I was 13 or 14 the first time I was caught in secondary school with another boy. Ever since I got into that school, I’d always been suspected of being a homosexual because I was effeminate. So, basically, I had enemies who were just waiting for the chance to jump in and pronounce me a fag.

Daniel was a year ahead of me, in SS2. And he was so damn attractive and popular in school. He had friends everywhere, and I wanted to be really close to him. But the closest we ever got was having his bunk next to mine.

Let it be known that he wasn’t my first. I was already getting it on with some of my mates before I summoned the courage to do what I did. First, I sought information about Daniel’s sexual preference from a friend, Sam, who was a living gay encyclopedia on all the students in school. if you were shagging a boy on the low, Sam would know. When I asked, Sam however didn’t give me a definite answer. He told me Daniel was most probably into boys even if he wasn’t a hundred percent sure about it. I convinced myself that he was.

Since he was a prefect, Daniel always came to bed late. I waited for him one night; I wanted to see his face before going to sleep. Before he laid down, I saw him strip his clothes to his briefs and I just knew then that I wouldn’t be able to not touch him.

I waited some minutes till he seemed to be asleep. Then I stole down from my bed and went to his. His breathing was the rhythmical movement of one who had fallen asleep. At least, I half-hoped he had. If he was not fully asleep and I woke him up, I reasoned two things would be the case: he would either shout at me and wake the entire room and get me expelled, or he would just let me touch him.

If he was fully asleep however, I was aware that what I’d be doing would be molestation, and that it’d be just sick and sad.

But I was helpless to my desires.

I started touching Daniel on his right leg, soft caresses and gentle massages as my hand inched slowly upward. My heartbeat was quickening and my dick was hardening. To give this daring more perspective, you have to know that I was in love with danger at that age, because the things I got up to, I would never do now that I am older and more knowing of the world.

By the time I got really close to his crotch, I could feel his hard-on and I still didn’t stop.

But he did – when he suddenly placed a hand on mine as I planned to move upward.

My heart did a deep dive of alarm as I quickly jerked my hand from his, muttered a hasty sorry and hastened back to my bed. All the while, expecting the worst to happen. When nothing happened, when he didn’t exclaim with outrage, I felt such a strong rush of relief that there and then, I vowed I would not do what I did again.

And I kept to my word. There was no such reoccurrence again for the rest of the term.

The next term, Daniel was in a different room from mine and we saw less and less of each other. One night however, we met at night preparatory class when he came to see one of his junior friends who was also my classmate. It was a rainy night, and I was horny, hence my irrational courage when I spoke directly to him for the first time.

“Senior Daniel, I will come and visit you tonight o. I’m hungry.”

He was the Dining Hall prefect, and Dining Hall prefects always somehow had food while everyone else starved.

“Okay,” was his simple reply, and I felt he probably didn’t understand what I meant by “I’m hungry.” My hunger had nothing to do with my alimentary canal. I didn’t pursue the matter. When he left my class, my brief burst of daring dissipated and I dismissed the thought of going to see him.

Until he sent someone to my room later that night to ask me if I still intended to come over. I was instantly overjoyed.

This marked the beginning of my nightly visits to Senior Daniel’s bed.

I loved it. We never spoke to each other in daylight but I visited him every night to give him blowjobs and then some. Sometimes I let him finger me, and we had sex too. All of this on his tiny bed in a room where over thirty other students slumbered.

One night, we got carried away and instead of sitting by the bed and doing my job like always, I climbed on top of him and let him finger me with lotion-lubed fingers. The bed started creaking and I let a moan or two escape. In the middle of our sexual high, I sensed someone on the next bunk stir. In the darkness, I could sense him look in our direction.

Daniel also noticed and called out the boy’s name in a whisper, “James, are you awake?”

There was no answer.

So, we finished up, since we’d already started. He probably thought the James boy had merely turned in his sleep, but I was pretty sure he’d been awake and had looked our way.

The next morning, James came to me as early as when the rising bell was sounding and began questioning me. I denied everything and said I was never in his room. He said he was going to report me if I lied, but that he would keep quiet if I confessed. James was my classmate and a new transfer student to the school, so I figured I could say enough to get him on my side. Plus, I knew he and Daniel were pretty close.

A regrettable decision.

