My Resurrection

My Resurrection

I remember

The touch of your hands

Your warm lips on mine

The fire in your eyes

Your cool but warm breath

You knew my soft spots

You always had the key

I felt safe

You kept your appearances

You became my bad habit

You said you would love me always

You made me feel like a prince

I had no reason to doubt


Until that cold Harmattan morning

You left my keys for me

You left me for me

I broke down

I begged you to stay

I promised to be your good boy

I promised to come home on time

And sleep by you at night

I promised to do it for you

 Like I had never done it before

But you were gone



Now my life is moving on

I found my strength in me

I didn’t hate you

But I stopped loving you

I stopped existing

And I started living

I stopped crying

And I started building

I was restructured

I was resurrected

I was reborn


I found my feet were strong

Stronger than I ever thought

I stopped walking

I started running

I blew up

I spread my wings

Just like the butterfly

And I let the winds carry me

I healed.


Then I saw you

I saw your disappointment

It was not what you expected

There is no coin in his pocket

It is only keys

Keys of a heart trapped in him

His closet is worse than mine

You can’t run

My life is moving

Demons are chasing you

You can’t come back

It’s only a dog that eats his waste

You are not a dog

But a dog is wiser than you

You are dying


Washed up

Ha! You must run!

Run! Before he kills you


But don’t run to me

I live where the sky ends

You can only see me

But you can’t touch me

Or talk to me

I hope you read this

I am no more bitter

I am a survivor

If you read this

Don’t cry, it won’t help

Just try and run

Heal and live

It is life –

Yes, that is what you told me

Karma only comes

When you have forgotten

Written by Jaden Sodi

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    • kacee
      April 01, 11:31 Reply

      Is there any award for that *rolls eyes*

  1. Khaleesi
    April 01, 09:56 Reply

    Chaii … Lamentations of a broken heart, heal fast my dear, let him go and move on, he’ll get what he deserves if he deserves it…

  2. bruno
    April 01, 10:10 Reply

    hehe. everyone is the hero in their own story

    • Mandy
      April 01, 10:16 Reply

      Lol. Don’t let the devil use you, Bruno 🙂

  3. kacee
    April 01, 11:32 Reply

    This is beautiful Jaden Sodi.

  4. Uziel
    April 01, 14:07 Reply

    This would have made a better story than potery. That said, I hear ya.

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