I think my brother’s best friend is in love with him!

My brother, Cheta’s personality may differ from mine, but we are also more alike than I care to admit. In our family, we are the ones who have the most similar character. However, his anti-social side is a bit more extreme than mine, because, while I can boast of having a handful of people that I call close friends, he has one. Just one.


They started their friendship in secondary school; they were classmates. And then in SS2, my mother changed schools for Cheta. Some weeks later, we heard that Nonso had dropped out.

Just like that.

It was my mother who told me, and she’d narrated this with some disbelief, so much that even when Cheta corroborated the story, she’d still been very much astounded. I too was surprised to hear this, and I think that was when I began having my suspicions about Nonso’s relationship with my brother.

Nonso started coming around. I would see them; their fierce closeness and the way they clearly enjoyed each other’s company. Just the two of them. Never a third party. Of course, there were times when they talked about this acquaintance and that ex-classmate, but ultimately, it was just the two of them, mostly indoors. Either Nonso was the one who’d come to our house or Cheta would go over to his house to see him.

I must say, I envied – no, envy – how close they were.

However, whatever suspicions I had didn’t go beyond surface level. Whatever thought about the exact nature of their relationship dropped into my mind, I was always quick to shrug off. To me, they were two teenage boys who were content in the friendship they shared. It shouldn’t be more than that.

Then yesterday happened; while my mother and I were in the kitchen cooking and making small talk, Cheta walked in, closely followed by Nonso. After exchanging greetings and pleasantries, the two of them proceeded to the bedroom. Several minutes later, they came out and started for the door, clearly on their way to somewhere.

And that was when I saw it.

The smile on Nonso’s face as he watched Cheta bend to put on his sandals; that enraptured smile that spoke of devotion and loyalty, oblivious to the fact that he was standing right in the middle of the kitchen with two other people in it. He continued to stare at my youngest brother, unmoving, with that yearning smile that made his feelings so transparent, I almost felt like an intruder for witnessing it.

He kept on smiling until Cheta was done strapping on his sandals and straightened up. Then he arched his brows at Nonso in a way that seemed to say: What are you doing standing there?

I was dumbfounded and intrigued. Not wanting to make the situation awkward – because I could see Nonso trying to regain his equilibrium, so suddenly aware was he of how revealing he’d been – I threw in a casual statement that made us all laugh.

Including my mother.

I had actually momentarily forgotten that my mother was also in the kitchen, and I’d thought that I was the only one who witnessed what just happened with Nonso. I was wrong.

“Ifukwa ihe mere kita?” she said, turning to me as the two boys left, one hand on her waist and the other holding the spatula that was dipped inside her pot.

Anxiety, a frisson of it, zipped through me. I didn’t want her talking about this with me. I didn’t want to hear her cast aspersions or question the nature of that friendship. I just didn’t want the discussion. So, I nodded briskly and handed her the plate containing the onions I’d just finished chopping, hoping that it would dissuade her from pursuing the conversation.

She took it the plate from me, tossed the onions into the pot, and with a hand now on her chest, she said, “Nna eh, that was so beautiful to watch. This kain love eh. See how Nonso was looking at his friend with so much passion. Odikwa egwu o.”

My ears popped. My eyes widened with shock. I had not expected that comment at all. And suddenly, I found myself smiling with approval.

“I am in shock as well,” I muttered, more to myself than to her. “This their friendship is really something. And it’s just two of them.”

“Only two of them o,” my mother concurred exuberantly. “I am really happy they are friends. That Nonso is a good boy. Friendships like that, especially when started at such a young age, always lasts.”

Hmm. I had so many things going on in my mind and didn’t want to continue the conversation. So, I changed topics.

You see, Nonso lost his father when he was 12 and his elder brother when he was 15, the same year he dropped out of secondary school. As a result, suddenly being the only son with a mother and two sisters to take care of, he was forced to grow up beyond his years. Now, he’s one of those making good money from being in the cryptocurrency business. I mean, he changed his phone’s screen recently with 130 thousand naira – and the phone whose screen he changed is an iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Because of this financial independence, he’d come over to our house, and the next thing, he and Cheta are going out: to the mall, a restaurant, a get-together, whatever. Yesterday, they went to swim, just the two of them.

Who has ever done this for me, eh?

Asides from the fact that my brother is vocal about his support for the LGBT (he’s the political one that fights homophobes on Twitter), I cannot say that he is gay for sure. I mean, I have heard him talk about how he loves big asses on women, and I think he might have a girlfriend, one Ijeoma girl like that.

Anyway, like I said, these are mere suspicions. However, if indeed something more than friendship is going on between those two, I hope to be in the know. I would so love to step in and give some advice – you know, bestow my blessings as older brother wey sabi.

