How can I ever survive without you

With the thrilling, euphoric and exciting sight

Of your magnificent being

Each time I unzip the trouser and whip you out.


Your brawny and veiny self

Sends me to delirium;

Beholding the length, girth and shiny black colour

Catapults me to the seven heavens and back.


With great reverence and veneration,

I solemnly kneel before you,

Sometimes curtsying, sometimes genuflecting,

All positions are welcomed by you.


Now sucking, gagging and slurping on you,

I can’t seem to get enough,

The sensation evokes indescribable ecstasy,

Nothing else matters at this point.


With seasoned dexterity and adept,

I guzzle, gobble and slobber on your being,

Trying hard to surpass the last mark,

Relishing every second of the fellatio.


At last, you reach the crescendo,

Your throbbing movement in my buccal cavity

Prepare me for the anticipated moment,

Of your seed shooting out like bullets.


Geyser after geyser of your nourishing product

Lands in my mouth, face and chest,

Serenading along an aura,

Of intoxicating scent and sight.

Written by Abdul

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  1. Rudy
    March 18, 00:15 Reply

    The opening statement alone was enough for me to burst out with laughter.

    Some people’s talents are indeed out of this world 😂
    Side eyeing Abdul 😆

  2. Fred
    March 18, 03:53 Reply

    I thought I could use the tune of “ODE TO JOY” to sing this lyrics.
    It would be nice to have a tune for one or more of these Odes.

  3. Malik
    March 19, 09:13 Reply

    Screamed from the first line 😆😆

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