My Manscaping Is NOT Your Prerogative!

My Manscaping Is NOT Your Prerogative!

About two years ago, this hot guy slid into my inbox on Facebook (let’s call him Mr. Top). Our chats were always so sexual and I liked it.  He had this habit of always reminding me he was a strict top and that he liked hairless butts. I was quick to tell him I was very far from being hairless, but that I occasionally shaved the entire butt area of my body – occasionally, because the itching that comes from such a shave was very discomforting for me. His response to this showed he was disappointed, and truth be told, it hurt me because apart from the fact that I’ve lost far too many potential hookups because of the fact that I am hairy, I’d really wanted to shag Mr. Top.

So, he stopped chatting me up for about a week. And then surprisingly, he hit me up and wanted us to shag that very day. Fortunately, I had done a complete shave of my body, from my waist down to my toes. And boy, was I in great discomfort. When I met him, he carefully inspected my body and with a broad smile, he asked about the hair. After I explained why I was this hairless, Mr. Top swept me off my feet to his bed, where he proceeded to eat the cake out of me, before fucking me, digging into my man pussy like that was his divine purpose.

The sex was amazing! So amazing that I absolutely forgot everything that led to it.

After that day, I left Lagos and didn’t see Mr. Top for nearly two years. Then I recently got back to Lagos. I made a post on Facebook which indicated that I was in Lagos, and Mr. Top must have seen it, because he jumped right into my inbox to welcome me. I was genuinely surprised by this, because prior to this time, he hadn’t messaged me once, not since our last encounter. At this point in my life however, I was no longer interested in just shagging. I was on the lookout for a commitment, and so, perceiving that he wanted us to hook up, I didn’t pay him much attention. But he lingered in my inbox, asking me to come see him.

Then the day came when, coincidentally, I was in his area and he hit me up. He asked where I was and when I told him, he rushed out to pick me. When we got to his place, we talked a bit before he started to touch me. I let him and soon we were in bed naked.

Now, unlike the last time, I hadn’t shaved all of my lower body. Instead, I’d shaved the area that was a requirement for me: my pubic area, armpit hairs and crack line hairs. And I wasn’t in any discomfort. Upon seeing my body, brand-new as it was to him, Mr. Top was visibly startled. He asked what had happened to my body. At first, I didn’t understand him, until he mentioned the presence of the hair on my body, and then the memories of everything that transpired before our last shag came crashing in. He said he didn’t know I was this hairy. I suddenly developed a headache and became increasingly disinclined to answer his questions. He said he wished I’d shaved everything. As he was talking, I got to my feet and wordlessly began to get dressed. There is no other feeling I hate more than feeling unwanted. He scrambled up from the bed when he noticed what I was doing and said he had a shaving stick and a clipper in his bathroom and offered to even shave my body for me. The headache was now an annoying migraine and I knew the source. His whining was aggravating my internal system.

Unable to say plenty, I finished getting dressed, picked my bag, unbolted his door and walked out into the Lagos evening, the cool air washing away the irritation of another man’s perception of my body.

Written by Bloom

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  1. Bells
    November 27, 07:54 Reply

    Say my name girlfriend!!!!! Bloom dear please come for some sisterly hugs, love you already.

  2. J
    November 27, 09:00 Reply

    Shea butter is a good after shave. A hairy body is hot, who doesn’t like body hair?

      • Francis
        November 27, 10:40 Reply

        ? ? ? ? ? Kenny oh.

        Personally I have a love hate relationship with body hair as I tend to be hairy. When it starts to form koko waves, it’s a no no for me. If I’m to eat ass it HAS TO BE hairless as I’d rather not be munching and spitting out hair.

        The first few days of discomfort that comes with shaving dey tire person but I’ve found that intense moisturizing helps but who get strength to dey rub cream when heat wan finish am. That’s for privileged people wey dey live inside AC 24/7

        The compliments that come with shaving are very welcome sha. It’s like everyone suddenly notices my skin when I shave ????

        • J
          November 27, 11:05 Reply

          In my grandma’s voice “honey why do you want to put your mouth in someone’s anus? That’s where poo comes out” ? And please bottoms don’t suck dick that where pee comes out. ???

      • J
        November 27, 10:58 Reply

        Then go for hairless people like Keredim. And if you like go to India/China where you can meet monks that shave heads bald.

        • Alamu
          November 27, 11:28 Reply

          He is one hot work of art.

        • Pink Panther
          November 27, 12:01 Reply

          Hairless people like Keredim?

          You speak like you have personal knowledge of this. Is there more where that came from Biko? ??

          • J
            November 27, 12:16 Reply

            Keredim used to be all over me when I was in London ? He was clingy

  3. Black Coffee
    November 27, 11:55 Reply

    Ahn, ahn Keredim, are you within my reach? I need to testify o.

  4. Alamu
    November 27, 11:58 Reply

    All these unrealistic and unreasonable expectations are things that I think need to put in check.
    Preferences are fine, but I believe they need to be flexible too.

    You shaved the first time and because you did not the second, it was a deal breaker for him.
    Telling you he has shaving stick and a clipper to me is insulting.
    This isn’t one of those situations where certain offers are reasonable, say you’ve been in the sun and you’re sweaty(which turns some people on) and he suggests a shower, that is fine.
    If it was me o, haaaaaaa!!!
    Hmmmn, okay.

    The hairs are actually important, the few times I shaved, minus the itch, when it gets cold and there’s movement of air and it touches your naked legs, you know them hairs were doing something for you.

    In my opinion, some Tops are really hard to deal with, they can be quite unreasonable.
    I’m sure we all know this, but as a bottom, there’s a lot to do in preparation for an encounter, to add shaving to it again.
    Let’s not even talk about the higher percentage of risk to so many things out there; stds, the cancer etc.

    Yet some moron would make you feel like you aren’t doing or didn’t do enough.

  5. Bloom
    November 27, 12:42 Reply

    There’s a lot we gay people do all in the name of preparation before sex, especially guys who are at the receiving end. To the extent that certain people now view sex as another activity that requires certain”credentials” for you to enjoy it.
    Yes of course they’re things one need to do before gay sex to make it more pleasant. But to make someone feel indecent because he didn’t prepare the way you want, is just wrong.

  6. Mitch
    November 27, 14:48 Reply

    My darling, was this the source of that post?
    I really understand the irritation you felt.

    People usually are arses.
    Understanding this would aid you in choosing to avoid then and their toxic idiocy.

  7. Black Dynasty
    November 27, 16:00 Reply

    Excellent response by getting up and leaving, lol it’s not by force afterall.

    With men like these, I won’t even waste time meeting up… ain’t nobody got time to be meeting unnecessary demands.

  8. Simon
    November 27, 21:41 Reply

    not to be a wet blanket or something.
    I personally detest hairs on the chest…. legs… hand.. I mean thick “takoko” hair.
    it IS really upsetting.
    u can remove the hair with hair removal cream.. u know?
    u don’t need the hassle of shaving.
    I really don’t blame Mr. Top.
    it is his preference tho

  9. Hey
    November 28, 10:36 Reply

    Hair is very sexy abeg

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