My friend’s wife called me last week and said she wanted to talk with me, and for that, she needed my Blackberry pin. I immediately sensed something was wrong; her husband is my good friend and an MGM, and I am very close to the couple and their daughters. She eventually came on BBM and literally opened the book of lamentations on me. As it turns out, my friend has been a mean, insensitive and crappy husband, who no longer had time for her. She unburdened a lot to me, most of which broke my heart to read. I could see how bitter and hurt she was. Now she lives in Abuja with the girls, while her husband stays here in Port Harcourt, and they have been married for about two years, with her working to transfer her service to Port Harcourt (she works at some federal parastatal). However that day, she said she wasn’t sure anymore about moving to PHC, that she was beginning to fear that her husband would become abusive if they lived permanently under the same roof.

I became really concerned at this point and, quite frankly, very angry too.

I called my friend up and started on him. He hemmed and hawed, never outrightly denying any of the allegations his wife had made against him. I told him he was an idiot (amongst other colorful words), that marriage was not by force, but a conscious choice that he made. I mean, how hard is it to be a good husband to a woman, who doesn’t even live in the same place with you? She’s in Abuja with the family, and you’re in Port Harcourt, basically still living the bachelor’s life and fucking boys to your heart’s content? How insensitive can one be?

He went on ahead to say something in the light of that if she was tired being married to him, she was free to walk away.

And then, it hit me. Then I understood what was happening. The wife has had two kids for him, so he was no longer interested in continuing the charade; he no longer wanted to live the ‘life’, so he wants to frustrate her into leaving. This is sad and something I see it with a lot of MGMs; they marry some poor, unsuspecting woman, endure enough to have one or two children, and then begin to instigate problems in the marriage that may lead to a divorce, after which they’d never remarry. I think this is very unfair.

I feel totally sorry for the wife, and guilt eats me up for the role I played in hooking them up. Clearly my friend did not want a wife; he just wanted children, and now that he has them, he is ready to discard the wife. There was no need to harp on the issue with him any longer at this point, but I told him to remember the fury of a scorned woman; when you hurt her, there was no telling how vindictive she could get in her mission to get even. Anyway, God fix them both.


Recently, I’d been getting acquainted with this guy, and I was starting to like him. He is funny, witty, smart and all. So I was having my friends over for dinner; we try to have this kind of shindig once in a month – a boys’ night where we gather at someone’s house, eat and drink excessive amounts of alcohol while playing lewd games. This time around, I thought it would be cool to invite this new guy over, and also get him to meet my friends.

I called him up to invite him. He asked me, “How many other guys will be there?”

I said, “Six guys minus myself.”

And he asked, “Are they all gay?”

I started sensing where the conversation was headed, and I knew I was going to be pissed. I replied anyway, “Four of them are gay, the two other are straight, but they don’t give a shit.”

And he said, “I am sorry, I have to decline. I don’t feel comfortable being around gay men.”

I had to muster all the resolve in India and Pakistan not to go off on him. Instead, I calmly asked him why he didn’t feel comfortable amongst gay men, and his response further infuriated me. He said, “Hanging with many gay people all the time will make you begin to immerse yourself in this gay thing too much, so much that when it is time to quit, you will not be able to. At the end of the day, we are African men who will have to marry.”

You should have seen my face at this point. I had to take a few seconds to regularize my breathing, before I began, “It’s funny the way you say ‘gay people’ as if they are some freaks of nature that you are not part of. And it is very hilarious, because at the end of the day, you are a gay man yourself. I won’t bother to argue with you on how twisted you sound, you are after all entitled to whatever it is that you believe. If it helps you sleep better at night, then good for you. This will also be the last time that I will be speaking to you. Have a nice day.”

Strangely, after I hung up, I had a good chuckle over the exchange. He’s thirty-two, and this is how he thinks? I swear, some people’s heads are so messed. And it’s really sad. Like I said the other day, people are entitled to whatever it is that they believe. But homophobia of any sort will never occupy an inch in my life going forward. I won’t stand for it.


So, I have this straight guy friend from university, who is unemployed, and knowing what the situation is, I am always ready to help in any way I can. When he said he was coming to Port Harcourt for an interview, I was more than willing to provide him with a place to stay. The dude is actually good-looking, so good looking in fact that some of my friends (hello CK, OJ and BR) act like worshippers of the ground he walks on. I do not find him attractive, as I think him too akpan-y and very cocky.