Anyway, this tea has finished. They went to Lagos Island together and I am here gossiping them.

Ngwa, bye-bye!

Written by Delle

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  1. Sadiq
    February 10, 08:48 Reply

    From what you have narrated, I can conclude that they are more than just friends, infact they are lovers and doing things to each other. If was in your position, I’ll investigate further

    • Delle
      February 10, 12:42 Reply

      Lol you seem so sure.

      Anyway, it’s not like I really care so, why should I go out of my way to investigate? I’ll just hope they come to me if the need arises.
      In the meantime, lemme goan look for my own Nonso 🚶🚶🚶

  2. SideEye
    February 10, 11:22 Reply

    This could be totally platonic … I’d like to believe I’ve personally/still have such intense friendships that people always assume we must be fucking our brains out behind closed doors. But only wholesome non-sexual activities take place 🙂

    • Delle
      February 10, 12:44 Reply

      You’re right. That’s why I’m leaving the options open. Let me not be that person that takes an inference and runs with it.

      But you got to admit, wouldn’t hurt if they were more😏😏. Would be fantastic!

  3. Yusuf
    February 10, 11:35 Reply

    He’s probably just in love with your brother, orrrrr, it was just an innocent act of love(highly doubtable though, lol). I hope it’s more. We’ll never know, except you decide to investigate further and let us know😂. This was a beautiful read.

    • Delle
      February 10, 12:46 Reply

      Well, either option is valid.

      Thanks for reading!💓

  4. Mannie
    February 10, 12:33 Reply

    David and Jonathan’s kinda love 😌😌

    • Delle
      February 10, 12:47 Reply


      Nigerian version!

  5. Ken
    February 10, 14:25 Reply

    Pls leave them o. Let them enjoy it (whatever “it” is while it lasts).
    But in truth, it’s very possible they aren’t gay. It’s possible for two guys to love themselves deeply but still not be attracted to each other sexually. I know bcos I have experienced this. Love knows no bounds.

    • Delle
      February 10, 21:56 Reply

      A hundred percent, this!

  6. Mandy
    February 10, 16:03 Reply

    You know what I love about this story? How you didn’t even spare any thought to the fact that “Oh my god, there could be two gay sons in my family. Whatever will my mother do?”

    Whenever I hear of gay siblings in a family and see people, gay people, react to that with shock and dismay and “sympathy” for the family that those siblings come from, making it seem like they’re worse off for not having just one gay child but two or three, it pisses me off. Because guess what? Homosexuality is just as valid as heterosexuality. In the same way a family can have all heterosexual children and its normal, we should learn to normalise the reality of a family having multiple homosexual children.

    • Delle
      February 10, 21:58 Reply

      My exact sentiments.

      If all four children are gay, my mum will be fine. Such doesn’t stress me.

  7. Jo
    February 10, 16:50 Reply

    I agree with you Mandy and Delle thks for the write up. It was a beautiful read.

    • Delle
      February 10, 21:59 Reply

      You’re welcome, dear

  8. trystham
    February 10, 18:34 Reply

    Its enviable, but I don’t see the fuss over a David and Jonathan-esque kinda relationship any more. I doubled over at your realization of ur sorry state though😂😂😂😂

    • Delle
      February 10, 22:00 Reply

      My dear, I’m doing oohs and awws for them and I’m as single as the avocado seed.

      Abeg 🚶

  9. S.Freude
    February 12, 08:56 Reply

    Nice read. Beautiful story. Young love. I can only imagine: at that while that he looked at Cheta putting on his sandals, nothing again mattered. He was completely lost, consumed, oblivious.

    Growing up, before I realized I was attracted to guys too, there were friends I loved deeply, passionately. Distance and constantly changing spaces has affected the closeness but we pick up quite well whenever we reconnect. The days we’ve had!

    • Delle
      February 17, 08:30 Reply

      I guess you believe it’s platonic as well. Oh well, it’s all good.

      I’m rooting for them either way.

      Thanks 😘

  10. Tristan
    February 15, 10:38 Reply

    Their relationship could be strictly platonic — bromance. I rmbr when my mum was suspecting my brother and his friend for being so close. Yet, I can wager my bro is as straight as letter I.

    See ehn, you can be passionately involved with someone without being sexually attracted them, especially when they’ve both been through many ups and downs. Thats why you can see straight guys hug each other passionately oblivious of people watching them. They don’t even care.

    Btw, this story gave me a butterfly-in-the-belly moment.

  11. Delle
    February 17, 08:32 Reply

    I believe your supplication as well. Maybe, it’s all in my head.

    And thank God we can still have butterflies in our bellies. I thought being Nigerian has taken that possibility away 😂

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