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Anti-Gay Church Group To Protest At Actor Robin Williams’ Memorial Service

A private memorial service is being planned for actor Robin Williams. Williams, 63, was found dead in his San Francisco home on Monday. (11 August) According to the preliminary result

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Troye Sivan’s New Song, ‘Bloom’, Is About Bottoming

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Anti-LGBT group intends to make their own films because Disney is overrun by gays

An anti-LGBT evangelical group is raising money to make their own films because Disney has supposedly become overrun by gay people. The entertainment giant has come under sustained fire from


  1. MacArdry
    January 15, 03:08 Reply

    IQ still beneath that of a roach,I see.*sigh*

  2. Ace
    January 15, 03:43 Reply

    Errrm… who wan kiss this oga before? Make he go sit down like him career did.

  3. chestnut
    January 15, 05:24 Reply

    Wait…is it the same Jim Iyke,whom rumour has it that his regular bedroom-talk is: “this is my first time…I’m not gay…I’m just experimenting…” ? That same Jim iYke? Ok.

  4. Gad
    January 15, 05:28 Reply

    News making the rounds indicates that Jim Iyke is gay. Could it be one of the lies we hear in the gaybourhood or he is suffering from internalized homophobia

  5. Dennis Macauley
    January 15, 05:30 Reply

    These local celebrities! If I talk now, PP will say I don’t like African celebs. You see how these horrible actors reason?

    Jim Iyke? Really? Your stories are legendary! Find a BBC to sit on! (not like it will be the first time anyway)


    • pinkpanthertb
      January 15, 05:49 Reply

      My dear, talk all u want about this one. I’ve met him and that encounter left a sour taste in my mouth

      • Pete
        January 15, 05:57 Reply

        Do I sense a post about this meeting coming up?

      • Max
        January 15, 08:29 Reply

        Pp, here I was thinking you only posed for a pic.. **looks @ u with side eye** you owe me a story

  6. Absalom
    January 15, 05:31 Reply

    And wasn’t this the same Jim Iyke who hosted AMAA Awards couple of years back and, to make up for his poor presentation skills, started making homophobic jokes – even as his co-host Nse Ikpe Etim tried subtly to get him to stop?

    Apparently he is possessed again. *dialling TB Joshua for a rematch*

    • Dennis Macauley
      January 15, 05:46 Reply

      What can he do really? Cringe worthy actor!
      Horrible presenter!

      Please comot for my face make I see road pass ***in asa’s voice***

  7. wytem
    January 15, 05:34 Reply

    but this short man likes d**ks na!
    That I know,so why all the pretence of homophobia?
    I guess his lil bubble was about to be pricked! I wait for further news…..

  8. Mercury
    January 15, 05:44 Reply

    This butthead again…..y can’t people say something smart for a change.

  9. enigmous
    January 15, 05:47 Reply

    Well, nigga hasn’t been in the news for any reason-good or bad-and he desperately needed to.

    I think he has succeeded. Such a cheap and uninteresting life.

    Celebrity nshi na ahu

  10. Stickysly
    January 15, 05:51 Reply


    Y is there this urge for every Nigerian man to declare a public hetero status?

    Whether is guilt or stupidity, or both, I really don’t know.

    If he thinks his lips are so great and worthy of kissing, he must b an Alice wondering in sum silly corner.

  11. Masked Man
    January 15, 05:52 Reply

    His story isn’t just as viral as the Uti Nwachukwu and Alex Ekubo bromance.

  12. KryxxX
    January 15, 06:07 Reply


    I’d rather kiss a frog nd maybe watch it turn into a prince rather than kiss this onu ikputu!

    I always knew this guy was a mumu but now I know his mumu is an overripe one!

    If ppl Like Terrence Jenkins or even Trey Songz say this, I go just dey beg dey cry for ground but not this one with harmattan cracked nd boil infested lips!

    Nonsense, condiments nd Ingredients!

  13. Masked Man
    January 15, 06:19 Reply

    Lmfao…Kryxx, you can’t get wosre, can you?

  14. Paul
    January 15, 06:31 Reply

    Some1 I know claims to b giving him d D
    Bt u knw how lies roll in d gaybourhood.
    Who we go believe?