Anyway, he arrived Port Harcourt, and I picked him up from Waterlines and stopped along the way to buy dinner (my kitchen and I aren’t exactly buddies), before we went home.

After having my bath, I began dealing with some work stuff while he retired to bed, obviously tired from his long road trip. Seeing as I have just one bedroom in my tiny flat, it was apparent we’d have to share a bed. I came in much later to find him perched at one extreme of the bed in his jeans, complete with a belt cinched in at the waist. There was just no chance even for the gay demon to have access to his privates, from the looks of it. Observing him, I became amused and annoyed at the same time. I took a pillow and went to the couch to sleep without saying a word to him.

I knew he planned to stay on for a few days after the interview for a change of scenery, but I was too irked by him to care. So right after the interview, I quietly told him in the evening that he would have to leave the very following day. He was startled and asked if he’d done anything wrong. To which I responded, “It appears you don’t trust me. You don’t feel safe with me, because how else do you explain going to bed with your jeans and belt?” He started to explain, but I cut him off continuing, “Clearly you think I am some beast without self control that will jump on you at night. I know my friends make you feel like Adonis, but dude, you are not that hot. In fact, you are very basic and I want you out of my house by tomorrow.”

Some straight boys amuse me; they always think that being gay means we want to shag them at any and every opportunity. Even the ugly ones! Chai! Khaleesi talks about this glow that gay men have which is lacking in straight men and which makes them more attractive and I couldn’t agree more. Silly straight boys feeling cool with themselves – Mstchew!


Finally, are you guys loving the new BBM or what? Message Retract and timed messages be giving me life. I can proceed to flirt all I want and with whomever I want, and when I am done, I clean up the evidence (lol) leaving nothing to blackmail me with. The gods bless RIM for this innovation –

Wait, RIM as in RIM o! Not RIM-RIM as in . . . Oh dear! *flees*



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  1. Pete
    April 15, 08:33 Reply

    Your friend has 2 kids from 2 years of marriage & from what I gathered, they are not twins. Please, tell him to practice spacing.

    • Dennis Macaulay
      April 15, 08:50 Reply

      Actually some women prefer not to space so they can have the kids on time and continue with their careers.
      Many career women are not big on spacing

  2. Ruby
    April 15, 08:33 Reply

    Oh Dee!
    Another nice post. Seriously, straight guys need to take a chill pill. Yeah we know some peeps in the Gaybourhood Loove fishing for straight guys buh it doesn’t mean we all are like that.
    And the ignorance and homophobia amongst the community like seriously “Hanging with many gay people all the time will make you begin to immerse yourself in this gay thing too much, so much that when it is time to quit, you will not be able to. At the end of the day, we are African men who will have to marry.” Who is he trying to fool? Himself or someone else…
    Well different strokes for different folks

  3. chestnut
    April 15, 08:38 Reply

    Lol…I wouldn’t have thought anything abt d jeans and belt too.
    @Dennis: is there any particular attire that u were expecting him to wear that night?

    • pinkpanthertb
      April 15, 08:41 Reply

      Lol. Perhaps a boxer short, inching right just below the butt crack, no?

  4. Mitch
    April 15, 08:39 Reply

    Aaarrrrgggghhhh! Dennis, RIM much? Please don’t get me started. LMAO!

    As for the gay friend talking shit about hanging out with gay people, let’s just say I was there not too long ago. My thought pattern, however has changed so drastically that when some guy whom I met on Fb of recent started that line with me, I not only told him off but blocked him instantly what with him saying I was possessed and devilish. Puh-leeze!

    As for your MGM friend, remind him that no one forced him into the marriage. We can yap all we want about society and family but in the end it all boils down to us. Just remind him that my bitchy aunt, Karmalinda, awaits him.

    Straight people and thinking all we want from them is what’s in their underwear…..smh! Can’t waste my time on that one.

    Great read, DM. I do hope you write for Farafina.

  5. Max
    April 15, 08:41 Reply

    BBM retract is several months old honey, sorry you’re late to the party.
    When I came out to one of my friends, he started wearing his full cloth to sleep whenever he came to my place. It was freaking annoying. I had to ask him one day, but he denied that it wasn’t the reason. Said my room was always cold(lie). He finally got off his opium months later and started behaving normal again. The thing still baffles me till today.
    About MGM’s, no matter how much they swear that they enjoy it, its all just lies. They enjoy being part of the general society that’s all.. The whole respect(**coughs) they get for being married is what they enjoy. Finally fitting in and being able to talk about family stuff with other people, even though it’s all a facade, that’s what they like.. They get into it such much that they start believing they enjoy it.
    Your friend should call the lady and have a sit down talk.. They shld call it off. When something isnt working, you try to fix it, if you can’t, then throw it away.

