#NigeriansAtHogwarts Trends With Hilarious Tweets

#NigeriansAtHogwarts Trends With Hilarious Tweets

Forgive me, KDians. I know this isn’t LGBT related, but I simply had to share after I browsed through the hashtag #NigeriansAtHogwarts which trended on Twitter yesterday.

Nigerians on Twitter have come up with the funniest tweets possible by imagining what it would be like if Nigerians were to attend the Hogwarts School of  Witchcraft & Wizardry. And so, the hashtag #NigeriansAtHogwarts was born.

I swear, these tweets are so goddarn hilarious. I may have cracked a rib or two, so hard did I laugh. And because I’m generous with humour, I simply had to share. Who knew Nigerians were such fantastic Harry Potter fans?

Check out some of the tweets below. And share some creativity of your own in the comments section, perhaps about LGBT Nigerians At Hogwarts. 😀

#NigeriansAtHogwarts 3#NigeriansAtHogwarts 1#NigeriansAtHogwarts 2#NigeriansAtHogwarts 4#NigeriansAtHogwarts 11#NigeriansAtHogwarts 5#NigeriansAtHogwarts 6#NigeriansAtHogwarts 7#NigeriansAtHogwarts 8#NigeriansAtHogwarts 10#NigeriansAtHogwarts 9#NigeriansAtHogwarts 12#NigeriansAtHogwarts 13#NigeriansAtHogwarts 14#NigeriansAtHogwarts 15#NigeriansAtHogwarts 16

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  1. ken
    August 02, 06:17 Reply

    Lool. The way u pipo keep calling edo edo, as if na only us be winch. Hian!

    • Pink Panther
      August 02, 06:18 Reply

      Hahahahahahaa!!! Ken, abeg don’t hex them out of vex o.

  2. black
    August 02, 06:29 Reply

    I died twice reading tweets from the #nigeriansAtHogwarts. The funniest was “when the Owl failed to deliver your admission letter because your mom covered your house with the blood of Jesus”

    • Pink Panther
      August 02, 06:56 Reply

      See o. Very efficient piece of magic. Beats the heck out of abortion. 😀

  3. Mandy
    August 02, 07:04 Reply

    When you cast your Patronus charm and its the rainbow.. 🙂 #LGBTNigeriansAtHogwarts

  4. Dubem
    August 02, 07:05 Reply

    Nigerians sef.
    Where’s Eros? He should be a champion in this field, him being a de facto Hogwarts student and all. 🙂

  5. Ace
    August 02, 08:42 Reply

    Hahahahha! I am so happy to see Nigerians are this witty with their references to the movie. I am quite impressed. Lol! I am going to check the trend out now.

  6. JustJames
    August 02, 08:57 Reply

    I see my tweet. I laughed so hard at this trend. Currentky rereading the prisoner of azkaban.. Like play like play I will finish the whole 7 books again.

  7. Sheldon Cooper
    August 02, 09:02 Reply

    When you tell someone “thunder fire your yansh” casually, but your wand, thinks it’s a spell and fires.

    That one had me rolling on the floor.

  8. Abraham
    August 02, 09:14 Reply

    I yaf died….. Nigerians are crazy….

  9. ambivalentone
    August 02, 09:55 Reply

    They were the first thing I got to go to this morning (sorry KD). I think I will just save the hashtag. That shii made my night. Hilarious shii

  10. Flakes
    August 02, 10:06 Reply

    Hilarious! Nigerians got an enormous sense of humour. I disappeared and reappeared!

  11. Tobby
    August 02, 10:19 Reply

    lol!. I had a good laugh!. Thank you PP

  12. Eros
    August 02, 10:55 Reply

    Oh well, at least Nigerians enjoy Harry Potter

    *goes back to my threesome with Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini*

    • Pink Panther
      August 02, 12:07 Reply

      I’m still looking for a way to fetch Cedric Diggory back from the dead. He and I belong to each other 🙂

  13. Uziel
    August 02, 11:52 Reply

    The anti cheating one got me cracking! Lol. I didn’t know about this! Maybe I should reconsider getting on Twitter so I can see all I can if this hashtag…

  14. Nightwing
    August 02, 14:29 Reply

    Someone just bury me already, I’ve died so many times reading this, these niccurs over killed this, I literally can read this all day. *checks how many ribs aren’t yet broken* answer, none. #cray funny.

  15. YEKA
    August 02, 18:21 Reply

    When all your spell keeps going wrong because of your yoruba ‘H’ factor #nigeriansAtHogwarts

  16. YEKA
    August 02, 18:23 Reply

    When your parents wrongs ur name with permanent maker on ur broom and wand so it doesn’t get stolen #NigeriansAtHogwarts

  17. Brian Collins
    August 03, 02:37 Reply

    The accio spell and the Hausa patronus charm got me real bad.

  18. Brian Collins
    August 03, 02:42 Reply

    Where you see Remus Lupin transform into a werewolf and #NigerianatHogwarts who always stabs Transfiguration, be like “Buski buski” thinking he’s a dog.

  19. Andrevn
    August 03, 07:03 Reply

    When your lightning scar throbs painfully and you are still given Panadol to swallow. #NigerianAtHogwarts

    • R.A
      August 03, 17:41 Reply

      Lmao! Panadol extra

  20. Pisces
    August 03, 07:21 Reply

    When the Room of Requirements becomes the Ultimate closet, perfectly altered and redecorated to suit the #LqbtiNigerianAtHogwarts

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