By that afternoon, everyone in the senior classes had known about the SS1 student who got caught with a prefect. Daniel and I were summoned to an empty room by SS3s, and because he wasn’t readily confessing, he was assaulted with slaps while I watched, broken. I didn’t know my own consequence was going to be worse.

When it was my turn, I confessed quickly, told the entire story, while Daniel, a few feet away, called me a liar. I thought my truthfulness would spare me. The seniors who dragged us in for questioning loved Daniel. He was the golden boy. I, on the other hand, was the demon that seduced him.

The assault rained down on me in torrents.

“I’ve always known you were a homo…”

“You act like a girl anyway…”

“How will you let a guy put his dick in your mouth…”

Slap. Slap. Slap. Punch. Punch. Kick.

One even brought a tree branch that was intended to build harvest tents and hit me with it on my neck. For the viciousness of the beating I got, somehow, I managed not to die. I certainly didn’t cry. I don’t know why my eyes remained dry throughout. Daniel was released with a warning, while I was beaten some more, then released with a warning.

You have to understand the reason behind the brutality of the beating I got from those SS3s. It goes beyond that issue with Daniel. When I was in JSS3, I was quite close with a senior student. Everyone knew he was gay and he took it upon himself to be my tutor, the one who taught me the art of gay sex. He eventually landed himself in hot water when someone reported him and I was called in by the school authority to testify against him. I wasn’t the one who reported him, but I turned on him to save myself. And everyone believed I was the reason he was expelled. (This is a whole other story.)

His mates were the ones who now sat in judgment of me and Daniel.

A few days after that encounter with SS3s, my own classmates organized their own beating for me. As I was attacked, again, I didn’t cry. Just grunted and screamed as about five boys whipped me with belts and sticks. Again, I was brutalized. (See what I initially said about having enemies?)

I cried however when I got to my bed that night. I cried myself to sleep and got a headache the next morning. For many nights after that, I cried myself to sleep.

During that period, I did confession. I fasted and prayed. I lost the little social wealth I had. I lost my best friend at the time, who felt betrayed that I’d been carrying on with a senior without telling him, risking his exposure in the process. Even Daniel stopped talking to me. It was a very dark point in my life and the pain was everywhere.

Somehow, the fact that Daniel stopped acknowledging me in the aftermath of our scandal hurt. I wanted to hate him for it but I couldn’t. I liked him too much. And then, out of the blue, one night, a full year later, he came to my bed and asked for one more blowjob in his room.

This happened after the day we had a school play. It was The Gods Are Not To Blame, and it was for a big celebration, and so, many distinguished guests were slated to attend. We even used the stage at the State Ministry Of Culture And Tourism for our performance.

The director of the play cut out a lot of female roles since we were an all-boys school performing, until there were just three female roles. I was chosen to play the role of the woman whose children were killed by the plague, a minor role, but I loved it. Daniel was in the play too, playing the role of one of the king’s chiefs.

On the day of the play, I had to dress up as a woman and I wore makeup. One of my closest friends then was a whiz at cosmetics, and he was my stylist. By the time we were done, I had cameras in my face and catcalls coming from every corner. The director even asked that I reduce my makeup since I turned out more beautiful than the boy playing the role of the queen. I can’t lie, I enjoyed the attention.

It was in the midst of all this that I noticed Daniel looking straight at me with some stupid look on his face. So, it came as no real surprise to me when he paid me a visit that night, wanting us to get intimate again.

And just like that, we reignited our love affair.

And like before, we were caught again.

This second time we were caught, I’d matured in the way I thought about my sexuality and all the hate surrounding it. I knew more. Unlike the last time when I felt a deep emotional hurt from all the physical hurt I was getting, this time, the pain stayed physical. I admitted to myself that I liked boys and that many of the people that were abusing and taunting me were simply unable to deal with their own issues and dirty secrets. I’d begun to love myself as I was, and I knew I couldn’t change. So, there was no shame or disgrace the second time. It was the hate I didn’t like.

So, instead of spiraling into an abyss of self-hate and fasting and praying and confessions, two weeks after what happened, I was back to sucking dicks and getting it on with boys in the dark.

By the time I graduated from that school, I’d acquired a nickname – the Transformer. Because I somehow ended up shagging the unlikeliest people. I was not only scandalized with Daniel. I had another incident in my SS3. A friend I trusted with my secret sexcapades decided to out me. The boys he indicted with his tales, the boys I’d confided in him about, were questioned and they all vehemently denied the allegations. Most students didn’t believe them though. And the fact that I was the person linked to these guys no one imagined would ever get with a boy earned me the reputation of “the Transformer”.

