Much Is Probably Most

Much Is Probably Most

So, I had always wondered what it would feel like to have a threesome. Yes, I know it may seem a little much, but hey, how many of us haven’t? Plus less may be more, but much is probably most.

So I kind of always fantasized about being part of a threesome. And thankfully, I had just the friend to talk to about it – Kevwe. He does interior decor and is proficient at his job. Worthy of note is the fact that his network of queer guys in Benin City is legendary. As we talked about the issue, he came up with an idea: How about an orgy instead?

Yes, a gay party cum orgy!

I’d always been the safe one, the anchor, the voice of reason and basically, the old boring one. But deep down, I’d always wanted to explore and go wild. I’d always wanted to let my hair down (even though I’m actually bald) and do crazy stuff. So I loved Kevwe’s idea of throwing a gay party at his place. With enough booze, loud music and gay people, we didn’t think it would be too difficult to start an orgy.

And we were right.

The party started at 8pm at his house in GRA. Prior to that day, I had never seen so many gay people in one place at the same time; like, talk about eye candy. In the beginning of the party, Kevwe introduced me to one of his friends, Nelson, a banker, tall and dark skinned. The bass timbre of his voice seemed to resonant in my chest when he talked. He had large hands that I wanted to feel on my body, that I wanted to grab a-hold of me. It was in that moment I understood what Toni Braxton was talking about when she crooned about her Latin lover in Spanish Guitar.

In contrast to Nelson, Kevwe is quite short but really handsome. However, his face is not the appeal. His love stick is. It is huge. I always wondered how someone with his height got to have such a hefty pecker, something I’d delighted in because of our friends-with-benefits status.

Anyway, as the party started to heat up, thanks to the endless flow of booze (the kind of stuff that happens when everyone comes to a party with a bottle of spirit and the host has more than enough already provided), ‘things’ started happening at about 10:30 to 11 ish. It was like watching live porn. People being fucked while fucking others. Blow jobs and rim jobs. Slurpy kisses and bodies tangled in unimaginable positions, all over the place. I mean, it looked like the music video for Skepta’s Sex All Over The House.

Right about when I was getting ready to slip in somewhere, I felt the rush of warm breath behind, on my neck and a penile shift pressing against my butt cheeks. My heartbeat instantly accelerated. And just before I could turn and look, that basso profundo voice whispered in my ear, “Would you like to follow me upstairs?”

Did he have to ask?

I was nursing an instant erection for Pete’s sake! With all the sexiness I could muster, I gave a husky “Yes” and followed Nelson up to one of the bedrooms, where Kevwe was already waiting. I walked up to my friend and kissed him, even as Nelson was nuzzling my neck. He gently pulled my clothes from my body, before the two of them began to feast on my nipples. (For the record, my nipples are like me G-spot, so having their double ministrations on them catapulted me to heaven). It wasn’t long before I got all lubed up and I could feel Kevwe’s love pole in my inside while I explored Nelson’s hot mouth with my tongue.

Before long, the three of us were writhing about in the throes of passion on the bed. I was sandwiched between the two men. While Kevwe thrust at my behind, screwing my brains out, Nelson was giving me the blow job of my life. The orgasm I ended up having was none like anything I had ever experienced. I almost passed out from the fervor of it. It was as if Kevwe was pushing the cum out of me from behind while Nelson was sucking all of it from the front.

And that was just the beginning.

The rest of the party turned out to be a night of unbridled pleasure.

Written by Bryan Peter

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  1. Delle
    December 17, 07:15 Reply

    Ewooo! This is such a convenient sequel to Whore of Babylon!
    I don’t know why people shy away from threesomes but although I have never done that, the idea is so appealing!
    *shuts down the voice of Sizikora*

  2. Mandy
    December 17, 07:37 Reply

    Your first threesome is simply the best. As I read, I pictured the scene. Such an orgasm from such sandwiching will be explosive. You’re lucky. For some of us, orgies can be such a mess or a bore.

    • Delle
      December 17, 08:12 Reply

      Just here wondering how many you must have had to come to this conclusion.

  3. Kenny
    December 17, 07:48 Reply

    The things I do only in my head???

  4. .•*Sugaar.•*
    December 17, 09:34 Reply

    Hahah I know just the way it feels… had my first group sex four of us. Two Nigerians and two Ghanaians… it was awesome!!! In fact, looking at some guys guys cock alone is way better than watching porn … this is live! Looking forward for my next groupie… yay✌?️

    • Delle
      December 17, 10:31 Reply

      Hian. Spokesperson for the Hoes Organisation and Empowerment Scheme (HOES). ????

      • Haiku
        December 17, 12:26 Reply

        Lmao.. No chill

        *tastes pre cum*

  5. Edo
    December 18, 15:41 Reply

    in Benin????? rescue me please my life here is boring!

  6. z
    December 18, 18:28 Reply

    um…you have to give us details about the rest of the night. ..
    ” The rest of the party turned out
    to be a night of unbridled
    pleasure.”…. This is just not enough

      • z
        December 19, 06:37 Reply

        yes na, he just has to tell us more.
        this should have a sequel

  7. Bryan Peters
    December 25, 22:39 Reply

    Lol. Thanks everyone for the comments. Sequel would be our soon. *Nollywood style_watchout for part 2

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