    • wondabuoy
      April 15, 10:18 Reply

      Every sentence in this comment, I concur with. One of my friends hated that BBM retract thing like it’s so evil. I wonder why.

  6. Sheldon Cooper
    April 15, 09:01 Reply

    I’m surprised that some people don’t see anything wrong with going to bed with Jeans and belt on!!!!!! Are you kidding me?!!! Something he travelled in the whole day. I guess he would probably wear it out the following day. EwWww. EwWww again.

    For the guy that doesn’t want to hang out with gay guys, doesn’t surprise me. I’ve met worse people. Someone once told me “this is just a game, (that’s being gay) I’ll quit once I’m ready to get married.” I just got up and walked out on him. Fool!

    • Mandy
      April 15, 09:25 Reply

      Who says what’s easy, Gerald?

  7. Brian Collins
    April 15, 09:25 Reply

    Interesting stuff every week. Very nice, this one.
    I would also be pissed if i had a MGM who treats his wife as your friend does. As it is, i get mad when my straight friends are unfaithful to their gf’s giving the excuse ‘we are not yet married na’. It is enough that you cheat on your wife, why would you be even cocky and insensitive where she is concerned. It just doesnt make sense.
    Whereas some gay men dont wanna be in the company of other gay men, others clamour for it. I have this gay friend in school who keeps telling me to introduce other gay people to him (not that i know an awful lot of them). The way the guy even put it was so wrong but i am certain that a lot of people here were at that place at some point in their lives. I also do not think the said person has discovered KD yet. And if he has, he sure is slow to learn to be comfortable with himself.
    And Dennis, did the 32 yr old look like a twink? #AskingForKoredeBello’sPeaceofMind.

  8. Dennis Macaulay
    April 15, 09:26 Reply

    I think the sexiest thing to wear to bed is sweat pants!
    Mercury has the sexiest pair ever and they just hang on his…..

    I think I have said too much

    • pinkpanthertb
      April 15, 09:27 Reply

      No. Go on. You brought his cakes out of the closet the other day. Finish up now please.

    • Mercury
      April 15, 16:30 Reply

      Dennis Macaulay, I’m going to kill you.

  9. Diablo
    April 15, 09:45 Reply

    So because a gay guy doesn’t like to hang out with other gay ppl that makes him pathetic and an internal homophobe – what ever that term means. Are gay guys robots that are all programmed to think alike and have the same idealogies and agree with all things gay related – absolutely not! Gay guys, like people in general are eclectic with varying preferences and opinions. Some don’t even like to watch gay porn. Pls learn, and this goes to some of u lot as well, learn to respect ppl’s opinions or preferences regardless of how far off they might seem. And don’t use that term: “internalize homophobia” carelessly

    • trystham
      April 15, 10:55 Reply

      Internalized homophobia – knowing oneself to be gay but hating himself for being gay and the act itself but not being able to stop it. (Kleptomana comes to mind here) Its quite different from being in Denial, wanting privacy (very important in our clime), and so forth. His reason for not attending the gathering was because….ur guess is as good as mine. INTERNALIZED HOMOPHOBIA.

    • Teflondon
      April 15, 13:31 Reply

      As long as this guy Diablo keeps commenting here.. I have no reason commenting. Nigga always finds a way to express my thoughts.
      Diablo they would come for soon.. Watch out!

      • pinkpanthertb
        April 15, 16:22 Reply

        You know, for someone who came onto KD with the motto ‘I shall kiss no ass’, you’ve been placing your puckered lips on lots of asses lately.

      • Teflondon
        April 15, 18:14 Reply

        That’s just me pinky.. I’ve got Zero tolerance for fakeness and BS..
        As much as I hate rimming.. If somesome spews real stuff on here.. Amma not only kiss that ass.. Amma rim the fuck outta it. Chikena!

        • pinkpanthertb
          April 15, 18:52 Reply

          Of course everything you agree with is the real deal. Of course, every ass you kiss isn’t fake at all.
          Yup. Teflondon, always keeping it real on KD.

