom. When I came back out minutes later, Bryson was already dressed and the air was redolent with his perfumery. There was a companionable silence as I dressed and he finished preparing. It was well past 6am by the time we piled into his car, and he ignited the engine.

“You’re not going to leave your car at the airport parking lot, are you?” I queried as we pulled out into the street. He was going to drop me at work and continue on to the airport, from whence he’d get on a flight to Ghana. He’d landed a fashion gig in Accra, and would be away for a couple of days.

“Nah, Jimi will go and pick it up later this morning.” Jimi is his younger brother, who stays in the main house with their parents.

There was light-hearted conversation in the car as we cut through the traffic which started out hectic in Mile 2, and then lightened somewhat when we dusted past Oshodi, ignoring the turn-off onto Airport Road.

“You know, you could have just dropped me back there to catch a bus to Yaba, and gone on to the airport,” I observed.

“Nah. I promised I’d drop you off.”

“I just hope you will make it back in time to catch your flight.”

“Well, you’re my guy, and you are worth the hassle.”

“Aww, that’s so sweet,” I drawled. “Could it be love,” I added, half teasing, half serious. I hadn’t intended the remark to be a question, but I hoped he’d give me an answer.

He didn’t. he simply laughed, patted my thigh and refocused on the road.

Several minutes later, he pulled up by the kerb flanking the entranceway to Fit. Plus.

“Here you are,” he announced as he pulled up, not turning off the ignition.

“Thanks,” I said, lifting my overnight bag from the backseat.

“If you were a girl now,” he said with w roguish grin, “it would have been perfectly normal for me to lean over and peck you goodbye on your lips.””

We shared a laugh at that, and I alighted. I stood for a moment, watching the car swerve back into the traffic, before turning to face –

“Kizito!” I gasped, at the same time that my heart did a small leap in my chest.

Written by Pink Panther

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  1. xpressivejboy
    February 23, 05:20 Reply

    Kizito, Dear Kizzy, please act fast…anaghi eji abali acho ewu oji…onye mee ngwagwa, omeara ogbachi.

    Thanks Pinky, though kinda short.

    • pinkpanthertb
      February 23, 05:27 Reply

      Why is everyone Team Kizito bikonu? Bryson may very well be the love of Declan’s life nah… lol 🙂

      • xpressivejboy
        February 23, 07:33 Reply

        I hear you! Love of life no ni…diaris norrin I won’t see; Bryson, of all persons, such confused arse-pounder.

  2. Dennis Macauley
    February 23, 05:42 Reply

    ****Carries Billboard****

    We Want Kizito

    Chanting with Max, Chestnut and JBoy

    • xpressivejboy
      February 23, 07:50 Reply

      Hey Ma Pipu! *waving TK_Folks, Chestnut and DM inclusive to a halt* Do we think we just forgot something? *dips hand in my blue-black trapeze-line shape Celine handbag and pulls out nicely folded Bianca Chandôn’s Larry Levan airbrush customised t-shirts with the #TeamKizito_BringBackOurKiziHawt inscription* 

      We must have him…they both must work.

  3. Eros
    February 23, 06:46 Reply

    At moments like this you just play “This is superstory” in you mind. Ghen ghen…..

    • Vhar.
      February 23, 07:04 Reply

      Noooooooooo. Not SuperStory. Its that 24 timer-countdown that is appropriate. With for split camera effect on your screen.

      A Close-up camera.
      A Full-portrait camera.
      An Over-head camera.
      And a “go-round” camera.

    • Metrosexual
      February 23, 11:26 Reply

      I’d prefer vhar’s 24- effect to Superstory.. Lmao.!

  4. Lothario
    February 23, 06:55 Reply

    Lol! I see the pressure from the Kizito lovers got to you…..*sigh* the honeymoon phase, when I would fart and he would think that was the best air Freshener in the world…nothing like it!

    Good one PP!

    • pinkpanthertb
      February 23, 06:57 Reply

      Hehehehehee!!! Their thirst got me all flustered abeg.

  5. Mitch
    February 23, 07:17 Reply

    Warriz dis na, Pinky?

    Why must Kizito re-enter Dee’s life to cause wahala, eh?

    Me no like at all!