  15. JustJames
    January 15, 06:47 Reply

    Oya clap for yaseff Jimmy.. you have proved beyond reasonable doubt that you are one straight-ass-mofo with your pout and homophobic status update. Now.. have a seat.

  16. Max
    January 15, 08:27 Reply

    See his mouth, onu enwe.. I just don’t like this dude.. And I have no idea why. Never have, never will.

    • Mercury
      January 15, 13:35 Reply

      Max, you ain’t right…..LMAO……by the way my friend be dying here thirsting after you, and pinky has refused to help a brother out….sorry L.B I tried.

  17. Deola
    January 15, 08:43 Reply

    But wait oh, what is it with ‘straight’ guys And this delusion that every gay dude wants a piece of you. If you looked like and had lips like Trey Songz or Terrence Jenkins then we would understand but this bitch is pouting lips that looks like the sponge that we use to scrub the bottom of the pot and he’s talking nonsense, mr iyke you and your iron sponge lips should park well and take several seats abeg. Mtchewww!!! Oniranu! NEXT!

    • KyrxxX
      January 15, 10:58 Reply

      ………..And so, that was how Jim Iyke died on KD!


      Iron sponge! Back of Pot!


      And we said Chizzie had bad mouth abi? Issoright!

    • Mercury
      January 15, 13:37 Reply

      I swear, you are so mean jeezzz….I died.

  18. Mr Kassy
    January 15, 09:37 Reply

    My chocolate butthole is sexier than this lips.Anyone doubts that?????

  19. Khaleesi
    January 15, 11:21 Reply

    I never cared much for this “wannabe” … right from the get-go … this post is totally asinine and dumb – witted. Why am i not surprised?! I’ve also heard rumors of how he craves dick like its about to go outta fashion ….
    Mtchwww … he’s not worth the time and trouble … wayy better men to fantasize about out there …

  20. Dennis Macauley
    January 15, 11:54 Reply

    These KD people and their tongues bikonu

    May I never get in a fight with some of y’all

    How can someone be shorter than his destiny?

    ***hot tears***

    • Paul
      January 15, 12:06 Reply

      As in ehn I jst screamed wen I saw shorter dan his destiny.
      Many pple here r jst wicked.
      Some of this celebs r here and read ds tins.
      Bt we’d neva know

  21. Mitch
    January 15, 12:54 Reply

    Oh! Jimmy! Really, could you get any more moronic than you already are? Methinks we need to schedule a brain transplant from Spongebob to you! Kalte! *in Kareena Kapoor’s voice*

    • KyrxxX
      January 15, 15:31 Reply

      ………And that was how I died on KD with Jim Iyke!


      U guys r mean!!

      First, he was/is shorter than his destiny nd now this? Wtf!


      • Mitch
        January 15, 20:55 Reply

        Keep laughing hon! That douche’s an ass

  22. Mr Kassy
    January 15, 13:19 Reply

    Hahahaa Max dear if u don’t wanna see mine,I wanna see urs*licking my lips already,rimming max imaginatively*

  23. Max
    January 15, 13:30 Reply

    Hahahahahahaha.. Bikokwa

  24. Mercury
    January 15, 13:39 Reply

    Maxxxxxx!!!!, that was cold hun, real cold……LOL.

  25. Dom
    January 15, 15:09 Reply

    What was that Linda Ikeji said about the short outfit he wore for a red carpet award event? “Look, see, flip weavon and continue walking.”

  26. Dan!
    January 15, 16:21 Reply

    Very soon, some gay guys go vex kidnap am, and rape am…..

    Or just beat him up..

    Fool like him!

  27. trystham
    January 15, 16:31 Reply

    The MOST IRRITATING feature of this thing is his belle. Then the annoying wannabe American accent n supposed rugged and fine boy looks. I could just retch

  28. IVANKO
    January 15, 23:09 Reply

    OlUwa ooooooo, u people are wicked, haaa now I dey pity d guy…..

  29. Alejandro
    January 16, 09:04 Reply

    I knew thr was a reason I neva liked this dude from the onset. When i was younger, i tot its cuz of his bad acting, now i know its his narcissistic attitude

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