    • Khaleesi
      April 15, 14:22 Reply

      Diable dear, hope you carefully read the post, that foolish homophobe gay man doesnt like to hang out with gays cos in his opinion, being gay is something utterly nasty and evil, a thing he’s deeply ashamed and hateful of and a thing he’s desperately trying to get rid of ***scornful giggle**, for him to hang out with gays would be like giving a stamp of approval and tolerance to something he thoroughly hates. I v been here before, and i bless the day i threw off the shackles and learned to love myself. its sad that a 32year old man is still stuck in this teenage mentality. I wish you, him and all those who champion that unfortunate mindset, all the best as they stew in their self – imposed hell …

  10. Ringlana
    April 15, 09:55 Reply

    “Hanging with many gay people all the time will make you begin to immerse yourself in this gay thing too much, so much that when it is time to quit, you will not be able to. I can’t Stop laffing,What the Heck,Honestly such Nigga needs to be a Victim of KITO,Is gona serve him right,#sayingmyownpieceofmind.Nice Post DM

  11. trystham
    April 15, 09:56 Reply

    I have a nicely packaged curse for the idiot that is ur friend. Imagine??? I cry for her. My heart truly bleeds

  12. sinnex
    April 15, 09:58 Reply

    There is nothing wrong in wearing jeans to sleep. I slept like that for years. Fuck, I even wear my clothes in the bathroom before coming out. Thanks to the fact that I grew up with creepy girls who look for every opportunity to see me naked, even entering the bathroom without knocking. I really don’t think your friend did anything wrong. It is just your perception. I am gay and if I was to sleep on the same bed with any guy, I think I’d be fully dressed.

    As for your MGM friend, he has issues. The issues did not stem from the fact that he married a woman, but more from his personality. You guys should just get it into your head that there are genuine BIs out there, people who feel same way towards both sexes. You should also realize that not every gay guy who gets married do so because of societal pressure.

    Now, I really don’t get the bone of contention here. I have gay friends who tell me that they intend to leave the country and settle down with a guy, I really don’t have a problem with that, but when I tell them that I am going to get married to a woman soon, they look at me like I am a sort of betrayal.

    I see the same trend here.

    Is it that there are no real BI out there or you think it is not possible to love a woman the same way you’d love a guy?

    You guys should not forget the full meaning of LGBT…

    I am totally against what your friend did or is still doing, it is obvious that he married for the wrong reasons, but that doesn’t mean that those who marry because they want to, mean they are bowing down to societal pressure. Even if Same-Sex marriage is legalized in Nigeria today, I won’t still marry a guy-except maybe as a second “wife”.

    In all, this made a good read.

    • Max
      April 15, 10:27 Reply

      We r talking about MGM’s, not MBM’s..

      • Pete
        April 16, 04:42 Reply

        Very thin line between the two.

    • trystham
      April 15, 11:06 Reply

      ‘Marriage’ to another man sef sounds weird and confining. The idea of being shackled to another person scares the living bejeezus out of me. Its a huge decision. I don’t mind the concept of ‘exclusive co-habiting’ tho. *shudders*. But exchanging pledges of fidelity, mutual respect and blah blah and willingly going ahead to break them??? Mtchewwwwwww

      @Max Same same. An ‘MBM’ had beta choose wisely who he wanna marry.

    • Delps
      April 15, 15:12 Reply

      Do you know the meaning of bisexuality? It means loving either sex but not cheating on whomever you love in the name of being bisexual. So i ask you this; When you get married hope you will stop having sex with men? because being bisexual means you have the will power to stick with one sex and not dabble around. Cheers!!!

      • keredim69
        April 15, 16:32 Reply

        “because being bisexual means you have the will power to stick with one sex and not dabble around”

        Please could you rationalise that statement? I don’t quite get it

  13. Chuck
    April 15, 10:06 Reply

    Some gay men in nigeria are homophobic: they just happen to enjoy sex with men. Given the religious socialisation we get, it’s no surprise that they do not examine their attitudes etc. People here are brought up to see homosexuality as sin/abomination. It;s no surprise that they can fuck men and still think there is something wrong with fucking men. See their attitudes to theft, etc.

    Due to military governments, government impunity, poverty, poor education, evangelical Christianity /radical Salafist Islam, Nigerians hold reactionary attitudes but are willing to break their moral codes for pleasure or gain. Broken society.

  14. Dennis Macaulay
    April 15, 12:28 Reply

    So there are people who sleep in jeans and belts? Oh well what do I know?

    Meanwhile lets keep the issues separate; its not about whether or not gay men should marry women, its about gay men who marry women, have kids and want to get rid of the wife!