The notoriety didn’t end there. I was the only mildly effeminate person in the school. I was caught hooking up with boys three times. I was suspected for about two more, and rumors kept erupting every now and then. I was so infamous, it was a miracle I was not expelled from that school. Even though I hated the place.

And the feeling was certainly mutual. In the hall of fame for those who were hated in school, I ranked the highest. And even now, I am still resented by my mates from then. There is this WhatsApp class group that I belong to, where jokes are often made about me and my reputation in school, and my contributions to ongoing discussions are ignored, and I noticed a few of the group members even blocked me on WhatsApp. One day, someone posted a throwback photo of a bunch of us and captioned it with: “Only one of is gay now.” I wasn’t able to ask who he was talking about. But I couldn’t shake the feeling that it was me he was talking about.

There is a lot about my high school sexual history that was supposed to break my spirit and weigh me down moving forward in life. But I was able to tell myself the truth about who I am early on, and to accept that truth and regard all the hate as a consequence of people who are unable to face their own truths. It is the sort of thinking that has helped me mature over the years.

Written by Patrochilles

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  1. Michael
    February 18, 09:59 Reply

    The brutality that go on in boarding schools here is too ugly especially on suspected homosexuals. When a few boys were expelled from my school cos of their shag in the school’s orchard, after they were brutally beaten in the hostel by the SS3, I swore to stay away from preeqs. Did I keep to that promise? Nah.

  2. KingB
    February 18, 10:30 Reply

    Only guys who attended only boys schools and lived in the boarding house would understand that the homophobia in boarding house is legendary. I want u to love you more irrespective of what u passed through. Also if you’re not comfortable being on that WhatsApp group, please make use of the exist button.its there for a reason.I remember when one of my close friends was caught with an SS1 guy when we were in SS3. You need to see the drama in the hostel that day.By the way, did u go to KC? The whole scenarios depicted what KC boys are capable of

    • African Cherry
      February 18, 13:57 Reply

      You’re so right King… even in MBHS…
      I wish I didn’t complain about the mixed school I was, even with the seniors crawling to my bed at night, I told my parents I didn’t like the school, and they helped me by taking me to anot Only Boys’ School, I wanted to tell them, but I couldn’t just do so.
      Got to the School, haven’t stayed up to a Month (Story for another day), the pain was just too much, I would cry in class and when asked what’s wrong I would rub my eyes so hard and Co plain of eye problem. I was literally turned into a whore, a tool for revenge and if I didn’t succumb I would be reported to the Principal and they meant those words… I pushed those who wanted to Love me for me, I lost my Best Friend, I betrayed my Best Friend cos people started saying, I was Turning him to be Gay, he didn’t care about those words, but I did care. I couldn’t hold it anymore. I hated my Best Friend more than I Loved Him… The talks were getting too much and that was how I lost my Best Friend and it’s affecting me till now cos I can’t keep any relationship cos I don’t want people to get close to me.

    • Dave_Jay
      February 21, 15:36 Reply

      oh fuck!!!
      Don’t tell me u went to KC??

  3. Higwe
    February 18, 11:14 Reply

    Was it necessary though to join their Whatsapp group knowing how much they disliked you in high school?
    I get their mockery and demeaning words does not affect you as it used to; but why set yourself up for unnecessary dragging?

    This is like getting a vaccination 4 malaria and then going to lay down near a mosquito infested swamp. Eventually one mosquito will infect you with a different strain of something your immunity can’t withhold and back to square one you go.

    I suggest you remove yourself from that group -where they don’t even value your opinions or suggestions and constantly ridicule your past –

    If you want to be eradicate the haunting memories of your dark high school days, you’d need to start disentangling yourself from everything and everyone that takes you back to it.

    Writing about it, is already a step in the right direction( writing is certainly therapeutic) .

    Now removing yourself from the group of a bunch of sad people , who would rather feast on someone else’s presumed inadequacy to feel better about their miserable lives, should be another.

    I’m neither a therapist nor a psychologist, but why do I get the feeling you’re not fully healed ?

    Matured… Probably

    But have you healed though?

    Bad experiences could certainly alter the cause of our lives and lead us to a different route (sometimes favorable routes ;most times not)

    But for true healing to take place, we will need to set our lives in a different direction and that direction often does not involve excess luggage from our past.