  6. Mitch
    February 23, 07:20 Reply

    What is up with everybody and Kizito? I really see nothing spectacular about him

    • pinkpanthertb
      February 23, 07:21 Reply

      LOL! Mitch, these Kizitoans are readers who started with the series and got caught up with the Kizito fever that was reigning in the beginning. now they simply refuse to get cured.

    • xpressivejboy
      February 23, 07:24 Reply

      Hey! Mitch, why don’t you keep shut and allow those with better vision speak; do we all have to go with a blind view?

      • kamorudeen
        February 23, 08:17 Reply

        There IS nothing spectacular about Kizito. Infact he is the same as this Bryson IMO. Kizito steals kisses from guys n can’t defend homosexuals in the wash room, Bryson fucks gay guys n can’t own up to the same among his ‘friends’…this Declan is a living amd breathing psychological mess waiting to happen

      • Mitch
        February 23, 09:50 Reply

        Kamorudeen, I could just kiss you. Buh, I shaa still like Bryson tho I’ll swear for him if he hurts my Dee!

    • chestnut
      February 23, 08:05 Reply

      @Mitch, there’s a certain transparency and naivete about Kizito,that makes him endearing.he just seems like someone that has no guile(in a good way).
      Bryson,on the other hand…well, he and Kizito have something in common, in that they’re both “straight/confused/bi-curious/latent gay” guys,who fell in love(or lust) with a guy for the first time -presumably, but I’m giving Bryson d side-eye cos something tells me he’s done this b4. I dunno,but something just smells foul in d water that he’s serving…literally and
      #KizitoReturns! Hehe…

  7. Gad
    February 23, 07:27 Reply

    “Your parents could disown you now and you wouldn,t mind. after all,you ,ve got another daddy giving you what you truly need”. such false hood and some fools will make it their watchword. This is a good read. Not unnecessarily long. more like this in the future please

    • pinkpanthertb
      February 23, 07:36 Reply

      Taken under advisement.
      And you realize that ‘falsehood’ was a joke, right? Why so serious

      • Mitch
        February 23, 09:52 Reply

        Assin eh! I’m wondering what really is up with gad

  8. chestnut
    February 23, 07:54 Reply

    Wait, so we’re still calling the dude who asked another dude to be his boyfriend, a “straight guy”? And he unashamedly basks in that title?Ok.

    • Gad
      February 23, 09:38 Reply

      When you refer to a nurse as a doctor, does that make him one? He can call himself straight. That’s just a name. Wait, what’s the big deal about being straight?

  9. Chris
    February 23, 07:57 Reply

    A good read, well if only life was that simple going by the elements of the story. It is beautiful to fall in love with the right person and given a conducive enviroment with the two parties involved wanting the same thing in the supposed relationship, otherwise it could be a matter of OYO ( Oyo lowa) for either of the family.
    Regardless of romantic relationship one still needs that existential immediate familly that one stems from. Looking forward to read more from the writer though. bless.

    • xpressivejboy
      February 23, 08:14 Reply

      Hmmm! Bless you, too, Pastor Chris.

      *thinking aloud* Seems Pst. Chris has finally made it to KD; welcome, Passah, we’ve been expecting you.

      • Mitch
        February 23, 08:28 Reply


        Jboy, you’re a huge mess. Hope you realize that……………………..

      • Gad
        February 23, 09:52 Reply

        He has been here

    • Gad
      February 23, 09:45 Reply

      Can’t agree less

  10. Chris
    February 23, 08:00 Reply

    *family* sorry, parties involved.

  11. JArch
    February 23, 08:56 Reply

    I knew it!!!

    That’s all am saying

      • JArch
        February 23, 09:06 Reply

        If I talk now, you’ll say I wore your storyline kito and trekkers… Hehehe

      • JArch
        February 23, 09:10 Reply

        We should be expecting KD to be split in two halves #TeamKizito vs #TeamBryson in the coming episodes

      • kamorudeen
        February 23, 11:02 Reply

        and #teamletsjustseeagoodfuck If we cannot see blue films, lets read good blue literature

      • JArch
        February 23, 16:10 Reply

        Lmaooo kamorudeen you my friend are just a hot mess. 50shades of grey was banned for that same reason remember.

