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One Year Later, Gay Teen Reflects On Family’s Horrifyingly Violent Reaction To Coming Out

One year after a disturbing video documenting a family’s reaction to a gay man’s coming out went viral, the victim on the receiving end of this hate is reflecting on

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LeBron James Accidentally Flashes His Penis On Live Tv

Holy wardrobe malfunction! Getting ready to take the court for Game 4 of the NBA Finals recently, as LeBron James was adjusting his uniform, 18.5 million people got a flash

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‘Bisexuality and Monogamy Aren’t “Mutually Exclusive”.’ – Anna Paquin

True Blood star, Anna Paquin came out as bisexual in 2010 and is crusading against the crude stereotypes about those who identify as bisexual – or gay, lesbian, transgender, or


  1. bixxy
    September 27, 05:19 Reply

    enough wisdom from the depth of his brain… nothing really unite Nigerians than the hatred for gays…

  2. Narcissus
    September 27, 05:22 Reply

    How did I even end up in this messed-up country?%

  3. Risky
    September 27, 05:29 Reply

    You didn’t even know! Gays brought HIV/AIDS to this world.
    There also responsible for the First World War, the Second World War and the Holocaust!
    Hitler and Mussollini were facking fags!!!

  4. Gaia
    September 27, 07:58 Reply

    I remember during my days of struggling… a man of God adviced me to try spending more time with girls instead because i was confessing my sins to him. So perharps it won’t be a mortal sin if i was fucking girls instead.

  5. Ice
    September 27, 11:51 Reply

    Nothing is more irritating.
    You’ll hear them say “he is a gay”, every other thing is permissible, but not this.

    Even girls who in my opinion should be more tolerant are the worst.
    I guess they are threatened, cos they feel they’d lose the guy(s), they are with.

  6. Ken George
    September 27, 14:34 Reply

    We are also a part of the problem in many ways. Many gay guys blame society for things they orchestrated themselves. They pretend to be liberal but secretly harbour internalized homophobic demons. See that one that said heaven will fall bcos a male friend dropped him in front of his house. What of the other one thats a crazy freak at tb parties but thats as far as his assiciation with his kind goes. Then most are ur friebds as long as it doesnt exceed social media. Call them wen u have any ish and u will be slammed against a brick wall

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