    • Malik
      February 18, 14:55 Reply

      I don’t think you have to leave the group. I’m sure your high school experiences weren’t all bad and there are good reasons to still want to keep in touch with at least some classmates.

      Healing can come in different ways but one of the best ways is to be able to square up to people who once picked on you, and not run from them. But it depends on you and your readiness to confront those memories. Take your time. There’s time.

      You’ve come a long way and I hope that you continue to be proud of your identity and strong in the face of hate.

      • Higwe
        February 18, 17:41 Reply

        One thing I’ve learnt about the past, is that seldom does anything good comes from going back to it… it’s called the ” past ” for a reason.

        If he’s friendly with some of his ex classmates ,he never mentioned it. The last thing I believe he said about them is that they all turned against him, even those he used to be close to -I stand to be corrected though.

        Squaring off with the people and things you used to run from can most certainly heal you but how exactly is it working out for the writer?
        From being blocked by most , to constant mockery, is this what you prescribe as your healing tablet?
        I beg to differ…

        And last but not the least – even the worst tragedy in life has some good moments and memories attached to it. You could either tangle yourself up with it for the one percent good memory or disentangle yourself from it for the 99 percent bad memories.

        I’m judging with the narrative put before me……of course in real life there are hardly any plain blacks or whites.

        If there is a reason he still wants to keep in touch with people he projected as being callous and utterly inhumane to him, I wouldn’t know that.

        And yes, you can certainly keep in touch with some of your ex classmates without being in a class group that you’re constantly put up to be mocked.

        • Pink Panther
          February 18, 18:41 Reply

          I second this.
          No amount of good memories from the past is worth sticking around inside a WhatsApp that targets your self esteem as a gay man.

    • Francis
      February 20, 08:36 Reply

      The only way I’m sticking around in a such a toxic environment is if I have tea for DAYS on them all. By the time I’m done dishing, all man go find one corner keep himself. Two can be a mess ?‍♂️?‍♂️. Mschew.

  4. bamidele
    February 18, 11:25 Reply

    A touching story.
    You’re really a tough guy ideed, I’d say.

    • Lyanna
      August 18, 21:18 Reply

      Bamidele, when are you going to continue your captivating series eh? Just one criticism from a nobody and you stopped writing.

  5. Canis VY Majoris
    February 18, 11:33 Reply

    I like how you rose from the ashes and hate like a Phoenix; that’s very admirable. Also, you don’t have to be in that WhatsApp group…eliminate the negativity that comes with it.

    Your story is an evidence of deep-rooted homophobia and societal prejudice instilled in young minds (the so called woke generation). This simply proves our liberation isn’t going to be an easy task.

  6. Jinchuriki
    February 18, 12:26 Reply

    And in the future, we all learn to never kiss and tell.

  7. Demi
    February 18, 14:13 Reply

    Looks like jungle justice started in boarding school… lol
    Glad you accepted your sexuality early on otherwise the ripple effect of all you went through will culminate in a different entry..
    As for those homophobes still shading you, quit that group already and kick them all to the curb for real, your story showed you evolved past their hate so move a level above them already.. leave their space.. love

  8. Delle
    February 18, 14:59 Reply

    Well you were quite adventurous in school so it is no surprise the (sour) experiences you had. But y’all that went to boarding schools though, you have all the enviable experiences and the hugest balls. Shaiizee!

    Funny how you were the only one hated when you obviously weren’t fucking yourself. And please, can you like leave that WhatsApp group of negativity and staunch hypocritical bigots? You do not need to keep reminding yourself of the sad times in far back secondary school.

    To the teens still in school and reading this blog:
    Try your best to stay out of trouble. It really isn’t fun sneaking to grope and fuck and GETTING CAUGHT while at it. Nothing beats leaving school without such horrid experiences as souvenir. Tame those raging hormones till you get out of the school environs or better still, get yourself a regular (only because I know a lot of you have crazy hormones and advising that you be celibate is almost unrealistic). It is amazing that at such age you’ve accepted yourself wholly and quite unapologetic about your sexuality, but daring rendezvous like this, I won’t sanction.