      • JArch
        February 23, 16:13 Reply

        Jboy leave my Gad alone oo.. kilo de

  12. #TeamKizito
    February 23, 09:14 Reply

    Bryson is a native of? (Asking cause of Jimi his younger brother)

  13. Mitch
    February 23, 09:53 Reply

    Assin eh! I’m wondering what really is up with Gad and this his newfound, overwhelming love for criticism

  14. Mercury
    February 23, 11:18 Reply

    Yeeeesssss!!!!, Kizito is back.

  15. Oluwadamilare Okoro
    February 23, 12:17 Reply

    Interesting read. Worth the rubbish I sent as my report just to get down to this!

    Bia pinky. This is too short naa… kilode?

    BTW I am #TeamKizito of Life! … he just had to appear when Bryson was going a for a “couple of days” *side eyeing pinky*

    • pinkpanthertb
      February 23, 12:38 Reply

      Lmao. Don’t look at me. I have no idea what the rats will be up to when the cat is away.

  16. Chizzie
    February 23, 13:43 Reply

    I’m Team Bryson all d way. Kizito reminds me of a current somebody at the moment,, who my admiration for is quickly becoming irritation. ..So Declan had better not shatter what he’s got w Bryson…and threat Kizito like the trash dt he is

  17. Chuck
    February 23, 15:01 Reply

    So Declan is a bottom who can’t stay committed to one guy and only seems to get involved with confused/self hating gay men.

    Let no one say stereotypes are not encouraged on KD.

  18. A-non
    February 23, 16:51 Reply

    And Pinky delivers as we have come to expect.

    Loved your vivid description of Bryson’s room…something our very dear Chimamanda Adichie is known to put a lot of effort into when describing here characters, their thoughts as well as their environment.

    Thumbs up!

    N.B: I belong to team neutral. For as the narrative remains fresh and intriguing, yours truly will be hear to lap up every word of this series.

  19. iamcoy
    February 23, 17:18 Reply

    Pinky AKA ‘companionable silence’

  20. Brian Collins
    February 23, 18:01 Reply

    Thunder must fire PP for this. I had to scream ‘ehn’ after that last sentence. I did not see that coming. Pinky, i was vexed at you before but this totally changed things. #ShockingCliffhangeroflife.

    • pinkpanthertb
      February 23, 21:52 Reply

      Lol. I knew you were miffed at me. I’m glad there’s been a turnaround. 🙂

  21. Brian Collins
    February 23, 18:14 Reply

    And PP what is wrong with your sense of traffic in Lagos. Who goes to Yaba from Festac through Oshodi? It is just too far abeg. Do you need a map of Lagos road network?

    • Lothario
      February 23, 19:06 Reply

      I know….. I was like ‘Na wa o!’…..that’s a long journey Na!

    • pinkpanthertb
      February 23, 21:53 Reply

      Lol. Maybe I should start consulting you before I write every episode that requires geography

  22. Chris
    February 24, 20:16 Reply

    I havent been following all ‘the dealings” of the character of Kizito with Declan from the start. However, from the entanglings of Bryan and Declan…i smell doom for Dee and the whole arrangement would really mess Dee up, mark my word. It seems all cozy and fresh now , i meant for Dee but the same way Bryan came into Dee’s life is the same he would disappear. Character like Bryan and Kizito( what i read from above coments) dont want exactly what Dee is looking for. None of them are on the same page with Dee. Bryan is in control and seems manipulative of Dee who appears to have never been loved before apart from casual intimacies. Am reading with keen eye and following the storyline henceforth.

    • Gad
      February 25, 00:44 Reply

      Smart. This your prediction is like predicting that a pregnant woman will give birth. No matter how we want to wish it away, a large percentage of relationships (especially same sex) wane with time. Dee and Bryson are not expected to last a life time.

  23. Chris
    February 25, 02:53 Reply

    Hmm, a pregnant woman will give birth, yes , certainly but is it gonna be to the patter of tiny feet or ; when relationship breaks amicably , it is healthy for the souls of the lovers involved. When the relationship breaks and the seperation becomes acrimonious, then it follows with so much anger, pain and regret. my prediction if the writer would indulge my forecast is that Dee is gonna come away dissappointed and broken, wishing he had never set eyes on Bryson. It is only fiction, thank God. Smiling.

  24. Jimmiekay
    February 25, 05:57 Reply

    Hi Pink-Panther……….I really wanna seek ur help on sum issues, could U pls send me Ur e-mail?

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