  15. Khaleesi
    April 15, 13:01 Reply

    The age-old MGM issue, what can i say?as long as Nigerians retain their hostile attitudes towards single men (and women) and thereby forcing some into marriages they aren’t really suited for, this issue will always arise. A part of me feels sorry for the wife, but i cant honestly say my heart goes out to her – its called collateral damage! These women are part and parcel of this oppressive and weird system and it therefore makes sense that some of them must make up the ‘cannon – fodder’ that gets mowed down in the vicious battle … she should console herself that @least she has gained the respectability of being a mother to 2 children – even if the marriage shatters as is likely from indications, she can focus on bringing up her children and building her world around them.
    @Dennis, hunny, this land is thick with internalized homophobia, the land and all the air over it reeks and stinks of it. You truly cant escape it as its always lurking in the shadows waiting to bite you in the most sensitive of places. That guy is messed up in the head @ this point in my life i dont have even the tiniest of space for internalized homophobes! Abeg kick him and his confused ass into the trash heap, if he cant rise above cultural and religious conditioning @ 32, then he obviously doesnt belong in your life!
    Am always amused when ugly umremarkable str8 men assume that all gay men want to fuck all str8 men, even the ugly obnoxious ones … tchwwww … i dont know about y’all, but most str8 men – even the young cute ones simply dont have that ‘swag’ what i call the ‘extra oomph’ that gay men have which is what attracts me. The boorish and ungraceful ways of the average straight man is an instant turn off for me, so no thanks; i probably wont want you Mr Straight! Besides, even if i were to want straight man, it has to be a mutual attraction – there’s no way on earth am forcing myself on any man – gay or straight! !
    I havent rlly used the message retract feature, but now that you’ve mentioned it, I’ll give it a closer look. This is a great piece Dennis – take a kiss on any spot you choose …

  16. chukwumnomnso
    April 15, 13:44 Reply

    In as much as am a huge fan of your writing skills@dm, I still don’t appreciate the way you treat the guy.
    If am correct you said he’s smart and witty and you are beginning to like him, why didn’t you carry out much research on his homophobic nature before inviting him over?
    And as for your friend, the fact that you are mad at his Jean and belt on while on bed doesn’t exonerate you at all. You could have laughed at his stupid and let it sly.just my thought o.

    • paul
      April 15, 15:01 Reply

      I felt same way too @ chukwuNonso
      DM I fink sometimes some pple come into our lives so we can help them.
      There was a time U weren’t as confident as u were n u weren’t fully accepting of who u are but then u grew! Experience, friends and all brought u to where u r.
      I tink U shuld have bin a lil patient with d dude n c him thru ds hazy part he is on.
      It was too brash to have tossed him away like dat.
      As for d str8 man, U asking him to leave d nxt day waz also not so cool.
      He knows U r gay,u guys had a talk. Not every1 is so free with tins that they r not into.
      I’m sure he’d hav chnged his ways after ur reassurance dt u dnt dig him n d joke would b on him. Acting d way u did jst gives him a lot of credence,bad notions n an idea he’d live with. Moreover it’s a small world. U maybe needing him moro.
      Anywayz jst my unpopular opinion.
      Nice Read!

      • Teflondon
        April 15, 15:41 Reply

        Trust me you opinion is not unpopular to some of us.. Real ones I mean!

      • McGray
        April 15, 17:56 Reply

        Paul take a million kisses for dis. We shld b more careful in dealing with one another in this world. U myt hv all today and do as u please, but situation might change 2mrw.

      • Chris
        April 16, 07:02 Reply

        I will not be bothered if a so called friend of mine decided to wear his dsy time clothes in bed(except for footwear), time and communication will correct him of the notion that not all gay or bisexual dudes are lecherous, waiting to jump on all bedmates.
        I personally am a shy dude when it comes to mingling in gay group, and there are some ‘tb’ dudes that i will not be comfortable sitting and socialising with, because we are of different mindset.
        Some dudes will meet some women that they will fall in love with even though these dudes are into men as well. These opposite sex relationships will lead to marriages or produces children in most cases. Everybody goes into relationship or marriage with different expectation or intentions.

        • Gad
          April 16, 07:30 Reply

          Bless you brother. The hypocrisy of the people saying that MGM marriages are a sham is alarming. While they crave for society,s understanding of their sexuality they turn around to scream that those who claim to be bisexual are fakes,liers and pathetic frauds. I’m just wondering…

      • Chris
        April 16, 07:41 Reply

        you welcome bro@ Gad. Every subject matter deserves an openmindedness and the understanding element. Society better accept this, some dudes will always desire men and women. There are loads of dudes like that around including myself, sorry:)

  17. wazzosgrotto
    April 15, 14:16 Reply

    Dear Gay/Bi/Nigerians.