    STOP COMING ON TO GUYS WHOSE SEXUALITY YOU AREN’T A HUNDRED PERCENT SURE OF! Stop fueling the idea that gay men are promiscuous beings that have no control of their sexual urges.
    A guy who will rather identify as heterosexual even when it is evident he is a raging faggot, DO NOT GO CLOSE. Stop wanting to find out. You are just a gay man, not some CIA personnel.
    There are so many gay, self-accepting men out there to keep ridiculing ourselves all because of the thrill of hetero-homo sex.

    Okay, I’m done.

  9. Bee
    February 18, 17:39 Reply

    How some of you had the audacity to do some of these things, I will never understand. Pinky’s story is the one I still find shocking, amazing—that one was full-blown relationships likeeee!!! I boarded in a mixed school and although there is a difference, there was still no secret clique of gay boys or series of sexcapades happening at night. Or maybe I just didn’t know. But I doubt that. I really doubt that.

    There were general suspects but people never really talked about them. And I had my own suspects because I studied people more closely than others, in the hope of finding someone I could talk to. I couldn’t trust any of them enough. I think I’d have been one if I wasn’t constantly being called a nerd and a bookworm; they were too occupied with trying to belittle me for that to wonder if I was gay. Even now that I’m very expressive about my views (I hope to come out soon), they are still afraid to make assumptions about me. I feel respected sometimes.

    But point in case: y’all had balls.

  10. trystham
    February 18, 18:31 Reply

    Hypocrites all. Ife here gave me the guts to help my school mates confirm their suspicions about me being gay. It rattled them and they sure as hell wanted me to shut up after I mentioned a couple experiences, that didn’t exempt ANY one of them, ranted and blasted them. They made my life hell back at IJ, and I had decided to turn bitchmode on them in the grp. Still, I am soft hearted. I can’t keep grudges for too long…especially after their apologies for my pains.
    Patrochilles, be a bone in their throats that not even hot Eba can force down. Keep being visible and call every act of stupidity in that grp out. You WILL be acknowledged las las. That is a promise

  11. Bhawscity
    February 18, 20:11 Reply

    I’m so sorry with all you went through. Fuck boarding school, me go to boarding school? Didn’t work. Said NO and stood my ground, forced to go for a term, didn’t even finish it and came back, refused to go back again. Left my foam and everything for them. Ndi ara.

  12. Audrey
    February 19, 02:56 Reply

    *Shakes head

    wonders what life would have for a teenager like me with raging hormones and penchant for Adventure if i had gone to a boarding school.

    As a young boy(Say 8-10) we had this neighbour on our street that always took me into his flat and and demanded a blow job from me which I always obliged but you know how kiddies can be with habits.

    So it happened that whenever I was around him I became sexually aware and always made a move to get sexual with him.So on this particular day I was with him in the room and I guess he was having a bad day(But how would i have known as a child) but I still went ahead and made a sexual move at him,This guy brought out a belt and started yelling at me asking me why I was touching him that way to hearing of his neighbours oh and that was how uncle started flogging me calling me a homosexual and even drove me out of his flat and as I left with marks on my body I saw the way his neighbours looked at me judgementally.I got home and I think mom noticed the marks and asked me about it but I think I cooked up a story and sold it to her which I’m sure she believed at the time.

    In the hood i had this senior friend of probably same age as my abuser that took a particular liking to me and one day he noticed the marks on my body and asked what had happened I lied to him but bros wouldn’t have it(was acting like a spirit told him I was lying)Then after much pressing for answers I told him about what went down and Dude went Mad in anger.

    My silly abuser came back days later begging and promising to give me some money back then if I came over to his place but dude didn’t notice how much I resented him at that point,I told Daniel(My senior friend) of his reemergence and a plan was made.The day I was supposed to go there Daniel had told me not to lock the door when I got in and try the much I could to distract the idiot from noticing so when I got in Uncle rushed and slotted in Porn and whilst at it started forcing my mouth to his dick but I kept refusing at a point he almost became violent and at the moment I gave in Gbosaa!!!…Daniel badged in with 4 other guys and that was how oga met his waterloo.

    They beat him blue black and had him confess to how many kids he had molested in the hood(Funny enough we were quite a few) and when they had their fill We Left him with a broken rib,Leg and wrist. Was I Happy? Definitely I was and that was the end of his reign of terror in that hood.Nigga packed out some months later and while he was recovering he kept telling people how robbers came to his place and battered him #Yimu#.Daniel told me not be afraid of anyone in the hood forthwith and became like a street father to me.(Mind you that abuser wasn’t my first gay experience as I had known I was queer since the word GO but I think he deserved what he got and more for treating me the way he did).