    Please do not think that the fact that you do not keep gay company does not absolve you from your ‘homoness’. It only means your an anti-social gay man:)

    And to our lovely MGMs in the house I haven’t forgotten you. The fact that you want to continue to get married into a society that you have to create the facade of happily married life doesn’t reduce the fact that you are living a lie. This is your choice of course. Let us not forget the hay days of the 60s and 70s in the west when MGM was still the rage till homosexuality was made legal which spawned the birth of the gay sexual revolution. I can bet my bottom ( no pun intended) dollar that if the anti gay bill is abolished, 1/3 of the population will divorce their wives in a heart beat so long as they’ve got a few kids in the bag.

    It’s as chuck pointed out in his reply. We are such a hypocritical moralistic society that we can’t smell the wood varnish anymore. Time to face up to some truths and break the wall now sooner then later.

  18. R.A
    April 15, 15:47 Reply

    “Get yourself a girl so you won’t be in this gay thing too much u won’t be able to get married or quit later”

    People who think like that I left them 5yrs ago. No patience to tolerate dem no more or try to change how dey think. Such nonsense!

    And why can’t everyone make the world a better place and sleep nude? Putting on brief sef is too much an outfit not to talk of jeans and belt lol. #TeamCommando baybay.

    Retract feature came in centuries back, you’d get tired of using it in time. And oh! RIM is now known as Blackberry

  19. Gad
    April 16, 00:43 Reply

    This particular rant reminds me of what I have always had in the back of my mind. Every writer has an aim or aims he sets to achieve with a particular narrative in his readers minds. I do not know if your friend,s wife called you so that you help her to blast her husband but I’m sure that when a lady takes the step she took with you,its in search of peace and reconciliation. With the action you took(at least from what you told us), I have no doubt in my mind that the lady made a mistake by bringing you into the issue. She would have cried to someone who will listen to her and her husband patiently and differently and try to mediate. Someone who will bring them to a round table when talking to each of them separately failed. A man who whose temper won’t rise even when the aggrieved parties are flaring up and a man that won’t jump into conclusions that the woman was only used by the man as a baby factory. Your conclusion that a guy,s reason for going to bed fully dressed was to evade evasion by you is curious. Why did your mind even go there? I hope it’s not a case of ” as a man thinketh in his heart so he is”. As far as I’m concerned you owe dude an apology. Let me stop here so as not to get the title; Chizzie the 2nd.

  20. Gad
    April 16, 02:19 Reply

    This particular rant reminds me that every writer has an aim or aims he sets out to achieve with his stories in the mind of his readers. Did your friend, s wife call you for you to help blast her husband or for you to reconcile her with her husband? Im sure when a lady goes to such extent she’s simply in search of peace. with the action you took (at least from what you told us), I have no doubt in my mind that the lady cried to the wrong guy.She would have gone to someone who will listen to both couple, carefully ask questions and mediate wisely. A man whose temper will be in check at all times and one who wont jump into conclusion that the lady was used as a mere baby factory.your conclusion that your guest went to bed fully dressed to evade evasion by you is curious. why did it even cross your mind? I hope its not a case of as a man thinks in his heart so he is. Na Bible talk am oo.You owe that guy an apology.

  21. Chuck
    April 16, 11:46 Reply

    Gad, does your wife know you are bi? The root of marriage is honesty. Doesn’t the Bible say a man and his wife become one?

    • Khaleesi
      April 16, 12:24 Reply

      He stated here several months ago that his wife and family know about his bisexuality, so … i dont think you should dig further into this ….

  22. Polly
    April 16, 14:36 Reply

    MGM issue (I reserve my comment on that)

    For the guy who refused to hangout with other gay men.. He’s probably still finding himself, cos I find it very comforting to hang out or even live with my Kind. It’s just absolute freedom for me.#I LOVE MY TRIBE

    He not only wore jeans but also used his belt? I wonder what time he gives his little man to breathe..

    I love to retract my messages, it’s very helpful.

    Another Good one sir DM

  23. Dominic Obioha
    April 16, 23:19 Reply

    The manner in which some temperatures rise when they hear abt married bi men ehn. I hope some won’t explode some day sha…Rocking my bisexuality like it’s golden. If you think I’m fake walahi that’s your funeral.

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