    What I’m trying to say in essence is..For you to heal thoroughly get yourself out of that group and if revenge on some of the people who hurt you back then will give you the closure you desire carefully plot your revenge and do whatever makes you sleep well at night.You will be fine dear and Ehugs from An Encyclopedia of queer experiences

  13. Shadow
    February 19, 11:10 Reply

    Totally unrelated but guys i just found out that the last guy I had a thing with is HIV positive although there was no form of penetration during our encounter it was just oral and kissing but I’m scared to death that i might have been exposed even though it’s been 2weeks already and i haven’t been sick or anything. I’m totally paranoid right now, gathering my courage to go for the test.

    • Akwaeke
      February 19, 12:05 Reply

      Nnam, from my little knowledge of virology I’ll say you should calm down and go for the test first, and go again after three months, yes it can be transmitted orally, but the chances are not as high as having sex. Calm down oh, wait let me give you chilled kunu Aya. Smiles

    • Higwe
      February 19, 15:11 Reply

      It’s very rare to contract HIV through oral sex.
      Unless you have an open sore or some kind of cut, there is very little chance you did.

      But just to be hundred percent certain, go for a medical test, not because of this last experience though, but for other experiences .

      BTW, how did you find out?

      • Shadow
        February 19, 16:41 Reply

        He told me himself because he was feeling guilty about it. He also told me that he’s been on medication and had made sure he didn’t in anyway expose me to the virus but i don’t know what to believe. I appreciate his honestly tho because most POS guys won’t tell you their status.

        • Higwe
          February 20, 00:07 Reply

          Funnily enough, we had this discussion some few weeks back about disclosure, and many people here were of the opinion that if he’s under medication,then disclosure is not necessary… which I felt was horseshit!

          Now You See, though he assured you he protected you and also said he’s under medication, it’s still taking a psychological toil on you.

          I’m certain you didn’t catch the virus under the circumstance you described but going for a medical test won’t hurt either.

          Infact, it will boost your confidence .

  14. Miles
    February 19, 13:50 Reply

    This is my story…I mean, everything in it is me, from the secondary school experiences to the group chat. There’s not a difference! I hope one day I’ll tell my own story. One of my mates even came on my comment box on Facebook to write “Do you still suck dicks?”…I’ve moved passed getting emotional and feeling sad over such, I feel like it is one who hasn’t accepted himself that’ll feel less! I’m not a good writer, I don’t even know where I’ll start. But then, I didn’t think there was someone somewhere facing same thing as me!

    • Delle
      February 19, 14:05 Reply

      There’s always that one person going through what you are in this community of ours. This blog was created so we can share them and bask in the camaraderie.

  15. J
    February 20, 07:05 Reply

    LOL you tried. I’m glad I didn’t go to a boarding school… I did my own touching in the university and it almost got me into trouble.The struggle is real, being gay in the company of so many attractive guys could be quiet problematic.

  16. Keeva
    February 21, 04:45 Reply

    Hey Patrochilles,
    I was in a boarding school as well,and though I was caught a few times by my mates with a particular guy, there was no drama attached to it,neither was there an open confrontation.I didn’t have a large frame or any intimidating physical features,infact I was a bit effeminate but I always acted as though I didn’t know what was being said about me,as I would walk into a gathering immediately after eavesdropping & hearing what was being discussed(sometimes about me),& still speak to who/those I was there to see not caring if they know I overheard them or not,and all that usually happened was that people acted weird around me for the next 24 hours after such news was spread & they moved on.
    A close friend of mine at the time,will usually ask me if the rumours were true,& I just laughed & told him to ‘let jobless peeps be’.
    Sharing that, I know it’s obviously not the same experience as yours, but my point is that you STAY in that whatsapp group,afterall you were added to the group by someone,all the other members can do is hate because that’s all they have to give,make your contributions when necessary(whether they be ignored or not),reply those who send you direct messages with sarcasm or bitch mode lingua(whichever feels good at the time) and LIVE your life to the fullest extent,because as you’ll discover soon… You Only Live Once-(Y.O.L.O)

    As long as you LIVE your TRUTH, there’s a friend I know, she’s a bitch called KARMA… She’ll serve what’s reserved for your old school mates at the right time,then you will enjoy your tea as you watch them from the sidelines.

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